Sebastian Maniscalco Can't Wait to Spill Family Drama | Netflix Is A Joke

When the Maniscalco family meets, the gossip games begin.
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  1. Red Mustang 1976

    Red Mustang 19765 hours ago

    Its an Northern European thing and a southern European thing that lives on in America. Italians Greeks and Spannish are more open and passionate and the Brits Dutch and Germans and so on are more silent and to them selves.

  2. Gail Gay

    Gail GayDay ago

    It's refreshing to hear a comedian that is really hilarious and doesn't use the F word in every sentence. He has to be a genius to write such great material. I particularly liked the doorbell company routine. How true that is. When I was young company would drop by and there was always refreshment. Or we would be out and someone would say, " Let's drop in on _______" whoever we felt like visiting. Today it's, "If you want to come over, call first."

  3. JABouletFiction

    JABouletFictionDay ago

    Freaking hilarious!!


    GIVE ME YOUR BRAIN /2 days ago

    The book us Italians keep at weddings to make sure we know who gave what as a gift 😂

  5. Tommy

    Tommy2 days ago

    ”..we’re figuring it out tonight who goes where!” 😂😭💀

  6. chaos apiant

    chaos apiant4 days ago

    It wasn't until he was pantomiming digging in this video that I realized Sebastian is Stanley Spadowski, Michael Richard's character from UHF.

  7. Billal Latif

    Billal Latif4 days ago

    I'm fuckin dead!!!

  8. Serenade2461

    Serenade24616 days ago

    This is me after getting off the phone with my dad or sisters. Unfortunately, my hubby doesn't wanna hear it

  9. Sam Rajy

    Sam Rajy7 days ago

    My family gossips too much, they stir it in a pot and make it into a crazy story that doesn't resemble the original. They've put people off to where they had to leave a wedding because they started a rumor that the husband who remarried killed his first wife before, just to marry the new one. They try every chance to find something wrong with someone and turn it into something dramtic. When my grandfather who had many friends back in the day threw a get together expecting people to come because he's a narcissist. Nobody came. I guess that's what happens when you try to ruin a marriage at the wedding.

  10. allexandre ramsey

    allexandre ramsey9 days ago

    ...figuring who goes where, LMAO. Great!

  11. Sarah hepp

    Sarah hepp10 days ago

    Faulty towers

  12. Queso The Kid

    Queso The Kid10 days ago

    Lmao So, Italian families and Black families aren’t so different after all.

  13. tgh0486 Hamilton

    tgh0486 Hamilton11 days ago

    I love Sebastian’s comedy. Saw him live a few years ago. I laughed so hard that I had tears in my eyes. My stomach and sides aches a days!

  14. Nikki Campbell

    Nikki Campbell11 days ago

    This plot is paid for so in the meantime we'll use this for storage!

  15. Arkeeny

    Arkeeny11 days ago

    His physical comedian is on point!

  16. TMC

    TMC11 days ago

    I can’t even stand this it’s so funny 🤣

  17. Toni Tuve

    Toni Tuve12 days ago

    yup gotta get "the tea" from the family haha

  18. Francesca

    Francesca13 days ago

    AMEN! ITALIANS! TRUE PISAN'S, You got too Love them!!!! 🙏🙏💝💝🤣🤣

  19. marlene katz

    marlene katz15 days ago

    I'm Italian (Naples & Sicily) and Jewish (Russia & Austria). When the two families talk about each other, they say the same things. When I want to know what one family is up to, I ask the other one - lol.

  20. Waka Waka Abby

    Waka Waka Abby15 days ago

    I know what he’s got buried in the yard 😅😂

  21. WillyBeezy

    WillyBeezy16 days ago

    If they ever reboot Seinfeld he could play Kramer.

  22. Andrea Alfaro

    Andrea Alfaro17 days ago

    This special is SO GOOD

  23. Asking Why is Free

    Asking Why is Free19 days ago

    this guy raised the bar of stand up comedy. the movement, the observation, the minimal cursing like almost non existent, the fashion, THE FACE! I mean...he got so much stuff in his performance it's so fascinating!

  24. David Nava

    David Nava21 day ago

    Sebastian Your city of LA saved my life . And your comedy bring my spirit way up high , I thank God for ur existence!!! God bless ur family Champion

  25. fatwalletboy2

    fatwalletboy222 days ago

    Balling at the end of Undercover Boss 🤣🤣

  26. DesignerFromMars

    DesignerFromMars23 days ago

    Looks like Sebastian has at least 283 cousins.

  27. Joseph

    Joseph24 days ago

    Yep Spanish( Spaniards) and Italian and Greeks and Arabs the same. We have very similar behaviors and culture. I know, I am Italian and Spanish and some Greek.

  28. Love Lee Libra

    Love Lee Libra24 days ago

    The Juice! Front @ Center🥂😂

  29. Love Lee Libra

    Love Lee Libra24 days ago

    Those shoes are the boom💯😇

  30. HTB83

    HTB8325 days ago

    I'm not Italian but me and my family always like to hear other people's stories especially family members like we get in deep conversation about it and we tell other family members about it

  31. Private User

    Private User27 days ago

    A little bit of Maniscalco every rainy day of our lives keeps the smile muscles working just like by regular schedule. 😊😁

  32. Ji Hee Suh

    Ji Hee Suh27 days ago

    dig down deep. there's shit happening. my soul echos that lol

  33. David Fisher

    David Fisher28 days ago

    Ugliest shirt contest?

  34. Mari Victorius

    Mari VictoriusMonth ago

    Who’s goin’ in the hole? 🤣🤣🤣

  35. Daniela Pagliaro

    Daniela PagliaroMonth ago

    Being italian, I relate to everything he jokes about. It's actually true. He is hilarious. Sebastian called his wife Setta, what does it mean?

  36. renato parra

    renato parraMonth ago

    This guy is funny

  37. nalk20

    nalk20Month ago

    I wish he'd given the number of the seats in the theater. Just to fuck with the Italians... ;)

  38. Sweeping Up Spirits Ghost Hunting Inc.

    Sweeping Up Spirits Ghost Hunting Inc.Month ago

    "Pour yourself a glass of wine and Mimi outside.You're not going to believe what's going on, with my cousins." lol

  39. moon jewelz1

    moon jewelz1Month ago


  40. alex taramona

    alex taramonaMonth ago

    5:26 Greoge Lopezish hahahahaha

  41. Ho Lee Fok

    Ho Lee FokMonth ago

    "With the original...Ooh(?)" HAHAHAHA.

  42. Mimi Markova

    Mimi MarkovaMonth ago

    I can relate and I'm Mexican! We NEED to know it ALL!! hahaha

  43. J D

    J DMonth ago

    wow... am i an italian ))))

  44. Rebecca Penn

    Rebecca PennMonth ago

    I would be wondering the same question. Any time I am in a sad situation my brain always tried to think of something else.

  45. Brazilian Lady

    Brazilian LadyMonth ago

    Hahahaha sounds exactly like my Brazilian family.

  46. Ariana Ruscito

    Ariana RuscitoMonth ago

    SAME HERE!!! That’s Italians for you. Nothing is a secret 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  47. Rich Radillo

    Rich RadilloMonth ago

    How much you think you make for this lol 😂 😆 😝

  48. Grisel Olivero

    Grisel OliveroMonth ago

    They wrap the chair that's $38 dollars a chair.🤣

  49. Elizabeth Brower

    Elizabeth BrowerMonth ago


  50. MT 530

    MT 530Month ago

    Every Saturday afternoon - my house patio family gossip. Lord help the sibling who is not there that day 😂😂😂

  51. YONCE 8701

    YONCE 8701Month ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣My whole family!!! So glad it's not just African families!! 😅😅😅😫

  52. Ria Vandenberg

    Ria VandenbergMonth ago

    🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂so true

  53. Christa Allen

    Christa AllenMonth ago

    He is the BEST!!!!!

  54. MrCapochannel

    MrCapochannelMonth ago

    This is how real families are

  55. adisharr

    adisharrMonth ago

    "We gotta use this for storage" lol

  56. Sienna Sirianni

    Sienna SirianniMonth ago

    why is this exactlyyyyy my family

  57. Bronx Cortez

    Bronx CortezMonth ago

    phucken dying when he found out the wife remarried LMAOOOO OK !

  58. T. Vujatov

    T. VujatovMonth ago

    The 266 with thumbs down.... slap yourself.

  59. Jacob Twitchell

    Jacob TwitchellMonth ago

    I like that he's just Kramer

  60. Mohamed Nadal

    Mohamed NadalMonth ago

    in this special jerry seinfeld was sitting in the front row how the hell sebastian didn't salute him and acknowledge that he was there so the new generation would know one of the greatest ever comedians

  61. j mc

    j mc9 days ago

    They’re friends. Jerry prob had dinner with him before or after show. Also could’ve wanted to just enjoy the show and not have attn called to him and as class move for a fellow comedian during their show. Not all celebs want/need the spotlight all the time. 2nd time on Jerry’s show:

  62. JOLO Freebird

    JOLO FreebirdMonth ago

    Cemetery part... Hysterical! 🤣. That would be me too, thinking like Sabastian!🤣☝🏻

  63. John

    JohnMonth ago

    Italians are just the Mexicans of the east coast

  64. Buddyd

    BuddydMonth ago

    His mentality on alot of things is so relatable lol hes become a favorite easily. So funny 😅😅

  65. Alisha Hunt

    Alisha HuntMonth ago

    It's clear she's not italian or irish for that matter LOL. We can't wait to spill the beans eaither.

  66. luv bunny

    luv bunnyMonth ago

    My family...all Irish! Haha

  67. Stereo

    StereoMonth ago

    You're middle name must be Ace because that's what you on. I quit comedy because music came to me. But I intend to a fun acting career. I graduated from Cornell and have like 30 funny synopses that I intend to sell to Hollywood. We should be cost stars. And I am absolutely not wearing a dress.

  68. Noble Roofing & General Contracting

    Noble Roofing & General ContractingMonth ago


  69. D B

    D BMonth ago

    I’m not Italian, but the money bit hit home. If I brought a pack of gum, my daddy would ask how much it cost. LOL!

  70. Jerry Traveler

    Jerry TravelerMonth ago

    I am not Italian but I try to figure out costs.

  71. Claire Bear

    Claire BearMonth ago

    Thank God for this guy 😂🤣😂

  72. Lisa

    LisaMonth ago

    "That's why you got me" he's the best. I love that look and it's kind of Reverend Jim look somehow too (Taxi, Christopher Lloyd's character)

  73. Margaretcs0103

    Margaretcs0103Month ago

    OMG! So true....I’ve had that conversation after a wedding....💵💵💵💵

  74. Life By London

    Life By LondonMonth ago

    I love this guy!

  75. Nick Olson

    Nick OlsonMonth ago

    "Undercover Boss, c'mon" 😂. Not gonna lie, I have too man. Funny stuff.

  76. Tracy Jewels

    Tracy JewelsMonth ago

    Cheesme' a-k-a Juice! lol

  77. Lulu Nissan

    Lulu NissanMonth ago

    🤣🤣🤣 Chaldeans are the same way!

  78. Lori Boufford

    Lori BouffordMonth ago

    Wouldn't you love to just have a night out with him and his wife? Just once.

  79. Shannon White

    Shannon WhiteMonth ago

    Coming from an Italian family I know all about the juice 😁

  80. Shannon White

    Shannon WhiteMonth ago

    My father chose to be burried next to my mother even though had remarried. 💗

  81. guisalera1

    guisalera1Month ago

    Andrew Cuomo has officially hit rock bottom..

  82. My 3 Sons

    My 3 SonsMonth ago

    So true 💯

  83. Martha Jibbs

    Martha JibbsMonth ago


  84. Gary Johnson

    Gary JohnsonMonth ago

    This dude is what Jerry Seinfeld could be if he was funny.

  85. Gabbi Stone

    Gabbi StoneMonth ago

    I love my American boyfriend but WHERES THE FAMILY TEA HONEY 😂

  86. Dana Martinez

    Dana MartinezMonth ago

    Only married ppl. And ppl who have families will laugh at this shit.. It's not funny for me 🙄🤔 I don't know why the fuck this showing on my USlikes explorer.

  87. Djzen312

    Djzen312Month ago

    He should be added to all English and literature classes as one of the great American authors

  88. Will Yablomi

    Will YablomiMonth ago

    Camera gotta stay on those body movements thems half the comedy.

  89. Jamie Barraclough

    Jamie BarracloughMonth ago

    Is he wearing a bib? I feel like he isn't anywhere near messy enough to need a bib even eating ribs, definently doesn't need it on stage.

  90. Melanie Harvey

    Melanie HarveyMonth ago

    Just luv him!!!!

  91. Solange Michele

    Solange MicheleMonth ago

    Ok 3:44 ok. Good LAWD!

  92. greg the groove DRUM COVERS

    greg the groove DRUM COVERSMonth ago

    2:55 This is also totally Greek weddings as well! LOL

  93. James Halleluyah

    James HalleluyahMonth ago

    Easy peasy throw both the X and her new guy into the same hole, problem solved money saved.

  94. Majestic 12

    Majestic 12Month ago

    I believe this is at ppac

  95. c

    cMonth ago

    Sebastian’s jokes transcend culture and ethnicity.His humor is relatable.

  96. Andreas S

    Andreas SMonth ago

    @Jazo ma shut up idiot

  97. Jazo ma

    Jazo maMonth ago

    @Andreas S so ur ignorant of history bcus its too much work to be ur focus and im the moron? Im not worried bcus one day when all this comes to the surface ull be regurgitating my words, acting like u knew what was up the whole time lol

  98. Andreas S

    Andreas SMonth ago

    @Jazo ma shut up moron

  99. Jazo ma

    Jazo maMonth ago

    He still benefits from non white culture due to culturing smudging while non whites are being extorted and ignored.. get that thru ur fucking head!!

  100. Yolanda Bacon

    Yolanda BaconMonth ago

    I like his wife - she fits him. She is honest kind of funny.

  101. Aditi Mascarenhas

    Aditi MascarenhasMonth ago

    He reminds me of Kramer from Seinfeld

  102. Scott Shepard

    Scott Shepard2 months ago

    Dig...DIG for the story!

  103. Sanja Vero

    Sanja Vero2 months ago

    ahahahaha love him!

  104. C R

    C R2 months ago

    Love Sebastian! He's the Greatest 💖👍😁

  105. porsche606

    porsche6062 months ago

    I'm crying over here... This man is the best in the business right now