Crazy $5-$10 at Commerce | Poker Vlog #67

Hey! My name is Mariano, and this channel was created to share some poker sessions and travel.
In this episode, I enter the belly of the beast: Commerce Casino in LA. The people seem angry, the traffic is thicker than oatmeal, and the air smells of Honda Civics that refuse to get an oil change. What's not to love?
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  1. Team Turtle

    Team Turtle17 hours ago

    ..... take it slow!

  2. Mariano

    Mariano15 hours ago

    Username checks out

  3. Fong Hawj Vang

    Fong Hawj Vang18 hours ago

    What's your most recommend casino in vegas strip to play poker?

  4. Mariano

    Mariano18 hours ago

    For fun? Flamingo or PH. For reals? Wynn

  5. AlexisPoker

    AlexisPoker2 days ago

    Commerce has the best chips in the LA area !

  6. John Purdy

    John Purdy2 days ago

    Just subbed. Great content!

  7. Kevin Clarkson

    Kevin Clarkson3 days ago

    great vlog bro, I like tells but this one dude hollywooded preflop with AA vs my KK and I reverse-telled myself

  8. Luis Torres

    Luis Torres3 days ago

    you know youre running good when you get to check fold the flop as pfr and be correct.

  9. Justin R

    Justin R3 days ago

    Where can i gamble with real people ...real money.....WITHOUT BOTS at the table

  10. Ace Gkhan

    Ace Gkhan3 days ago

    Gotta make sure they have those auto-shufflers (which I hate)! I don't think its random in fact I ve read its made to spread the wins around so people don't bust out quickly and they can rake the games longer than without auto-shuffling where the good players would just outplay the bad players. Please somebody, anybody add to this and either prove me wrong or spread this information to the POKER community. We have to end this rigged system thats using us all as ATMs for the casinos when we are playing each other! not the casino!!

  11. Vacation Gotland

    Vacation Gotland3 days ago

    Why raise the guy when you flop a set? Call him and let him bet on you on the river...

  12. Kevin grace

    Kevin grace4 days ago

    So you can play inside a tent but not inside the casino? 😂

  13. Tigro

    Tigro4 days ago

    Pocket Bradleyggies?

  14. Jim Biggs

    Jim Biggs5 days ago

    Make your bed! 😎 LOL

  15. Victor Frankenstein

    Victor Frankenstein5 days ago

    “Just another example of how good am I really gonna run tonight? Well, let me show you.” Hilarious 😂. The session that every poker player dreams about. Awesome. Great day for sure. A bit of missed value, but come on, seriously? Oh yeah, wanted to mention...not too crazy about the striped sailor shirt 👕. Personal preference.

  16. Phillip Holmes

    Phillip Holmes6 days ago

    This is great, but please get rid of the horrid music.

  17. Mariano

    Mariano6 days ago

    No thanks

  18. J P

    J P6 days ago

    Awesome video your hand analysis is good and you make your videos fun to watch. If u care to listen I would look back at your hands where you were ahead on the turn or river and bet then your opponent laid down their hand, decreasing those value bets in those situations by around 20-25% should be profitable if your ok with slightly higher variance on the turn bets.

  19. Nick C's Workouts

    Nick C's Workouts6 days ago

    When you play $5-$10 do you normally buy-in for one hundred BB? How does the cap determine your buy-in? Or do you base it on something else?

  20. Mariano

    Mariano6 days ago

    I prefer 200 or 300 bb

  21. MrSimonvk

    MrSimonvk6 days ago

    nice video once again!

  22. Mariano

    Mariano6 days ago


  23. Fred Lang

    Fred Lang7 days ago

    OK that was ridiculous :) great run

  24. Chaleman R

    Chaleman R7 days ago

    Run good! Don't do $10-$20 again, anytime soon. Money is too big. Glad to hear you are up $10k. Commerce..L.A. Baby. L.A.P.C. I have always wanted to play there.

  25. Matthew Grand

    Matthew Grand7 days ago

    Great session, well played, man! Although I've always enjoyed playing Commerce, I've never thought of it as being that famous. But~ whatevers, Mariano! So long as you made some decent bank and had fun... you deserve it :^) Thanks for sharing all of the insight and superb commentary. Wish you all the best~

  26. Tyler Green

    Tyler Green7 days ago

    DAMN i loved those yellow five chips.

  27. MrPWeave

    MrPWeave7 days ago

    Lol the Brad Owen cameo

  28. Paul Robert

    Paul Robert7 days ago

    Get to the fkn game already

  29. Mariano

    Mariano7 days ago

    Relax Karen

  30. G S

    G S8 days ago

    LA looks like pure misery

  31. OkiePokerPlayer

    OkiePokerPlayer8 days ago

    Wow, killer session Mariano.

  32. Brotalian Can

    Brotalian Can8 days ago

    That was such an awesome session to watch! Talk about god_mode-ON

  33. Gold Ace

    Gold Ace8 days ago

    That K9 was pure luck, nothing else.

  34. Mariano

    Mariano8 days ago


  35. jbarres80

    jbarres808 days ago

    Nice video I just started moving up in stakes and I’m getting my brains kicked in seems like I get to double up but can’t break thru and then run bad happens

  36. Huang Jimmy

    Huang Jimmy8 days ago

    Do you think some poker players team up with the dealer

  37. Huang Jimmy

    Huang Jimmy7 days ago

    Happened to me at Vegas

  38. Mariano

    Mariano8 days ago


  39. John Smith

    John Smith8 days ago

    2:18 🤣🤣🤣 PMSL. They've recreated indoors outdoors 🤣🤣🤣 Just when you think the Democrats can't get anymore fucking stupid 🤣🤣🤣 Actually, this is not stupidity, it's malice. They're deliberately destroying the economy. It's sabotage.

  40. Dean Michelini

    Dean Michelini8 days ago

    Another great video! It is crazy to think you are up to 49K in subscribers with only 67 videos! Shows how good your content really is! Keep up the good work and keep grinding! Hopefully I can get out to LA someday to try all these poker rooms!

  41. J K

    J K8 days ago

    🔳 $305 is a min raise

  42. Cope ATS

    Cope ATS8 days ago

    Always enjoy your vids

  43. James

    James8 days ago

    Guy had KK but folded to the live tell of someone trying to get a thumbnail for their vlog

  44. Mariano

    Mariano8 days ago

    Still worth it

  45. Bobby Rountree

    Bobby Rountree9 days ago

    Just found your channel that's a poker players dream wow but you didn't say what your buy in was or how much you won . Do you not tell that in your videos and damn do you ever lose nice job !

  46. Bobby Rountree

    Bobby Rountree8 days ago

    @Mariano My mistake sorry did not watch till the end

  47. Mariano

    Mariano8 days ago

    Yes I did, after the session.

  48. Adam Ochoa

    Adam Ochoa9 days ago

    Brooo!!! Your vlogs have taught me so much. Actually have a chance now with these sharks!! Much love

  49. Lex O Poker

    Lex O Poker9 days ago

    Keep crushing it man!

  50. PokerOCD

    PokerOCD9 days ago

    7:01 the under the gun player shows us the 8 of clubs for some reason then he folds...

  51. Shanks Muldoon

    Shanks Muldoon9 days ago


  52. Mike Ray

    Mike Ray9 days ago

    I love it. Well done

  53. AlmightyXoVo

    AlmightyXoVo9 days ago

    Why didn’t you say Jiggities when you got the jacks ??? Would have been super funny love you and brad , played with you a few time at morongo !

  54. maxmusclem

    maxmusclem9 days ago

    Sometimes the run good runs out. Good time to leave when your up.. Great vlog as usual. Almost at the 50k subs congrats

  55. david douglas

    david douglas9 days ago

    bro----you consistently raise monster hands---and dont get paid--

  56. Davey James Olson

    Davey James Olson9 days ago

    Another phenomenal vlog!

  57. CribNotes

    CribNotes9 days ago

    This annoying cut and paste drum loop is sub par.

  58. Mariano

    Mariano9 days ago

    It's pretty good imo

  59. BlueLiesMatter

    BlueLiesMatter9 days ago

    Here in Commifornia, you can't play inside but can play outside inside a tent. F$%K Governor Newsom

  60. AMAYA Explorer

    AMAYA Explorer9 days ago

    Wow this is awesome videos thanks for sharing this.

  61. Terry Allen

    Terry Allen9 days ago

    What camera did you use to get your footage?

  62. kevin hsieh

    kevin hsieh9 days ago

    i was hoping to link up with you sometime at commerce when are you heading there again?

  63. Kevin Hsieh

    Kevin Hsieh9 days ago

    How often you go to commerce? When are you going again?

  64. J Cohen

    J Cohen9 days ago

    the strong player overlimps 74ss seems gud

  65. Mariano

    Mariano9 days ago


  66. Qbrik01

    Qbrik0110 days ago


  67. Cereal with a K Poker

    Cereal with a K Poker10 days ago

    Bro I love your videos but you play suuupperrrr tight. Dare I say.... nit.

  68. Mariano

    Mariano10 days ago

    Well I'm still learning man

  69. Neil Balasekaran

    Neil Balasekaran10 days ago

    Great Vlog

  70. Ryan Lavars

    Ryan Lavars10 days ago

    Keep crushin! Come play at South Point Casino with us sometime!!!

  71. StreetKing Productions

    StreetKing Productions10 days ago

    I hate pocket Aces, horrible hand.

  72. Marcjulian Rosello

    Marcjulian Rosello10 days ago

    only game i liked in that casino is war lol sucks its commission though

  73. Dan W

    Dan W10 days ago

    Been watching for awhile now. Always great content, smooth narration, quality hands. Thanks for putting in the work.

  74. Mariano

    Mariano10 days ago

    Thanks Dan

  75. Detroit Poker

    Detroit Poker10 days ago

    5:34 nice flop lol. Maybe we flopped little too much of this one I agree, checking probably best... I really like your artistic intros BTW.

  76. Mariano

    Mariano10 days ago

    Thanks Brian, hope you're doing well in Michigan

  77. Wolfgang Poker

    Wolfgang Poker10 days ago

    my favorite part is the apology for running so hot

  78. Joshua Sahler

    Joshua Sahler10 days ago

    Thinking you could of at least made the bed 😁

  79. Joshua Sahler

    Joshua Sahler10 days ago

    @Mariano sorry it was the only thing I could find wrong with the video. Great job as always and nice win 💰

  80. Mariano

    Mariano10 days ago

    Could have* don't be a grammar fish

  81. ilovebrandnewcarpets

    ilovebrandnewcarpets10 days ago

    God is jealous of how well you run

  82. Aaron Conway

    Aaron Conway10 days ago

    M...ur one of the best poker vloggers out there...the Brad Owen pic over the pocket jiggities was an unexpected and slick touch...

  83. Chad Cripe

    Chad Cripe10 days ago

    Love the shoutout to Brad's jiggities.

  84. Justin Halligan

    Justin Halligan10 days ago

    Love the Brad Owen Jiggeties

  85. Fish Poker

    Fish Poker10 days ago

    You ran great! Sweet vlog! See u at the poker tables! I'm the fish who's gonna be paying u off w Q high😆😅

  86. Joe Lazar

    Joe Lazar10 days ago

    I couldn’t watch, but I listened to your video while getting my teeth drilled at the dentist. Pretty insane run

  87. Some Random Dude

    Some Random Dude10 days ago

    I love how the poker is outside due to COVID to escape from the enclosed building... and the poker is outside... in an enclosed tent :)

  88. John Smith

    John Smith8 days ago

    Don't you just love the government? We should give them as much power as possible! They clearly know how to use it wisely 🤣

  89. Chris jeffery

    Chris jeffery10 days ago

    As you run so well you ought to do a Brad Owen and be paid by a Micky Mouse training site to scam naïve gullible people who believe the same can happen to them for a $1000

  90. Arnold Strub

    Arnold Strub10 days ago

    Make your bed before you blog. Looks better on you.

  91. Arnold Strub

    Arnold Strub10 days ago

    @Mariano Then try shooting from a different angle. You might end up looking way more professional. Really enjoy your poker adventures and commentary. Keep on winning.

  92. Mariano

    Mariano10 days ago

    I don't make my bed in hotels

  93. Lee Jones

    Lee Jones10 days ago

    "Why you should thin value bet the ATo" - a short comment by Lee. Three way, it checks to you, you have top pair but your kicker is counterfeited. I bet because there are many scenarios where you fold out another ace. You bet, guy in the middle with a queen calls. Last guy to act, with AJ, knows he's chopping at best, but against two people, rarely that good, so he folds and you scoop. Or all three aces are out (!). First ace calls, second ace folds, and you chop two (instead of three) ways. Peace.

  94. Cope ATS

    Cope ATS10 days ago

    Great video, keep up the great work!

  95. Daniel Rutkowski

    Daniel Rutkowski10 days ago

    It's vlogs like these that give me the itch reaaaal bad. Nice playin' (running amazingly) Mariano!

  96. Joey Ho

    Joey Ho10 days ago

    the 4b by the SB aint the bare minimum fyi

  97. Mariano

    Mariano10 days ago

    Yeah but you know what I mean

  98. Lee Jones

    Lee Jones10 days ago

    Okay, you won poker vlogging for today with the picture of Brad Owen when you got jacks.

  99. Clap Forboobies

    Clap Forboobies10 days ago

    Nice. So when you say you are up over $10k since Vegas does that mean you won $16k to make up for the $6k you lost?

  100. Daniel Edler

    Daniel Edler10 days ago

    You say you usually advocate fast playing strong hands... and whenever you say that you always slow play 😂.

  101. Jared Tuccolo

    Jared Tuccolo10 days ago

    You should add the hands you fold into the vlog

  102. Jared Tuccolo

    Jared Tuccolo10 days ago

    @Mariano maybe just like a compilation of some like sped up Jisy so we can see what to play/ what hands you fold @pokerbeast does something similar you should check it out it’s a cool idea

  103. Mariano

    Mariano10 days ago

    I fold 80%+ of hands, that would take forever haha

  104. Zach Hughes

    Zach Hughes10 days ago

    Fish on a heater lol

  105. Mariano

    Mariano10 days ago


  106. Adam Pasquale

    Adam Pasquale10 days ago

    God damn dude what a nice little run of cards

  107. Florida Man

    Florida Man10 days ago

    Is that a airwalk shirt??

  108. Mariano

    Mariano10 days ago

    Yes :)

  109. dolphan991

    dolphan99110 days ago

    Awesome run great session! Keep the vlogs coming, you do a great job with all of them!

  110. Mariano

    Mariano10 days ago

    Thank you

  111. Hector Guerro

    Hector Guerro11 days ago

    Always classy... Thank you

  112. Andrew Gay

    Andrew Gay11 days ago

    Hey! My name is Mariano, and I always flop the nuts/TP/TPTK/perfect bluff. lolol unreal, son!

  113. Curtis Oltmann

    Curtis Oltmann11 days ago

    Going off your comment at the end of this video, I'm wondering if she said yes!?

  114. Matt R

    Matt R11 days ago

    You know you run good, when you say you are “rewarded” by flopping a straight/flush combo draw... but still have just King high. If I had all the money back I’ve wasted on combo draws... I’d have a lot more money.

  115. Mariano

    Mariano11 days ago

    You're like 50-60% to win against almost any hand, seems good to me

  116. Aaron

    Aaron11 days ago

    Are you ever gonna do an uncut video, just a really long video of just pure poker

  117. Mariano

    Mariano11 days ago

    That would be super boring

  118. Happy Face Holdem

    Happy Face Holdem11 days ago

    Excellent run!

  119. Bob Hodge

    Bob Hodge11 days ago

    Congrats on your recovery from the 10/20 slaughter. Winning ten grand at 5/10 sure beats losing seven grand at 10/20. Stick to the 5/10 game and dominate those fools. Well done.

  120. Alexander Smith

    Alexander Smith11 days ago

    Ever get sick of walking into a hotel room? Reminds me of how the lead character in Heat and Hard Eight feel.

  121. Grant Lawrence

    Grant Lawrence11 days ago

    Gotta make that bed dude!!

  122. Mariano

    Mariano11 days ago

    It's a hotel lmao

  123. Dennis Massie

    Dennis Massie11 days ago

    👋🏻Florida ☀️🌴🇺🇸


    MICHAEL COLLIER11 days ago

    have you heard some of the stupid commercials they play on your channel these days??

  125. Mariano

    Mariano11 days ago

    They're different for each viewer

  126. JC Griffin

    JC Griffin11 days ago

    I love these days!

  127. Mike G Kw

    Mike G Kw11 days ago

    Bro why the hell you RE raise with top Boat??? What a nub I’m disappointed man

  128. Mariano

    Mariano11 days ago


  129. Vegas Aviation22

    Vegas Aviation2211 days ago

    Anyone know the very last song?

  130. Jason Emerson

    Jason Emerson11 days ago

    Had to pause halfway through this video. Mariano, I do not know what u have done karmatically if your life, but you are blessed and you run an excellent vlog. Great line with the AK, especially since exactly like u mentioned, you've had it every time. Def the right time to bluff there. Good luck in future endeavors, sir. Hope to meet you one day.

  131. Jason Emerson

    Jason Emerson11 days ago

    Wow, the second half was better than the first. Wowzers.

  132. Jagjit Parhar

    Jagjit Parhar11 days ago

    Nice to see you run better than the first shot at 5/10. Or at least better than your last session.

  133. Connie Chung

    Connie Chung11 days ago

    The LA freeways 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  134. Triggered Soyboy

    Triggered Soyboy11 days ago

    You're a good player but you can't get sloppy or make mistakes in a 10/20 game, ul recover & do better next time when your mid/high stakes game is sharpened up.