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  1. Sadfast Edon

    Sadfast Edon2 hours ago

    “A prize of absolutely nothing” 😭

  2. Dawson Hill

    Dawson Hill6 hours ago

    Y’all lagging on it bruh I need a few vids for dat

  3. Nukeskywalkin FYB

    Nukeskywalkin FYB6 hours ago


  4. redarmy yt

    redarmy yt6 hours ago

    I never knew daviss swears

  5. Kolioko

    Kolioko6 hours ago

    why fanum look like shrek


    YtCALLMEKOBE7 hours ago

    Y’all retire???

  7. Rose Montana

    Rose Montana8 hours ago

    Wtf are they retired?

  8. U N K N O W N

    U N K N O W N7 hours ago

    Wdym retired ?

  9. VersitileChinx

    VersitileChinx8 hours ago

    what happened

  10. Collin Perry

    Collin Perry8 hours ago

    POV: ur waiting on amp to upload again

  11. TJ M

    TJ M10 hours ago

    Me after watching them go through two rounds: Agents winning what does he do in his free time,dude plays 2k WTF

  12. Mondagoat

    Mondagoat11 hours ago

    Dis man Davis act like he never ate baby food before, with a banana and bread, can’t be dat bad

  13. Dawson Hill

    Dawson Hill6 hours ago

    Bruh he prolly hasn’t 😭

  14. The King Family

    The King Family11 hours ago

    Who here hoping for a vid tm ? 🙋🏽‍♂️

  15. Rah Soles

    Rah Soles13 hours ago

    I’m unsubscribing u guys prolly don’t even care about your fans... 2 weeks

  16. Apollo Bandz

    Apollo Bandz14 hours ago

    Upload plz y’all got me watching the same vid every dat

  17. Jajay 2xx

    Jajay 2xx15 hours ago

    I expect 3 videos for the 3 Monday’s y’all missed

  18. Dawson Hill

    Dawson Hill6 hours ago


  19. sqare551bee

    sqare551bee15 hours ago


  20. Ken

    Ken16 hours ago

    ASAP I keep coming back to the Chanel though my post notifications was tweaking but y’all dead ain’t post in 2 weeks

  21. Ken

    Ken16 hours ago

    Nah I need a double upload

  22. Jayden Chestnut

    Jayden Chestnut16 hours ago

    Duke on the first round😂😂

  23. KultureBoyZay

    KultureBoyZay19 hours ago


  24. Denise Gleaton

    Denise Gleaton20 hours ago

    Post the foot ball vid now we wating

  25. Top Opp_

    Top Opp_20 hours ago

    Bro I’m fucking dying 🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀💀

  26. Johnny

    Johnny22 hours ago

    AMP: “2021 is our year” *continues to miss monday videos* :/

  27. ADG 60sh0t

    ADG 60sh0t23 hours ago

    Kai added so much more to this vid sheesh

  28. jcr0ssOv3r sg

    jcr0ssOv3r sg23 hours ago

    another week, another missed monday

  29. sebastian l.

    sebastian l.Day ago

    Damn bruh. You *really* lacking with this one Chris. But I ain’t even finna trip because if it’s taken this long then it gotta be good. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  30. DKGM Khalid

    DKGM KhalidDay ago

    Can you guys make pt 2 for swimming

  31. P R

    P RDay ago

    Where the new video at my bro’s ???( @chrisnextdoor ) What’s up with it Bro ??

  32. Snaggie

    SnaggieDay ago


  33. Keasim

    KeasimDay ago


  34. M Ph

    M PhDay ago

    A were amp been at

  35. SiraSoni-X

    SiraSoni-XDay ago

    Ayo where tf is my amp video


    FLORIDA-BOYDay ago

    they low key tryna get this to a million views. i know whats up lol

  37. Q Campbell

    Q CampbellDay ago

    Ite it’s been 2 weeks I’m not the only one waiting 🤦🏾‍♂️

  38. jewsh

    jewshDay ago

    Duke excuse for the penny was hilarious

  39. B COMP

    B COMPDay ago


  40. JuiceMeUp

    JuiceMeUpDay ago

    Davis acting like a little girl😂😂🤣

  41. JuiceMeUp

    JuiceMeUpDay ago

    Fanum sounded like he was crying when he was laughing 😂

  42. SoloSavage

    SoloSavageDay ago

    I can’t ignore the fact duke mentioned how everybody gon leave snot Nd spit in the water but they still did it😭😭

  43. CallemYoungin

    CallemYounginDay ago

    It’s been 2 week

  44. Swervo J

    Swervo JDay ago

    Drop a new vid already 😐 it’s been a min

  45. TamBam Gamer

    TamBam GamerDay ago

    Who else were here before 1 million..1 million on the way

  46. Malachi Richards

    Malachi RichardsDay ago

    everyone on the video lol

  47. Kalel Cuffe

    Kalel CuffeDay ago

    It’s been 2 weeks Chris 💀

  48. TaedottGaming

    TaedottGamingDay ago

    W Vid fr

  49. TaedottGaming

    TaedottGamingDay ago

    Lavis -_-

  50. la coca nostra

    la coca nostraDay ago

    Every Monday my fucking ass

  51. Meechie

    MeechieDay ago

    2 weeks

  52. Dae tv

    Dae tv2 days ago

    Alright it’s been 2 weeks where’s the new vid

  53. Chris Mckay

    Chris Mckay2 days ago

    Davis needs to go to a yoga session because his balance is worse than a one legged tripod

  54. Karolina Tee's

    Karolina Tee's2 days ago

    That last challenge was funny as hell

  55. Karolina Tee's

    Karolina Tee's2 days ago

    Love how Kai hype his self up everytime


    REME GANG2 days ago

    It's been 2 weeks

  57. Andrew Allen

    Andrew Allen2 days ago

    Agent lost mad wait keep up da work my g💪🏾

  58. Earnest Bass

    Earnest Bass2 days ago

    Boutta be the third Monday in a row without a video lol

  59. Emusive

    Emusive2 days ago


  60. HollywoodKai

    HollywoodKai2 days ago

    Nahhh dis yall best video no cappp

  61. Sean Saunders

    Sean Saunders2 days ago

    Aye who hear nuke’s top 5 at the end hahaha

  62. Joaquin Owens

    Joaquin Owens2 days ago

    "yoyo my insides just exploded" wtf lol

  63. Hardees Biscuit

    Hardees Biscuit2 days ago

    On Another Episode Of “MISSING MONDAYS” AMP leaves Fans wondering what the HELL to watch without them ! Will it Be Cash Nasty Or That Dam Faze JEV. Stay Tuned As We Enter Week 3 Of AMP’S MISSING MONDAYS 😂😂

  64. JayCantEyEso

    JayCantEyEsoDay ago

    Best comment

  65. JAYONTOP Channel

    JAYONTOP Channel2 days ago

    Bro after this vid I subbed duke dennis was the funniest part when they lit it I thought I was gon die I got so dizzy

  66. Yoo Daveon

    Yoo Daveon2 days ago

    Funniest video ever😭😭

  67. Tammy CN

    Tammy CN2 days ago


  68. Adarius Smith

    Adarius Smith2 days ago

    When fanum started speaking Dominican

  69. Blake Dennis

    Blake Dennis2 days ago

    duke look like he want to be there

  70. Toxic_wavyk Drip

    Toxic_wavyk Drip2 days ago

    davis scary asl wit bugs

  71. Uno The One

    Uno The One2 days ago

    I need that new vid y’all got me feeling like a crackhead 😭😭

  72. Puff Puff Pass

    Puff Puff Pass2 days ago

    I just realized this nigga kai sounds like the zebra from Madagascar

  73. Puff Puff Pass

    Puff Puff Pass2 days ago

    @Snaggie Fr🤣

  74. Snaggie

    Snaggie2 days ago

    damn he actually do too😭

  75. Your Knee

    Your Knee3 days ago

    Cmon whris its been 2 weeks man😔🤞🏾

  76. Zerick Carter

    Zerick Carter3 days ago

    44:35 I SWEAR THIS IS THE FUNNIEST PART OF THE VIDEO!😂😂🤣😂🤣😅🤣😂🤣😅🤣😂😂😅🤣😂🤣😅🤣🤣

  77. Zerick Carter

    Zerick Carter3 days ago

    Davisss: Its a darito chip🤷🏽 Me: ight😂😏😌 If Daviss eat it:😖😓😳😵 Idk if daviss will be the one to eat it cause I haven't finished watching the vid

  78. Qaz

    Qaz3 days ago

    ayo where the video at Chris need to upload or y'all need to fire this non worker ah boy. Mans can't even clean dishes or take out the trash even Davis can do something that simple.

  79. shawn mendas

    shawn mendas3 days ago

    yoooooooooo he funny he was crying cuase the hot sause yall so his face lol

  80. Thatgoatwave

    Thatgoatwave3 days ago


  81. CocoDiamondDaze

    CocoDiamondDaze3 days ago

    Duke face at 4:16 “what the hell did I got myself into!?” 🤣

  82. Cashout LuhNik

    Cashout LuhNik3 days ago

    where the videos i can’t take it no more

  83. Wyatt _belcherkey

    Wyatt _belcherkey3 days ago

    Davis said “was that shit thick cut that out of that video”😂

  84. ASDA 3000

    ASDA 30003 days ago

    Ngl inconsistency is stumping amp’s growth 😕

  85. ASDA 3000

    ASDA 30003 days ago

    Ngl inconsistency is stumping amp’s growth 😕

  86. Omq Tyler

    Omq Tyler3 days ago

    I don’t expect how they think they will get “A million by March” at this rate of uploads

  87. Tbn RAGE

    Tbn RAGE3 days ago

    Its been 2 weeks

  88. Kamron George

    Kamron George3 days ago

    This shit deserves a Like and Sub

  89. MikeyBlessed

    MikeyBlessed3 days ago

    bro wsp did soluminati not pay chris again? wheres the uploads!

  90. Drxco2k

    Drxco2k3 days ago

    😂 duke looked so disgusted

  91. Greg Smith

    Greg Smith3 days ago

    Lmfao 🤣 they ass gtta do another one

  92. panda and gorilla boys

    panda and gorilla boys3 days ago

    They ass just need to upload

  93. Really Surreal

    Really Surreal3 days ago

    Avoid uploading by Any Mean Possible

  94. Aidan Miller

    Aidan Miller3 days ago


  95. Oeeoeo

    Oeeoeo3 days ago


  96. BARS

    BARS3 days ago

    Bruh where the fuck the new video at?

  97. Tavares Cash

    Tavares Cash3 days ago

    @Omq Tyler they delayed it again check ig or Twitter

  98. Omq Tyler

    Omq Tyler3 days ago

    @Tavares Cash - Chris said there was suppose to be a video today

  99. Tavares Cash

    Tavares Cash3 days ago

    @Omq Tyler Monday they dropping a gta video

  100. Omq Tyler

    Omq Tyler3 days ago

    They said next month

  101. Noonie Noon

    Noonie Noon3 days ago

    Yo y’all funny aab 🤣😂😂

  102. JrodFN

    JrodFN3 days ago

    another monday missed, cmon chris.

  103. JayWorthy

    JayWorthy3 days ago

    Underrated moment fr😂😂 52:39

  104. Zuiltia _

    Zuiltia _3 days ago

    I never laughed so much

  105. Darren’s Vlogs bro

    Darren’s Vlogs bro3 days ago

    You guys should do silent library

  106. Eli Lopez

    Eli Lopez3 days ago

    This was a funny video wish they be on time every Monday tho

  107. KillerGoKrazy

    KillerGoKrazy3 days ago

    nice video in your ads

  108. Malachi Richards

    Malachi RichardsDay ago

    lol you got ads

  109. Layal Alawi

    Layal Alawi3 days ago

    47:26 Lol, It got real quiet when you said that! 😂😂😂

  110. Layal Alawi

    Layal Alawi3 days ago


  111. Layal Alawi

    Layal Alawi3 days ago



    DURAG ENVY3 days ago

    So i started slackin on watching amp but the day i come back why is agent skinny? dat boi been in da gym

  113. Layal Alawi

    Layal Alawi3 days ago

    23:05 STFU 🤫

  114. kingGaming510

    kingGaming5103 days ago

    @Layal Alawi 24:22

  115. Layal Alawi

    Layal Alawi3 days ago

    @kingGaming510 Give me the time stamp I don't understand.

  116. kingGaming510

    kingGaming5103 days ago

    Kai: let me do this shit, Let me hop like a cricket Duke: Hey Agent:hey everyone: Hey Hey Hey Kai: Im a cr@ckhe@d start the timer That's what I heard 😂😂

  117. Layal Alawi

    Layal Alawi3 days ago

    12:30 YO, WTF JUST HAPPENED?! 😂😂😂

  118. Layal Alawi

    Layal Alawi3 days ago

    7:21 Of course I can eat a whole onion you idiot!

  119. caleb gayden

    caleb gayden3 days ago

    Niggas better have a 2 hour long vid how long they got us waiting 😂

  120. dready

    dready4 hours ago


  121. caleb gayden

    caleb gayden3 days ago

    Am not gone lie we’re tf y’all at

  122. The Fake Chris Paul

    The Fake Chris Paul3 days ago

    It's Thursday