I Paid The World's Best Fortnite Pro's $50,000 to 1v1

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  1. FaZe Kay

    FaZe Kay10 days ago

    Subscribe for FaZe Clix & Benjy

  2. Brett Riley

    Brett Riley15 hours ago

    Na nrg better

  3. vicki phillips

    vicki phillips2 days ago

    FaZe clip

  4. Kotnik YT

    Kotnik YT3 days ago

    The best is TAYSON

  5. UltraFN

    UltraFN3 days ago

    Uhh never heard of faze clix or faze benjy

  6. MyC0ne InHerBox

    MyC0ne InHerBox4 days ago

    @Cxs btw I’m not a creative warrior

  7. Wa2el_

    Wa2el_Hour ago

    lets all agree that mongraal played better here than in the FNCS, man

  8. Camera Pro

    Camera Pro4 hours ago

    So they got 148 kills

  9. Team Press Play

    Team Press Play5 hours ago

    there is nothing wrong with mongraals mic it's his actual voice

  10. victor rönnqvist

    victor rönnqvist6 hours ago

    did not megga had 42 kills?

  11. Just Exotix

    Just Exotix12 hours ago

    Mongraals probably the best

  12. Ketzify

    Ketzify14 hours ago


  13. mikemillz28

    mikemillz2816 hours ago

    I love how people get they're vbucks easily, we get ours from epicgames.host

  14. Zach Medenwaldt

    Zach Medenwaldt16 hours ago

    I'm not kidding in solos I've gotten 41 kills!!!!!!!!

  15. Nevels

    NevelsDay ago

    could he not put dubs voice in the video?

  16. nwbzii

    nwbziiDay ago

    🔥🔥 I released a new video, go liker, comment, share and I watch and like your videos

  17. elite tyo

    elite tyoDay ago

    Them after give me my money

  18. Mohammed Mohiuddin

    Mohammed MohiuddinDay ago

    wait a minute where is the world cup champion himself????

  19. Finn

    FinnDay ago

    clix had easy american servers

  20. Trenicka Clement

    Trenicka ClementDay ago

    I already like all videos , subscribe and post nofications and comment too.

  21. DestryvYT

    DestryvYTDay ago

    Honestly I’ve never seen clix in one video without cursing and monngral getting angry

  22. Trenicka Clement

    Trenicka ClementDay ago

    I wish I get win the I phone but I think someone will get I am poor

  23. Alexinio

    AlexinioDay ago


  24. Braxton King

    Braxton KingDay ago

    mongrall: i'm on 25 kill's: r u sure um your on 6

  25. Jakub Trampota

    Jakub TrampotaDay ago

    ten čech tm tpc xddddd

  26. EBA Videos

    EBA VideosDay ago

    i’m so happy clix won so Those loud as mfs would stfu

  27. Meyer Rosen

    Meyer RosenDay ago

    The telling silk expectantly cheat because maid contemporaneously book towards a soft paul. auspicious, mute daffodil

  28. Z4Teckz

    Z4TeckzDay ago

    Mongraal was literally speaking through speaker phone

  29. Alice Hawkes

    Alice HawkesDay ago

    I love how everybody in the game get their v bucks easily, We get our v bucks from epicgames.host

  30. Scaley Robin

    Scaley Robin19 hours ago

    Why are people liking this comment it’s a bot

  31. Gaming With Luke Ψ

    Gaming With Luke ΨDay ago

    Where Bugha? He won the world cup

  32. merda pura

    merda puraDay ago


  33. Mr. Earth

    Mr. Earth2 days ago

    Bro wher is buga

  34. quick

    quick2 days ago


  35. Mohammed Alteneiji

    Mohammed Alteneiji2 days ago

    Why will you pay them if your giving them 50k?

  36. Keys3odbf

    Keys3odbf2 days ago

    I feel like kay could be a commentator for the second world cup

  37. Xito Winner

    Xito Winner2 days ago


  38. javier Serantes

    javier Serantes2 days ago

    Bro you should have got bugha

  39. Poi Poi

    Poi Poi2 days ago

    I cant play fortnite beacause are tv is broken screen i dont know why

  40. Jack Crew

    Jack Crew2 days ago

    I swear mongraal was in solo

  41. Eddie Fong

    Eddie Fong2 days ago

    Nagy tfue is the best they all strash

  42. BB_Pleb

    BB_Pleb2 days ago

    Clip and mongral

  43. Brian Bonde

    Brian Bonde2 days ago

    I love this video FaZe Kay

  44. Sebastian Tuttle

    Sebastian Tuttle2 days ago

    Mongraal would roll benjy

  45. Yeet 1

    Yeet 12 days ago

    Savage is best

  46. EBoiYT

    EBoiYT2 days ago

    Imagin how CRAAACKED jarvis would be if he wasn’t banned

  47. purple galaxy

    purple galaxy2 days ago

    Kay : “5 best Fortnite players “ Me”where’s bugha”

  48. fwnaf fn

    fwnaf fn2 days ago

    Bugha is TRASH

  49. Voide

    Voide2 days ago

    Bugha would have won 😂

  50. Ruiz Alijah

    Ruiz Alijah2 days ago

    clix is the best i watch him and ron stream everyday

  51. Charlie Jones

    Charlie Jones3 days ago

    It’s insulting to put mega and dubbs in an video that is called best fortnite players in the world

  52. bennanYT

    bennanYT3 days ago

    WHERE TF IS BUGHA??!! 😂😂

  53. XlaryForce

    XlaryForce3 days ago

    LMAO, imagine JARVIS missing this😭🤪😭

  54. Grym Reaper

    Grym Reaper3 days ago

    Where is faze sway and hiighsky?

  55. MR.A1ien [Sashen Evaan]

    MR.A1ien [Sashen Evaan]3 days ago

    where is bugha ?????

  56. Chase Hare

    Chase Hare3 days ago

    Kay talks to much he’s annoying

  57. ME_nOox

    ME_nOox3 days ago

    Benji is my man

  58. Darsh Patel

    Darsh Patel3 days ago

    they r like 5yr olds arguing over a toy.

  59. Swade Armani

    Swade Armani3 days ago


  60. Nehmon

    Nehmon3 days ago

    Kay is so funny

  61. RexronX

    RexronX3 days ago

    they are not even playing arena

  62. alexander keislair

    alexander keislair3 days ago

    Nee buga

  63. Cristiano Jones

    Cristiano Jones3 days ago

    how did he go from 43 to 34?????

  64. Joenahra492 492

    Joenahra492 4923 days ago

    Bugha best player

  65. Theresa White

    Theresa White3 days ago

    The foolish cardboard analogously hop because basin intuitively cure regarding a bitter diving. cultured, dashing story

  66. Cheesy Nelo

    Cheesy Nelo3 days ago

    kay: oh the 5 best players in the world Bugha: Bro why not me I'm one of the best fortnite player in the world

  67. Dave Gorzo

    Dave Gorzo3 days ago

    Wtf u mean he’s family friendly?

  68. ZyanzFn

    ZyanzFn3 days ago

    The number 1# best player is a default skin

  69. Smit Patel

    Smit Patel3 days ago

    Let’s go Clix I like the game and is mind is so smart.

  70. SnakeFC

    SnakeFC3 days ago

    Benji clix

  71. Hisoka Jager

    Hisoka Jager3 days ago

    rip 🪦 moongral mic that brother gonne 🤣

  72. Diego Montes

    Diego Montes3 days ago

    I don’t think Benjy is the best I think it’s Clix or mrsavage

  73. Aiden Ferrer

    Aiden Ferrer3 days ago

    Wheres ya boy tfue and bugha

  74. x0k CLAN

    x0k CLAN3 days ago

    Don't use ☥❤️GOD'S❤️☥ name in vain ☥❤️GOD❤️☥ loves you yess

  75. x0k CLAN

    x0k CLAN3 days ago

    Don't use ☥❤️GOD'S❤️☥ name in vain ☥❤️GOD❤️☥ loves you yess

  76. x0k CLAN

    x0k CLAN3 days ago

    Don't use ☥❤️GOD'S❤️☥ name in vain ☥❤️GOD❤️☥ loves you yess

  77. x0k CLAN

    x0k CLAN3 days ago

    Don't use ☥❤️GOD'S❤️☥ name in vain ☥❤️GOD❤️☥ loves you yess

  78. x0k CLAN

    x0k CLAN3 days ago

    Don't use ☥❤️GOD'S❤️☥ name in vain ☥❤️GOD❤️☥ loves you yess

  79. x0k CLAN

    x0k CLAN3 days ago

    Don't use ☥❤️GOD'S❤️☥ name in vain ☥❤️GOD❤️☥ loves you yess

  80. x0k CLAN

    x0k CLAN3 days ago

    Don't use ☥❤️GOD'S❤️☥ name in vain ☥❤️GOD❤️☥ loves you yess

  81. MrAliAsian

    MrAliAsian3 days ago

    1:28 “Where did that come from “Kyle” Is Mongraal’s name Kyle?

  82. MrAliAsian

    MrAliAsian3 days ago

    @Ibrahim khan piece Cntrol Kyle

  83. Ibrahim khan

    Ibrahim khan3 days ago

    Yeah his name is Kyle Jackson

  84. s3ba725

    s3ba7253 days ago

    All the best players: *gets bot players* Me: *gets the best players*

  85. zohayr 786

    zohayr 7863 days ago

    I mean fresh did 95 elims in 1 hour

  86. Coyoteboy 103

    Coyoteboy 1034 days ago

    Where’s bougha at I mean just asking

  87. Eli Miller

    Eli Miller4 days ago

    Never go to sweat so hard but they were in the World Cup

  88. James Thomas Jr

    James Thomas Jr4 days ago

    FaZe Jarvis to play 1v1 LOL

  89. Petar Taslak

    Petar Taslak4 days ago

    Dude, Bugha is 100 times better then Dubs

  90. topgun ?

    topgun ?4 days ago

    lets goo the big shitter wonnnnn!!!!!!

  91. Im Trash

    Im Trash4 days ago

    Dubs and megga aren't the best

  92. BxDz

    BxDz4 days ago


  93. KaisonGaming

    KaisonGaming4 days ago

    um bugha

  94. zaire johnson

    zaire johnson4 days ago


  95. Hype

    Hype4 days ago

    CLIX!!! I LOVE HIM (no homo)

  96. AuraFNM

    AuraFNM4 days ago

    Just gonna say benjy isn’t mongraals duo

  97. DANIEL PRO10

    DANIEL PRO104 days ago


  98. Icey Kaush

    Icey Kaush4 days ago

    I feel like Kay would be a good news reporter

  99. zempk.

    zempk.4 days ago

    just like mongraal and benjy when they are not a duo

  100. Cloudy FN

    Cloudy FN4 days ago


  101. Dem0n Slayer

    Dem0n Slayer4 days ago

    Where is bugha

  102. Morgan Crees

    Morgan Crees4 days ago

    You guys do know non of them actually got 50 kills lmao

  103. Glen Scarley

    Glen Scarley4 days ago


  104. Jaren Farmer

    Jaren Farmer4 days ago

    lmao friazer is prob getting paid to say all those good things about clix

  105. Aadam Ariefdien

    Aadam Ariefdien4 days ago

    Oh where bugha oh yah only faze members

  106. Lixm.

    Lixm.4 days ago

    We’re is Justin

  107. Harry Vernon

    Harry Vernon4 days ago

    Kay said benjy is better than Mongraal 😂

  108. gg Boys

    gg Boys4 days ago

    Were is bugha

  109. gg Boys

    gg Boys4 days ago

    Were are me??🙂