RVSHVD - Raised Up (Audio)

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Official music video by RVSHVD performing "Raised Up" Β© 2021 The Penthouse


  1. Brandon Miller

    Brandon Miller44 minutes ago

    Man good shit right here

  2. Steven Bryson

    Steven Bryson4 hours ago

    Hellya skinπŸ’―

  3. Juan Leon

    Juan Leon4 hours ago

    If you know, you know. Not everybody raised like usπŸ’ͺ🏽πŸ’ͺ🏽πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  4. Full Send Tv

    Full Send Tv8 hours ago

    hell yaπŸ‘Œ

  5. Travis Durfee

    Travis Durfee9 hours ago

    Who the ? This is goodπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™I'm in πŸ™πŸŒ²πŸŽ£

  6. Tina Fury

    Tina FuryDay ago

    God I love your voice πŸ™Œβ€οΈ

  7. Caleb Walser

    Caleb WalserDay ago

    Mark my words, this fixed to be his most viewed song.

  8. AlwaysTrippin 420

    AlwaysTrippin 4202 days ago

    Soon as this song started I was like "damn, ok!" This is dope asf. Keep it up man. Loving the sound.

  9. Big B

    Big B2 days ago

    Sounds like we from the same place

  10. skylarhsm22

    skylarhsm222 days ago

    Great song!!

  11. Tanner Rogers

    Tanner Rogers2 days ago

    The wait was so worth it! You Killed it !

  12. Jon Johnson

    Jon Johnson3 days ago

    Pure Country!! Great Job!!

  13. Erika Lauren

    Erika Lauren3 days ago

    Finally!!!! Bout to put this on REPEAT πŸ™Œ

  14. venomous jay

    venomous jay3 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks if he and upchurch collabbed it be fire

  15. Shay Huffman

    Shay Huffman3 days ago

    Hell yeah BABY! Your gonna do big things man! GOOD JOB!

  16. America 1776

    America 17764 days ago

    Not sure who ya are but damn son...i like your style and your voice. From a southern belle who's roots run deep in that southern ground keep on singing, never go Nashville style either stay yourself and be true..you got this. You got ya self a new sub as well.

  17. Ethan Hale

    Ethan Hale4 days ago

    57 years old and I love this song. Still reaches back to my life and makes me feel at home. First shared it on tiktok now I'm sharing the complete song. Live it man. Found your other songs and I'm really enjoying then as well. Good job young man. Thank you.

  18. Trey Epperley

    Trey Epperley4 days ago

    I think i found the song for my senior slide show

  19. Justin Mann

    Justin Mann5 days ago

    How i was raised. Got this jamming in my shop gettin ready for the 2021 gold dirt season.

  20. Shawn Vanhorn

    Shawn Vanhorn6 days ago

    Dude your music is awesome how are you not signed yet

  21. Xander DiBartolomeo

    Xander DiBartolomeo6 days ago

    First time listening to this song. It just bring me back to my Alabama roots

  22. TTS Bodyshot

    TTS Bodyshot6 days ago

    You just had to delete My Bad and Different off of Spotify bruhhhh THOSE SONGS WERE BANGERSSS

  23. Logan Lynch

    Logan Lynch7 days ago

    You've got the gift man keep it going, I'm not a huge fan of country. This is just badass on so many levels.

  24. Kristy Edwards

    Kristy Edwards8 days ago

    Dropping some love from Alabama. Your sound is amazing! Love it!!

  25. Morbidangel

    Morbidangel8 days ago

    Tick tock brought me here as well keep up the work damn good song

  26. Donderion Simpson

    Donderion Simpson8 days ago

    Who tf disliked this? Must be 22 haters


    JOSH'S STUDIO8 days ago

    best new song in 2021 πŸ’―πŸ‘

  28. Alton Causey

    Alton Causey8 days ago

    Great song.

  29. LiveFreeOrDie

    LiveFreeOrDie8 days ago

    22 people were raised up to be pussies.

  30. Purple Sparty5

    Purple Sparty59 days ago

    If this were on the radio I could put my mind at ease

  31. Ryan Billadeau

    Ryan Billadeau9 days ago

    This is awesome πŸ‘Œ , love πŸ’˜ !!!!!

  32. Henry410 Axe

    Henry410 Axe9 days ago

    Song of the year. Amazing, dude. I’m CRANKING this in my truck right now

  33. Miller Miller

    Miller Miller9 days ago

    Finally found it tiktok sensation love it

  34. hainley fishing

    hainley fishing9 days ago


  35. Tracie Wells

    Tracie Wells9 days ago

    Love this song cant stop listening to it. Cant wait to here more from ya

  36. Lori Bracken

    Lori Bracken9 days ago

    I love this song , I love your voice, and damn you are Sexy😘

  37. Wallace Smith

    Wallace Smith9 days ago

    You hating if you don’t feel this .

  38. Omni Cereal

    Omni Cereal10 days ago

    Absolutely amazing! πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²

  39. Heather Gibson

    Heather Gibson10 days ago


  40. Amber Crowe

    Amber Crowe10 days ago

    Who else think he needs to do a song with upchurch!!

  41. Amber Smith

    Amber Smith10 days ago

    I grew up in rural Georgia mountains... every word hit home! πŸ™ŒπŸ» LOVE IT!! πŸ’š

  42. Mr. Truth

    Mr. Truth10 days ago

    Great song!

  43. Graham Pelletier

    Graham Pelletier10 days ago

    1st thought.....I have just heard thev1st #1hit from a new artist....I was right...great song...great melody....fantastic hook!

  44. Heather Doyle

    Heather Doyle10 days ago


  45. Hunt Fish USA 4 Life

    Hunt Fish USA 4 Life10 days ago

    Love it man!! Can’t shoot a pm on tick tock unless following. Have a question for you. If ya find time hit me up here of FB or tick tock!

  46. Justin Childress

    Justin Childress10 days ago

    Badass song πŸ’ͺ

  47. Mr King Kee

    Mr King Kee10 days ago

    Now this is badass. I said it in the comments on TikTok and I'll say it again, you're definitely making the charts with this one brother

  48. Joe Knoll

    Joe Knoll11 days ago

    I was waiting for this to drop and now I can’t stop playing it

  49. Ted Eubanks

    Ted Eubanks11 days ago

    Just purchased the download ! Thanks for your awesome music ! Good luck on more !!!

  50. norman casey

    norman casey11 days ago

    Dude you are AWESOME

  51. Naomi Worth

    Naomi Worth11 days ago

    Love it, needs to be on the radio!

  52. Chris&January Williamson

    Chris&January Williamson11 days ago

    Love it!!!

  53. Tracen Phillips

    Tracen Phillips11 days ago

    How does this song only have 100,000 views

  54. dick lenahan

    dick lenahan12 days ago


  55. michael atkins

    michael atkins12 days ago

    Man this song hit hard on my soul.... Gave me straight chills

  56. Andrew Pansch

    Andrew Pansch12 days ago

    Caught this on the yee yee page. Love it man.

  57. Cory Touchet

    Cory Touchet12 days ago

    Bruh I was happy when I heard this finally came out but now it passed my expectations congrats bro you should win a award

  58. Garden Doc

    Garden Doc12 days ago

    Just too good! Came straight from the TikTok can’t wait for more.

  59. A little bit of everything

    A little bit of everything12 days ago

    Lovin it my man

  60. The giant tree service

    The giant tree service13 days ago

    Definitely jamming this out loud 🀘🏼

  61. Scope Gameing

    Scope Gameing13 days ago

    Man im so glad that I found you on Tik tok then found out you had a youtube and once I found you been a fan every since then saw that this was coming out I was so hyped its an amazing song and cant wait for you to get supper big

  62. Kody Stubblefield

    Kody Stubblefield13 days ago

    This is the shit right here keep doin you homie

  63. Wade Johnson

    Wade Johnson13 days ago

    This is the type of song you show to people who don’t like country. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  64. Metro dakid

    Metro dakid13 days ago

    I fw this

  65. Harold East

    Harold East13 days ago

    Sombody tag Church. That collab would be dope

  66. Flying Anchovy

    Flying Anchovy13 days ago

    First saw this on the forbidden app asking if he should release it. Glad he finally did. Shits a banger. Good stuff shad.

  67. Joshua Altime

    Joshua Altime12 days ago

    @Flying Anchovy there, gone like Tienamen square lol

  68. Flying Anchovy

    Flying Anchovy12 days ago

    @Joshua Altime youre breaking rules here bro.

  69. Steven Smith

    Steven Smith13 days ago

    Who's the idiots giving this song a thumbs down this song kicks ass

  70. The Black Sheep

    The Black Sheep13 days ago

    When he says he was brought up reading them words in red, is he talking about the Bible?

  71. Erika Lauren

    Erika Lauren3 days ago

    Yes. The words in red were the word Jesus himself spoke in the bible.

  72. The Black Sheep

    The Black Sheep13 days ago

    Sweet thanks. I thought he was talking about scripture but wanted to get confirmation.

  73. Kody Stubblefield

    Kody Stubblefield13 days ago


  74. Dr. Prepper NolteandGodfrey

    Dr. Prepper NolteandGodfrey13 days ago

    Love this song. Real talent. God bless this American man. πŸ™ on my play list after God's country

  75. Justin Ellis

    Justin Ellis13 days ago

    Damn sounds like the next Brantley Gilbert. Hell yea

  76. Ben Wonders

    Ben Wonders13 days ago

    You+Church= Country Platinum

  77. Brody

    Brody13 days ago

    Dude. I just found you and my god. I love this shit. Keep it up

  78. Ashton Powell

    Ashton Powell13 days ago

    I know music labels are gonna be coming after you now so just stay independent because music labels cant give you shit but this is badass song

  79. Melinda Taldo

    Melinda Taldo13 days ago

    I’ve been waiting on this. This song is amazing!!

  80. Derick Coon

    Derick Coon13 days ago

    You and Upchurch would make a fire song 🎧

  81. GoldBadgeFarmDIY

    GoldBadgeFarmDIY13 days ago

    Oooooooh, Son! You're voice is SILK! And, your words really take me back! Story telling at it's best!!

  82. BERTRAND850

    BERTRAND85013 days ago

    This song is incredible! Been awesome watching you grow brother! πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ

  83. Combat Ineffective

    Combat Ineffective13 days ago

    I heard this on tiktok first and was waiting to hear the whole song! Awesome song! This should be getting air play on the radio for sure!

  84. Manuel cruz

    Manuel cruz14 days ago

    Let’s all call to all radio stations in our states and ask for this hit to force then to play it and make it a big hit!!

  85. Evan Ault

    Evan Ault14 days ago

    Hell ya brother... blowin up my speakers now!

  86. I am She.

    I am She.14 days ago

    The lyrics, the music.... THANK YOU πŸ’•

  87. Eric Thompson

    Eric Thompson14 days ago

    I'm so glad you popped up on my tiktok love your music bro!

  88. Wild Fire

    Wild Fire14 days ago

    TikTok brought me here!! Thank you!!! Bout time we had another legend raise up!! New fan!’ πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  89. Crimson 7

    Crimson 714 days ago

    Crazy people: cOuNtRy MuSiC iS rAcIsT!! Me:Stfu

  90. Vicious Tiger Playz

    Vicious Tiger Playz14 days ago

    An amazing song. U will make it brother keep pushin

  91. James Largen

    James Largen14 days ago

    Damn... just damn.

  92. Lloyd Mayall

    Lloyd Mayall14 days ago

    #creeksquad #countryboy shit fuggin

  93. Colt.45

    Colt.4514 days ago

    Bro you have one of the smoothest and badass southern tones!!! Love all the remixes you come out with and these last new ones are so damn good! Keep them songs coming brother

  94. Black Towken

    Black Towken14 days ago

    This is a country hit. I can't wait for a you and kirk jay song it would be heat for sure.

  95. Malissa Hayden

    Malissa Hayden14 days ago

    So good! Love it. I found you on TikTok

  96. Corvo Legend

    Corvo Legend14 days ago

    Thank you for putting this on youtube love this

  97. Todd Horton

    Todd Horton14 days ago

    I love this 😍 Keep it up brother The greatest never fade

  98. Rebel Rhodes

    Rebel Rhodes14 days ago

    Damn thats lite bro!!!!!

  99. Dusty Anderson

    Dusty Anderson14 days ago


  100. Dusty Anderson

    Dusty Anderson14 days ago

    Fuckin killed it .. YEE YEE

  101. The Dot

    The Dot15 days ago

    Roots run deep like dat old oak tree. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ˜ƒ

  102. Black Towken

    Black Towken14 days ago

    Climbing them was a joy when I was a kid.

  103. Jesse Johnson

    Jesse Johnson15 days ago

    Damn good song


    LISHMANGIRL15 days ago


  105. George World

    George World15 days ago

    Best music

  106. one two

    one two15 days ago

    Here since tiktok bout time brother