MEET OUR PUPPY! (Name Reveal)

Join us in today's vlog as Jessii and Tye introduce you to their new puppy! They also bring you along their first full day with him.
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  1. Fun with Amayah Gaming 1

    Fun with Amayah Gaming 19 minutes ago

    I got my phone away but i got it back and o realy thought it was gonna be Where’s Waldo or Waldo

  2. Glossy :3

    Glossy :34 hours ago

    Me just got finished watching the Harry Potters Last Chapter be like: who is Mr. Tumus?? Me Going to Google... Me:OhhHhhHhhhh.... Eeeeek thats so Cuteeeeeee!!! I love him so much Me actually thinking of wanting a new puppy but realizing we already have 3 dogs (btw our third dog is a stray dog that just coincidentaly got in our house while we were feeding our dogs we felt pity and shes so cute so we took her😅)

  3. Jade V

    Jade V15 hours ago

    Yessss I guessed his name!!!!🥺🥺🥺😍😍❤️❤️❤️😭🥰🥰

  4. PakGaming

    PakGaming17 hours ago

    They sound like they just had a baby... jeez I just got my puppy and slept in the bed with me and she does her business on puppy pads lol

  5. Tracy Brewer

    Tracy Brewer18 hours ago

    Awe sooo cute I'm so glad you guys got a puppy !!!

  6. Mia Sanabria

    Mia Sanabria19 hours ago

    Jessii puppys bite you because they have so much energy that’s why

  7. Stormy !

    Stormy !20 hours ago

    Ik i am late but if mr. tumnus is still in his biting stage then if you say ow every time he bites you it could help (idk it helped other dogs in dog training shows i watch)

  8. Saturn Alien

    Saturn AlienDay ago

    i have a frenchie with one eye

  9. Catalina_and_ Nikki

    Catalina_and_ NikkiDay ago

    Winnie: I just wanna be...... appreciated *pees on bed*😂

  10. Yuri tokisaki

    Yuri tokisakiDay ago

    my grandma has 4 dogs and almost got another one its a mess

  11. Christina Godwin

    Christina GodwinDay ago


  12. Hayli Hill

    Hayli HillDay ago

    It is good that he eats dog food. The dog that I own with my mom likes human food but he only eats like lettuce, carrots, radish, sometimes hotdogs, chicken, and he loves eating bacon sometimes. And boiled eggs.

  13. Hayli Hill

    Hayli HillDay ago


  14. Bored_F0x 01

    Bored_F0x 01Day ago

    Hey jessii I got a new dog on monday he is a catahoula leopard dog and his name is Samson and he is the best!!! We got him because my old dog named axle died last weekend and it brakes my heart :( Tumnus is adorable, congratulations!

  15. lindsey salazar

    lindsey salazarDay ago

    The cutest puper

  16. Kaila And Sam Wu

    Kaila And Sam WuDay ago

    2:36 *says clues* Me: Kokichi?

  17. •Trucy Wright•

    •Trucy Wright•Day ago

    i can’t be the only one who thought it was Harry Potter right-

  18. Bren Santos

    Bren Santos2 days ago

    maybe the name could be shima

  19. Zach Day

    Zach Day2 days ago

    Why did I think it was Harry Potter ?

  20. Mortisia Santos

    Mortisia Santos2 days ago

    Jessii's puppy is SO CUUUUUUTEEE!!!!😱🤗😍

  21. emilybronk4000

    emilybronk40002 days ago

    Those beds are made to be washed. They are for dogs, you got to figure, dogs get dirty and so do their beds. Don't waste your money.

  22. Callie Mays

    Callie Mays2 days ago

    Winnie be like 👁👄👁 💧

  23. Diana Haines

    Diana Haines2 days ago


  24. Lucinda Love

    Lucinda Love2 days ago

    Awwwww da baby puppy 👁👄👁 so stinking cute!!!!

  25. Armani Tillman

    Armani Tillman2 days ago

    Happy birthday

  26. bii0nka

    bii0nka3 days ago


  27. Kaydence Santamaria

    Kaydence Santamaria3 days ago

    Winnie is cute too guys but I feel like she might get jealous cause this puppy gets more attention hug them both I can she’s is upset in this video when you pet her she’s sad give her attention too guys and Winnie is sad again cause who faces you jessi and the Winnie just sad cause new puppy poor Winnie 😭😔😞

  28. Jhanani Kandan

    Jhanani Kandan3 days ago

    i love his nameeeee WINNNI

  29. 7MD 202

    7MD 2023 days ago

    The people that disliked this video are jealous because they want the same dog Lol




  31. Lilly Kruse

    Lilly Kruse3 days ago

    Awww he so cute

  32. MrRUGALC

    MrRUGALC3 days ago

    Wow. :)

  33. XxKawiiCloudsxX

    XxKawiiCloudsxX3 days ago

    OMG WE WATCHED TUCK EVRLASTING IN SCHOOL you should read the book!

  34. Shoto todoroki

    Shoto todoroki3 days ago

    The name i was guessing was frosty

  35. Pippa Gockelen

    Pippa Gockelen3 days ago

    The puppy is so cute :)

  36. Sarah Rodriguez

    Sarah Rodriguez3 days ago


  37. Chubby Cupcaker

    Chubby Cupcaker3 days ago

    Clicks on video: Me is it Sherlock Holmes?? See's what the name is: M.r TUMNUS even better

  38. Dalilah Olivo

    Dalilah Olivo4 days ago

    I have a bulldog too I forgot to mention and my grandma’s bulldog diet

  39. Dalilah Olivo

    Dalilah Olivo4 days ago

    R.I.P. my grandmas dog🐶

  40. This gamer girl

    This gamer girl4 days ago

    Awwwww adorable!

  41. Aklil Yared

    Aklil Yared4 days ago

    sooooooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  42. Presley Bruce

    Presley Bruce4 days ago


  43. Ayla Tibbetts

    Ayla Tibbetts4 days ago

    jessii i have only been subed for like 2 weeks but found out you are married?congrats girl!

  44. Xxwierdo_koixX Fish

    Xxwierdo_koixX Fish4 days ago

    Their so cute! Can you plz comment on one of my comments im a huge fan and i never miss a video 😁

  45. Annie TheSpider

    Annie TheSpider4 days ago

    I wanna hold him 🥺🥺🥺 He’s so hecking adorable

  46. Ktkinz Toler

    Ktkinz Toler4 days ago

    I know alot about dogs tell me if I'm wrong tho!

  47. Ktkinz Toler

    Ktkinz Toler4 days ago

    The puppy is a french bulldog

  48. Aubrey Spreadborough

    Aubrey Spreadborough4 days ago

    Dogs are just so adorable

  49. Yaretzi Ortega

    Yaretzi Ortega4 days ago

    happy late bday!

  50. Gisselle Chavez

    Gisselle Chavez4 days ago

    I also got a French I.e. and the name is ivory

  51. Mareena Perez

    Mareena Perez4 days ago

    who nosiest that the music into is slower!!! (happy late b-day sorry i was bussy so i did not get to watch you) me: poor Winnie Winnie: ikr this little thing is taking my mama jessii/tie ow we love Winnie to Winnie: the don't love me any more

  52. Mareena Perez

    Mareena Perez4 days ago

    i"m mean winnii i just realized that you hole family likes the ii thing lol

  53. Monserrat Martinez

    Monserrat Martinez4 days ago

    Omggg I also have a frenchie!!💕💕

  54. I am a cloud Cloud

    I am a cloud Cloud4 days ago

    Omg it’s soo cute 🥰

  55. danielle karabinos

    danielle karabinos4 days ago

    I thought the puppy's name is gonna be harry XD

  56. Juan Garcia

    Juan Garcia4 days ago

    I love frenchies and pitbulls

  57. Bryson’s Minecraft video

    Bryson’s Minecraft video4 days ago

    i guessed it was olaf

  58. Cryptic

    Cryptic4 days ago

    Ar your puppy is so cute

  59. Icecreamtoys

    Icecreamtoys4 days ago

    I love how Jesse almost talks in a baby voice to the camera and how big winhe looks to Tumus

  60. Walruses 1

    Walruses 14 days ago

    Omg i Guest what kind of dog it was

  61. Walruses 1

    Walruses 14 days ago

    Is it like a French bulldog because it has ears like one

  62. Baki Shabani

    Baki Shabani4 days ago

    Simba would be better

  63. Caroline Taylor

    Caroline Taylor4 days ago

    I called it!!!

  64. Zoey Cloud

    Zoey Cloud4 days ago

    I guess Mr. Thomas

  65. Møchi- Chan

    Møchi- Chan4 days ago


  66. Lily F

    Lily F4 days ago

    Jessii, our crazy dog lady, Caroline obsessed queen 👸

  67. DemonXOSquad INC

    DemonXOSquad INC5 days ago

    My dog didn’t cry when we got him- he threw up. On my mom’s nice new shirt

  68. Brittany Schreiber

    Brittany Schreiber5 days ago

    I just wanna hold the puppy

  69. River harlow

    River harlow5 days ago

    Happy birthday and your dog is sooo cute

  70. Tarin Sohana

    Tarin Sohana5 days ago

    the name is so cute just like him

  71. Libra Gaming

    Libra Gaming5 days ago

    What’s his breed?

  72. Rosalba Nino

    Rosalba Nino5 days ago

    Your dog is so adorable

  73. Byakuya Togami and Chiaki Nanami

    Byakuya Togami and Chiaki Nanami5 days ago

    I got the Mr. part right because I said Mr. Poe :'D

  74. Mia Hernandez

    Mia Hernandez5 days ago

    Awwww he’s so cute

  75. Gomy Gamy

    Gomy Gamy5 days ago


  76. RxinyxSkies :3

    RxinyxSkies :35 days ago

    Wow i- Jessii birthday is on the 27th of Febuary- My mom's birthday is on the 27th of Febuary *i think i was meant to watch jessii*

  77. Alisa The WiFi demon

    Alisa The WiFi demon5 days ago

    I have a baby corgi

  78. Toma Mishchenko

    Toma Mishchenko5 days ago


  79. Toma Mishchenko

    Toma Mishchenko5 days ago


  80. Toma Mishchenko

    Toma Mishchenko5 days ago


  81. Rebekah Ricker

    Rebekah Ricker5 days ago

    i thought it was snape from harry potter lol

  82. Dead meme 66

    Dead meme 665 days ago

    you guys are really good dog owners! and your puppy is sooo cute! so is winne ofc.

  83. Olivia Plays

    Olivia Plays5 days ago

    Me: hmmm harry potter? hmm where's waldo? me finding out: ohhhh

  84. Sky Light

    Sky Light5 days ago


  85. Michelle Bennett

    Michelle Bennett5 days ago

    your the same age as my mom

  86. Michelle Bennett

    Michelle Bennett5 days ago


  87. Jazzelle Sosa

    Jazzelle Sosa5 days ago

    Aww your new puppy is so cute and winnie 😊😊😁🐶🐶🐶

  88. Gurgi Paws

    Gurgi Paws5 days ago

    I thought his name was Harry Potter because the books were made before the 2000s and he wears a scarf

  89. Kady Adams

    Kady Adams5 days ago

    I got a new min pin I've had her for about 2 weeks

  90. Bethany Jean Mintram

    Bethany Jean Mintram5 days ago

    I thought that they were gonna name it sherlock holmes lol

  91. Jake Cox

    Jake Cox5 days ago

    That puppy i s cute 😍 💕 💓

  92. ice wolf

    ice wolf5 days ago

    I sow that dog 😂

  93. Rosie Monique

    Rosie Monique5 days ago

    Be nice to your dogs

  94. whitedeer

    whitedeer5 days ago

    By buying a breed with flattened muzzle youre supporting animal cruelty. I tought youre smarter than this.. Those breeds have life long breathing problems. They STRUGGLE to BREATHE 24/7

  95. whitedeer

    whitedeer5 days ago

    @Lauren Lovegood i just explained it all.. By buying a dog breed that has life long breatging problems she is supporting that. By buying more of those shes supporting it. Oh my god just read

  96. Lauren Lovegood

    Lauren Lovegood5 days ago

    How is she cruel to the dog? She didn't give it breathing problems...

  97. whitedeer

    whitedeer5 days ago

    Basically im very disapointed in you..


    C TIRBENI5 days ago

    Gimme it NOW

  99. Orya Homauon

    Orya Homauon5 days ago

    Mr Tomis is a cute name but Tomis and Tommy is a cute name

  100. Gemma Bawdon

    Gemma Bawdon5 days ago

    Winne in this whole entire video: Attention please.

  101. Grace Hernandez

    Grace Hernandez5 days ago

    Omg I thought it was. Harry Potter

  102. Livs Vlogs

    Livs Vlogs5 days ago

    Same here I just got my golden retriever puppy Harley and I never get any sleep. She is so playful

  103. { The_Alien_Queen }

    { The_Alien_Queen }5 days ago

    I have a black and white French bulldog named Lexi she was so small and cute when we got her🥺❤️

  104. Reetu Chawla

    Reetu Chawla5 days ago

    Who the heck is mr.Tumnis i thoght harry potter

  105. Kathy Lindsey

    Kathy Lindsey5 days ago

    Lol yes