For six years, this orangutan lived in a tiny cage. Now he's nearly free | 7.30

Last year, Foreign Correspondent discovered Jono, an adult orangutan, at a quarantine centre in Jakarta. He'd been held in a small cage there for six years.
Now, thanks to the public response to the program, Jono is being moved to an orangutan sanctuary in Borneo where he will learn how to live in the wild. Adam Harvey followed Jono’s journey for 7.30.
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  1. Ben Dover

    Ben Dover10 days ago


  2. Jay Dawg

    Jay Dawg15 days ago

    Apes on a plane. Movie sequel?

  3. DJSwezzleMusic

    DJSwezzleMusic23 days ago

    The cage is perfect for this gorilla

  4. DJSwezzleMusic

    DJSwezzleMusic10 days ago

    @Ben Dover orangutan, gorilla whatever

  5. Ben Dover

    Ben Dover10 days ago

    Did u say gorilla

  6. Carmen Rodriguez

    Carmen RodriguezMonth ago

    Great job! I might suggest when any animal comes out of the transport cage, to leave him in a calm environment... too many people an noice... with respect 🙂

  7. Sam Small

    Sam SmallMonth ago


  8. EMIRUえみる

    EMIRUえみるMonth ago

    1:14で檻ごと手を掴まれて2人がかりでやっと離れるのを見るあたりオランウータンの力の強さが分かる。 偶々オランウータンが手加減して手を離してくれたからまだ良かったかもしれないけど、下手すれば握り潰されてたかもしれないし。いくら檻越しでも人間の数倍力のある怪物に迂闊に近寄っちゃダメでしょ...。

  9. Sleepy siblings

    Sleepy siblings10 days ago


  10. Baniya Gamer

    Baniya GamerMonth ago

    Spoiler alert: It is not made after corona, Don't see the masks

  11. wira gunawan

    wira gunawanMonth ago

    no Indonesian official can have a credit for releasing Jono... they dont care

  12. Sarrah Imnottellingu

    Sarrah Imnottellingu2 months ago

    Why people still wearing the mask their are no covid 19 in 2018.

  13. Eboni Mom

    Eboni Mom3 days ago

    Is this a serious question?

  14. Nitka_22

    Nitka_22Month ago

    They wear it to protect the orangutans...they can catch our diseases...and die from them...

  15. Drop the beat

    Drop the beatMonth ago

    Because it’s normalized to wear them in most Asian countries

  16. Eldere Pyper

    Eldere Pyper2 months ago


  17. Victor Wingo

    Victor Wingo3 months ago

    Too funny how he grabbed the guys hand

  18. ashley m

    ashley m5 days ago

    Yea... I was wondering wtf that guy was doing

  19. Scarlet Red Magic

    Scarlet Red Magic3 months ago

    I love how they keep praising the handler saying that he's been taking care of him for 6 years wtf?! This poor Creature was locked up in a small cage! Unbelievable 🙄

  20. Aydan N

    Aydan N14 days ago

    He's just a handler and doing his best to keep him healthy. It's the people above him that has an authority to release Jono. He has no power nor say about Jono's destiny. The government paid him as his caretaker. Why do u blaming him for something he has no power over? In another document, it's explained that some people that go against the government have their life in danger.

  21. Scarlet Red Magic

    Scarlet Red Magic3 months ago

    @Chatara Sanders I guess you are right it's just sad no justice was served for the mistreatment of this poor creature maybe it was hmm idk

  22. Chatara Sanders

    Chatara Sanders3 months ago

    he was just a handler, he didn't own him. He did his best considering the circumstances.

  23. GiGi_Dream

    GiGi_Dream3 months ago

    This is why when I become president these animals and world will thank me ;)

  24. Mr Baguette

    Mr Baguette3 months ago

    Cat 🐈

  25. Norm Trong

    Norm Trong3 months ago

    Poor orangutan

  26. Secure Comment Protect

    Secure Comment Protect4 months ago

    Lol if i was god i’d like to destroy goverments if they did that and if they became worser than ever, i’d just destroy earth gone reduced to atoms. put them at the bottom, and put the good guys on heaven

  27. Eboni Mom

    Eboni Mom3 days ago

    You seem like either a simple minded adult or a child.

  28. Eboni Mom

    Eboni Mom3 days ago

    @Jay Dawg lol right

  29. Jay Dawg

    Jay Dawg15 days ago

    It looks like you just tossed a dictionary in a blender.

  30. Tim Cosner

    Tim Cosner3 months ago

    Cape GTPS thanos is that you?

  31. Wake Up

    Wake Up4 months ago


  32. BMW Drift 93300

    BMW Drift 933004 months ago

    Humans are disgrace

  33. a Godzilla fan boy

    a Godzilla fan boy3 days ago

    @Eboni Mom yes

  34. Eboni Mom

    Eboni Mom3 days ago

    The people on this comment are ignorant. You are right. *Most* humans are a disgrace. There are more bad and harmful humans than "good" ones. Humans are bad for the environment and destroy this planet; NOT for survival, but for greed. We are more harmful to this planet than any other species HANDS DOWN. We are the only species actively working to destroy nature and this planet for nothing more than our own selfish short term goals. The entire reason why Orangutans are endangered is because we indulged into the palm oil business for money. Thats it. Money. We do not need palm oil to survive, yet we destroy their homes to make money so that we can buy nets and yachts. Now, we are so dependent on palm oil, that seeking out an alternative isnt easy. Palm oil is everywhere and in everything. Its cheaper to make and yields high margins. To stop would be harmful to our GDP and would disrupt our everyday lives. So now it is easier to just continue than to actually put in the work to find a better solution. It's easier to say "it's either humans or orangutans". So yes, I recognize that this means that I am inherently hating on myself. And that's partly true. My current life and upbringing contributes to the death of this planet. The way I live, the car I drive, the clothes I wear, the food I eat, the phone I am using.... all contributing to the downfall of the planet. It's so unfortunate that our society cannot function unless we are killing the planet. We sacrifice the future of our great great great grandchildren all for the comfort of our lives today.

  35. a Godzilla fan boy

    a Godzilla fan boy9 days ago

    @筋猫Kineko yes, and we also care for animals. Except for ugly ones, and smart ones

  36. 筋猫Kineko

    筋猫Kineko9 days ago

    your assumption makes no sense, considering that you yourself are a human and therefore caring of the animal and so were the rescuers, shove those misantropist crap up your ass

  37. a Godzilla fan boy

    a Godzilla fan boyMonth ago

    So that means you are a disgrace

  38. Smurves

    Smurves4 months ago

    That's a big damn orangutan.

  39. Just Thinking

    Just Thinking4 months ago

    Orangutans don't prefer to be in small areas and they put him in a 4ft. wide cage for 6 years, the owner should've been inside the cage with the orangutan

  40. jenwill11

    jenwill114 months ago

    Those poor animals left behind they even had those awful wire floors in the cages that they had to stand and sleep on all day. Disgusting!

  41. Xavier Delgado

    Xavier Delgado5 months ago

    Kill him its sad to let him live in a cage just kill him

  42. SuperGirl S

    SuperGirl S3 days ago

    Xavier Delgado I wouldn't kill them there are such less species of them.Due to Deforestation.

  43. CatchyUsername95

    CatchyUsername95Month ago

    Did you not pay attention to the video? They're only putting him in the 2nd cage temporarily so they can safely release him after numerous checks on him. If they'd just released him immediately he would have likely died.

  44. J C

    J C2 months ago

    I can tell you care, wish there were more like you.

  45. FreyatheFreya

    FreyatheFreya4 months ago

    They keep him in a cage so they can release him into the wild

  46. Mr. Neonz

    Mr. Neonz5 months ago

    Some of the people in this comment section disgust me, that’s a living breathing creature, not a monster...

  47. forestghost7

    forestghost75 months ago

    @Mr Neonz There is a pack of vile, sadistic trolls who frequent all the orang clips, desperately seeking attention by trying to spread their toxic rhetoric. I am involved in orang conservation and I forward their comments to the targeted parties (sanctuaries), and report them to USlikes, who have promised to do something. Meanwhile, "ignore" is probably the best countermeasure

  48. Keekz Duncombe

    Keekz Duncombe5 months ago

    Why pale ppl feel the need to be in everything

  49. 筋猫Kineko

    筋猫Kineko9 days ago

    Because asian people themselves don't seem to be capable of handling animals nor anything in the matter without Japanese. if it's not Japan taking care of Asia, it has to be Europeans

  50. stacy the young karen

    stacy the young karenMonth ago

    LMAO best comment 😂 Colonization/industrialization in a nutshell 💀

  51. mariya mariya

    mariya mariya2 months ago

    Yeah everywhere 😂

  52. Gannon Shields

    Gannon Shields3 months ago

    “White People”

  53. Karondo

    Karondo4 months ago

    what you gonna do about it tho

  54. CitCats

    CitCats5 months ago

    Poor uh oh stinky..

  55. Gannon Shields

    Gannon Shields3 months ago

    It is not the orangutans fault he was trapped in an old cage the poor thing just needs a bath

  56. Steve Gale

    Steve Gale5 months ago

    We'll give him a bullet to the head so he will die cause he would definitely deserve it

  57. LOP POL

    LOP POL3 months ago


  58. AJPlayZ 01

    AJPlayZ 013 months ago

    FreyatheFreya they’re trolls

  59. Gannon Shields

    Gannon Shields3 months ago

    bro, chill these orangutans are gentle and kind to us humans if you want to be mad at an animal choose humans they are constantly killing each other and other animals

  60. FreyatheFreya

    FreyatheFreya4 months ago

    He doesn’t deserve it, humans have given him a shit life and now some are trying to help him. Stfu 🤡

  61. LOP POL

    LOP POL5 months ago

    Steve Gale stfu “sTeVe”

  62. Liah Rowe

    Liah Rowe5 months ago

    Aww it's sad that he wasn't released into the wild.

  63. AJPlayZ 01

    AJPlayZ 013 months ago

    Pappy Van Winkle there’s also humans that still live in the wild, are they monsters too?

  64. Foxy • 70 years ago

    Foxy • 70 years ago4 months ago

    Pappy Van Winkle You know you're in the wrong, hence why you deleted your comment

  65. FreyatheFreya

    FreyatheFreya4 months ago

    Pappy Van Winkle wonder why you deleted your comment 🤔

  66. FreyatheFreya

    FreyatheFreya4 months ago

    Pappy Van Winkle stfu. 🤡

  67. FreyatheFreya

    FreyatheFreya4 months ago

    Phil Smith they are keeping him in the sanctuary to teach him the skills

  68. Amazing Supergirl

    Amazing Supergirl5 months ago

    He looks and acts pretty freaked out to me

  69. Gannon Shields

    Gannon Shields3 months ago

    Orangutans are friendly and misunderstood pappy you are a monster for how you think of these innocent creatures

  70. Skylar Phillips

    Skylar Phillips4 months ago

    @Pappy Van Winkle you do realise thats a animal and not a creature from the 7th circle of hell right?

  71. Angie Minni

    Angie Minni5 months ago

    The person who did this was heartless, brutal hellish. How could he tortue our mortal fellow like this. Hell is his destination.

  72. forestghost7

    forestghost75 months ago

    @LOP POL Hell on Earth is real, it's called KARMA and will swallow those deserving; I've seen it happen

  73. LOP POL

    LOP POL5 months ago

    Angie Minni If only hell was real...

  74. Wake Up

    Wake Up5 months ago

    Awesome, amazing animal! He is cool.

  75. Gannon Shields

    Gannon Shields3 months ago

    u are for finding these videos only to spread hate

  76. Ma- gee

    Ma- gee6 months ago

    The poor thing...tears rolling down his nose... glistened. thank your for him.

  77. Marguerite Heirman

    Marguerite Heirman6 months ago

    put us for 6 years in quarantine., lockdown, let us try.

  78. Help me Killer

    Help me Killer6 months ago

    Mans fingers ate

  79. Daniel Adams

    Daniel Adams6 months ago

    Whoa he's a big lad. I wouldn't mess with him.

  80. AJPlayZ 01

    AJPlayZ 013 months ago

    Mr. Neonz it’s just a troll with no life

  81. Gannon Shields

    Gannon Shields3 months ago

    we would bring it to aim at you orangutans are gentle giants don’t judge them by their size they are peaceful apes who like to spend quiet lives in the trees it is our fault they are endangered

  82. Just Thinking

    Just Thinking4 months ago

    @Mr. Neonz he doesn't have a mind, he's the one who deserves to be in the cage

  83. Mr. Neonz

    Mr. Neonz5 months ago

    Pappy Van Winkle Do you not have a mind? That’s a living breathing animal that had been tormented for years...

  84. Joshua Moran

    Joshua Moran6 months ago

    He looks he is from the jungle book

  85. Gannon Shields

    Gannon Shields3 months ago

    at least he does not act like one, pappy on the other hand u do

  86. LOP POL

    LOP POL5 months ago

    Pappy Van Winkle am I going to reply to you every time?

  87. Mindy McNamara

    Mindy McNamara6 months ago

    There is NO EXCUSE for this evilness . People disgust me

  88. LOP POL

    LOP POL5 months ago

    Pappy Van Winkle stop trolling


    DARLENE GEYER6 months ago

    I can't blame him for biting his keeper...he should of never been kept in a cage to begin with. He is a big beautiful animal who deserves to be free.

  90. Susie Wade

    Susie Wade6 months ago

    the noises he makes are so er-ire.

  91. Gannon Shields

    Gannon Shields3 months ago

    pappy, ur talking is more annoying than any noise to come from an animal

  92. LOP POL

    LOP POL5 months ago

    Pappy Van Winkle Atleast now I’m relieved knowing you’re trolling

  93. Nur Syafizah

    Nur Syafizah6 months ago

    Pls destroy all palm forest!! Stop using soap and save orangutan!!

  94. Gannon Shields

    Gannon Shields3 months ago

    Pappy you are such a villain

  95. Badmanlilleker 20

    Badmanlilleker 205 months ago

    Pappy Van Winkle just stop

  96. Lie Kiok Ling

    Lie Kiok Ling6 months ago

    终于松口气了。。可怜的毛孩 祝好心人士安康富贵。。

  97. Kathryn Carter

    Kathryn Carter6 months ago

    God bless all rescuers! He should've never been put in there

  98. LOP POL

    LOP POL3 months ago

    Gannon Shields lol

  99. Gannon Shields

    Gannon Shields3 months ago

    Pappy stop talking about yourself in the third person

  100. LOP POL

    LOP POL5 months ago

    Pappy Van Winkle Brilliant trolling,you made everyone mad

  101. Hispano- german

    Hispano- german5 months ago

    @Pappy Van Winkle You have lost your life privileges

  102. Talat Y.

    Talat Y.6 months ago

    so very nice to see the animals are recused by very good souls,animals are much much better than cruel human beings.

  103. K j

    K j6 months ago

    How do they stuff this big beautiful animal in a travel box like that no wonder he's upset

  104. K j

    K j6 months ago

    What gives anyone the right to keep a beautiful animal like this caged..SICK

  105. Jasmine Luxemburg

    Jasmine Luxemburg6 months ago

    Yes it’s bad Karma to wantonly destroy or cage a wild animal. !

  106. gidget morris

    gidget morris6 months ago

    thank god for these people who get these animals out of hell all who have hands in putting them in these cages your mind body and soul will now be caged for ever

  107. Linda Burchell

    Linda Burchell6 months ago

    He's beautiful.

  108. I am

    I am6 months ago

    Orangutan is kind of a human to

  109. LOP POL

    LOP POL5 months ago

    Rhea's Life you are too m’lady ;)

  110. I am

    I am5 months ago

    @Basicslomotion what

  111. Basicslomotion

    Basicslomotion6 months ago

    Rhea Kumar wtf?

  112. Rhea Kumar

    Rhea Kumar6 months ago

    Your pretty

  113. fiya exidor

    fiya exidor6 months ago

    Similar feelings to us I guess.

  114. Jane Bingley

    Jane Bingley6 months ago

    ...uh oh stinky

  115. Baby Danni

    Baby Danni6 months ago

    Free Maurice

  116. Keith Matthews

    Keith Matthews6 months ago

    Left turn Clyde.

  117. Chris Quinn

    Chris Quinn7 months ago

    “Nearly free “ that’s not good enough let the thing be free

  118. Olivia R

    Olivia R6 months ago

    He will be free soon as they said but he needs to LEARN how to live in the wild first. If they release him immediately he will die these animals needs to be equipped with the tools to survive.

  119. firs sep

    firs sep7 months ago

    6 years to get released? Must be an extremely difficult task.

  120. MNG

    MNG7 months ago

    Dutch girl 🇳🇱🌷👍

  121. 巨人の肩

    巨人の肩7 months ago

    Orangs are 97 % genetic humans. If you treat people like animals, they will behave like animals.

  122. Michael Guest

    Michael Guest7 months ago

    I can’t believe people keep them in cages. Some people just need to burn in hell. It’s so heart breaking

  123. Lauren

    Lauren7 months ago

    wheres the next video where he goes into the trees...

  124. Y'all need to wake up

    Y'all need to wake up7 months ago

    Look it up. He is not able to use is arms or legs and where he is located in the jungle if the water level rises he could drown

  125. sadtianii

    sadtianii7 months ago

    the blonde lady is veryy kind :)

  126. sadtianii

    sadtianii7 months ago

    1:14 lmaoo thats why u shouldnt lock them in cages

  127. Steve Todd

    Steve Todd7 months ago

    If you keep paying these people to release their animals, they obviously will do it again. Punish them and take their animals by force.

  128. suzi perret

    suzi perret7 months ago

    People who lock up animals should be put in those cages.

  129. FlashYT_studios

    FlashYT_studios7 months ago

    suzi perret I AGREE

  130. D.N .H

    D.N .H7 months ago

    omg they really ship them around in boxes like in madagascar

  131. Flebz

    Flebz7 months ago

    Omg yes lmao

  132. Angel Hernandez

    Angel Hernandez7 months ago

    That keeper is lucky he still has a hand because that is one big primate

  133. first name kiser

    first name kiser8 months ago

    The Indonesian official who said the indo gov was concerned about the orangutans becoming extinct isn't being honest , there are very many of them who turn a blind eye to animal trafficking and poaching for the right amount of money ..

  134. fiya exidor

    fiya exidor6 months ago

    @sadtianii love the people, hate the government

  135. Kuda Jingkrak

    Kuda Jingkrak6 months ago

    You should see it from both sides... The demand for exotic animales like the orangutan are coming from crazy rich and powerful people from America and/or Europe. Exotic animals are very expensive. just regular rich people can't even afford to have one.. if there's no demand, there will be no poaching and trafficking.

  136. sadtianii

    sadtianii7 months ago

    sorry.. i hate that my country has problems like these :(

  137. Henry Airconcepts

    Henry Airconcepts7 months ago

    True, they made that statement because it's embarrassing that a foreign aid bailed that creature whilst they never gave a damn for so many years.

  138. A very fat Piece of blob

    A very fat Piece of blob8 months ago

    Jono's voice sounds more scarier than a silverback gorilla.

  139. killyourtvnotme

    killyourtvnotme8 months ago

    terrible grammar lol

  140. Dracodracarys 233

    Dracodracarys 2338 months ago

    Jono's Bizarre Adventure

  141. Judy Williams

    Judy Williams8 months ago

    It's incredible, the level of coordinated effort required to get Jono back into the wild. God Bless them all. I don't know how long Jono would have to be in the sanctuary before being released into the wild, but wherever he is in this journey, I hope he is doing very well.

  142. Trip 313

    Trip 3138 months ago

    Jonno in Australian sounds just right

  143. Kattia Quinones

    Kattia Quinones8 months ago

    Why the small cage tho

  144. мαzє.

    мαzє.7 months ago

    Kattia Quinones lol should they transport a bigger cage with a plane or what ? I mean small is small a big cage u cant handle with a plane 😂

  145. branyann1

    branyann18 months ago

    It breaks my heart.. How can so called "" humans ' keep this beautiful animals in little filthy cages !! ? Is animal cruelty beyond believe !

  146. fiya exidor

    fiya exidor6 months ago

    @Farmer Fpv I'm sure they had good intentions ...not everyone is qualified or can be qualified for this job.

  147. Farmer Fpv

    Farmer Fpv7 months ago

    Stop crying about it and go volunteer to help, otherwise, you're just like every other overly emotional person looking seeking attention on here from others for your own selfish emotional needs. Coward.

  148. Er Ge

    Er Ge8 months ago

    Thanks for your efforts. You guys are amazing.

  149. Fischbein Ingermann

    Fischbein Ingermann8 months ago

    Orang utans are my favorite Apes, I'm glad that he is save now

  150. Fischbein Ingermann

    Fischbein Ingermann8 months ago

    @FS Chris I know, I write save, because I'm thinking that he isn't in the second cage for his hole life and that he is now or will in the future be returnrd to wild, because this beautiful animals must be free

  151. FS Chris

    FS Chris8 months ago

    Baryonyx Walkeri they are not pets they are just as mammal as we are

  152. k d

    k d8 months ago

    The real human is who can listen and feels the pain of other life as well. Your love and concern for him is remarkable. God bless you

  153. Rita Mittenzwei

    Rita Mittenzwei8 months ago

    What an absolute disgrace these counties are to do this and there’s so many of them..I have carma gets them all

  154. Rita Mittenzwei

    Rita Mittenzwei8 months ago


  155. 2pac Shakur Amauri

    2pac Shakur Amauri8 months ago


  156. T h a t s r o u g h b u d d y

    T h a t s r o u g h b u d d y7 months ago

    Andrew Edwards that doesn’t matter because I’m not talking about myself I’m explaining that even if the comment seems stupid you don’t have to say it, and insult people about it.

  157. Andrew Edwards

    Andrew Edwards7 months ago

    @T h a t s r o u g h b u d d y bruh, you're contradicting everything you've said so far.

  158. T h a t s r o u g h b u d d y

    T h a t s r o u g h b u d d y7 months ago

    Andrew Edwards yeah but it’s USlikes, we are free to comment whatever we want even if it is stupid people don’t have to say it. Commenting on USlikes won’t save orangutans.

  159. Andrew Edwards

    Andrew Edwards7 months ago

    @T h a t s r o u g h b u d d y because it was a stupid thing to say lmao we need the help of orangutans because orangutans are being killed and caged??

  160. T h a t s r o u g h b u d d y

    T h a t s r o u g h b u d d y8 months ago

    Destroyer 7509 are you seven?? Tf why does it matter

  161. Joseph Carter

    Joseph Carter8 months ago

    Man, he hit the ropes like he just got home from holiday. I hope he lives out the rest of his days happy. Terrible thing what some humans do to these majestic creatures.

  162. AnnemieM

    AnnemieM8 months ago

    My landlord gave me a fish in a little bowel to take care of for 2 weeks. I was upset everyday about it. How then can you leave a big animals in such a small cage, feed it everyday and not become completely and utterly disgusted and depressed is way way beyond me. I am so glad that his misery is over. A big thanks to every one that helped that animal.

  163. Daily Sandwich

    Daily Sandwich8 months ago

    If they could they would do the same thing to us

  164. Saga Aschan-Santana

    Saga Aschan-Santana8 months ago

    Please do not buy palm oil

  165. Marina McCleery

    Marina McCleery6 months ago

    Soy is another bad one!

  166. Kuda Jingkrak

    Kuda Jingkrak6 months ago

    @Andrew Edwards exactly... but not because of palm oil, but because of illegal logging since 1980's... Local people used those empty lands for farming, until rich and powerful people came and use the lands for palm oil plantation.

  167. Y'all need to wake up

    Y'all need to wake up7 months ago

    @mochammad erwin cause PALM OIL is from PALM TREES (THEIR HABIT)🤣🤣 dummy

  168. Andrew Edwards

    Andrew Edwards7 months ago

    @mochammad erwin dude, they're almost extinct because their forests are all being cut down

  169. Psychedelic Jungle

    Psychedelic Jungle8 months ago

    mochammad erwin It’s the main reason for deforestation and environmental degradation in rainforests. They clear the land to use it for palm oil farming, completely disrupting the entire ecosystem and destroying the native animals habitats, which is what ends up killing them and eventually makes them go extinct, that’s why so many of them are endangered.

  170. Patrick Bush

    Patrick Bush8 months ago

    He went on to get his master's degree, and now has a very successful business on the island

  171. Solar Kitty

    Solar Kitty8 months ago

    what a beautiful male orangutan. Only some of them develop those wide cheek pouches, and normally those are considered alpha or dominant males. he will do well.

  172. macerton1

    macerton18 months ago

    he grabbed that dudes hand was ripping it off he stretched every muscle in that arm..

  173. edd aimes

    edd aimes8 months ago

    now if only Julian Assange could get out of his tiny cage

  174. Malc of Heroes

    Malc of Heroes8 months ago


  175. Malc of Heroes

    Malc of Heroes8 months ago

    @Andy on bashar

  176. Andy

    Andy8 months ago

    On Allah?

  177. Malc of Heroes

    Malc of Heroes8 months ago

    @Austin Jackson omg...

  178. Austin Jackson

    Austin Jackson8 months ago


  179. Miriam L.

    Miriam L.8 months ago

    Deep. Thank God for all the people who realized he was a prisoner and are helping him get back into his natural environment. It made me feel so happy to watch him starts swinging from the tire and the rope right away even if he wasn't as strong as he will be. Thank you for sharing this.

  180. TheRubinator13

    TheRubinator138 months ago

    4:44 I died, it's too much cuteness 💕

  181. okY._. I ges

    okY._. I ges9 months ago

    oof hes insane

  182. Pessimystic

    Pessimystic9 months ago

    *Uh ohhh-*

  183. a CARROT with no SUBSCRIBER

    a CARROT with no SUBSCRIBER9 months ago

    *THEY NAMED HIM HERCULES, HE'S NOW FREE AND USED TO INTERACT WITH OTHERS AND ALSO VERY FRIENDLY WITH THE PEOPLE WHO RESCUED HIM. I'M SO HAPPY NOW THAT HE'S HAPPY ☺️* But sadly, he cannot climb trees because his feet is still weak for the longest time being jailed to a small enclosure.

  184. S A

    S A9 months ago

    So the keeper who kept him in the cage is not a criminal ?

  185. Marina McCleery

    Marina McCleery6 months ago

    Different countries have different laws or don’t enforce them; (so the government gets more money). In some countries there are not even woman’s rights. I’m no animal rights person I’m conservation and welfare.

  186. Miriam L.

    Miriam L.8 months ago

    S A They didn't explain that part very well. But the keeper they showed I believe was somebody who was working with him once they discovered him and we're trying to get him out. He wasn't his capture. It's amazing that it took six years to get the okay to release him into an acceptable sanctuary! The idea that you could lock up a smart animal in a small cage like that for so many years makes me sick. What kind of cruel person would ever do such a thing.

  187. a CARROT with no SUBSCRIBER

    a CARROT with no SUBSCRIBER9 months ago

    Fyi Hercules (his name) is now in the sanctuary, he's now friendly and used to interact with others even with the people who rescued him before. ☺️

  188. Carl Koch

    Carl Koch9 months ago

    Like a baby the ride puts him to sleep.

  189. tiarts kim

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    At the last, he smile.

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  193. Cathy Rzyczycki

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    The savages are the humans NOT the animals..

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    what about the people who saved him?

  195. Swift Killsx

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    Bruh Steve-O said one of his best drug trips was on ketamine this orangutans gonna go all crackhead crazy on em

  196. Swift Killsx

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    Annika Sangria ok but someone has to be salty or have nothing better to do but comment on every single thing they disagree with. If your a younger teen like me I get it but if your a 20+ year old get a life

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    thought i'd let you know

  198. Annika Sangria

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    no lmao, it's simply not funny

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    Annika Sangria Ok, you sound triggered or it sounds like you’ve had a bad day, do you wanna take out more stress on me? I’m asking.

  200. Annika Sangria

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    @Swift Killsx well your joke sucks

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    I watch this video over and over because I just love his voice.

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    Wtf he is in a another cage

  204. Makka Pakka

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    Holy shit how stupid are u the ppl just said that he needs to stay in the cage then he will be able to go to school then the forest

  205. print4apet

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  206. Beautifulsky's

    Beautifulsky's9 months ago

    He needs to build up muscle slowly and needs to learn how to interact/survive with others with his species

  207. p o

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    Did you not listen/read?

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