Justin Bieber's One Of One Rolls Royce | West Coast Customs

It is finally here! When @Justin Bieber walked into West Coast Customs over three years ago, we never knew it would turn it this. The one of one Rolls Royce has never been seen before until now! We hope you enjoy watching the journey!
Thanks to:
Rory Kramer
Jack Bell
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  1. Vivaan Shetty

    Vivaan Shetty19 minutes ago

    I think Justin is just sad that he wasted so much time and money for this

  2. Jens Bols

    Jens Bols37 minutes ago

    Holy smokes that looks terrible... lmao

  3. Henk Smit

    Henk Smit40 minutes ago

    Never seen such an ugly car (it is craftsmanship)

  4. MShak3

    MShak343 minutes ago


  5. Birros Polanski

    Birros Polanski43 minutes ago

    Just a shitty fibreglass kit rofl!

  6. Terence Yip

    Terence Yip44 minutes ago

    I guess u can get that bodykit cheaper in china..

  7. Bee Tee

    Bee TeeHour ago

    It so comical.

  8. bilal Usman

    bilal UsmanHour ago


  9. J R

    J RHour ago

    The front looks stupid. Like an edsel.

  10. C Rs

    C RsHour ago

    Its like modefied tesla😂...btw congrats west coast..and justin

  11. J C

    J CHour ago

    Someone saw a RC car body pre cut and paint and had an idea

  12. Dan

    DanHour ago

    Ugly asf

  13. Nathan Sy

    Nathan SyHour ago

    Sad for the car

  14. avercros

    avercrosHour ago

    Lol completely ruined.

  15. Bronxtaskforce1

    Bronxtaskforce12 hours ago

    This style is based on the movie iRobot. A 2 door Audi in which Will Smith drives.

  16. Shanina

    Shanina2 hours ago

    3 years.....😳 oh no no no lol

  17. Greatplay

    Greatplay2 hours ago

    Timeless 1 of 1 ♡♡♡♡

  18. Mr Toxic Bot

    Mr Toxic Bot2 hours ago

    Show me your bad with spending money without telling me your bad with spending money... Justin bieber: ...

  19. Dave Felber

    Dave Felber2 hours ago

    So Awesome Nice Job West Coast Ryan and all your team..

  20. garretalan autocustoms

    garretalan autocustoms3 hours ago

    Real Car Builders use metal.. Justin B that car is a pile of fiberglass. IMO West Coast Completely destroyed that Rolls.....

  21. Bungletronics

    Bungletronics3 hours ago

    It’s funny how they just took the “future car” aesthetics from back to the future 2 and demolition man and applied it to a Wraith. To each their own but if I had the money I’d go to a real shop for something bespoke. And I’d apply some taste. Like his lyrics say: you give $200mil to a teenager and what did you expect?

  22. RoliePolieColie

    RoliePolieColie3 hours ago

    Sorry guys but yuck.😣

  23. Brian Hoskins

    Brian Hoskins3 hours ago

    What a pile! 3 years!! I'm pissed about the 13 minutes I wasted watching this.

  24. Silver Palmz

    Silver Palmz3 hours ago


  25. John McKelvey

    John McKelvey3 hours ago

    That's so fucked. No. Why?

  26. B Jenkins

    B Jenkins3 hours ago

    Cadillac from back in the day is saying.......ummmm, we already did that.

  27. $RonnieG$

    $RonnieG$4 hours ago

    That took skill but its ugly as fuck

  28. Sketchy On Reviews

    Sketchy On Reviews4 hours ago

    good design but some what it looks cheap. the material and shaping. something is off

  29. LiberalsAreGarbage

    LiberalsAreGarbage4 hours ago

    Wait wait wait, hold up, the name of the car is the light of a make believe, 100% man made work of fiction?!! Alrighty then, that's stupid, but whatever...much respect for the amount of fab hours put into that vehicle, looks like it was a whole helluva lotta work, but whomever it was chose the music for this vid needs to be fired immediately, cuz they are terrible at their job...I mean, DAMN....

  30. Ethan Crabtree

    Ethan Crabtree4 hours ago

    i like it >.>

  31. Kef103

    Kef1034 hours ago

    It looks like a rolls Royce that got fat and out of shape .

  32. David

    David4 hours ago

    I rather drive a shipping box

  33. Rich S

    Rich S4 hours ago

    Nothing that come from this shop is tasteful lol. One way to make a RR look like a kit car.

  34. Zayda Flores

    Zayda Flores4 hours ago

    Y’all just like to hate, this car is dope! It’s his money he can do whatever the hell he wants.

  35. Best of

    Best of4 hours ago

    Front is fooked, back is good.

  36. NW Carpenter

    NW Carpenter4 hours ago

    Too much Elon, not enough Batman.

  37. Zachary Harris

    Zachary Harris5 hours ago

    Lol, wack

  38. HumbabaStudios

    HumbabaStudios5 hours ago

    Sometimes its a hit sometimes not

  39. JR Hobbs

    JR Hobbs5 hours ago

    Im just going to 3D print some wheel covers and call it a day

  40. Brandon Veater

    Brandon Veater5 hours ago

    The rear end looks amazing and the side profile is legit but that front clip looks like it's off an 80s concept car. It ruins the whole thing for me. So close........but oh so far.

  41. Karl Owen

    Karl Owen5 hours ago

    It's ugly af

  42. JR Hobbs

    JR Hobbs5 hours ago

    Bet its hard to change the tiers and breaks and the tire pressure

  43. jonnogan

    jonnogan5 hours ago

    Jeepers...shitbox on wheels.

  44. TheDak123

    TheDak1235 hours ago

    Its too late to say sorry to that poor rolls

  45. joshua o'dea

    joshua o'dea6 hours ago


  46. Timothy McClanahan

    Timothy McClanahan6 hours ago

    Seems simple to me not that futuristic Doesn't have the WOW in my EYES!!! Or maybe it's like what they did to the classic MUSTANG for a future car.. Shelby is turning in his Grave!!!

  47. John Williamson

    John Williamson6 hours ago


  48. xotic86

    xotic866 hours ago

    Typical Justin Bieber sh!t 😂🤢🤮

  49. mbrock5532

    mbrock55326 hours ago

    That was a LOT of work! Not gonna lie, though - am I the only one who was disappointed when it didn't have the gullwing doors at the end? :)

  50. Jo Go

    Jo Go6 hours ago

    This is NOT what you do to a Rolls Royce. A Supra or Tesla maybe.

  51. John Taylor

    John Taylor6 hours ago

    Ugly AF!! The car was art before it was butchered.

  52. lemonjellies

    lemonjellies7 hours ago

    I was willing to give this a pass as there was clearly a lot of work involved... but that front is one of the most hideous things I've ever seen! There's nothing here that honestly adds to the original RR. It looks like a prop car from a sci-fi B movie. In 20 years from now JB will look back and think... "what the hell was I thinking!"

  53. Maria Zequim

    Maria Zequim7 hours ago

    Plágio de azaléia

  54. forkofyork

    forkofyork7 hours ago

    The tasteless helmet evocatively joke because distributor contradictorily bless aboard a silly cycle. mixed, flimsy centimeter

  55. Los Angeles Life Living

    Los Angeles Life Living8 hours ago

    I drive a tow truck and I see this being a total loss once it gets T-boned I bet he's only going to put like A 500 miles one year or less

  56. BlackEquinox

    BlackEquinox8 hours ago

    Hey the 14 yo LOVE it. Bieber is almost 30 right but he still knows how to pick up the sophomores!

  57. rents1977

    rents19778 hours ago

    4 ads in 4 minutes, not even gonna finish this.

  58. Mr Self destruct

    Mr Self destruct8 hours ago

    😂😂 this is so janky! Wtf did they do? That poor poor car. And to top it all off they named it the urinal I mean Uriel 😂😂😂 you can’t make this up. This is why west coast customs is pretty much hiding these days.

  59. Krono 02

    Krono 028 hours ago

    Let’s be real it’s not Justin’s fault it’s shit it’s WWC’s 😂😂😂

  60. AM

    AM8 hours ago

    "it's a night time car" - Yes it is! You can't see how ugly it is then

  61. wrx3123

    wrx31238 hours ago

    Waste of money for this ugly a$$ car

  62. Reno2324

    Reno23248 hours ago

    Take something beautiful and transform it into something hideous... why??

  63. Gaz Williamson

    Gaz Williamson9 hours ago

    Dayumn lol

  64. vasq845

    vasq8459 hours ago

    I think its pretty dope

  65. Christopher McBean

    Christopher McBean9 hours ago

    "We put in an AMAZING SOUNDSYSTEM for... *Checks notes* "OH HEEEELLLLLLL NAAAAWWWW."

  66. carsmill88

    carsmill889 hours ago

    They need to do something to hide the tires and wheels also lower it the wheels throw me off

  67. Stealth

    Stealth9 hours ago

    I kinda hate it and like it both 😂 but I'd cry myself to sleep if I owned a beautiful wraith and it became this I'm sorry 😂😂😂

  68. DetroitMicroSound

    DetroitMicroSound9 hours ago


  69. Luyanda Ngubo

    Luyanda Ngubo9 hours ago

    Well it's different, I'll give it that

  70. Macca 2019

    Macca 20199 hours ago

    How to take a thing of beauty and turn it into a steamy 💩

  71. celicasal

    celicasal9 hours ago

    The "Urinal" piss off 3 years😅

  72. Sajjad Rizvi

    Sajjad Rizvi10 hours ago

    The front of the RR - just ruined it for me 🤦🤷🤦

  73. Roger Deane

    Roger Deane10 hours ago

    I think I would stick with the rolls Royce. Much better .

  74. PassThe Purp945

    PassThe Purp94510 hours ago

    I don’t like it

  75. Truth Supremacist

    Truth Supremacist10 hours ago

    Yeah, its floating on those 4 tires you see sticking out from underneath the cheap ass body panels from the JC Whitney catalog.

  76. Adam Pearce

    Adam Pearce10 hours ago

    Looks as good as a plane without wings.

  77. Truth Supremacist

    Truth Supremacist10 hours ago

    That has to be the ugliest damn thing I've ever seen on 4 wheels.

  78. Patrick K.

    Patrick K.10 hours ago

    I am sorry, but if you think this ugly thing has anything to do with a RR from the future, you might visit a doctor.

  79. Chris Busby

    Chris Busby11 hours ago

    How did Rolls-Royce not get wind of this and ban it? It's one of the worst looking cars ever made/modified :(


    MBUGUA PAUL11 hours ago


  81. Andrei Ionescu

    Andrei Ionescu11 hours ago

    @Justin Bieber​ Where are the mirrors???

  82. Matthew stannard

    Matthew stannard11 hours ago

    Rolls Royce are not looking at that and thinking they did a good job

  83. Maximilian L

    Maximilian L12 hours ago

    Imagine building a car that just drives straight 🙄

  84. Kev Ski

    Kev Ski12 hours ago

    If the WCC building was on fire and the only way to escape was to drive that thing out.... I’d rather burn.

  85. Sultan Younus

    Sultan Younus12 hours ago

    Bad job on the front, great job in the back

  86. Ivan Gutierrez

    Ivan Gutierrez12 hours ago

    If it was carbon fiber it would be dope but fiberglass and bondo on a RR is fucked up

  87. Wideawake Totruth

    Wideawake Totruth12 hours ago


  88. dirtyorganboy

    dirtyorganboy12 hours ago

    Holy frickin choloville mang!

  89. Eric

    Eric12 hours ago

    This is honestly the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen in my life

  90. ADC

    ADC12 hours ago

    awwww Justin

  91. Adil Khan

    Adil Khan12 hours ago

    Ugly as hell

  92. Tenzing Lama

    Tenzing Lama12 hours ago

    Hit like if you think you have wasted your time to be disappointed 😞

  93. Rotor Steve

    Rotor Steve13 hours ago

    Is that to look good? Not my style. And i think off most people 🤣

  94. Josse MudKipz

    Josse MudKipz13 hours ago

    The urinal seems like a fitting name. Great pick!

  95. levirocks123456789

    levirocks12345678913 hours ago

    So they just cut up a rolls royce to put some fiberglass panels on it, might look good on the outside just wondering how big of a mess it is underneath

  96. ScienceTechRo

    ScienceTechRo13 hours ago

    Argh...ugly car.

  97. Jason Sepulveda

    Jason Sepulveda13 hours ago

    Why is it so ugly?

  98. Patriot Containers

    Patriot Containers13 hours ago

    justin wearing his diaper mask and no one else is

  99. Seluleko Bongiwe Ndiweni

    Seluleko Bongiwe Ndiweni13 hours ago


  100. ___Blaggard999___

    ___Blaggard999___13 hours ago

    its a no from every angle dawg