HermitCraft 7: 60 | LEAFING HERMITCRAFT iskalls OMEGA Tree house base needs leafing, Bernie and the Hedge games concludes, and, it's a matter of principle.
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  1. Arth Patel

    Arth Patel6 hours ago

    Scars landscaping job should’ve been finishing your tree XD

  2. Arth Patel

    Arth Patel6 hours ago

    It’s gotta be grian and ren. And I totally haven’t already watched grians video on this...

  3. Ladies In Lab Coats

    Ladies In Lab Coats23 hours ago

    I WAS RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ladies In Lab Coats

    Ladies In Lab Coats23 hours ago


  5. Angela Evans

    Angela EvansDay ago


  6. Small Meat Man

    Small Meat ManDay ago

    *uses gold blocks as scaffolding*

  7. SamoMarko

    SamoMarko3 days ago

    He should make small tree on top of omega tree

  8. solar

    solar4 days ago

    One single lighting strike...

  9. Chit Su

    Chit Su5 days ago

    You are mad but you are not mad as mumbo

  10. Spirit Yoshino

    Spirit Yoshino5 days ago

    I swear after Season 7 is done, he is gonna be natural at building organically.

  11. Orange Crewmate

    Orange Crewmate5 days ago

    Rendog being the last to be seen made it a lot better

  12. thepetemcgeet

    thepetemcgeet7 days ago

    Grain and rendog

  13. ShadowReaper

    ShadowReaper7 days ago

    What’s slime is it iskallium :)

  14. rommel vitug

    rommel vitug7 days ago


  15. rommel vitug

    rommel vitug7 days ago


  16. rommel vitug

    rommel vitug7 days ago

    Why you cant do it

  17. Angel Rose

    Angel Rose7 days ago

    Yo what if he made the tree a hotel

  18. Lady.Whatever

    Lady.Whatever7 days ago

    Me: reading the title Me: HA! That's bs

  19. Vivianne McMinn

    Vivianne McMinn8 days ago

    me: sees title also me: PANIC PANIC PANIC

  20. Casual Gamer

    Casual Gamer8 days ago

    you are mumbo jumbo with an accent

  21. That Guy

    That Guy9 days ago

    Beleaf me

  22. waheeda shah

    waheeda shah9 days ago

    Title: leafing hermit craft Me who read it as leaving hermit craft:panic

  23. Hoapi Soapi

    Hoapi Soapi11 days ago

    You read the title wrong

  24. Sharpswordxj

    Sharpswordxj11 days ago

    Imagine having a bee and honey farm in the shape of a hanging nest.

  25. Jake Pyrah

    Jake Pyrah11 days ago

    When he said, "leafing Hermitcraft" it threw me off because of his Swedish accent so it sounded like he was leaving hermitcraft

  26. Tariq Al bdour

    Tariq Al bdour12 days ago

    40 hours I would take 40 days

  27. Uchenna Holder

    Uchenna Holder13 days ago

    Crazy idea: What if you made the tree based on seasons? And add a bunch of saplings everywhere?

  28. Davis Hansen

    Davis Hansen13 days ago

    Sometimes I forget hermitcraft is done in survival

  29. Samuel Lampe

    Samuel Lampe13 days ago

    Xisuma I hope

  30. Hiked Deadline

    Hiked Deadline14 days ago


  31. トダロキ

    トダロキ14 days ago

    He got me I was legit in tears when he said he was gonna be leaf-ing phew

  32. Chris Jackson

    Chris Jackson14 days ago

    All the hermits are having trouble showcasing their bases because they are all so massive this season

  33. Satinder Athwal

    Satinder Athwal15 days ago

    Grian and rent he dog

  34. Marco Martin Martinez

    Marco Martin Martinez15 days ago

    I thought he said he was leaving hermitcraft lmao

  35. Gaming with som

    Gaming with som16 days ago


  36. Untalked

    Untalked16 days ago

    Är ditt skin inspererat av Daidalos Labyrint på Bolinomba?

  37. muZ

    muZ16 days ago

    I actually thought you would leave Hermitcraft

  38. Max Ferguson

    Max Ferguson17 days ago

    I love the leaf puns

  39. Giancarlo Ugarte

    Giancarlo Ugarte17 days ago

    someone turn the first 1 second of the episode into a hallo song plz

  40. Brady Campbell

    Brady Campbell17 days ago

    You got me when you said you were going to "leaf" the server, I thought you said "leave".

  41. Brady Campbell

    Brady Campbell17 days ago

    ren and grian i bet.

  42. Devin Eliason

    Devin Eliason17 days ago


  43. XxMENACExX

    XxMENACExX18 days ago


  44. Gemerald Brickz

    Gemerald Brickz19 days ago


  45. Random User

    Random User19 days ago

    Why is iskall magically not affected by the outage. He must be a conspirator!!! 8o

  46. kees 031

    kees 03120 days ago

    This was one of the most peak minecraft episodes I have seen this whole season lol

  47. Loki Playz_PH

    Loki Playz_PH20 days ago

    put bernie aside with grumbot


    OUTSMART BULLET21 day ago

    Looks like it is a yygdrasil from Norse mythology. It is huge. I could never build that. Good job

  49. Silas Brailey

    Silas Brailey22 days ago

    The end rod has moved

  50. Chronic Siren 17

    Chronic Siren 1722 days ago

    Can we take a moment to appreciate how like chill iskalls time-lapse music is? I absolutely love it

  51. Wolf XE

    Wolf XE22 days ago


  52. XanderOnYoutube

    XanderOnYoutube22 days ago

    ofc you get me im not good at ENGELISH sorry sorry sorry ENGELISH sorry sorry sorry

  53. KodaWolf404

    KodaWolf40422 days ago

    Me who accidentally read the title as leaving: oh- just had a mini heart attack

  54. Michaelplayz vilar

    Michaelplayz vilar22 days ago


  55. Samberdino Bubelz

    Samberdino Bubelz22 days ago

    I think Ren and Grian won!!!!!

  56. GanonGhidorah

    GanonGhidorah23 days ago

    Make like a Tree, Iskall

  57. Gecko

    Gecko23 days ago


  58. Leal Benson

    Leal Benson23 days ago

    imagine if he forgot to put out the fire

  59. Melissa

    Melissa24 days ago

    Bernie with that full set of golden teeth 🌟🤑💵

  60. Johannes Hunt

    Johannes Hunt25 days ago

    What if fire?

  61. JoAnna Morris

    JoAnna Morris25 days ago

    Iskall: Yeah, probably shoulda added lights before I did all these leaves Also iskall: *literally places leaves as he says this*

  62. James Ray

    James Ray26 days ago

    Yes, I am pretty sure you got Tree people with that pun ;)

  63. Mubesher Abu Aghreb

    Mubesher Abu Aghreb26 days ago

    rendog and grian

  64. Shehab Ahmed

    Shehab Ahmed26 days ago


  65. Redick Jenkins

    Redick Jenkins27 days ago

    Ren dog

  66. Redick Jenkins

    Redick Jenkins27 days ago

    Ten and grian

  67. TDA_ Rylan

    TDA_ Rylan27 days ago

    Give BERNIE a bark imprint

  68. Ninjafrostoctopus Gaming

    Ninjafrostoctopus Gaming27 days ago

    Theys are amazing puns

  69. Thomas Corredor

    Thomas Corredor28 days ago


  70. Thomas Corredor

    Thomas Corredor28 days ago


  71. Dream Walker

    Dream Walker28 days ago

    Dude, the sad music killed it! When that is there you know Iskall is being joking/sarcastic

  72. Ddog TDMsupporter

    Ddog TDMsupporter28 days ago

    Also it kinda like the faraway tree

  73. Tuatoon Studio

    Tuatoon Studio28 days ago

    10/10 joke

  74. Obliverator Live

    Obliverator Live28 days ago

    "Why does this always happens to me?" *montage of examples of exactly why*

  75. Carol Hodges

    Carol Hodges29 days ago


  76. Ddog TDMsupporter

    Ddog TDMsupporter29 days ago

    Is it just me who freaks out everytime he lights fire on wood for that half a second before my brain starts to actually work...

  77. Brennon Anderson

    Brennon Anderson29 days ago

    You should put a pesky hird a top and then have a store for them plz

  78. Stefan Dimitrov

    Stefan Dimitrov29 days ago

    Everyone: oh no why would he leave hermitcraft Iskall85:prenked

  79. BuilderBro

    BuilderBroMonth ago

    Join The Dream SMP plz

  80. BuilderBro

    BuilderBroMonth ago

    Join The Dream SMP plz

  81. BuilderBro

    BuilderBroMonth ago

    Join The Dream SMP plz

  82. BuilderBro

    BuilderBroMonth ago

    Join The Dream SMP plz

  83. BuilderBro

    BuilderBroMonth ago

    Join The Dream SMP plz

  84. BuilderBro

    BuilderBroMonth ago

    Join The Dream SMP plz

  85. BuilderBro

    BuilderBroMonth ago

    Join The Dream SMP plz

  86. BuilderBro

    BuilderBroMonth ago

    Join The Dream SMP plz

  87. BuilderBro

    BuilderBroMonth ago

    Join The Dream SMP plz

  88. BuilderBro

    BuilderBroMonth ago

    Join The Dream SMP plz

  89. William Alexander

    William AlexanderMonth ago

    I'm sure scar would help you landscape your canopy or something

  90. Uncle Iroh

    Uncle IrohMonth ago

    Idea You should remove the jungle trees underneath the canopy of the OMEGA tree since realistically trees wouldn’t grow under a layer that thicc.

  91. John Doe

    John DoeMonth ago

    I love your intoxicating laughter!

  92. Clover Arcondas

    Clover ArcondasMonth ago

    i can't believe several hermits entered and then didn't put one single box in

  93. 7H_ Dc

    7H_ DcMonth ago

    Imagine the omega tree completed with Rtx on

  94. Bryant

    BryantMonth ago

    Grain and Ren dog

  95. Funtime Lycanroc

    Funtime LycanrocMonth ago

    Ok we will just leaf you alone now

  96. Marshwajr

    MarshwajrMonth ago

    i knew that arrow was going to say hallo

  97. Marshwajr

    MarshwajrMonth ago

    i'm guessing rendog

  98. TNT Dogo

    TNT DogoMonth ago

    I would have fell for I am leafing hermitcraft if the title of the video was leafing hermitcrat

  99. Dino Man vids

    Dino Man vidsMonth ago

    9:37 an ocelot spawns in the bottom right corner, on top of the tree

  100. Full Stop Among Us

    Full Stop Among UsMonth ago

    0:15 now smooth stone knows what it’s like to be diorite