THE NIGHT SHIFT: i'm in a sticky situation...

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on today's episode, we stop by casa de corinna for a quickie of a house tour, meet the up-and-coming prince of los angeles, have a candid chat with the sole survivor of the call her daddy debacle, crown a new burger champion, and end with some less-happy news. yeah, it's a crazy one.
EDITOR'S NOTE: adin ross' ig is not @adin as shown in the video, it's @adinross also go follow his youtube @Adin Ross
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so you work the night shift? so do we. we can get thru this together. a random collection of news, stories, weather, and other random unplanned happenings. and tons of buttery toast.
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  1. Mike Majlak Vlogs

    Mike Majlak Vlogs8 days ago

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  2. Cowboy 60fps

    Cowboy 60fps15 hours ago

    Go to Fulton Mississippi and get the Big Bacon at Jacks Side note the reason I said Fulton Mississippi is because I ate there today and it was better than in and out and I like it better than shake shack

  3. Portland Royal Pythons

    Portland Royal Pythons2 days ago

    Babo 41 I play shit out

  4. Portland Royal Pythons

    Portland Royal Pythons2 days ago

    Hey I run shit

  5. Craig Alibocas

    Craig Alibocas4 days ago

    You ladies do look beautiful and too good for me but do you have to be self centered you never know if you try caring for someone else you might find fulfillment for your craving hearts. And enjoy your lives but love makes life better.

  6. David Gutama

    David Gutama5 days ago

    Hey Mike if you ever visit Long Island NY, I suggest you go to Montauk and go visit John’s Drive-In but during the summer, order a (big John) with special sauce or (it might already come with it)and fries with whatever drink you’d like tbh it’s the best burger by far I ever tried it might even be better than Shake Shack but as always keep up the great work I enjoy this type of content btw make sure Logan has that chef you and Milton played a prank on with him as he train’s or at least give him a try Logan needs someone like him

  7. Liar Liar

    Liar LiarHour ago

    “Am I as big as you thought I was gonna be?” “Let me feel” 😂😂

  8. doire aintu

    doire aintu3 hours ago

    Why is Logan leavening all his friends like com on don’t move Logan your leavening all your friands

  9. Lewy

    Lewy4 hours ago

    Bud post a new video it’s been a week

  10. Merika Alexander

    Merika Alexander5 hours ago

    Mike views bout to go downnnn no more lana 🥴

  11. doire aintu

    doire aintu3 hours ago

    Why does this dude actually think he’s twenty years old

  12. Clarisse Saavedra

    Clarisse Saavedra6 hours ago

    Review jollibee 🙄

  13. Unicornalex Alexunicorn

    Unicornalex Alexunicorn7 hours ago

    Make a chacknel call the janitors

  14. simplyboyce vlog

    simplyboyce vlog10 hours ago

    Watching full video

  15. Irismeniel vlog

    Irismeniel vlog10 hours ago

  16. Irismeniel vlog

    Irismeniel vlog10 hours ago

    Wow love it

  17. Sweet Bambie

    Sweet Bambie10 hours ago

    Great bonding enjoy everyone

  18. JMT 2024

    JMT 202414 hours ago

    Lana seemed so sad the whole video

  19. Damon Sprite

    Damon Sprite14 hours ago

    I wanna see you make a move outside of the creative space. I think it would set a fire within your current movement. Right now everyone knows you from Logan but everyone also knows you go the potential to build your own empire. I also believe you would work 3x harder with the life experience you already have.

  20. Vlogs From The 6

    Vlogs From The 614 hours ago

    where you guys from? LOL

  21. Kristian Startari

    Kristian Startari16 hours ago

    This dudes doing L after L. Grow up dude you’re like 40. Move out of LA, there is other places that exist in the world

  22. YSN Lopper

    YSN Lopper15 hours ago

    Let the man be

  23. GoPro Devdog

    GoPro Devdog17 hours ago

    36??? Jesus Christ mike ur old

  24. YSN Lopper

    YSN Lopper15 hours ago

    Hes in good shape tho aga not num

  25. Alana Lee

    Alana Lee18 hours ago Ognuno di noi comprende la cosa ovvia: il concetto high-tech dell'ordine sociale definisce in modo univoco ogni partecipante come capace di prendere le proprie decisioni in merito al sistema di formazione del personale che soddisfa le esigenze urgenti. Tenendo conto degli scenari chiave di comportamento, la coesione di un team di professionisti è un interessante esperimento per testare soluzioni concettuali sia autosufficienti che dipendenti dall'esterno.❤️ 特に、既存の理論は、感情よりも心の優先順位を実現するのに優れています。技術進歩の直接の参加者は私たちに新しい成果を求めていると一般に信じられており、それは今度は説明するために呼ばれなければなりません。また、独立した状態が最大限に詳細に説明されています!現代の世界では、組織の既存の構造は、道徳的価値の強化の分析を必要とします。

  26. Anthony Garcia

    Anthony Garcia18 hours ago

    That’s how the tumb nails would look like 😭

  27. Gretsky

    Gretsky20 hours ago

    Not the worst thing I’ve seen on Lana’s face

  28. JXPR

    JXPR22 hours ago

    Why does this dude actually think he’s twenty years old

  29. Sergio

    Sergio23 hours ago

    cant look at tatoo guy

  30. aola wili

    aola wili23 hours ago

    Why is Logan leavening all his friends like com on don’t move Logan your leavening all your friands

  31. Therew sea town

    Therew sea townDay ago

    i want the og sign bro

  32. JayBae YT

    JayBae YTDay ago

    Adin BABY

  33. aola wili

    aola wili23 hours ago

    Is mike and Lana still together ?

  34. Mason Pittman

    Mason PittmanDay ago

    Dude logan's a piece of crap he hasn't showed everybody his new truck.

  35. Colby Tatro

    Colby TatroDay ago

    You need to try killer burger

  36. Ted 18

    Ted 18Day ago

    Nobody's talking about how annoying alexandra cooper's voice is

  37. stacy nichols

    stacy nicholsDay ago

    Plz give my mom Linda Nichols a shout out . Her liver is failing and we could use some help ❤️

  38. AmericanBeast

    AmericanBeastDay ago

    Why is Logan leavening all his friends like com on don’t move Logan your leavening all your friands

  39. Vlogs From The 6

    Vlogs From The 614 hours ago

    i hope he uploads more tho i swear

  40. Ναι ποιος είμαι?

    Ναι ποιος είμαι?Day ago

    They broke up.

  41. daniel

    daniel21 hour ago

    No shit sherlock

  42. calan meikle

    calan meikleDay ago

    i just got the fifth vital one of the best books ive read in a long time

  43. mikael kelley

    mikael kelleyDay ago

    I love that Logan was standing by a door when he says we gotta go get them and then a second later he's on a table saying you and me mike

  44. Pete Stav

    Pete StavDay ago

    Mike I challenge you to a fight ! Boxing match. I’m a regular guy who just doesn’t like you ! We’re about the same size so let’s get this going !

  45. Xoshua

    XoshuaDay ago

    6:39 wtf was mike laugh and posture 💀

  46. SprinkleOfDifferent🌹

    SprinkleOfDifferent🌹Day ago

    Banks is soo handsomeee, goodness !

  47. Sergio Suarez

    Sergio SuarezDay ago

    Sub spanish pliss

  48. Luke MacDonald

    Luke MacDonaldDay ago

    yo come to canada for A&W its noice

  49. Ben Jilali

    Ben JilaliDay ago

    corinna’s bathroom is literally people’s apartments in ny

  50. Kevin

    KevinDay ago

    Is mike and Lana still together ?

  51. Oscar Barboza

    Oscar BarbozaDay ago


  52. Andrew Meli

    Andrew MeliDay ago

    Jake inbox me got a good idea for a video

  53. JamerGamer12 3

    JamerGamer12 3Day ago

    Well they’ve thankfully broken up for good

  54. Vladislav Kondrya

    Vladislav KondryaDay ago

    Have u tried @krushburger

  55. Ian

    IanDay ago

    why are all of his videos about lana or have lana in the thumbnail lul

  56. Keon Carranza

    Keon Carranza2 days ago

    Faze mike

  57. bilishu aliss

    bilishu aliss2 days ago

    imagine starting a "clout" house instead of moving in with amara..... no wonder they broke up, he needs to grow up, she's way too good for that shit

  58. tyler owen

    tyler owenDay ago

    because he didn’t want to move in with a girl that he’s known for 1 year, what’s wrong with that

  59. xero kun

    xero kun2 days ago


  60. Play Boy Agent

    Play Boy Agent2 days ago

    Mike acting different ever since lana gave him a chance...

  61. bilishu aliss

    bilishu aliss2 days ago

    I found Lana on the hub

  62. Sharav Joshi

    Sharav Joshi2 days ago

    How's the mid-life crisis going?

  63. JamesG

    JamesG2 days ago

    Everyone hating on mike because he doesn’t want to have kids like wtf let him live his life he’s richer than all of u anyway 😂

  64. MrBoash

    MrBoash2 days ago

    That's genuinely not the point people are trying to make. They're trying to get the point of him being dumb and childish with Amara into his thick head.

  65. Mr. McNuggets

    Mr. McNuggets2 days ago

    Pee pee poo poo pee pee poo poo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!97855...??

  66. pocoyo

    pocoyo2 days ago

    Make a video I wanna see how many views u get now

  67. ossiferfunk

    ossiferfunk2 days ago

    Man child alert. Dudes nasty

  68. Severio Hernandez

    Severio Hernandez2 days ago

    can Lana go back to p?

  69. daniel

    daniel20 hours ago


  70. James Fisher

    James Fisher2 days ago

    the views about to dip again

  71. Matt Lamb

    Matt Lamb2 days ago

    Who’s here after they broke up

  72. alex deleon

    alex deleon2 days ago

    Im buggin ?? Whaever happen to evan ?

  73. Ghravity

    Ghravity2 days ago

    legendary mouse

  74. Lil' Star

    Lil' Star2 days ago

    Still using her for ur thumbnails

  75. Bareilly FRS

    Bareilly FRS2 days ago

    mike = vin diesel

  76. Anatoli Curtis

    Anatoli Curtis2 days ago

    That wasn’t Dobrik right? Sounds just like him

  77. MrPetrolucio

    MrPetrolucio2 days ago

    Lol Mike really 36 years old mentality of a 20 year old and in a bad way, you will soon learn that money isnt everything in life. But actually who the fuck cares do what you want, you have your destiny go back to drugs because people you stick to are drug addicts.

  78. Bo sanders films

    Bo sanders films2 days ago

    I found Lana on the hub

  79. XHarveyX

    XHarveyX2 days ago

    Well done you

  80. BurningWater95

    BurningWater952 days ago

    date alex next?

  81. Siddiq Alwi

    Siddiq Alwi3 days ago

    whenever i feel cocky i come to these vlogs so i can make myself depressed thinking about the downfall of society

  82. pida siouy

    pida siouy3 days ago

    prediction after logan moves out 1 mike and banks start their clout house 2.0 2 maverick house falls apart 3 george starts his own podcast 4 mikes stream views 4X

  83. Blake Weier

    Blake Weier3 days ago

    Bro you 48 and trying to be a joe Rogan Tik tiker 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  84. Bigmark 300

    Bigmark 3003 days ago

    All this hate hey he’s living his life 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ gotta love it

  85. pida siouy

    pida siouy3 days ago

    You’re a joke buddy nothing with out lana

  86. deathbylight 123

    deathbylight 1233 days ago

    Mike looks like Justin tipuric!?

  87. omkar Kurlekar

    omkar Kurlekar3 days ago

    You and me mike

  88. Gaming Freak

    Gaming Freak3 days ago

    he talks way too much for a 36 years old

  89. RapSnippet House

    RapSnippet House3 days ago

    This guy has to be the most cringe guy ever. Like he wants to be part of that popular group by trying so hard.

  90. zyphex

    zyphex3 days ago

    "tik tok talent"

  91. Cleanest Best Pleasure

    Cleanest Best Pleasure3 days ago

    Mike "I love my woman, but I love my frat house better" Majlak

  92. Tony

    Tony3 days ago

    Yea ur channel is dead

  93. wynillo13 b

    wynillo13 b3 days ago

    Using Lana in the thumbnail as like his last chance to get more clicks.. should tell you enough about his personality.

  94. Diego Mejia

    Diego MejiaDay ago

    No lana, no logan.... No Me...

  95. Mychal Lopez

    Mychal Lopez3 days ago

    He’s an adult

  96. Bismillah Sultani

    Bismillah Sultani3 days ago

    Logan is moving to Porta Rico because he doesn't wanna pay tax. Duck 🦆 you bro

  97. jay naana

    jay naana3 days ago

    Damn cuh imagine being 30+ n choosing not to have your face sat on eeerry day by that, boy has actually gone crazy - independent, financially stable women ain’t easy to come by.

  98. tyler owen

    tyler owen10 minutes ago

    @------------ you don’t settle down with someone you’ve known for a year

  99. ————————————

    ————————————33 minutes ago

    @tyler owen he didn’t say that. But there’s nothing wrong with settling down with one person. He can still be around other people even if he’s settled down

  100. tyler owen

    tyler owenDay ago

    it’s almost as if his life doesn’t revolve around one person that he’s only known for a year

  101. BecomingThor

    BecomingThor3 days ago

    lana is so beautiful and loving and this dude really left her.

  102. ambessa shield

    ambessa shield3 days ago

    WARNING: Many jealous old heads that are stuck in boring relationships are hating on Mike in the comments

  103. Johnson Patrick

    Johnson Patrick3 days ago

    Drink from the bowl drink drink from the bowl

  104. KDog

    KDog3 days ago

    You’re a joke buddy nothing with out lana

  105. Graham Clark

    Graham Clark3 days ago

    Way to go guys! Love your shit

  106. Hawk06 Attack

    Hawk06 Attack3 days ago

    He did not just call out tfue like that wtf

  107. Bad Boys Hub

    Bad Boys Hub3 days ago

    Lana wants you back lol

  108. RedSighted

    RedSighted3 days ago

    Why am I watching rich people do rich people shit

  109. Hudson M

    Hudson M3 days ago

    Good to know Mike is still disgustingly full of himself and hilariously arrogant irl lmao

  110. More Glitch

    More Glitch3 days ago

    so the girl that made your and gave you a career has ended your career again. nice

  111. tyler owen

    tyler owenDay ago


  112. Mobile Sniper

    Mobile Sniper3 days ago

    You should try DQ berger

  113. The Outdoors Guy

    The Outdoors Guy3 days ago

    You are awesome man can lana reply to my comment I love her so much

  114. Kristy Payne

    Kristy Payne3 days ago

    They broke up again? Dislike on this vid.

  115. alexander

    alexander3 days ago

    just here cause lana rhoades was on the thumbnail

  116. Brando Bailon

    Brando Bailon3 days ago

    “Prince of LA” .... ok ....

  117. Adam Khan

    Adam Khan3 days ago

    Came for lana... but I'll stay for Mike.

  118. doliio volay

    doliio volay3 days ago

    Corinna went from getting her lip tatted for 200 bucks in davids vlog to being rich af lmfaoo damn

  119. Chase Ryan

    Chase Ryan4 days ago

    Kinda weird how every time some ones blowing up Corina is there with them.

  120. baller baller

    baller baller4 days ago

    Lana left you... Byebye then.. you are of no use to me now

  121. doliio volay

    doliio volay3 days ago

    Taxes is too high. Move to PR for 4% tax

  122. Ella Kent

    Ella Kent4 days ago

    Lana and him arnt together lads chill

  123. YoTwyst

    YoTwyst4 days ago

    We lose two of the best ⭐️’s because of there boyfriends 😔 #RIPLANAVIDEOS #RIPMIAVIDEOS

  124. Crypticz YT

    Crypticz YT4 days ago

    Did Lana and you broke up