The Worst NBA Predictions of All Time

Steven A. Smith: *violently hollering his ill-advised opinion*

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  1. JxmyHighroller

    JxmyHighrollerYear ago

    Yeah uhh..this was supposed to be a light lil 10 minute video but man’s got a little carried away. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this extra spicy episode today. Hope y’all enjoy! 💯 Stick around until the end and let me know who you think had the worst prediction!

  2. peoplevsradio317

    peoplevsradio317Day ago

    D Wade over rated af. Pierce was just as good as Wade for sure

  3. Nikolas Dexter

    Nikolas DexterDay ago

    @Terry Callen I will try it out right now. Looks to be working :)

  4. Terry Callen

    Terry CallenDay ago

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  5. Clark Manuel Esmas

    Clark Manuel Esmas6 days ago

    HAHAHA I'm impressed with your video

  6. Geracht

    Geracht8 days ago


  7. Arii Price

    Arii Price6 hours ago

    I come here and re-like this post all the time.

  8. Nick Mine

    Nick Mine15 hours ago

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  9. xvegeta13

    xvegeta1316 hours ago

    Saying a high school kid might not have an impact isn't that crazy of a take. You don't know how someone will be in the pro leagues until they're there. I mean boozer even said he had potential and sky was the limit

  10. Tomeu Llabrés

    Tomeu Llabrés17 hours ago

    I don't think that prediction about Westbrook was so wrong. I don't care about how many All Star nominations he has or how many MPVs he won, Weestbrook is not a good basketball player. He puts incredible numbers but those numbers are void because he is not makings his team better. I've seen 10yo kids with more basketball IQ than Westbrook.

  11. Ke’Shaun Grey

    Ke’Shaun Grey18 hours ago

    I mean lavar ball said he would trash Jordan so

  12. Renjolo Bagunu

    Renjolo Bagunu22 hours ago


  13. Renjolo Bagunu

    Renjolo Bagunu22 hours ago

    12:00 LOL LOL LOL

  14. Renjolo Bagunu

    Renjolo Bagunu22 hours ago

    9:00 hahahahahah

  15. Jaime A. Mendoza III

    Jaime A. Mendoza III22 hours ago

    Those guys of espn announcers, commentators, players etc,. HAVE A BAD DAY PREDICTION TO THEM AND BAD MOVES 🤦🤦🤦.... DAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!......

  16. Jaime A. Mendoza III

    Jaime A. Mendoza III22 hours ago

    AND BTW those guys Are SHIT AND STUPID.....

  17. peoplevsradio317

    peoplevsradio317Day ago

    NFL: Max kellerman Cliff theory for Brady

  18. Slayerof Thhots

    Slayerof ThhotsDay ago

    All my homies hate skip

  19. Broylez 4lyfe

    Broylez 4lyfeDay ago

    I don’t like jump shooting teams there fore jump shots are useless🤣

  20. Snail[ ]Slug

    Snail[ ]SlugDay ago

    Skip is a character. He’s your annoying relative that has no CLUE what they are saying.

  21. ducky likes random shit

    ducky likes random shitDay ago

    lebron james will never pass jordan

  22. Κωνσταντίνος Αναστασακης

    Κωνσταντίνος Αναστασακης2 days ago

    I can understand 4/6 predictions of Stephen A. Smith but he should have guessed 2012 and 2013

  23. dashe boy

    dashe boy2 days ago

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  25. mehtheorc

    mehtheorc2 days ago

    We gonna talk about the fact that the Dan Gilbert letter was in comic sans? 🤔

  26. Michaelangelo Encarnacion

    Michaelangelo Encarnacion2 days ago

    Colin Herd is on one.

  27. Judah Jr

    Judah Jr2 days ago

    To be fair Oden injury makes the KD not even close

  28. zkWHAT

    zkWHAT2 days ago

    2:04 "You wonder if they're just handed a hot take on a script knowing damn well its wrong, but they wana keep their jobs so they go on television saying some wild shit anyways." *Proceeds to show hella clips of people doing exactly that.* C'mon yo, ya'll still don't get how this game works? Who's going to watch two guys just nodding in agreement for every argument? Of course they argue bullshit points. Best way to get clicks.

  29. Benny Mill

    Benny Mill2 days ago

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  30. Alex oloxyea

    Alex oloxyea2 days ago

    Paul pierce got buckets

  31. Yu TTB

    Yu TTB4 days ago

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  32. Edis Delgado

    Edis Delgado4 days ago

    Nick's take wasn't bad, Cavs were in the finals and lost in 6... basically his was 2 games away from being correct, thats absurdly accurate actually

  33. Joe Bryant

    Joe Bryant4 days ago

    I don't care what anyone says. Not even Steph Currys own mama would have thought he'd get to this level 🤣

  34. Aquarius Leviathan prophecy

    Aquarius Leviathan prophecy4 days ago

    I just turned off injury on madden 21 N Odell still got hurt

  35. Crazyguy75

    Crazyguy754 days ago

    90% of the time it's they want you talk to about it and them because it brings more eyes to viewership it's what they want.

  36. Jhoms

    Jhoms4 days ago

    i love how you said the word "Pathetic" to Dan Gilbert, with eased

  37. EllzFromHellz

    EllzFromHellz5 days ago

    The most winningest team in NBA history?!?! The Warriors are a great team but not even sort of kind of close to being the winningest team in NBA history. No way!!! It took four years to hit three championships and that’s amazing but not as good as six in eight. Then there’s the Celtics with Bill Russell.

  38. :DHappy:D :DHappy:D

    :DHappy:D :DHappy:D4 days ago

    If the warriors were healthy with KD the whole time I’d imagine it to be close to impossible to lose with that team

  39. Randolf Diente

    Randolf Diente5 days ago

    I can predict sports talk in tv will be end soon 😂

  40. Stones S Torres

    Stones S Torres5 days ago

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  41. jay

    jay5 days ago

    1 year later and I finally guess heads 6 times in a row

  42. Jax

    Jax5 days ago

    Everything cowherd says is wrong😂 gonna start gambling against what he says. Probably gonna become a millionaire

  43. Adan Martinez

    Adan Martinez5 days ago

    This is why people have careers in sports betting

  44. JUAN TV

    JUAN TV6 days ago

    whatever they predicted i will believe the opposite.

  45. AgawTrip Gaming

    AgawTrip Gaming6 days ago

    this needs an update

  46. The Old Man 63

    The Old Man 636 days ago

    Here's the difference between all them experts and me and you they get paid for it they have a 50-50 chance like me and you to be right so stop taking these so-called experts with a grain of salt

  47. Boy Wonder

    Boy Wonder7 days ago

    Lebron was more than he was hyped up to be bro what do you mean?

  48. swoboda alice

    swoboda alice7 days ago

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  49. fifi24able fifi

    fifi24able fifi7 days ago

    pierce was right, stop it, he's the goat

  50. AntuntunNo1

    AntuntunNo17 days ago

    Mj would beat Lebron even now in 2021.

  51. Alexander mootoo

    Alexander mootoo7 days ago

    steph curry with a 40 inch vertical

  52. KAZI 300%

    KAZI 300%7 days ago

  53. Maxmillian200HP

    Maxmillian200HP7 days ago

    "We all know I hate Skip Bayless." ~ Charles Barkley

  54. travis graham

    travis graham8 days ago

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  55. David Jordan

    David Jordan8 days ago

    Ay prime Micheal Jordan can beat prime Lebron

  56. Kb Bryant

    Kb Bryant8 days ago

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    CRAFTW3RK9 days ago

    To be fair, Oden was that DUDE in college. Injuries prevented his career from blossoming, but he was easily the consensus #1 that year. Him and Conley almost single-handedly won OSU a title. Durant was thin as a rail coming into the league, and concerns for injury were legit.

  58. Matias Evans

    Matias Evans9 days ago

    Paul pierce is bad at his job.

  59. Aniq Smart

    Aniq Smart9 days ago

    Jimmy, I’m proud to say I flipped a coin and guessed wrong six times in a row.

  60. Jordy

    Jordy9 days ago

    Great video

  61. Alex Purol

    Alex Purol9 days ago

    Colin was actually right about Oden going No 1 tho lol

  62. Ok Great

    Ok Great9 days ago

    Anyone else notice the Hunter x Hunter music?

  63. nizcomix

    nizcomix10 days ago

    1:02 why is nick looking at his wrist hes not even wearing a watch 😭😭😭

  64. eway

    eway10 days ago

    “This man done lost his mind”

  65. Happines With less S

    Happines With less S10 days ago

    Luka donćic

  66. CJLM

    CJLM10 days ago

    Jordan beating Lebron in one-on-one in 2015 probably was at about a 34% chance if not more. It's a 2 man game, Jordan can still hit jumpers and probably work him in the post, especially 6 years ago. Caveats: I'm a Lebron fan, can't stand Lebron deniers. Grew up on Jordan though, and still put him at the top. But it's one-on-one, anything could happen.

  67. RMGF NAZ

    RMGF NAZ10 days ago

    that fucking sportscaster.. hahahaha...including idiot ex-pro hahahha

  68. Andrew Thomas

    Andrew Thomas11 days ago

    Ogden got hurt, so . . . I wouldn't say that was a bad prediction. You cant know with injuries. Had he not been injured, Ogden would have been an all time great.

  69. Andrew Thomas

    Andrew Thomas11 days ago

    I cant tell who will win, it is too much guessing. I have lost a lot. However, I can tell who will dominate. I was right about: 1. Luca 2. Zion 3. LaMelo I called it with all three of these players when I watched them play at 16. The future of the nba is pretty bright.

  70. Steez Harvey

    Steez Harvey11 days ago

    You make the best videos man. I love this channel.

  71. Howard Fox

    Howard Fox11 days ago

    bu the dude was right, greg did go first, not durant

  72. Lily

    Lily11 days ago

    That coward guy needs to fix his teeth cause they're damn annoying to look at. It's like their wet with a lot of spit.

  73. nick arndt

    nick arndt11 days ago

    The mixis is annoying

  74. Opochtli

    Opochtli12 days ago

    José Moreno Hernández

  75. M K

    M K12 days ago

    Nick's prediction wasn't that bad. four months out that Cleveland would win the finals, yeah they lost but that's still not as bad as somethings Colins and smith say everyday.

  76. Jowell Madrilejo

    Jowell Madrilejo12 days ago

    Stephen A Smith is a time traveler from the future and doesn't want to say spoilers.

  77. Jowell Madrilejo

    Jowell Madrilejo12 days ago

    Colin predicted right. Greg Oden was selected 1st.

  78. Alien Alf

    Alien Alf12 days ago

    9:58 SAS 💪🏻🤣🤣🤣

  79. James Cummin

    James Cummin12 days ago

    On my first try I got 5/6 wrong and the last one I got right

  80. Koeit

    Koeit12 days ago

    This is fucking brutal.

  81. Christian Matthew Elera

    Christian Matthew Elera13 days ago

    Stephen A. Smith almost but not quite 🤣🤣🤣

  82. San Ono

    San Ono13 days ago

    Every knows only Lavar can beat MJ

  83. Joseph Rockford

    Joseph Rockford13 days ago

    It’s 50/50 every time it’s gamblers fallacy to compare 50/50 based on previous attempts

  84. Nishan Bilazarian

    Nishan Bilazarian13 days ago

    Ummm so I guess you a Tom Brady hater???

  85. Chul Yeom

    Chul Yeom13 days ago

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  86. Δημήτρης Ιορδανιδης

    Δημήτρης Ιορδανιδης13 days ago

    Να τέτοιες μλκς δε μπορώ να ακούω

  87. Greg E

    Greg E13 days ago

    Some people don't remember when Durant came out of Texas the NBA wasn't the "positionless" league it is today. Having power forward length, but only weighing 200 lbs and handling the ball like a guard made Durant looks like a fish out of water entering the league. Oden, on the other hand, had a position, rock solid block defender and scorer, rebounder etc. He was ready to step in the day he was drafted. What has happened to the league in 14 years has made Durant look good and would have made Oden obsolete (if his knees already didn't).

  88. Steven Rodden

    Steven Rodden13 days ago

    These guys will make great weathermen if things don't work out with the sports

  89. big bellyman

    big bellyman14 days ago

    To be fair, stephen A. Smith wasn't wrong picking the cavs in 2015. If kyrie and love dont get injured the Cavs win that year

  90. chuala428

    chuala42815 days ago

    a bad prediction Utah in 4 over Brooklyn

  91. Justin Craig

    Justin Craig15 days ago

    Charles Barkley also once predicted the Mavs would beat the Heat in 6 games in the finals. The Mavs beat the Heat in 6 games. Granted, probably his only good prediction, but that one sticks in my head because I got 7-1 odds on the finals that year betting the Mavs would win in 6. Of course, I made that bet before Charles made his prediction and if he had made the prediction before I bet on the finals, I wouldn't have made the bet just because Barkley predicted it.

  92. Deep Learning

    Deep Learning15 days ago

    When I saw the title of this video I assumed it would be 23 minutes of Skip Bayless

  93. Ava Jara

    Ava Jara15 days ago

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  94. Dainsleif

    Dainsleif16 days ago

    It isnt easy being this wrong 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  95. Tony Smith

    Tony Smith16 days ago

    Colin is awful

  96. Jay Bando

    Jay Bando16 days ago

    Just press subscribe dude... I don’t regret it

  97. T.I. Ador

    T.I. Ador16 days ago

    I would hate to be related to Smith, just imagine the thought. 😱

  98. Sensation Gaming

    Sensation Gaming16 days ago

    that nick is talking too much crap

  99. Zach Kostersky

    Zach Kostersky17 days ago

    “And the anwser is..” Checks watch “In Four Months”

  100. Even TheObsolete

    Even TheObsolete17 days ago

    these analysts just getting old they aging badly. definition of "who's uncle??" smh

  101. evidence-based

    evidence-based18 days ago

    They are stupid

  102. Big Bucks

    Big Bucks18 days ago

    Oh Lebron who got out scored by a sixth man in the finals, that guy, those were bold but accurate list at the time

  103. Old Song PirateCrew

    Old Song PirateCrew18 days ago

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  104. Jonathan Blanton

    Jonathan Blanton18 days ago

    Some of these predictions came out wrong but weren't too bad. The Greg Oden one in particular is just kind of sad. Dude was an absolute beast with a ceiling as high as Durant but just got devastated by injuries. He legitimately could have been an MVP if he just stayed healthy. Though Cowherd's prediction on Durant was just stupid. Most of the scouts thought both guys had MVP potential.

  105. GumballZ

    GumballZ18 days ago

    If Stephen A days your gonna win better start praying cause y’all losin the very next game 🙏🏽

  106. Kilter Falcon

    Kilter Falcon18 days ago

    I didn't even look at whose video this was... and then I was like.... is this Jimmy?

  107. YeeSoest

    YeeSoest18 days ago

    Sometimes, instead of saying what I believe will happen, I will share my HOPES or most intriguing scenarios. The difference is I make it clear how I feel about probability ;)