ROD WAVE runs into POLO G while picking up his MASTERPIECE at Jewelry Unlimited

ROD WAVE runs into POLO G while picking up his MASTERPIECE at Jewelry Unlimited
Fun fact : Polo G is the only Feature on Rod Wave's new album "SoulFly".
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  1. Corey Gilmore

    Corey Gilmore4 days ago

    Sad but I get it.

  2. Beef

    Beef4 days ago

    Rod wave the only rapper I seeing cash out beside lil baby .. the rest of them payment plans ..

  3. S3xyR3tzy

    S3xyR3tzy5 days ago

    Rod wave so solo man he cold asf for that

  4. Davionna jones

    Davionna jones7 days ago

    If yall listen he already seen eachother before they came into the store 😂😂😩😩🙄🙄

  5. Cam K

    Cam K9 days ago

    The richer than ever came out😂

  6. Stone Deuce

    Stone Deuce10 days ago

    These jewelers disrespectful they don’t treat there customers like Icebox. Smh 🤦🏽‍♂️ They made Rodwave wait like bruh do y’all know who he is!?!?


    STARBOY GAMING10 days ago

    They made richer song right 🔥

  8. 21st and 8th

    21st and 8th10 days ago

    Why is the Jeweler handling the merchandise without Gloves

  9. 21st and 8th

    21st and 8th10 days ago

    We need Rod Wave and Polo G do an album

  10. Leslie Del Moral

    Leslie Del Moral11 days ago

    Must be nice to afford all that 🔥

  11. TheSoleSnatcher

    TheSoleSnatcher11 days ago

    Spent $20000.00 on some ri gs and you lost them? Fools and their money!

  12. Polo DaChamber

    Polo DaChamber12 days ago

  13. Pint Authenticator

    Pint Authenticator13 days ago

    Anyone looking where to get the real wock pints should add my boy from Cali on SC 👻 cindysmokes420. He ships 🚢

  14. syom bhardwaj

    syom bhardwaj13 days ago

    You worded the title wrong 😑

  15. Geekelly Media

    Geekelly Media15 days ago

    Rod Wave my wave

  16. BoxAssist

    BoxAssist15 days ago

    23 for watches y’all def better than icebox they be charging mfs 90k

  17. Juanpablo Pineda

    Juanpablo Pineda16 days ago

    Don’t get me wrong I like the rappers, but why they so dam awkward 😂 got like no social skills 😂

  18. eaks

    eaks16 days ago

    rod wave is me when my mom leaves me with the cashier alone

  19. DJ Link It

    DJ Link It17 days ago

    They let people wear other people jewelry necks be having dirt on it

  20. DJ Link It

    DJ Link It17 days ago

    Rod wave man got them long ass chains on

  21. Duvan Bezuidenhout

    Duvan Bezuidenhout17 days ago

    727 wya?

  22. LaTanya Strong

    LaTanya Strong17 days ago

    Go purchase a freaking HOUSE! They (jewelers) love to see your young ass coming! You better have your pieces appraised!

  23. ltcolin19

    ltcolin1917 days ago

    Man if y’all using they faces n names to promote yo brand y’all better be giving them free shit

  24. D H J_184

    D H J_18418 days ago

    Polo G and Rod would be a banger

  25. cleveland 216

    cleveland 21619 days ago

    Rod Wave talked about this in his Breakfast Club interview

  26. Vince Jones

    Vince Jones19 days ago

    Wafi be cracking these rappers cross the head ,then goin home and laughing at they dumb ass😆😆😆😆

  27. Donovan White

    Donovan White19 days ago

    Polo g featuring rod wave 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  28. Boomboom Baby

    Boomboom Baby19 days ago

    Young black men get rich and go get ripped off by items that deprecate in value.

  29. Phillip Parker

    Phillip Parker19 days ago

    These rappers entourages be looking sick they just gotta window shop 🤣

  30. 901Filmz

    901Filmz20 days ago



    JAVIER NAVEDO PENA20 days ago

    but fr tho dis weird asf

  32. Yuseflittle B1

    Yuseflittle B120 days ago

    Ain't nobody tryna hear that's how Lil baby and Moneybagg etc...that shiyt

  33. ayoub hamza

    ayoub hamza20 days ago

    “Uh uh uhhhh whipin a tesla, cars hoes etc”🔥

  34. leo lor

    leo lor20 days ago

    3:34 she's fine asf

  35. You Jus Ugly

    You Jus Ugly20 days ago

    and then they proceeded to make richer

  36. Eli Benda

    Eli Benda20 days ago

    What’s the chances they run into achother


    LIL PABLO20 days ago

    Rodwave act like he ain,t seen polo

  38. Vin Ren

    Vin Ren20 days ago

    Never knew how big rod wave is

  39. big dadd

    big dadd20 days ago

    Thatsnmuyhfuckin jewelry is fake as tf

  40. Julius Batali

    Julius Batali21 day ago

    I already watched this 😂

  41. yuyuzfool yuyuzfool

    yuyuzfool yuyuzfool21 day ago

    Wtf this aint ice box nor johnny dang? They doin it wrong! #bootlegg

  42. Henny1x

    Henny1x21 day ago

    im surprised rod aint eat the jewlery

  43. wet rice

    wet rice21 day ago

    “i just picked the cuban up from wafi bit*h these stones new” 🐐

  44. David Dre

    David Dre21 day ago

    Black people talk so aggressively😭😭😭 (I’m black btw😂)

  45. FLINT mi

    FLINT mi21 day ago

    These rapper going to these knock off jeweler....they need to ask FLOYD MONEY MAYWEATHER 💰 FOR THE HOOK UP WHERE TO GO

  46. N1TR0 Fade

    N1TR0 Fade21 day ago

    Every time I see them together I think of “ I’m richer than Evaaa wipin a Tesla” fr tho

  47. Al B Shur

    Al B Shur21 day ago

    When he started rapping “she whippin that G wagon” I was like damn first time I seen rid out his comfort zone

  48. OG Mackmizzle323

    OG Mackmizzle32321 day ago

    Lol why rod wave homies tuck their chains when the pulled up and seen polo G. They zipped up their jackets lol

  49. Family Guy No Cuts

    Family Guy No Cuts21 day ago

    Polo gave him his number so guess we have a new Polo x Rod song coming up

  50. Goran Pavicic

    Goran Pavicic20 days ago

    This is old they already dropped a song

  51. Yuu laing

    Yuu laing21 day ago

    That's how they made richer


    BIGMIKE21 day ago

    Rappers getting ripped off big time. Gold ALWAYS trumps diamonds. All that sparkly stuff is 🧢. Could’ve had more gold weight. They’re playing you like a fiddle.

  53. Dhatboyyy

    Dhatboyyy21 day ago

    Polo getting his guys chains for fun


    CHILL LYRICS22 days ago

    Rod wave be tripping like you saw polo and act so rude man like fr tho

  55. Dashawn Jones

    Dashawn Jones22 days ago

    What’s the instrumental in the beginning?

  56. Jonathan Carey

    Jonathan Carey22 days ago

    And this is how we got “Richer”

  57. Olban Alvarenga

    Olban Alvarenga22 days ago

    I never get why rappers always have many people aroun them ( not body guards) I feel they are just nothing

  58. Elijah Bruce-Holloway

    Elijah Bruce-Holloway22 days ago

    He said on foe nem grave. Not on foe nem, it’s crazy.

  59. Official_Z4 •

    Official_Z4 •22 days ago

    Can’t wait to cop me a bust down 💎❄️💰

  60. Anthony

    Anthony22 days ago

    this might possibly be the dumbest piece of jewelry

  61. Music 4MySoul

    Music 4MySoul22 days ago

    Please reject the forbidden fruit of the Beast, the vaccine for Covid-19. Anyone who recieves the vaccine will not inherit the kingdom of heaven. Jesus Christ is real. If you seek Him you will find Him. He looks nothing like the famous pictures. He is faithful to His promises. I've seen Him. Everything written will be fulfilled. We are at the end.

  62. Issac Bullard

    Issac Bullard22 days ago

    Just finessing these rappers smh.

  63. Ricky Philip

    Ricky Philip23 days ago

    Not gonna lie the way polo g wears his covid mask makes me wanna push him down

  64. Kinggusundercover

    Kinggusundercover23 days ago

    Ain’t no way rod wave weights 224

  65. Elijah Sorillo

    Elijah Sorillo23 days ago

    5:08 when rod got polo number, that was the birth of “richer”😂💯

  66. [spagh-MAFIA]

    [spagh-MAFIA]23 days ago

    they op on icebox

  67. prod. Young Drxppy

    prod. Young Drxppy23 days ago

    5:01 Everybody there witnessed history 😂🖤

  68. Logan Harder

    Logan Harder23 days ago

    They know they made a banger💀absolute hit

  69. Sasuke

    Sasuke23 days ago

    3:00 who else thought polo started singing😂😂that shit went a lil hard

  70. Loose Ciz

    Loose Ciz23 days ago

    0:50 is that Kendrick nunn

  71. 3Salt5me

    3Salt5me23 days ago

    Chicken man! That's who he is lmfaoooooo cracked me up

  72. Streams DailyXx

    Streams DailyXx24 days ago

    Give that man some fries and biscuits

  73. Lone

    Lone24 days ago




    lol stop playing yall i am magic my day will be jest like yesterday i will not walk out the house a millionaire or loved the world have no love for me my demons and angels showed me because i care about people now thats real magic for the world to see i told you i have magic powers the world is not what people think .my last to true magic so mote it be times 2

  75. Adrian Rivera

    Adrian Rivera24 days ago

    ayo tell me you didn't hear someone playing mario cart in the back 10:18

  76. ART

    ART24 days ago

    they a good ass duo fr 🙏🏾

  77. 9w9r9l9d

    9w9r9l9d25 days ago

    bruh rod wave looked scared as hell when he saw polo

  78. ddosee

    ddosee25 days ago

    this makes me feel so poor 😭

  79. Scott Morena

    Scott Morena25 days ago

    Yessir rod wave 727

  80. Dark Sound DQ

    Dark Sound DQ25 days ago

    They posted this a week ago and the albums was in the intro so idk if this is before or after rods album

  81. hanss

    hanss25 days ago

    Why does USlikes sensor my password? ***********

  82. Ichi Beats

    Ichi Beats25 days ago

    You mean Rod Wave walks into Polo G? you know his big ass hasn't ran in 2 decades

  83. That boy Snarly

    That boy Snarly24 days ago

    Now you Violating lol

  84. JG310HOE

    JG310HOE25 days ago

    I Got Freestyle Rap Beats 🔥.

  85. kulxc

    kulxc25 days ago

    That one girl bad ash

  86. Abe Way

    Abe Way25 days ago

    Glad to see these guys going somewhere other than scamming ice box is so cringey

  87. Brandon Carter

    Brandon Carter25 days ago

    You jeweler do be charging 50a gram for 10k. Went in a store the wanted 1500 for a 10k chain in 22grams.

  88. Linda Williams

    Linda Williams25 days ago

    now they got a song to together.... rod wave ft polo g richer

  89. Alex Ferrara

    Alex Ferrara25 days ago

    Imagine spending hundreds of thousands on a chain and it being given to you without a custom box 🙈 jokers

  90. Jarsili

    Jarsili26 days ago

    this video cap. rod wave aint running no where 🤣🤣

  91. Jessica Rodriguez

    Jessica Rodriguez26 days ago

    Awe rod wave was thinking about his homies too

  92. Wind Cutter

    Wind Cutter26 days ago

    7:31 Rod Wave ordering a big mac at mcdonalds

  93. Trip

    Trip26 days ago

    He wore that necklace in his new music video

  94. Riggz

    Riggz26 days ago

    Imagine getting a custom piece that was actually touched by Rod

  95. vic8610

    vic861026 days ago

    rod wave leaving his stomach on the glass countar lol he got tired

  96. Chad Sass

    Chad Sass26 days ago

    And they were richer then they've ever been

  97. Davveon Binns

    Davveon Binns26 days ago

    Everyone subscribe please

  98. P4ANTTOM

    P4ANTTOM26 days ago

    3:33 yooo she fine 😍

  99. Isaiah Orozco

    Isaiah Orozco26 days ago

    Polo G hair looks so uncomfortable 😣

  100. Eclipse

    Eclipse26 days ago

    POV: my friends dad is sofaygo 😂😂😂😂

  101. Alex Linthicum

    Alex Linthicum26 days ago

    That appeared to be so awkward.

  102. Eclipse

    Eclipse26 days ago

    POV: my friends dad is sofaygo 😂😂😂😂

  103. Charles Ray

    Charles Ray26 days ago

    That's wtf I'm talkin bout put the 727 on the fuckin map ROD

  104. Eclipse

    Eclipse26 days ago

    POV: my friends dad is sofaygo 😂😂😂😂