We Try EVERY Hostess Cake Flavor

Today, we're eating every Hostess cake flavor to determine the HOSTESS WITH THE MOSTEST. GMM # 1950
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Try Rhett & Link’s top 4 Hostess Cakes and let us know YOUR favorite!
Cream Cheese Coffee Cake: amzn.to/2PKnTzv
Cinnamon Streusel Coffee Cake: amzn.to/3aTwxmL
Chocolate Cupcake: amzn.to/2QJjnlw
Chocolate Devil's Food Zinger: amzn.to/2PKn1Ln
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  1. Samuel Ballard

    Samuel Ballard39 minutes ago

    You missed Star Spangled Ding Dongs.

  2. Elizabeth Rivera

    Elizabeth RiveraHour ago

    I laughed every time link pointed to his chart

  3. tristan trevino

    tristan trevinoHour ago

    They saved the best for last lol my favorite are coffee cakes

  4. Rhino Gang

    Rhino GangHour ago

    Part 2 Part 2!

  5. Farva Escobar

    Farva EscobarHour ago


  6. Eric Mok

    Eric Mok2 hours ago

    Sometimes I wonder what happens to all the food they take a bite of but don’t finish.

  7. looseboxer

    looseboxer2 hours ago

    D I A B E T E S

  8. Lawrence Lopez

    Lawrence Lopez3 hours ago

    yall didnt do the lemonade twinkie

  9. Zack Allen

    Zack Allen3 hours ago

    Anyone else actually concerned how much Link actually used the visual aid Lmao

  10. Cedric Monson

    Cedric Monson3 hours ago

    You missed the lemonade stand twinky.

  11. SavyAnimator

    SavyAnimator4 hours ago

    When they got to cinnamon streusel coffee cakes it genuinely made me happy to see them love those. Something about that whole interaction made me think of my uncle and the joy he had too. My uncle would buy a pack of those weekly so he could take one to work for lunch every day.


    JW WRITES4 hours ago

    Cheez it taste test ranking!!!

  13. Aj

    Aj4 hours ago

    If I were Link I'd have to have a chart too

  14. rokko

    rokko4 hours ago

    Link's silver locks look so good! :D

  15. Dana Hoffman

    Dana Hoffman5 hours ago

    at the end of the season.... do a compilation tally of how many times rhett uses "form factor" in the videos lmao

  16. Ella Morgan

    Ella Morgan5 hours ago

    I love the way that Rhett sticks his ring finger forward when holding his hands up 😂 11:46

  17. Myel

    Myel6 hours ago

    But guys, HoHos are good!

  18. Jeff Garcia

    Jeff Garcia6 hours ago

    Twinkies are still number one

  19. Stacy Camacho

    Stacy Camacho6 hours ago

    The problem with the classics? Almost no fillings now.

  20. Dracogar

    Dracogar6 hours ago

    Hmm, Little Debbie's next? :0

  21. Amy Littlefield

    Amy Littlefield6 hours ago


  22. Ryan Lobrano

    Ryan Lobrano7 hours ago

    Laminate links chart and make it a placemat

  23. Pete P

    Pete P7 hours ago

    I got a sympathy headache, this is hard to watch

  24. Dylan Zarcone

    Dylan Zarcone7 hours ago

    I dont like link with that paper. I always loved his crazy reviews, they made this video so much funnier.

  25. Gg Clips

    Gg Clips9 hours ago

    Really? Namnamnamnam

  26. Intense Gaming

    Intense Gaming9 hours ago

    "Decent, 69 lmao

  27. You Tube

    You Tube9 hours ago

    We’re going to shut this channel down.

  28. Ammar Hafeez

    Ammar Hafeez9 hours ago

    Theyre really starting to run dry on these food type episodes arent they.

  29. flip a dip

    flip a dip10 hours ago

    >wearing masks on May 3 2021

  30. Brittany Brewer

    Brittany Brewer11 hours ago

    I’m kinda mad they forgot star spangled ding dongs

  31. Alex Krysteli

    Alex Krysteli12 hours ago

    Do a Doritos ranking

  32. bridger Steele

    bridger Steele12 hours ago

    5:32 nice

  33. Jason's truth channel searching for truth

    Jason's truth channel searching for truth12 hours ago

    I went to Circle K this morning for Arizona Green Tea and seen S'mores Cupcakes so i bought my mom a pack for mother's day. And I just now seen your video uploaded 6 days ago.

  34. Cara Beara

    Cara Beara13 hours ago

    How dare you disrespect a raspberry zinger

  35. The Queen

    The Queen13 hours ago

    Who knew two grown men could make it big on yt for eating cakes

  36. Down n Dirty

    Down n Dirty13 hours ago

    I about slammed my phone when they rated the raspberry zinger

  37. Zeke Kid

    Zeke Kid13 hours ago

    You forgot the Reeses addition!

  38. TinaMfam

    TinaMfam13 hours ago

    I like the raspberry coconut zingers. My grandparents always had them my gpa took them to work.

  39. Mack Brock

    Mack Brock13 hours ago

    “That ding dong is putting a hurt on me”

  40. Haley Faragalli

    Haley Faragalli14 hours ago

    Swiss rolls aren't a part of Hostess?

  41. Chloe C

    Chloe C15 hours ago

    Where did Rhett get that shirt?? I need it!

  42. Suchwowitzmads

    Suchwowitzmads15 hours ago

    Lol this people's jobs are literally just feeding two grown men Twinkies and cakes 🤣

  43. Brian Wood

    Brian Wood15 hours ago

    Holiday “which one”? 💀

  44. Matthew McNamee

    Matthew McNamee16 hours ago

    Probably watched this line 40 times in a row: “It’s almost... damp. Naughty, it feels good.”

  45. Alex Bruno

    Alex Bruno17 hours ago

    "Ho me, ho!"

  46. Wrestling Compilations 173

    Wrestling Compilations 17317 hours ago

    Do one with little debbie

  47. Temurbek Jumaboev

    Temurbek Jumaboev17 hours ago


  48. N Camico

    N Camico18 hours ago

    I feel like my love of Hostess Coffee Cakes has been completely vindicated. Somestimes I think folks don't realize just how good they are.

  49. Master Middge

    Master Middge18 hours ago

    I love it when he had to classify that link wasn't calling her a "hoe" and just a "homie ho"

  50. ArtisticSimmer01

    ArtisticSimmer0119 hours ago

    Ew, the cream cheese coffee cake is actually gross. Sorry, but I feel like those two havent eaten enough of them to understand the pain in my eyes and heart when they ranked it number one in Hostess Cake flavors. 🤢🤮

  51. Messiah The Prince

    Messiah The Prince19 hours ago

    Eww who eat hostees? Try all little Debbie snacks instead.

  52. Maryam Mustafa

    Maryam Mustafa22 hours ago

    9:53 her face pls-

  53. Ty Tompkins

    Ty Tompkins22 hours ago

    Snowballs?! Its not the taste its the consistency

  54. キティニャー

    キティニャー23 hours ago

    ho me ho

  55. Hard Hearted Harriet

    Hard Hearted HarrietDay ago

    Can't believe I watched this.

  56. somecasual

    somecasualDay ago

    5:23 nice

  57. Mashin' Jams

    Mashin' JamsDay ago

    Where is Rhett's shirt from? It looks cool!

  58. Ser Anneliese

    Ser AnnelieseDay ago

    So glad that the cinnamon cakes got their rep! They’re honestly the best.

  59. Cheese Weiner

    Cheese WeinerDay ago

    Reese's peanut butter product Gut check

  60. Riley Matthews

    Riley MatthewsDay ago

    y’all missed the s’mores cupcake ones

  61. Wesley Modling

    Wesley ModlingDay ago

    Little debbie > Hostess

  62. FNF FNF

    FNF FNFDay ago

    ho me ho was amazing lol

  63. Margaux Parsons

    Margaux ParsonsDay ago

    link has such adhd energy

  64. Kayla jones

    Kayla jonesDay ago

    Are they seriously wearing two masks

  65. Zoe Jackson

    Zoe JacksonDay ago

    I was waiting for the cinnamon coffee cake because that is my all-time favorite and I knew they love it😂

  66. Ozzy Bogan Tech

    Ozzy Bogan TechDay ago

    I am confused why can't they feed themselves

  67. Tyler Decker

    Tyler DeckerDay ago

    Mmmm 41 only link 😂

  68. Brooklando

    BrooklandoDay ago

    im telling my mom on you guys

  69. Hayden Jackson

    Hayden JacksonDay ago

    funny laugh haha

  70. paladonis

    paladonisDay ago

    "They have a Valentine's Ding dong?" Ummmm isn't that what Valentine's is all about? =P I kid. I kid

  71. Cat M

    Cat MDay ago

    The hostess cream cheese cakes have been around forever. Years ago, I used to eat them all the time. Those and Zingers are really the only hostess desserts I eat.

  72. Jonathan Bui

    Jonathan BuiDay ago

    Show the rankings for 4-8 also at the end or something. I wanna know what the other tops cakes were



    Nice ❤️ video

  74. CynicalString56

    CynicalString56Day ago

    Plz do little Debbie and Entemann's

  75. Mike Lee

    Mike LeeDay ago

    Damn, that they didn't leave in a diabetic coma is impressive all on its own.

  76. James Griesmer

    James GriesmerDay ago

    Need to do Doritos

  77. Seth Thrasher

    Seth ThrasherDay ago

    Luv u guys

  78. Joe Hair

    Joe HairDay ago

    Whichone isbetter!!!!!!! Idk. But watch my jazzzz hands and feminine ways find myself on uttube america

  79. Zal 24

    Zal 24Day ago

    No one: Link: “Ho me, hoe”

  80. hottraindude

    hottraindudeDay ago

    My fave was always the Raspberry Zingers because there was nobody had anything else like it. To each their own, though

  81. Paul Dawe

    Paul DaweDay ago

    Hostess doesn’t do donuts, they have donettes which are most definitely cakes!

  82. Paul Dawe

    Paul DaweDay ago

    Yes I do know the package says, “America’s #1 donuts”. However it’s like saying craft singles is “America’s #1 cheese”, the rest of the world believes it’s not even a real cheese.

  83. Raige M.

    Raige M.Day ago

    Lol "I'm just generally getting unhappy."

  84. Kaylo Price

    Kaylo PriceDay ago

    I love when they do these challenges 😍

  85. bilinas mini

    bilinas miniDay ago

    “Congratulations Hostess, you’re still relevant… and somehow so are we” GMM makes life still feel normal.

  86. Bieber420Squad69KushYoloSwag

    Bieber420Squad69KushYoloSwagDay ago

    get rid of Link please!!

  87. The Creature from the Seventh Chamber

    The Creature from the Seventh ChamberDay ago

    Does Link really have a chart in front of him to help him make a fair score? lol...

  88. doro 7

    doro 7Day ago

    11:20 jojo reference?

  89. Big J Zuniga

    Big J ZunigaDay ago

    “Ho me ho”. Needs to be on a shirt

  90. bilinas mini

    bilinas miniDay ago

    I love these. I’m vicariously tasting these cakes

  91. Zhizzoe

    ZhizzoeDay ago

    did Link describe Twinkies as juicy?

  92. Faltron533

    Faltron533Day ago

    ProZD did it better

  93. Tamala Hale

    Tamala HaleDay ago

    Surprised they haven’t done Lays??

  94. Minus Forty

    Minus FortyDay ago

    link: i dont like banana flavored things but this is suprising... 42 rhett: i actively dont like this... 42

  95. parker steele

    parker steeleDay ago

    How are there no 69 jokes

  96. da boiiis

    da boiiisDay ago


  97. da boiiis

    da boiiisDay ago


  98. da boiiis

    da boiiisDay ago


  99. da boiiis

    da boiiisDay ago


  100. Emerald Hardy

    Emerald HardyDay ago

    They need to do a Hostess/Little Debbie snack bowl ranking!!

  101. Tim Ross

    Tim RossDay ago

    What would have happened if the coffee cakes were first .