cost of living in bali (& spearfishing every day)

This is the microphone I use:
This is my dive mask (with gopro mount):
These are my carbon fiber dive fins:
Great book about learning how to spearfish:
Amazing book about freediving, the ocean, and our connection to these things as humans:
Interesting read on how it’s scientifically proven that being near, in, on or under water can make you happier, healthier, more connected, and better at what you do:
This book is all about big fish, where to find them, and how to spear them. Written by a spearfishing OG, it will inspire you to explore the world, searching for big fish:
William Trubridge can dive to over 100 meters (330 feet) on a single breath of air, without wearing fins. This well-written autobiography explores his journey to become one of the deepest diving humans in the history of the world, and also helps show the potential that we all have inside of ourselves to dive deep, if we practice:
Finally, this book tells a tragic tale of an extremely talented freediver and how dangerous this sport can be, if not practiced safely:
***If you want to learn how to freedive or spearfish, DO NOT TRY IT ALONE. I recommend signing up for a freediving course to learn how to dive safely and find a buddy do dive with 🤙🤙******


  1. Julian

    JulianHour ago

    Some real colonizer shit here

  2. Anon

    AnonHour ago

    Pray you don't break a bone that requires setting or need a serious medical procedure.

  3. ninja ni ELGIE STAANA

    ninja ni ELGIE STAANA3 hours ago


  4. Randy Price

    Randy Price3 hours ago

    Y you need a pool

  5. majin ghost

    majin ghost3 hours ago

    But how u make the money I mean ur now a "local" and earn indonesian money Can someone explain

  6. Joshua Jimbun

    Joshua Jimbun4 hours ago

    Buy some land and build your own villa with 10k.

  7. Cranberry CakeArt

    Cranberry CakeArt4 hours ago

    That's so cheap on our currency, damn!

  8. The Materiaman

    The Materiaman8 hours ago

    Lol, when you recognize what he does for those two days because you've been doing the same thing for 7 contracts.

  9. Kim Tech Lim

    Kim Tech Lim11 hours ago

    Bro what will you do for retirement?

  10. Remop_

    Remop_12 hours ago

    What is your job?

  11. Ucan Ashtar

    Ucan Ashtar12 hours ago

    Smoke a bit of weed *FIRING SQUAD* Yeah no thanks

  12. Novalone

    Novalone14 hours ago

    Was this in USD?

  13. Samongamers

    Samongamers15 hours ago

    What work do you do?

  14. Brian Blakely

    Brian Blakely16 hours ago

    I call lies!!!

  15. Rob Rich

    Rob Rich18 hours ago

    how did you facilitate getting from the states to bali to live?

  16. Marlin Leon

    Marlin Leon21 hour ago

    How much for 1 day??

  17. zikraa World.

    zikraa World.Day ago

    Ok you live in bali indonesia but do you use dollars or ringgit because in indonesia we use ringgit

  18. Slave360Gold

    Slave360GoldDay ago

    I would do this if I didn't hate the taste of fish

  19. Steven McGlinn

    Steven McGlinnDay ago

    How the hell do you get something nice for $100!! Locals here are living in 1 bedroom shacks for $80 a month..

  20. Jennifer Stevens

    Jennifer StevensDay ago

    What is ur job

  21. Adrian Alavez

    Adrian AlavezDay ago

    "-sometimes I invite family and friends over to my pool, but... My speargun... The temptation... It changed me."

  22. Joe Martinez Jr

    Joe Martinez JrDay ago

    Please rescue me from this american poverty. I want your life!

  23. CA Shark Hunters

    CA Shark HuntersDay ago

    I’m coming out there soon 🙌🏽

  24. Alif Nurfakhri

    Alif NurfakhriDay ago

    3 dollars a day was my food budget when I was a student here😂. I'm working now and my food budget becomes 10 dollars per meal, and double that in some weekends 🤣

  25. Dirt bike Adventure

    Dirt bike AdventureDay ago

    But do you ever get tired of fish

  26. Bob Ross

    Bob RossDay ago

    Yo this man lucky

  27. Bryan Michael Williams

    Bryan Michael WilliamsDay ago

    A nice villa with a pool and high-speed wifi in a decent location will set you back $1,200 per month minimum if not way more. Do not listen to these people. Food per day is more than $3USD and Scooter rentals are actually double to quadruple his price. None of this is good information other than your speargun

  28. Bryan Michael Williams

    Bryan Michael WilliamsDay ago

    $500 per month for a villa with a pool is bullshit. I've lived there and in Thailand. Do not let these fake travel influencers make you believe this

  29. The Sandman

    The SandmanDay ago

    Ya not so cheap if you go to the tourist busy areas. 1st night I got there I stopped at a restaurant and they charged me the equivalent of about $11 USD. I went to a music shop with terrible selection and it cost about $85 USD for an acoustic guitar(nicer at same price stateside) that was set up sooo poorly it broke 3 strings in 3 days(the strings were $5 USD, pretty close to stateside prices.I hardly ever break even one string, let alone any within the first 3 days of putting a brand new set on). But you're completely right about the country being underpaid, I believe the staff at the Maliá resort I stayed at only made about $15 to $20 a week. BEAUTIFUL trip though and I gave the acoustic to a young guy on the staff on my last day that was a musician that I made friends with. Couldn't believe how speechless he was that I was just giving it to him. Really cool to see him months later playing that guitar in an Instagram video singing for his girlfriend...just that was worth the price alone of the guitar for sure. Anyways, my point is Bali is beautiful, just gotta watch the prices of tourist areas which is pretty much how it is in most countries that have lower cost

  30. floating holow

    floating holowDay ago

    Did he say indanisha

  31. You are soul

    You are soulDay ago

    Toilet paper!? Not used to the bum gun yet?

  32. Neal Keith

    Neal Keith2 days ago

    Lived in Jakarta for 10 years, been 5 times to Bali. Once had a flyover by helicopter from Denpasar to Bali North for ARCO. The terraced rice patties are beautiful!

  33. xd TF Dragon-Blade

    xd TF Dragon-Blade2 days ago

    Lmao why he need a pool, he goes to the ocean every single day

  34. Blaze 1357

    Blaze 13572 days ago

    You could save $10 a month if you get a bidet

  35. Evii

    Evii2 days ago

    It cost 1,794 dollars maximum to live there for a month and 21,528 to live there for a year

  36. courtney playz roblox

    courtney playz roblox2 days ago

    We pay more for proper fishing stuff lol

  37. Bobo with the Dodo

    Bobo with the Dodo2 days ago

    So the spear gun costs more than the house ?

  38. ColbiGL

    ColbiGL2 days ago

    Exploits poor people: this is heaven! Nicee

  39. ColbiGL

    ColbiGLDay ago

    @Crusader oh I see so if slavery was legal then nothing wrong with owning slaves its just the governments immorality not yours. Gotcha and if you live in the south child brides are fine. Gotcha

  40. Crusader

    CrusaderDay ago

    How is he exploting poor people the reason the economy is so fucked its cause of their crappy government

  41. ColbiGL

    ColbiGL2 days ago

    And it's all fun and games until u hit a road block and u disappear forever lol

  42. Prototype Infinite

    Prototype Infinite2 days ago


  43. Jonathan Bojorquez

    Jonathan Bojorquez2 days ago

    This is so convenient but no matter how cheap it is I doubt many people would be willing to completely change their lives and do this I know I couldn’t

  44. BeeStrell

    BeeStrell2 days ago

    Being born in California and having wealthy parents? A luxury majority of people cannot afford. Or get lucky with.

  45. Al As 57

    Al As 572 days ago

    I wish everywhere else is more expensive so we won't have westerners around too much lol.

  46. Human Inc.

    Human Inc.2 days ago

    Where abouts is this place? What part of indo is this? Can someone please tell me? Thx

  47. FM Editz

    FM Editz2 days ago

    How do you make money besides sell fish if you do sell them

  48. Techsfor

    Techsfor2 days ago

    I might just consider this as an option lol

  49. Cruz Padilla

    Cruz Padilla2 days ago

    What do you work as?

  50. Connor Sosa

    Connor Sosa2 days ago

    So basically a dream

  51. Sridjoko Este

    Sridjoko Este2 days ago

    Can you talk Indonesian?

  52. Sridjoko Este

    Sridjoko Este2 days ago

    I'm an Indonesian that can talk English

  53. Brody O'Connor

    Brody O'Connor2 days ago

    What is your job?

  54. Jeffrey the Wells

    Jeffrey the Wells2 days ago

    $500 usd? That must be a lot in Indonesia.

  55. bilishu aliss

    bilishu aliss2 days ago

    Sounds cheap. Because the average monthly income in here is like $250 for the most

  56. Official comity of time travelers Member 0-13

    Official comity of time travelers Member 0-133 days ago

    0 dollars if you just run off into the woods never to be seen or heard from again

  57. Jeremy Surya

    Jeremy Surya3 days ago

    Thats in my country Indonesia ,Bali is a popular island in my country ,it has many beach ,its the beach thats making it popular

  58. Nameless Void

    Nameless Void3 days ago

    That rent seemed good until you realize how much those folks make a year.

  59. bilishu aliss

    bilishu aliss2 days ago

    He rich

  60. Lockon stratos

    Lockon stratos3 days ago

    Dam view like that sounds nice to bad visas and shit are a thing

  61. Legma bails

    Legma bails3 days ago

    Round here we paid a thousand a month granted America is a first world country and Bali is a third world country

  62. old school

    old school3 days ago

    It's not how much it costs ... it's how much can one earn working in the local economy. So if you are a trust fund kid then yes the cost of living is reasonable but it's a different story when the flow of cash is cut off.

  63. C Guy

    C Guy3 days ago

    It was the Real Jake from State Farm. 😂

  64. Harleigh Holland

    Harleigh Holland3 days ago

    Do u keep the fish or sell them

  65. Brooke B

    Brooke B3 days ago

    Any experience with kratom? Is that common in that location you re at?

  66. Toby Green

    Toby Green3 days ago

    It’s not like fish are starting to be hunted to extinction

  67. fiddlestickz muzik

    fiddlestickz muzik4 days ago

    Stop spearfishing its disgraceful

  68. Laundry Basket

    Laundry Basket3 days ago

    how and why is it disgraceful?

  69. Princess Solace

    Princess Solace4 days ago

    Not wanna be there when mount Agung erupts. Bali is overated in Denpasar but there are other islands at the Andaman sea which isn't too commercialise.


    ELxEVER44 ABARCA4 days ago

    Do you have the embeddable diarrhea because you eat fish everyday 🤔

  71. Free Dragon

    Free Dragon4 days ago

    This guy is going to end up a story on Mr. Ballen's "photos with disturbing back stories" or "places you shouldn't go but people did anyway" videos!

  72. Jen

    Jen4 days ago

    I’m doing life wrong, cries in Vancouver 😢

  73. Manuelle Luciani

    Manuelle Luciani4 days ago

    Bali is full of douches like this , not even worth going anymore .

  74. Mintee Mackerel

    Mintee Mackerel4 days ago

    so I did the math, and apparently he pays around $960 a month. For living in that house, dam that’s a lot cheaper than a suburban house with a pool in florida.

  75. Crystal Bullock

    Crystal Bullock4 days ago

    He rich

  76. hypocritical cynic

    hypocritical cynic4 days ago

    Im a self-described hypocritical cynic and i do not have anything negative to say about this video...carry-on!

  77. Ayden Nash

    Ayden Nash4 days ago

    My old house was 500 per week if only we didn't live in Australia and spear fishing epic i love any seafood

  78. Paintplayer1

    Paintplayer14 days ago

    Folks just ignoring the "inevitable diarrhea" part? Alright

  79. Amanda Jimenez-Soto

    Amanda Jimenez-Soto4 days ago

    I dare him to catch a fish and let it live but put it in a pool

  80. Eric Foreman

    Eric Foreman4 days ago

    I’m damn near about to save for 3 months and move there for life

  81. Jay F

    Jay F4 days ago

    Good for you bud

  82. Kian

    Kian4 days ago

    I was in Bali for a week or so and it's really beautiful.

  83. Asena Gursu

    Asena Gursu5 days ago

    £1000 a moth

  84. Gamingwith frans

    Gamingwith frans5 days ago

    In a place called Sydney $500 dollars a month will get you to live on the streets

  85. Sibley Chapman-Barber

    Sibley Chapman-Barber5 days ago

    Thats an andre roller speargun...those arent cheap

  86. トリスタン

    トリスタン5 days ago

    Bali might be the move no cap

  87. abbsnn cose

    abbsnn cose4 days ago

    Loool expect to get kidnapped and held ransom or have your organs sold

  88. Elena Yang

    Elena Yang5 days ago

    he really said uno reverse america

  89. abbsnn cose

    abbsnn cose4 days ago

    The downside is you have to live in Indonesia

  90. SunLovesLife

    SunLovesLife5 days ago

    He is taking an advantage of a third world country, if you can’t make it in America, the western world, it’s an easy way out.. and all the local will be all over you cause you are “different” modern day slavery..

  91. sabiq rusydi

    sabiq rusydi5 days ago

    Still, pay your working visa

  92. Steve Urkel

    Steve Urkel5 days ago

    Bye guys I’m moving to Bali

  93. Mark

    Mark5 days ago

    Here in Maryland there is NOTHING for $500 a month. Unless you live in a rooming house. If you do that then it's a crack house.

  94. Herp Derp

    Herp Derp5 days ago

    Waiting for the government to kick him out.

  95. MH Hawali

    MH Hawali5 days ago

    Not even helmet huh

  96. Shawn Nichol

    Shawn Nichol5 days ago


  97. Jai Knight

    Jai Knight5 days ago

    Can you hook me up with how exactly you’re able to do this tho

  98. Jai Knight

    Jai Knight5 days ago


  99. Rage Devil

    Rage Devil5 days ago

    Don’t believe this guy pls or you gonna get scammed or rip off . Bali is one of the expensive location in S.E.Asia, he’s talking from a First Country point of view, which is not the case for everyone else. Do your own research base on the country where your from to accurately judge the real cost on your own currency..njoy you vacation without headache , cheers..

  100. Mac Jackson

    Mac Jackson5 days ago

    Want to move there now

  101. Sup Dude

    Sup Dude5 days ago

    Only if idr is not so cheap

  102. Faded_specter

    Faded_specter5 days ago

    The downside is you have to live in Indonesia

  103. Soroush Moghaddam

    Soroush Moghaddam5 days ago

    Loool expect to get kidnapped and held ransom or have your organs sold

  104. Gak R

    Gak R5 days ago

    When I learns out cheats in the sims 4

  105. SoSolar

    SoSolar5 days ago

    I think im moving.

  106. Zenoda Priss

    Zenoda Priss5 days ago


  107. { Rxiñy Day }

    { Rxiñy Day }5 days ago

    Oh dang I might move there

  108. dias

    dias5 days ago

    man i wish im born in first world country in my next life