Wandavision Episode 7 Marvel TOP 10 Breakdown and Ending Explained

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Covering Full Wandavision Episode 7 TOP 10 Breakdown and Easter Eggs. Agatha Harkness Explained, Monica Rambeau Evan Peters Quicksilver Post Credit Scene Explained. Doctor Strange 2 Easter Eggs and Nightmare Breakdown. Scarlet Witch Nigthmare References and New Scenes. House of M, Evan Peters Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch vs Agnes Agatha Harkness. Monica Rambeau Powers Spectrum Photon and Captain Marvel 2. Wandavision Episode 7 Ending. What Happened to Vision Explained. Billy and Tommy Wiccan and Speed.
Wandavision Episode 8 Trailer, Avengers Infinty War and Avengers Endgame Wandavision References. Marvel Phase 4 Fantastic Four Foreshadowing. The Blue Marvel Character and Doctor Strange 2 Foreshadowing.
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My Wandavision Episode 8 video coming next! New Episode videos will post every Friday. Falcon and Winter Soldier Episode 1 starting after the Wandavision Episode 9 Finale too!

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  1. Emergency Awesome

    Emergency Awesome17 days ago

    Here's my Full Wandavision Episode 7 video and Marvel Easter Eggs. Lots of big reveals finally. Post all your predictions in the comments! Here's my new Wandavision Nightmare Easter Eggs video too! uslikes.info/house/a6uBuJSk1nCogJU/video.html

  2. Tim Outland

    Tim Outland9 days ago

    @Choo Choo234 I totally heard that too! Totally fits in the with sitcom theme!!!!

  3. Epsilon Eagle

    Epsilon Eagle9 days ago

    3 million subs from repeating what we just watched

  4. Frank Guerrero

    Frank Guerrero12 days ago

    Has anyone talked about the intro scene the calendar has a Friday the 10th in a heart. The next Friday the 10th is on September. Is anything happening that day this year?

  5. Elaine Etheridge

    Elaine Etheridge13 days ago

    I dont think they were trying to remake Vision, I think they were trying to remake Ultron. James Spader is listed as the voice of Ultron in the cast. Just my 2 cents

  6. GIJOE

    GIJOE13 days ago

    Really? You actually think Major is the engineer? She delivered it, she’s not the engineer.

  7. Liam Garica

    Liam Garica13 hours ago

    I loved the yo gabba gabba cameo

  8. Scott Lang

    Scott LangDay ago

    It Was Agatha All Along😉

  9. Jon Silha

    Jon SilhaDay ago

    20:48 it wasn’t until now that I am realizing that kind of looked like something out of stranger things.

  10. Daniel Kim

    Daniel KimDay ago

    Paul lied.

  11. Dean Turner

    Dean Turner4 days ago

    I haven’t read all the comments but you mentioned the Symbols, Agatha said that they are all linked to one Spell for the witch using there powers. So I don’t think that they are linked to a bigger darker Character Villain! I think the book is link to that just a thought after watching your breakdown. Thanks

  12. vin yt

    vin yt5 days ago

    what about the white version of vision at the end. and which figure was floating to Wanda when she looked into the infinity stone (one of the past moments she saw because of Agatha?)

  13. bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyui4 days ago

    Btw the surprise character that’s going to show up it’s probably Ultron.

  14. Andros the warrior High Alpha

    Andros the warrior High Alpha5 days ago

    The pictures of Nightmare on what you were showing.. I can totally see it happening in Doctor Strange 2 Multiverse of Madness..

  15. Andros the warrior High Alpha

    Andros the warrior High Alpha4 days ago

    @bcvbb hyui whichever happens.. I hope it happens..

  16. bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyui4 days ago

    in the Wanda-vision series somehow.

  17. asioe kiou

    asioe kiou5 days ago

    I just realized that agent Woo was Kim Jong Un in “The Interview”.-lol

  18. Katelyn Nicolee

    Katelyn Nicolee6 days ago

    Is hayword ultron?

  19. vbddfy euuyt

    vbddfy euuyt6 days ago

    Everyone's acting in this series is magnificent! Standing ovation to the casting crew

  20. asioe kiou

    asioe kiou5 days ago

    Repeatedly in the comics, Dr Strange delivers Wanda's children. I wonder...

  21. Simon Bain

    Simon Bain6 days ago

    Maybe it is Ralph Dibny...got kicked off the Flash and this is the start of the Amalgam comics universe. Makes sense as this series leads into the MCU Multiverse and the Flash has explored the DC Multiverse.

  22. vbddfy euuyt

    vbddfy euuyt6 days ago

    What if he actually is still playing the Quicksilver from the X-Men series, and Agatha just "borrowed" him to mess with Wanda? Wanda sending the twins back with him to his

  23. Randall Morris

    Randall Morris7 days ago

    Nexus reminds me of the Nexus from Star Trek Generations. The Nexus there was described as if joy was a blanket that you could wrap yourself up in it.

  24. kAS

    kAS7 days ago

    Wanda does COCK magick, not chaos magick. Y'all misheard Agatha..

  25. Brenda Fisher

    Brenda Fisher7 days ago

    I think the book is for summoning

  26. Brenda Fisher

    Brenda Fisher7 days ago

    Dude cool vid

  27. Arch Enemy Buckets

    Arch Enemy Buckets7 days ago

    I think the boys got away or saved maybe dr strange 🤔

  28. oiuet souiu

    oiuet souiu7 days ago

    “Her entire house looks like it was decorated by a witch” The interior decorator: 🥲🤡

  29. Darryl Sladden

    Darryl Sladden7 days ago

    Wait what about the fact that someone played doctor octopus in into the spider verse that could Be a big whatever it’s called to spider man no way home Agatha might be dr octopus

  30. oiuet souiu

    oiuet souiu7 days ago

    Ralph is Mephisto!

  31. Rock girl

    Rock girl8 days ago

    No one: literally no one: Me: is no one gonna talk about THAT AGATHA KILLED SPARKY

  32. John W

    John W8 days ago

    Agatha's song is very much like the theme from The Munsters.

  33. Jabberwok28

    Jabberwok288 days ago

    Does not that book look like the Darkholm?

  34. ASAPX Done right

    ASAPX Done right9 days ago

    I rewatched AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON (with new context) And I noticed, Thor and vision had a private conversation that no one heard, on a balcony. I guarantee that comes up in the Wanda-vision series somehow.

  35. Dynamic Samurai

    Dynamic Samurai9 days ago

    Btw the surprise character that’s going to show up it’s probably Ultron.

  36. bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyui9 days ago

    Teyonah Parris is the real MVP. When Wanda slammed her to the ground and she did a superhero landing. I bloody screamed!

  37. Nancy Jay

    Nancy Jay10 days ago

    Repeatedly in the comics, Dr Strange delivers Wanda's children. I wonder...

  38. bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyui9 days ago

    universe came through the FF when Reed was leading team on some crazy exploration or he was doing some crazy experiment.

  39. Javier Viera

    Javier Viera10 days ago

    lmao. Ur theory didn’t age well with Agatha.

  40. Josh Matiash

    Josh Matiash10 days ago

    Hey Charlie, after rewatching episode 7 again (and again) I noticed the WANDA license plate during the theme song part had "122822" at the top. What are your thoughts on that? At first I thought Dr. S 2 but that comes out in March 2022....

  41. LucyLynette

    LucyLynette10 days ago

    What if he actually is still playing the Quicksilver from the X-Men series, and Agatha just "borrowed" him to mess with Wanda? Wanda sending the twins back with him to his universe as a means of keeping them safe from Agatha and/or getting them out of the hex, or Agatha doing so herself to increase Wanda's suffering would provide the means for older versions of the twins to be cast for later projects while getting them offscreen (and Wanda being miserable for losing them) in the short term.

  42. Hapsetshut

    Hapsetshut10 days ago

    Apparently when you have subtitles on during the milk scene there's dialogue that no one says

  43. Jayjay Grey

    Jayjay Grey10 days ago

    I think maybe Agatha isn’t doing mind control “again” on Wanda. I think that purple power going around Wanda’s face/head. I think Agatha is maybe just showing Wanda what Agatha has been up to this whole time but I could totally be wrong

  44. Begrüßen Den Kraken

    Begrüßen Den Kraken10 days ago

    11:55 the electro what?

  45. Pia Wartsback

    Pia Wartsback10 days ago

    actress Kathryn Hahn sends the same sassy vibes like icon actress Jennifer Coolidge which can be a befitting Agnes / Agatha Harkness and i think they both mirror each other similarly, they could be sister or twins in a multiverse sense too haha!

  46. GENGHISKHAN 1206

    GENGHISKHAN 120610 days ago

    Just started binge watching it. It is so much better than I thought. And I have House of M.

  47. Franklin T Keener

    Franklin T Keener10 days ago

    Ralph is Mephisto!

  48. Josiah Curry

    Josiah Curry10 days ago

    I think that Evan Peters could possibly end up as Nicolas Scratch

  49. Lazynub

    Lazynub10 days ago

    I hate it when people smell their food right before they eat it dumb animals

  50. Omar Andre

    Omar Andre11 days ago

    Wait... the Nexus is that place Tony goes in Age of Ultron

  51. Scott Palmer

    Scott Palmer11 days ago

    In WandaVision E7, theres a missing child poster on the milk bottle Wanda pours into her cereal. I thought the boy kinda looked like Billy. Its at 3 minutes and 42 seconds. Anyone have thoughts on that?

  52. Jeremy Ray Wilson

    Jeremy Ray Wilson11 days ago

    We don't know if you do anything other than the MCU but speaking of The Matrix, our whole family is hoping you will do your take on the new Matrix 4 movie!!! Good stuff as always bud!

  53. Rmcbride __

    Rmcbride __11 days ago

    The director scene in the song is a really good representation of what’s going on- Wanda is the actress that brings everything to life but the director (Agatha) is the one in control and is writing everything

  54. Charles Atkins, Jr.

    Charles Atkins, Jr.11 days ago

    Great comments on WandVision thanks! I would like to add that I am confused about Agatha Harkness being just a "villain" in the MCU because in the comics she was the only babysitter that the Reed and Sue Richards could have for their unique children. Also, in the comics she was a mentor to Scarlet Witch. Maybe Agatha is being controlled too and both she and Wanda need to be liberated? I have been following Emergency Awesome since Ragnorak and you are indeed Awesome. I grew up with the Fantastic 4 in the 1970s and 80s and needless to say I hope I am alive when a decent version of them comes to the big screen--especially since most of the biggest baddest villains in the Marvel universe came through the FF when Reed was leading team on some crazy exploration or he was doing some crazy experiment.

  55. qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnon11 days ago

    As soon as Wanda entered Agatha's house I was covered in goosebumps...my Spidey-sense was at a 10/10 😬

  56. Emily Lopez

    Emily Lopez11 days ago

    No one: literally no one: Me: is no one gonna talk about THAT AGATHA KILLED SPARKY

  57. qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnon11 days ago

    "And I killed sparky too 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤭🤭"

  58. john topolski

    john topolski11 days ago

    So glad we’re getting good content. Great video as usual

  59. Jorge Bagadiong

    Jorge Bagadiong11 days ago

    I think the episode is more like the office. Its too obvious on the intro

  60. glen harper

    glen harper11 days ago

    Magnetos gotta be the big final episode cameo he is Wandas father after all and Mephisto will be the main villain connecting to multiverse of madness

  61. Shounok Guha

    Shounok Guha11 days ago

    Could Agatha be a different version of Wanda from the Multiverse ?

  62. ArnoldPalmerMaster

    ArnoldPalmerMaster11 days ago

    I would like to think Wanda was trying to find a way to revive Vision. Finding anyway to do it. She finds out about Agatha. Agatha is living in that small town in New Jersey. Wanda meets Agatha and then Agatha agrees to help her, but Wanda loses control and her mind goes crazy. So Agatha is trying to control Wanda and save her own town from her. Agatha is seen as a wise witch in the comics so I think Agatha is trying to get Wanda out of her madness because their magic went wrong. But ... I know they are making Agatha evil so 🥺

  63. Zel

    Zel11 days ago

    the voice was Katheryn Hahn's voice lowered down in pitch...

  64. Béni Gage

    Béni Gage11 days ago

    The electro-mad-at-it spectrum😂I'm dead, good effort though, can't wait to see what's in store for the next episode #wankandaforeva

  65. Night sniper G

    Night sniper G11 days ago

    I loved yo gabba gabba as a kid. They got jack black in it at one point.

  66. Moosh Chef maxx

    Moosh Chef maxx11 days ago

    What’s with Agathas pin? She always has it on and it looks like the 4 horsemen

  67. SuperDeliBros

    SuperDeliBros11 days ago

    They will start off slow next episode, vison will show up at home and we most likely will have the sitcom style again but Agatha will control scenes while vison questions where Wanda is and the kids. As we saw in this episode he has a hard time at remembering what he must do, being trap in this hex confuses him. Perhaps Monica could be corrupt too! I could be wrong about that, because i also think Monica and vison will help Wanda snap out of it or at least make an attempt to. I have this feeling Wanda could still mess things up because if she finds out sword is trying to destory the hex she could expand it again! What im thinking is this hex is the cause to all this multiverse madness! It will consume earth and bring all evil and demonic possibilities to light. Spiderman new trailer had the same wandavison please stand by transaction style at the end. We know Spider-Man 2 doc ock is back along with electro in amazing spiderman. SO its possible to see a lot of crazy characters in Spiderman 3. The world already could of been corrupt at the end of far from home without them even knowing it! Could be why we saw classic J Johan Jameson! Who knows my guess is as good as yours at this point haha. Also since they are going ahead in time with each episode their world could be corrupt on the modern day time, illusions to make it seem like nothing changed.. No matter what they do we all know that their is multiple branches to that reality and it should be an interesting year for mcu and what the future of it will look like :)))

  68. Talos115

    Talos11511 days ago

    possibly Fouse

  69. Aiki Dojo

    Aiki Dojo11 days ago

    I think, Evan (quicksilver) is actually Mephisto and the missing kids have been reclaimed by him, he chose (evan peters) because he didn't know which multiverse this wanda is from and chose the one from the sonyverse instead of the mcu, mistakenly.

  70. Steven Haire

    Steven Haire11 days ago

    That SWORD agent isn't the engineer. She never said she built the vehicle and in the last episode Monica specifically said "he" so we know it's a guy. Pay attention bro.

  71. esmelusina

    esmelusina11 days ago

    TV Show probably moved to a digital format, so the signal is different. Goodner is probably a friendly skrull. Book probably should be the darkhold so that we get a precursor for Blade. This also means Chthon involvement. Genetic mutation isn't really an x-men reference-- mutates are not mutants. I think this was more to outline that Monica spent the last several years watching her mom fight cancer. From Monica's point of view, she's probably weighing what she and her mom went through as a risk factor for crossing the barrier again. The interview voice IS Kathyrn Hahn, pitched down. TV Show format makes a lot of sense for a Mojo tie-in! Not actually a reasonable theory here-- but imagine Mojo watching the show and being reallllly into it. So much so he wants to get involved or recreate something similar for his own TV empire.

  72. JSSTyger

    JSSTyger12 days ago

    I have a new theory. I think Agnes left town with the twins (for unknown reasons). She knew the gig was up when Monica broke through the hex. I think when SWORD breaks down the hex they're gonna find Wanda in that cellar surrounded by all the incriminating video evidence against her.

  73. nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoy12 days ago

    Surprised you didn’t mention the “super hero landing” that Monica did a few times in the episode.

  74. Rushery AikKO

    Rushery AikKO12 days ago

    "And I killed sparky too 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤭🤭"

  75. nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoy12 days ago

    the Hex itself for whatever she plans to do next. The colour of the magic surrounding Agatha's book seems to be an orange/red colour - which makes me think that only Wand

  76. Bill Hudson

    Bill Hudson12 days ago

    The darkhold is back from Shield Lol Hopefully they explain how she got it

  77. Jonas Pamperl

    Jonas Pamperl12 days ago

    hasnt anybody saw the statue from agents of shield which reminds coulsen of thahiti

  78. Im Michael

    Im Michael12 days ago

    I think Sam raimi is the perfect person the direct Dr strange 2, he's known for making great superhero movies and horror movies

  79. Anthony Vigliotti

    Anthony Vigliotti12 days ago

    Though presented as a villain, I think Agatha has actually been helping Wanda with her mental health and anxieties. Being a good wife, fitting in with society, being a good mother, dealing with the death of her brother and family, dealing with the death of vision. These have been the themes of the episodes. I don’t think she is the antagonist, but actually Wanda’s friend

  80. JPK Clutch

    JPK Clutch12 days ago

    I knew that wasn’t the real quicksilver.It just did not add up but he is definitely important.My theory is that he is Agathas son Nick scratch. Agatha and Nick are probably working under Nightmare and that is what will lead to Dr Strange appearing in the series finale bc Nightmare becomes too influential.

  81. CJ

    CJ12 days ago

    I think book is the darkhold and it could lead to nightmare or someone else.

  82. Tat Bat

    Tat Bat12 days ago

    OMG! I loved it! Here's a some pop culture easter egg that no one seems to have noticed, Aggie's house exterior is the same one used for Sam and Darrin's house (or an outstanding re-creation) in Bewitched. The original side door was swapped out for the basement door but that's the same exterior. Also, Aggie's theme song was heavily Munster-ish.

  83. IDK David Kim

    IDK David Kim12 days ago

    Upvote this cause I want Charlie to talk about it what if the meddling with visions Dead body brings back ultron!

  84. fastgav

    fastgav12 days ago

    I'm thinking the book could be the necronomicon or something like that. I really am hoping for Mephisto and not a cosmic villain, but purple power to me = Galactus, which I know doesn't make sense for this setting...but he is the most purple galactic villain I can think of

  85. Jus call me vell

    Jus call me vell12 days ago

    Probably her kid nick

  86. battlethebollocks Rodgers

    battlethebollocks Rodgers12 days ago

    Coven of witches going mainstream/lame stream...forgive us father, narcissistic and shallow.

  87. Kc P

    Kc P12 days ago

    Wanda doesn’t control anything underground. The agent didn’t change to the beekeeper until he came out of the sewer. She had no clue what was going on in Agatha’s basement. The question is, is Agatha stronger underground than up in the hex?

  88. Denis Boss

    Denis Boss12 days ago

    Quicksilver is gonna wake up out of agatha her magic and he"s gonna be like "who is pietro & where is Charles??"

  89. Alex Rodrigo

    Alex Rodrigo12 days ago

    FYI. It’s going to be mister sinister. Hear me out. The closed caption said sinister music. Sinister, like in the comics, wants to unlock mutants. He also has purple color scheme. Lol. Their is a lot more if you read the comics and you can connect so many dots. But I’m to lazy. I’m sure you can see them.

  90. Kc P

    Kc P12 days ago

    Was Agatha’s car in the mid credit scene a perfect color match to iron man?!

  91. Gabriel Anderson

    Gabriel Anderson12 days ago

    I reckon Vision can't leave the Hex cause Wanda is drawing power from the mind stone subconsciously to make the hex, and Agatha's magic tree roots are drawing power from the Hex itself for whatever she plans to do next. The colour of the magic surrounding Agatha's book seems to be an orange/red colour - which makes me think that only Wanda or Billy (assuming Billy's superpower colour is orange) can open the book which I'm guessing Agatha needs to bring back the missing kid on the milk carton from the start of this episode?

  92. Lee'sa Lee

    Lee'sa Lee12 days ago

    The Dr.Darcy was chained to metal, in the Hex she became strong -breaking thru the chains with ease and punched the man with metal punch sound. She got some powers, mutant....possibility

  93. plague0vSOULS

    plague0vSOULS12 days ago

    Question: Did the brooch Agatha was wearing towards the end have any significance? It looks like an logo/sigil of 3 sisters? Or something. Thanks in advance.

  94. Paulsicles

    Paulsicles12 days ago

    I like the Tonka Tough easter egg commercial that was Rambeau's DUMP TRUCK 😳

  95. Sean Kramer

    Sean Kramer12 days ago

    I would much rather have Evan Peter's playing the new quicksilver over any other role

  96. James Daniel Villanueva

    James Daniel Villanueva12 days ago

    Maybe Major Goodner is Soren, Talos' daughter???

  97. random black guy

    random black guy12 days ago

    Fortnite had a season called "nexus wars" with a bunch of marvel characters And the final boss was galaxus I think that should also be considered🤔

  98. Anonomous

    Anonomous12 days ago

    I don’t get how if scarlet witch has all that power she can’t repair vision

  99. SpookMrsSpooky

    SpookMrsSpooky12 days ago

    When I saw him in the mid credit scene, I thought he was in the process of checking out Agatha's basement too. "Snooper's gonna snoop" I took to mean he was snooping too. I stopped reading comic books in the mid to late 60s (they went from 12 cents to 2.50. No thanks, I had bills by then), so I missed out on Agatha Harkness and all these other characters, so I'm probably wrong.

  100. Mel Jones

    Mel Jones13 days ago

    The engineer is the skrull daughter

  101. josh woerner

    josh woerner13 days ago

    Just rewatched Spider-Man Far from home... And i just realized, one of the teachers, reacting to the elementals, says "From a scientific standpoint, Witches" and i thought, thats so random, why would he say witches when he coulda said aliens. Could this really be a hint that long ago about Wanda vision? Just a thought.

  102. Brandi Stone

    Brandi Stone13 days ago

    Can't wait for more

  103. Loutzenheiser

    Loutzenheiser13 days ago

    Evan Peters plays Fox X-Men Universe Quicksilver, possessed or controlled by Agatha,.

  104. Isaiah Carrion

    Isaiah Carrion13 days ago

    I really hope it’s doctor strange

  105. bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiu13 days ago

    I love how Wanda sniffs the cereal when she'd poured the milk. Who knows if the milk was still fresh after it had glitched so much.

  106. ceddy jj

    ceddy jj13 days ago

    I see that Monica is wearing that fantastic four uniform, well it looks like it

  107. bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiu13 days ago

    I bet the pic of the kid on the milk is actually a real life pic of Elizabeth Olsen

  108. DJ Pharaoh

    DJ Pharaoh13 days ago

    I think Pietro is Nicholas scratch

  109. Kelly Klapp

    Kelly Klapp13 days ago

    I don't think quicksilver is a magic user at all. I think it's just he's a controlled person and Agatha gave him the ability through her to also capture others that intrude. She's just using him as her guard. Now Monica and him and both under her control.

  110. Keola Kaluhiokalani

    Keola Kaluhiokalani13 days ago

    Was the book stolen from the sanctum after Strange was snaptured? 🤯

  111. Cheef Sosa

    Cheef Sosa13 days ago

    So no more regular down to earth, punch and kick characters?

  112. MC Neil Pereira

    MC Neil Pereira13 days ago

    The bill comes due. Always!KARL MORDO revealed in the final episode as the big baddie 👺


    XTENCIONCORD13 days ago

    I think Peter/Pietro/Quicksilver is the missing person on witness protection it's the only mysterious person left now, because it looks like Agnes was only controlling him just like any other person being mind controlled in the Hex

  114. Paul Chien

    Paul Chien13 days ago

    Check the book’s energy! I froze the frame & upped the saturation- ITS ORANGE; neither red, purple or blue. To the left is a flower-less plant. Cut everbloom? These plants are similar

  115. Jayrhuss Rosal

    Jayrhuss Rosal13 days ago

    The yo gabba gabba scene is missin the robot...means vision is out of the picture