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  1. Ayşe Betül Bingöl

    Ayşe Betül Bingöl11 days ago

    Wowwwww dicord made

  2. Ty Games

    Ty GamesDay ago

    Discord mod factory be like:

  3. Daniel Turek

    Daniel Turek2 days ago

    Plsss among us

  4. Bertug Emre

    Bertug Emre8 days ago

    @Salih Arslan neyse ben kimse ile polemiğe girmeyeceğim size iyi günler

  5. Salih Arslan

    Salih Arslan8 days ago

    @Bertug Emre cahil sensin belki o öğrenmemiştir sen kendi seviyene göre soruyosan bende sana kalkıp lise Sorusu sorsam bilemiyince cahil sen oluyosun zaten yazışından yaşın belli

  6. Salih Arslan

    Salih Arslan8 days ago

    @•Tʜᴇ ._.Wᴀғғʟᴇʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ made make kelimesinin geçmiş zaman hali

  7. sukanya Jadhav

    sukanya Jadhav5 hours ago

    What about the poor laptop

  8. Obit

    Obit8 hours ago

    Gini teris aja sampek tua

  9. Claudia Villatoro

    Claudia Villatoro9 hours ago

    So cool



    Oh this is loop.....

  11. Luana ff

    Luana ff10 hours ago


  12. Evas Rose

    Evas Rose14 hours ago

    How to make logo of discord 😂👍👌🏻


    BEESTO FANDay ago


  14. Sceptron

    SceptronDay ago

    Me while pooping 🤣🤣


    DAVI BRASIL PRO 997Day ago


  16. Deepak Verma

    Deepak VermaDay ago


  17. Aesthetic Røse

    Aesthetic RøseDay ago

    The smoothest thing

  18. sherwin garcia

    sherwin garciaDay ago

    Cool machine

  19. Yohana Espinosa

    Yohana EspinosaDay ago

    Esto es el futuro

  20. Beyzanur Yetis

    Beyzanur YetisDay ago

    Video bitmiyo diye izleyen ben😁😁

  21. شمعة هزازي

    شمعة هزازيDay ago



    GATR ANDR3ADay ago


  23. Md Billal

    Md BillalDay ago

    My discord tag is sneha#8947

  24. aisy zahirah

    aisy zahirah2 days ago

    Wow! Nice edit

  25. Ruchita Mathur

    Ruchita Mathur2 days ago

    Beautiful loop 🔂

  26. syed Toufeeq

    syed Toufeeq2 days ago

    Loop lol no loops get me unless they are very good and this one was not bad but not good enough to get me

  27. Joshua Nitisara

    Joshua Nitisara2 days ago


  28. Kobe2nd koh

    Kobe2nd koh2 days ago

    theres no such thing as a perfect loop

  29. Sasiru bagya

    Sasiru bagya2 days ago

    What is that,i can not get a idea

  30. britton 2399

    britton 23992 days ago

    This is how Discord servers are made

  31. Las frutas temporada tropical

    Las frutas temporada tropical2 days ago

    Infiniti video

  32. Avi Dhaliwal

    Avi Dhaliwal2 days ago

    You never know when the vid stops

  33. Maria José

    Maria José2 days ago


  34. it's squeeky

    it's squeeky2 days ago

    Hmm roblox

  35. Shareef ALFIFI

    Shareef ALFIFI2 days ago

    ههه وش هذ الكلم

  36. Kayra Gök

    Kayra Gök2 days ago


  37. Iam Theman

    Iam Theman2 days ago

    For toxic teens and 17 year ols

  38. Abuzer Verdiyev

    Abuzer Verdiyev2 days ago


  39. שירין חריב

    שירין חריב2 days ago

    Meet us Arabic 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  40. ARMY BTS

    ARMY BTS2 days ago

    كم مره عدو الڤيديو

  41. Ali 8B

    Ali 8B2 days ago

    WOW 😶

  42. kenny-gacha

    kenny-gacha2 days ago

    Confuse i look It for 24 hours

  43. •Anisa_Chan•

    •Anisa_Chan•2 days ago

    Me watching in 100000 minutes 🥶🥶🥶

  44. Sabiha Mostafa

    Sabiha Mostafa2 days ago

    Those who thinking these are real: IT'S ANIMATED DUMBASS

  45. MC Timelapse

    MC Timelapse2 days ago


  46. Baljit Kaur

    Baljit Kaur2 days ago

    This is not fake but this is also not real

  47. fangcha line

    fangcha line2 days ago

    So cool

  48. Muhammd Arsyad

    Muhammd Arsyad2 days ago

    Wacht until the last

  49. Nuran Altay

    Nuran Altay3 days ago


  50. Beelzeboss

    Beelzeboss3 days ago

    Fake, there's no moderators trying to solicit sex from minors

  51. the royal bhavika

    the royal bhavika3 days ago

    I think that is game

  52. ivikifake

    ivikifake3 days ago

    Now thats how to make discord

  53. فـانـز انسـايز

    فـانـز انسـايز3 days ago

    حق الدسكورد

  54. Ecem Nur Ünsal

    Ecem Nur Ünsal3 days ago

    Endless video

  55. •{ziuziune 123}•

    •{ziuziune 123}•3 days ago

    no 1

  56. chitra kannan

    chitra kannan3 days ago

    Hi I just want to ask is this for childrens

  57. Piereletido Roblox

    Piereletido Roblox3 days ago


  58. Mik_Mik Gaming

    Mik_Mik Gaming3 days ago

    Here some foods for everybody waiting to end the vid🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩

  59. Sam Hrhr

    Sam Hrhr3 days ago

    Did it ever end lol

  60. Keyontae Foster

    Keyontae Foster3 days ago

    I love this

  61. Kevelly Silva

    Kevelly Silva3 days ago

    Sei graca

  62. Cassia Furtunato

    Cassia Furtunato3 days ago

    Fais Do tik tok

  63. Sofía galleguillos

    Sofía galleguillos3 days ago

    Si volvemos a repetir el video es como que están haciendo muchos discords :v

  64. Your pal River

    Your pal River3 days ago

    Can we appreciate how seamless the loop is

  65. Chayse Garcia

    Chayse Garcia3 days ago

    How long have I been watching

  66. Alejandra Ayala

    Alejandra Ayala3 days ago


  67. Çikolatalı Muz TV

    Çikolatalı Muz TV3 days ago

    Discord logosu yapıyor!

  68. Unknown Games

    Unknown Games3 days ago

    Hhj iso pretty satisfying

  69. Stefmeister 70

    Stefmeister 703 days ago


  70. Youtuber Ayush

    Youtuber Ayush3 days ago

    Video ff

  71. Arthur Waalewijn

    Arthur Waalewijn3 days ago

    Nep niet in gelove


    CAT GIRL GAMING3 days ago

    So cool

  73. Antonio Carlos Vaz Dos Santos

    Antonio Carlos Vaz Dos Santos3 days ago

    Csvxfryhdvccfy fgv

  74. Cibule

    Cibule3 days ago

    Is Infinity video in short

  75. حضل احبك

    حضل احبك3 days ago


  76. Theodore Samuels

    Theodore Samuels3 days ago


  77. Iqbal alqodiri

    Iqbal alqodiri4 days ago


  78. Ангелина Добровенко

    Ангелина Добровенко4 days ago

    Это фотошоп

  79. Kalpana Thape

    Kalpana Thape4 days ago

    This is never stop

  80. Lilly Blossom's

    Lilly Blossom's4 days ago

    Wow! Can.u make snapchat

  81. ᴛʜᴇ ᴘʀɪɴᴛᴇʀ_ᴏғғɪᴄɪᴀʟ

    ᴛʜᴇ ᴘʀɪɴᴛᴇʀ_ᴏғғɪᴄɪᴀʟ4 days ago

    What is it with loops!?!!?

  82. Kuzey Kirbas

    Kuzey Kirbas4 days ago

    bunub10 kere izleyen ben

  83. André Såntøs

    André Såntøs4 days ago


  84. Sandesh Kamble

    Sandesh Kamble4 days ago

    Guys i was watching this video for the last half and hour thought that it will end somtimes

  85. willgamesforeal45 gaming

    willgamesforeal45 gaming4 days ago

    What's the point of this

  86. ഫാരി മച്ചാൻ GÆMÏÑG

    ഫാരി മച്ചാൻ GÆMÏÑG4 days ago

    Not ending till going 😂😂😂😂😅😅😅

  87. Nur Zaidah Faqihah

    Nur Zaidah Faqihah4 days ago

    Sampai besok tak habis(until tomorrow dont end)malaysian

  88. Karen Isaguirre

    Karen Isaguirre4 days ago


  89. barbara donmez

    barbara donmez4 days ago

    Perfekt loop

  90. TheNewGuy Game

    TheNewGuy Game4 days ago

    The most cleansst loop

  91. Fakhri Aisyah

    Fakhri Aisyah4 days ago


  92. Wiwin Amanda2

    Wiwin Amanda24 days ago

    Gk ada teman indo

  93. nelly ortiz

    nelly ortiz4 days ago

    Dia 124 : empieso a pensar que se repite el video

  94. dark bit

    dark bit4 days ago


  95. American bully krallığı

    American bully krallığı4 days ago


  96. ItzShiacツ

    ItzShiacツ4 days ago

    discord looks like the pants from mickey mouse

  97. Tim258

    Tim2584 days ago

    Nice loop

  98. Yılmaz DİNÇER

    Yılmaz DİNÇER4 days ago


  99. Yılmaz DİNÇER

    Yılmaz DİNÇER4 days ago

    Mükemmel bir video olmuş

  100. Shanthi Kalva

    Shanthi Kalva4 days ago

    I love this app I had this app

  101. Agia Rembulan

    Agia Rembulan4 days ago

    There is no finish

  102. BunnyTClub

    BunnyTClub4 days ago

    This is really cool who ever makes these damn I would want one too they are amazing 🥰

  103. Michele Stephenson

    Michele Stephenson4 days ago

    good animation

  104. Seema Kosta

    Seema Kosta4 days ago

    What was.that?1🤨😕

  105. Rhea Donata

    Rhea Donata4 days ago

    I'm watch 2 hour