Playing an RPG for the second time

Adventure awaits again.
The third installment of the RPG series -
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  1. Joel Haver

    Joel Haver3 days ago

    This is by far my most involved animation yet, I’m so happy to see everyone enjoying. Big thanks to Trent for making it with me and keeping me company over discord over long hours of animating. I’m realizing now that people might see this before the first two, so here’s the whole series in one convenient playlist -

  2. In process to delete

    In process to delete39 minutes ago

    Congrats on trending

  3. BeckPlays

    BeckPlays4 hours ago


  4. Dungeon Tape

    Dungeon Tape4 hours ago

    Uh, yeah these are amazing. My d&d group loves em and I hope you appreciate that there's four dudes in their 30's across Oklahoma and Texas grumbling "huzzah...." and "What was that? Did you hear something? Anyway Tony..." once a week

  5. arodreth

    arodreth5 hours ago


  6. Lakerimagi

    Lakerimagi5 hours ago


  7. DynamicDragoness

    DynamicDragonessMinute ago

    I had no idea the story would progress, I hope this is not the end of it.

  8. Chad Nogskillen

    Chad NogskillenMinute ago

    I think the best part of all this is that despite these cartoons getting over 2 million views EACH is that the creator doesn't want to focus on these, he wants to focus on the videos that get 55k views 😂

  9. Wsujrdfginoh

    Wsujrdfginoh2 minutes ago

    Mouse cursor in the bottom right at 4:09

  10. Ethan Black

    Ethan Black3 minutes ago

    I comment to help statistics

  11. Adorabomber 123

    Adorabomber 1233 minutes ago

    Now this is truly the best ending mate.

  12. Artur Plonka

    Artur Plonka4 minutes ago

    Why does those feel like pink guy family tree origin story

  13. shrkprty

    shrkprty4 minutes ago

    I watched this before his prequel videos and had to come back after i watched all those for a new found appreciation

  14. Bruh

    Bruh7 minutes ago

    That first bit is just DS1 NG+

  15. tinylegofiend

    tinylegofiend11 minutes ago

    The reason why Marshall killed everyone is because our hero didn’t say “Go home” to him like the old man instructed in the 1st episode.

  16. Souta Furumura

    Souta Furumura12 minutes ago

    A D V E N T U R E A W A I T S ! H U Z Z A H

  17. GalloViking

    GalloViking12 minutes ago

    I can't tell if cursed, or...

  18. Eren Özdemir

    Eren Özdemir12 minutes ago

    1.7k dislikes are from filthy rats and they shall be EXTERMINATED!

  19. possible puzzles

    possible puzzles13 minutes ago

    ... God help me, this is about the tenth time I've watched this...

  20. Brit

    Brit15 minutes ago

    Does anyone know what type of animation style this is? I really like it!

  21. v s

    v s15 minutes ago

    Still more branching paths then cyberpunk 2077

  22. Wilber Villaplana

    Wilber Villaplana17 minutes ago

    This is awesome work, i love it

  23. Xtoxin loli-necronomicon

    Xtoxin loli-necronomicon25 minutes ago

    Oh I see that loading wheel on that mouse down right.

  24. ReatardHole

    ReatardHole25 minutes ago

    "I AM SO SICK OF DOING EVERYTHING WRONG!" Chills. Absolute chills.

  25. CdrChaos

    CdrChaos28 minutes ago

    This was darker than I was expecting.

  26. Ivaprag

    Ivaprag28 minutes ago

    "My leg!!" is that a Spongebob Squarepants reference?!

  27. Darthnader409

    Darthnader40931 minute ago

    What in the hell did I just watch

  28. Elias Bajor

    Elias Bajor40 minutes ago

    This was is my recommended and ive never been so confused

  29. stephaniemarie whitlock

    stephaniemarie whitlock42 minutes ago

    thanks for these. this was lovely.

  30. BusinessMemo

    BusinessMemo46 minutes ago

    Hey Joel, thanks for making these. They're really fun to watch!

  31. Theonlygod

    Theonlygod49 minutes ago

    R.I.P spot

  32. kawa

    kawa51 minute ago

    No need to TES VI now...

  33. Anthony Czuchaj

    Anthony Czuchaj52 minutes ago

    I dont know what i just watched, but i dont think i care, MARSHALL.

  34. zadz2

    zadz254 minutes ago

    best anthology ever

  35. Wandering Hermit Crab

    Wandering Hermit Crab56 minutes ago


  36. Isaac Way

    Isaac Way57 minutes ago

    This shit actually makes no sense. Was this made using a neural network or something? The animation has weird smudging going on and the facial expressions look like theyre real

  37. Typical 90s Gamer

    Typical 90s Gamer58 minutes ago

    This is the perfect ending to the saga

  38. Full English

    Full EnglishHour ago

    this came up in my recommendeds...i am confused and scared

  39. blueasher1212

    blueasher1212Hour ago

    That final build up... The music, the lighting, the passion it was all there. GoT could learn something from you.

  40. HeroicTombolo

    HeroicTomboloHour ago

    This makes so much more sense after watching the first two lol

  41. Gabriel Kielland

    Gabriel KiellandHour ago

    Haha these are genious. Keep them coming

  42. NCR trooper

    NCR trooperHour ago

    The gaint seems like a bro

  43. Barnabasr snags

    Barnabasr snagsHour ago

    Such an epic story

  44. Gofuh Kyourself

    Gofuh KyourselfHour ago

    What the fuck did I watch?

  45. Alexander Nammigrís

    Alexander NammigrísHour ago

    what software is he using ?

  46. Brandon Root

    Brandon RootHour ago

    Jacob always had good intentions

  47. Gohan Putra

    Gohan PutraHour ago

    Undertale in nutshell

  48. TheAntiTrope

    TheAntiTropeHour ago

    The only actor I will accept for the live action version is Bill Hader. I have spoken.

  49. RedHotChiliPandas

    RedHotChiliPandasHour ago


  50. CustomURL

    CustomURLHour ago

    The music fits so well

  51. JonO387

    JonO387Hour ago

    "Playing 'a' RPG for the second time"

  52. Not Monsieurr AjAx.

    Not Monsieurr AjAx.Hour ago

    Idk how I somehow knew when the town was on fire that the mf rat did it lol can’t trust the 69 species

  53. Flin Dude

    Flin DudeHour ago

    Even better then the original but you have to watch that to fully enjoy it.

  54. Loneponderer

    LonepondererHour ago

    Is this rotoscoped or something. The movement is so life like

  55. Safou Rgardpa

    Safou RgardpaHour ago

    This one kind of broke your usual formula. That's a good thing. Keep it up

  56. A Guy That Comment Hi All The Time

    A Guy That Comment Hi All The TimeHour ago

    2:49 music name?

  57. Blarg

    BlargHour ago

    Nice neural network aha

  58. Frank Anderson

    Frank AndersonHour ago

    To paraphrase Chuck Palahniuk, “ It’s only after an adventurer loses everything, that he can become a HERO.” Hilarious and poignant 😆😭

  59. Moku Freeman

    Moku FreemanHour ago

    This is basically any Tell Tale game, your choice is either "you're the asshole" or "everyone died because of you"

  60. Zilent

    ZilentHour ago

    Im crying happy tears

  61. Sho

    ShoHour ago

    But even if Marshall doesn't have a health bar, shouldn't he at least have enemy music?

  62. Kenpatchi Ramasama

    Kenpatchi RamasamaHour ago


  63. Nick L

    Nick LHour ago

    a saga of the ages, to be told to our sons and them to theirs, for ages to come

  64. Ryan Riley

    Ryan RileyHour ago

    The good ending

  65. AZAEL

    AZAELHour ago

    Best script ever

  66. Bob Mali Bali Yahmarley

    Bob Mali Bali YahmarleyHour ago


  67. Dithrick's War Room

    Dithrick's War RoomHour ago

    I love this.

  68. ronmoron

    ronmoronHour ago

    I love this so much

  69. Asria

    AsriaHour ago

    please give us another rpg

  70. Yoel Randa

    Yoel RandaHour ago

    The voice acting and scripts are MASTERPIECE 😏

  71. USERZ123

    USERZ1232 hours ago

    Should have read up on a guide before playing.

  72. Brandon Whelan

    Brandon Whelan2 hours ago

    Idk what this channel is about, Idk what this video is about. All I know is I like it and it made me laugh.

  73. Coreh Martinushkevich

    Coreh Martinushkevich2 hours ago

    On second thought, if you were interested- this could be on Adult Swim :) you should try

  74. Tug09

    Tug092 hours ago

    I love these. The plotline is so great.

  75. Stephen Baggett

    Stephen Baggett2 hours ago

    I really like that there's an entirely new path for people in NG+ I honestly thought it was going to just have enemies with more health but I'm so glad they had more options for repeatability.

  76. CrustyModernLife?

    CrustyModernLife?2 hours ago

    Dang so if I stop living for the adventure and focus on my quest of self discovery, life becomes its own reward? Mad, dude

  77. Rabid_Gaming621

    Rabid_Gaming6212 hours ago

    Marshal is chaotic Nuetral


    LARAUJO2 hours ago

    I don't quite know what I stumbled upon but I like it

  79. Trevor P

    Trevor P2 hours ago

    The redemption arc :D

  80. Black Deviljoker

    Black Deviljoker2 hours ago

    Stumbled upon this and watch the previous two and rewatching this gives lots of meaning of his "Adventure awaits"

  81. jeffreyfuhz

    jeffreyfuhz2 hours ago

    That was another gem

  82. CambodianForged InFreedom2AIII%ER

    CambodianForged InFreedom2AIII%ER2 hours ago

    Omfg yess!!

  83. Dunkey Is Black

    Dunkey Is Black2 hours ago

    is the animation supposed to be shit?

  84. Jetrin Lee

    Jetrin Lee2 hours ago

    You got the *Happy Ending*

  85. RoarOfDamnation

    RoarOfDamnation2 hours ago

    Marshall wasn't totally evil he didn't kill Spot for example.

  86. reynoldsmathey

    reynoldsmathey2 hours ago


  87. 301_ Jay

    301_ Jay2 hours ago

    *Bloodborne Storyline in a nutshell*

  88. Marc Pavey

    Marc Pavey2 hours ago

    "Let's get on with it" Joel remarked as he sat down to work on an inevitable, though no less inspired sequel

  89. Black Deviljoker

    Black Deviljoker2 hours ago

    I like how he... Didn't take a step forward at all when he's screaming and just... Drag both his feet

  90. Henryshoots

    Henryshoots2 hours ago

    This is fake the shell ejected from the mini-glock is bigger than the mini-glock it was a set up Marshall didn't do it.

  91. AhNoWiC

    AhNoWiC2 hours ago

    This is so brilliant.

  92. KasimTheManChild

    KasimTheManChild2 hours ago

    would love to watch a movie made by you. one day, one day...

  93. KasimTheManChild

    KasimTheManChild2 hours ago

    we need a third episode!!!

  94. Idiotica Maskimus

    Idiotica Maskimus2 hours ago

    Theory: This run is the reason why so far there has not been any women in Joel's animations

  95. Drak Dragon

    Drak Dragon2 hours ago

    that delivery at 1:34 is AMAZING by the way

  96. Isra the black

    Isra the black2 hours ago

    I love this.

  97. Daniel Rodríguez

    Daniel Rodríguez2 hours ago

    This channel is so damn underrated I hope one of your vids go viral

  98. Tobias Arweiler

    Tobias Arweiler2 hours ago

    Wholesome as fuck

  99. I'n'I

    I'n'I2 hours ago

    looks like you've made lead scenes and arts. And than AI made all other stuff That's really cool

  100. Dragolectron

    Dragolectron2 hours ago

    Most epic moment in all history: 3:00 Adventure.. Awaits. HUZAAAAAAAAA-

  101. Mad Pig

    Mad Pig2 hours ago

    Yes-yes all acording to the plan-plan

  102. Silvernemesis64

    Silvernemesis642 hours ago

    Kingdom Come: Deliverance Secert Ending

  103. *Splat Tim*

    *Splat Tim*2 hours ago

    oblivion moment

  104. Idiotica Maskimus

    Idiotica Maskimus2 hours ago

    Plot Twist: Marshall is the right-hand-rat of Tony Lazuto The Haver Cinematic universe's plot thickens.

  105. someDudeOnTheInternet

    someDudeOnTheInternet2 hours ago

    The animation is a bit wierd(in a good way). Is it rotoscope animation?