Watch LIVE: NASA’s Perseverance rover land on Mars!

Today, engineers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory will attempt a feat that is terrifying and impressive in equal measures: Landing a rover on Mars. The Perseverance rover, along with its helicopter sidekick Ingenuity, has been traveling to Mars since summer last year.
Now, it’s set to arrive at the red planet and execute the extremely challenging landing maneuver that will allow it to touch down safely and begin its search for signs of ancient life.
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  1. Shakdi Dagalimal

    Shakdi Dagalimal3 days ago

    It appears the parachute deployed at about 850mph. Good thing that atmosphere is thin.

  2. Summer P.

    Summer P.4 days ago

    One of the dudes working there at NASA: yes yes yes yes yes yes Time when it happened: 02:00:00 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  3. Slm Ts

    Slm Ts5 days ago

    Watching to editing videos photoshop live and the lie continue..sadly most people are blind and miss leading..

  4. Kálmán Bácsi

    Kálmán Bácsi5 days ago


  5. I Gazizov

    I Gazizov6 days ago

    Картошку будут сажать????

  6. Strange Skies 11-11

    Strange Skies 11-116 days ago

    NASA are a pack of liars ! Looks like they are playing a cheap video game

  7. Hugh Janus

    Hugh Janus6 days ago

    I know and people are eating this up

  8. Frankie Michael

    Frankie Michael7 days ago

    This is a breakthrough something that was thought to be impossible respect to NASA.

  9. Lil Engine

    Lil Engine7 days ago

    Technology to connect to and fly a drone 131.3 million miles away. My cellphone has 2 bars and loses signal. lol

  10. HAU

    HAU7 days ago

    Does anyone know who did the filming of the landing?


    ROBERT SMITH7 days ago


  12. Perry Johnson

    Perry Johnson7 days ago

    Thankfully, We don’t have to listen to ANYTHING related to BLM, cop haters, Trump haters, our new weak and incompetent president and his admin or politics in general, etc. Only NASA/Perseverance related content, PERIOD!!! Bravo NASA!!!!!!

  13. Sreeja Sasidharanpillai

    Sreeja Sasidharanpillai7 days ago

    I bet outer aliens and stuff be like: finally lol

  14. Bikes&Bees

    Bikes&Bees8 days ago

    Bravo. Now send some crews to Texas and fix their winter crisis.....

  15. Dale Boyington

    Dale Boyington8 days ago

    What a joke. Billions prob trillions of dollars wasted when Elon owned them and has made them make their fake video game landing. Let me guess there’s life on mars jk

  16. silver fire

    silver fire8 days ago

    Zero footage of mars

  17. minutes ago

    minutes ago8 days ago


  18. Ecliqxse _

    Ecliqxse _8 days ago


  19. John Hazenhousen

    John Hazenhousen8 days ago

    They did. They’ll release the footage at some point this week, most likely.

  20. Tuấn Châu hồng

    Tuấn Châu hồng8 days ago

    Rất thú vị .khám phá sự sống bên ngoài Trái Đất 🌏

  21. Juan Aguilar

    Juan Aguilar8 days ago

    Clowns psycho circus

  22. Nikki Iv

    Nikki Iv8 days ago

    They are lying to you! Mars is a cube, like the world in minecraft

  23. Omega Iceman Cometh

    Omega Iceman Cometh9 days ago

    Trump made this happen!

  24. BigTime

    BigTime8 days ago

    NASA started building the rover in 2011, so that means that Obama "also made this happen"..

  25. Journey to Health and Wealth

    Journey to Health and Wealth9 days ago

    AVAV Stock is about to 🚀🚀 they helped make the Ingenuity Drone!!

  26. Boogie man

    Boogie man9 days ago

    Wow. I find it remarkable how NASA can take one of the most amazing things mankind has ever done with one of the most technologically advanced devises ever made and make it one of the most uninteresting things to watch on the internet.

  27. Luisa Orozco

    Luisa Orozco9 days ago

    These people are physics geeks 😆

  28. EternalMedia

    EternalMedia9 days ago

    They killed all the Natives. Coast is clear 👍🏽

  29. Derek Carroll

    Derek Carroll9 days ago

    Total lies and CGI 🤣🤣🤣

  30. ForbiddTV

    ForbiddTV9 days ago

    Giving Flat-Earthers migraines.

  31. Ilonka Ponka

    Ilonka Ponka9 days ago

    Gosh guys how do you work in two masks 😭😭😭 poor people

  32. shephronqpan

    shephronqpan9 days ago


  33. Troll4Truth

    Troll4Truth9 days ago

    Seconds ago eh? Pictures from mars near real time, eh!?

  34. Troll4Truth

    Troll4Truth8 days ago

    @BigTime Obviously unless their using quantum comms, but that's not what they said. Point is NASA is a bunch of liars.

  35. BigTime

    BigTime8 days ago

    Wasn't in real time

  36. Ethan Thomas

    Ethan Thomas9 days ago

    People who don’t believe in the moon landings: it didn’t even happen though

  37. John West

    John West9 days ago

    Wearing masks because they couldn't keep a straight face 🤣🤣🤣

  38. meisam

    meisam9 days ago

    Great success 💯

  39. Ahmed Rehman

    Ahmed Rehman9 days ago

    Is there corona ???? If no then plz arrange for me on home 😎😎😎

  40. Tom McDonough

    Tom McDonough9 days ago


  41. Carolyn Browning

    Carolyn Browning9 days ago

    But we could land on the moon in 1969. Dumb down and take your vaccine earthings

  42. Andrew Lau Rence

    Andrew Lau Rence9 days ago

    Fake news! Unfortunately, it was the ninth fake Mars landing from NASA!

  43. QbanWay 88

    QbanWay 889 days ago

    You would think they would already have a good camera for a moment like this.....

  44. QbanWay 88

    QbanWay 888 days ago

    @BigTime how do they do it? Via satellite?

  45. BigTime

    BigTime8 days ago

    It takes a long time to transmit high quality color photos from Mars to Earth, so give it a couple of weeks/months

  46. Jose Pose

    Jose Pose9 days ago

    Ver para creer la nave aterrizó en Marte increíble pero cierto para los que ven RT

  47. Ted Li

    Ted Li9 days ago

    How do they send back the perfect picture to earth? Radio wave. 5G.cable.laser.satellite?

  48. John Hazenhousen

    John Hazenhousen8 days ago

    Radio. Definitely not cable.

  49. Marshall family

    Marshall family9 days ago

    Why dose it sound like she's on mars, the moon landing was clearer 😅

  50. Farhan ❶

    Farhan ❶9 days ago

    Well, Ancient Astronaut Theorist say Yes

  51. liled246

    liled2469 days ago

    bunch of fuckin dorks having fun with my money. nice job

  52. John Hazenhousen

    John Hazenhousen8 days ago

    Honestly, I think your money is probably better off with these guys.

  53. the Nature Guy

    the Nature Guy9 days ago

    👽the Aliens: Cute

  54. The Success Story with Mike

    The Success Story with Mike9 days ago

    This is the extent that the Homo sapiens can achieve and no any other species has managed to do even 1/4 of what the human species have done. Well done humans.

  55. Prince CG

    Prince CG9 days ago


  56. The Success Story with Mike

    The Success Story with Mike9 days ago

    Touchdown happens at 2:05:36. You are welcome

  57. Ramazy TV

    Ramazy TV9 days ago

    The landing looks sooooo CGI...

  58. John Hazenhousen

    John Hazenhousen8 days ago


  59. Lucas Celeste

    Lucas Celeste9 days ago

    Guys mars is flat Jk😂

  60. Bizmarks Revenge

    Bizmarks Revenge9 days ago

    Why does everyone have to put stupid music in the background.

  61. break2262

    break22629 days ago

    In order to destroy alien populations you need to find them first 🙃

  62. D V

    D V9 days ago

    Touchdown confirmed on Area 51, now it’s time to dismantle the green background screen for CGI. Mars doesn’t exist

  63. BigTime

    BigTime8 days ago

    Mars doesn't exist? Lmao

  64. Therese Röthel

    Therese Röthel9 days ago

    These NASA nerds and geeks are a total bunch of miserable, unhealthy, greedy, very selfish, expert con artists. What a total waste 😥

  65. James Steed

    James Steed9 days ago

    Lol y’all believe anything

  66. Kieran Garland

    Kieran Garland9 days ago

    This fills my heart. A pure and beautiful thing. Congratulations, all.

  67. Luis Tavares

    Luis Tavares9 days ago

    I don't understand this WiFi technology that allows this connections .... i mean, that must be some good WiFi

  68. John Hazenhousen

    John Hazenhousen9 days ago

    It’s called radio.

  69. A. A

    A. A9 days ago

    Keep the lies up 🤥👁

  70. rizki fauzi

    rizki fauzi9 days ago

    what a joke

  71. Fast AF

    Fast AF9 days ago

    Human Race: 2 (moon & mars) Aliens: 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  72. EarthLARPdumpsterFire

    EarthLARPdumpsterFire9 days ago

    not real

  73. SteezyG

    SteezyG9 days ago

    Plenty of imaginary comments

  74. John C

    John C9 days ago

    NASA - Never A Straight Answer! Is this hoax also filmed in Area 51? What a stupid con show!!!

  75. pfdtx

    pfdtx9 days ago

    The mathematics alone for a project like this is sublime, then add the engineering and my brain explodes.

  76. Sergio Gonzalez

    Sergio Gonzalez9 days ago

    Y’all believe this shit?

  77. Mirza Khalid

    Mirza Khalid9 days ago

    NASA didn't upload any videos...they fed bs of photos claiming to be Mars and not CGI... NASA are always full of liars and cheaters and actors...and they are not like SpaceX unfortunately. There is no transparency on their claims and American still believe their CGIs as real photos... sad

  78. Sergio Gonzalez

    Sergio Gonzalez9 days ago

    Are they running ps2 software that shit looks fake as fuck

  79. transient matter

    transient matter9 days ago

    1:33:00 Mars living beings...found

  80. Sergio Gonzalez

    Sergio Gonzalez9 days ago

    This shit is sooo fake

  81. Dashaun Harris

    Dashaun Harris9 days ago

    Congratulations!. & Good luck @ThePerseveranceRover on the rest of your Mission. 'You only have the whole Earth counting on you, No Pressure 😂

  82. انغام

    انغام9 days ago

    Internet reaches from mars with no troubles waaw, what a bloody lie

  83. freddy2nt

    freddy2nt9 days ago

    Aliens: Alien! Rover: No, you!

  84. Pixelers

    Pixelers9 days ago

    Martians : ah, those things again huh?

  85. Gener8Joy

    Gener8Joy9 days ago

    Is this an Apple event music? So interesting - landing on the moon is impossible because NASA destroyed the technology used on the alleged "first moon landing" and it's a pain in the . . . to rebuild it again; But landing on Mars is a piece of cake.... CGI 😐

  86. BigTime

    BigTime6 days ago

    @Gener8Joy I don't think NASA ever said that tho

  87. Gener8Joy

    Gener8Joy8 days ago

    @BigTime Nasa 😐

  88. BigTime

    BigTime8 days ago

    Who said that landing on mars is a piece of cake? It's incredibly hard, even more difficult than landing on the moon. Also, who said that it is impossible to land on the moon?

  89. R, . b Ariya

    R, . b Ariya9 days ago


  90. найден цветков

    найден цветков9 days ago

    What !???

  91. Blue Vegeta

    Blue Vegeta9 days ago


  92. IamEliteRex

    IamEliteRex9 days ago

    Whether we wanted it or not, we've stepped into a war with the Cabal on Mars. So let's get to taking out their command, one by one. Valus Ta'aurc. From what I can gather he commands the Siege Dancers from an Imperial Land Tank outside of Rubicon. He's well protected, but with the right team, we can punch through those defenses, take this beast out, and break their grip on Freehold

  93. Isra .128

    Isra .1289 days ago

    Perseverance should go to opportunities last known coordinates and try to get it working again if it can find it.

  94. John Hazenhousen

    John Hazenhousen9 days ago

    Unfortunately, that’s about 4500 km away from Perseverance’s landing site.

  95. M3RΩF

    M3RΩF9 days ago

    Aliens like: 😐😒 The Rover😑

  96. Amir Saeedi Rad

    Amir Saeedi Rad9 days ago

    2:05:36 landing moment

  97. Amir Saeedi Rad

    Amir Saeedi Rad9 days ago

    580 Martians Disliked the video...

  98. Tech_Gamer's

    Tech_Gamer's9 days ago

    Type perseverance in your google search bar and wait some time You're welcome

  99. nodicee2

    nodicee29 days ago

    Mars is flat

  100. Dwarfedgiant

    Dwarfedgiant9 days ago

    Just like your humour 🥱

  101. Jaymes elliot

    Jaymes elliot9 days ago

    2:08:00 images and hype for images start here

  102. Howard Swing

    Howard Swing9 days ago


  103. Dwarfedgiant

    Dwarfedgiant9 days ago

    You are, yes.

  104. truthbtold

    truthbtold9 days ago

    I love how they made the Nevada desert look like Mars!!!! What a bunch of bullshit!! If you actually believe this shit, You’re all more fucked up than i thought!!!

  105. Mirza Khalid

    Mirza Khalid9 days ago

    And its black and white 😂 like the 60s moon landing

  106. NANI

    NANI9 days ago

    Please prove it before you embarrass yourself. Honestly man, I’ll probably have a more intelligent conversation with a peanut

  107. Cap'n ArgghhhT

    Cap'n ArgghhhT9 days ago

    Next UAE and China land their drones for a battle royal

  108. Venom201009

    Venom2010099 days ago

    Hard to believe this is real. I drive in the sticks and can't get cell service and we can drive an RC car around from over 100 million miles away???

  109. Dwarfedgiant

    Dwarfedgiant9 days ago

    ​@Mirza Khalid I'm a broadcast engineer and I work with multiple satellites in various orbits. As part of my role I also teach kids at various levels. In the class I show them comments/videos from people who think earth is flat, space is fake, NASA is fake etc as an example to the kids of what happens if you skip school or don't get an educations. These kids think you lot are hilarious and it's good to see the younger generations are a lot smarter than you. I'll be using your comments in my next class. Thanks for your input 👍

  110. Mirza Khalid

    Mirza Khalid9 days ago

    @Dwarfedgiant yeah I don't want to waste my energy arguing with you... believing and defending NASA won't let go anywhere except CGI studios or fake news channel 😂

  111. Dwarfedgiant

    Dwarfedgiant9 days ago

    @Mirza Khalid fake profile?? LOL Move along child. You're boring me already!

  112. Mirza Khalid

    Mirza Khalid9 days ago

    @Dwarfedgiant looks like you are commenting everywhere to prove this is not fake with your fake profile 😂

  113. Dwarfedgiant

    Dwarfedgiant9 days ago

    You're comparing your shit provider with NASA?? LMFAO

  114. tuxster123

    tuxster1239 days ago

    Wow,not a single corner shop in sight !!!😯

  115. howard u

    howard u9 days ago

    he wants another planet that he can destroy

  116. howard u

    howard u9 days ago

    man hasn't learned anything yet...he wants another planet that he can destry


    UNBOXING TECHIE9 days ago

    2:05:37❤️❤️❤️ success reaction

  118. Milkshake Plays

    Milkshake Plays9 days ago

    So good

  119. Summer Diaz

    Summer Diaz9 days ago

    Where is sheldon.. howard , leonard and raj???? Hehehehe congrats nasa..

  120. Col

    Col9 days ago

    Wow those PlayStation 2 cgi graphics are mind blowing

  121. Dwarfedgiant

    Dwarfedgiant9 days ago

    @Col difficult to detect sarcasm in text. You need to hear inflection/tones etc. Might be worth adding a /sarc at the end otherwise, people will bite, just like I did. Anyhoo, stay safe 👍

  122. Col

    Col9 days ago

    @Dwarfedgiant sarcasm bro calm down

  123. Dwarfedgiant

    Dwarfedgiant9 days ago

    Thank you for highlighting yourself as one of the uneducated.

  124. BAMF

    BAMF9 days ago

    Can somebody explain me what is the point on going to mars? Seriously it looks like just a game for scientists.

  125. Mirza Khalid

    Mirza Khalid8 days ago

    @BAMF or maybe the idea came out from Kamala Harris or old man Captain Biden America 😂

  126. Mirza Khalid

    Mirza Khalid8 days ago

    @BAMF Millitary would do just fine but most of the military budget are overrun due to corona. So USA government came out with a short-term plan to grab more tax money by sending these so called mine identifying robot in Mars and not Moon and then charge the tax payers for so called NASA's new achievement conquering Mars but in reality we get to see more CGI instead of real thing

  127. BAMF

    BAMF8 days ago

    @Mirza Khalid Oh yeah, when i think about it most of our taxes goes to support space researches, military. Thats why we go to our lovely jobs every day.

  128. Mirza Khalid

    Mirza Khalid9 days ago

    Its waiting American's tax money on CGI thing

  129. Dwarfedgiant

    Dwarfedgiant9 days ago

    To learn and develop our knowledge of our history.

  130. Adr adventure

    Adr adventure9 days ago


  131. Dwarfedgiant

    Dwarfedgiant9 days ago

    Naaa. You are though. Bot.

  132. Jeff Faller

    Jeff Faller10 days ago

    What an amazing achievement for NASA and everyone that contributed to this amazing effort. When I watch NASA and JPL cover an event like this it reminds me how difficult space is and how it takes extreme commitment and engineering to have a chance of pulling it off. To say that the body language of the JPL team said "terrifying" and "nervous" is absolutely true, they were sweating like hostages, but it was an indication of the seriousness of the situation. On the other hand, when I watch Space X launch humans into space, where human life could be instantly and tragically destroyed, I feel like i'm listening to a 4th year college student narrate their Capstone science project "and now, we're going to launch Doug and Bob into space and the rocket will return to earth and land vertically in the ocean" - of course it will. I often feel like Space X forgets that their spokespeople are representing the US Space Program; and their habit of beginning a response to a question with "ya, ya, ya..." drives me bat **** crazy. There's a cavalier attitude in Space X launches that boarders on naïve and over confidence that's often found in younger people, but i'm just not used to seeing it representing the US Space program. If you've been following the US Space program for more than a week, you know that space is hard, very hard; and success is never assured even with the best computers, engineering, manufacturing and minds behind it. Events like this should absolutely be celebrated and the contribution to science that this rover will explore will lead directly to humans exploring Mars in the near future. We should never forget those tragedies that have came before, or let our guard down with the American public by allowing successful space missions to seem routine and easy. The United States is the World leader in space exploration, and we should never forget the seriousness of representing all humanity when we venture beyond this planet. Outstanding Job JPL!!!

  133. Tom Easton

    Tom Easton9 days ago

    I’m just curious, do they get nightmares before the event?

  134. Ali 62

    Ali 6210 days ago

    🧨 LIGHT IT UP SYRIA 40 000 innocent childrens

  135. JIKJOK TV

    JIKJOK TV10 days ago

    Hello guys im new on youtube😞😞..i hope one day il be great on youtube🥺🥺🥺