HIGHLIGHTS | Daniel Jacobs vs. Gabriel Rosado

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  1. soleprobe

    soleprobeDay ago

    when the highlights are boring....

  2. Nikos O'neal

    Nikos O'neal4 days ago

    Driest fight I’ve ever seen

  3. Арыстан Толеген

    Арыстан Толеген7 days ago

    Позорник Джейкобс

  4. Baim woodpecker

    Baim woodpecker7 days ago


  5. Carlos Rivera

    Carlos Rivera8 days ago

    Rosado win this fight easy

  6. Manuel Ruiz

    Manuel Ruiz9 days ago

    They just bla bla bla bla bla🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱

  7. jose619 diaz

    jose619 diaz9 days ago

    Ever since the canelo fight jacobs hasn't been the same smh. Looks like hes confidence is gone.

  8. Axel Martinez

    Axel Martinez9 days ago

    Jacobs 👎

  9. chen bong

    chen bong9 days ago

    Jacob didn’t even know he wonnnn💀💀💀

  10. MEECH !!

    MEECH !!11 days ago

    Jacobs doo doo

  11. Virgil White

    Virgil White13 days ago

    One announcer sounds like he got his boxing experience from watching Rocky movies.

  12. Easton Wagner

    Easton Wagner13 days ago

    Leo "the lion" sporino not really but Gabriel won

  13. Emrah Gulden

    Emrah Gulden14 days ago

    No need to fight again. And fire that ring announcer.. 😏

  14. Titanium Zone

    Titanium Zone14 days ago

    Boxing is rigged just like the World

  15. 1knightero

    1knightero15 days ago

    Boring af

  16. ajns

    ajns16 days ago

    Rosado looked sharp. Rosado should won or at least got a draw. It was a robbery.

  17. Cristiano Ronaldo

    Cristiano Ronaldo17 days ago

    Take that L, bruh you lost what you talking about 😂

  18. eduar ed

    eduar ed18 days ago

    Jacobs such a idiot on this fight...boring fight!...no wonder canelo pick this guy

  19. D-low9

    D-low918 days ago

    What yall think about Berlanga wanting Gabe Rosado??

  20. Ismael Barrera

    Ismael Barrera19 days ago

    I understand no audience and doesnt amp you up.

  21. Tyo Amigos

    Tyo Amigos20 days ago

    Illuminati refeere

  22. John Mayer’s

    John Mayer’s20 days ago

    Rosado look like a custom player you create on WWE

  23. Lester Ringor

    Lester Ringor20 days ago

    Jacobs say how he gonna punish him then does nuthin but steal fans money and make excuses he's a gatekeeper

  24. Данияр Жабаев

    Данияр Жабаев22 days ago

    За такои бои их надо уволить из бокса

  25. bekir ogul

    bekir ogul22 days ago

    Just a question how did rosado lose just how

  26. Tim Lunin

    Tim Lunin23 days ago

    This is what it looks like when both controllers disconnect.

  27. Kingdom

    Kingdom25 days ago

    Rosado got robbed 🔫

  28. jose619 diaz

    jose619 diaz25 days ago

    I thought rosado won by 2 rounds man poor guy cant catch a break.

  29. Don Rijos

    Don Rijos26 days ago

    This was like watching a Mayweathers fight.. MG...! What a boring thing.. can't call it a fight.

  30. TheE4kid

    TheE4kid27 days ago

    Have to admit Jacobs didn’t win that and for him to say “take the L” after Lol he got away with that one

  31. Pack Attack

    Pack Attack27 days ago

    I'm here to support Rosado after his youtube video boxing breakdown.

  32. Joel Adams

    Joel Adams28 days ago

    Real talk they would of did the same thing to pirog when he fought Jacob's but he got the ko

  33. M0RN1N6 5T4R

    M0RN1N6 5T4R29 days ago

    The announcer doing the best Steve Harvey impression I ever seen. Bravo. 🤦🏾‍♂️

  34. Janie Rios

    Janie RiosMonth ago


  35. Billy TheKid

    Billy TheKidMonth ago

    Should've been a draw

  36. Ju1cySteak

    Ju1cySteakMonth ago

    This video was downright terrible

  37. Marc Marcus

    Marc MarcusMonth ago

    The fight was boring

  38. Chris Cuevas

    Chris CuevasMonth ago

    Jacobs boxing is boring I think it should of been a draw cause Rosario got him with cleaner shots

  39. Manuel Nieves

    Manuel NievesMonth ago

    This fight was so boring 🙄 I ended up just changing the channel and started watching Southpaw. At least the southpaw fights were more exciting.

  40. Oscar Molina

    Oscar MolinaMonth ago

    I had it 116-112 FOR ROSADO

  41. random person

    random personMonth ago


  42. Lalo

    LaloMonth ago

    They'll take his freaking jocks next time

  43. Jason Ivler

    Jason IvlerMonth ago

    Adonis Creed will avenge this loss

  44. Adr Gar

    Adr GarMonth ago

    That never happend to Jimmy Lennon jr. or Michel Buffer!

  45. kiabah joe

    kiabah joeMonth ago

    This Daniel Jacob’s the only dude I know right now that utilizes that cross arm guard since Holyfield.

  46. Ant Tezzy357

    Ant Tezzy357Month ago

    How do you manage to make a highlight out of this fight???

  47. b0x1n9f4n

    b0x1n9f4nMonth ago

    I've always been iffy about Jacobs. This confirmed it.

  48. Zephyr

    ZephyrMonth ago

    Low level boxing.

  49. Tucker Robbins

    Tucker RobbinsMonth ago

    Man this commentary is awful. I don’t care how bad you think the fight was, they were so annoying and a little disrespectful

  50. Carolyn Sanchez

    Carolyn SanchezMonth ago

    And 4rrrm Philadelphia 🤣😂😂🤣

  51. Dee Payne

    Dee PayneMonth ago

    And then Danny Jacobs got the nerve to say he want smoke with Jermall Charlo 😂😂😂😂 . This was another sparring match for Danny Jacobs.

  52. Pedro J. Martinez-Fraga

    Pedro J. Martinez-FragaMonth ago

    Robbery! Rosado beat him fair and square. Jacobs is on the slide. This fight taught him much needed humility.

  53. R

    RMonth ago

    Jacobs knew it was a robbery

  54. Kyle Baltazar

    Kyle BaltazarMonth ago

    Rosado won the fight 👍👍

  55. Kevin Sar

    Kevin SarMonth ago

    sergio martinez is a terrible commentator

  56. FighTiming

    FighTimingMonth ago

    Lol, jacobs is a Clown for real.

  57. Tristan Molinero

    Tristan MolineroMonth ago

    If your a true fan you’d appreciate the technique rosado brought out I think he’s gonna shine from here on out

  58. DatingMatis156

    DatingMatis156Month ago

    “ cause you don’t know what you’re doing. “ “ okay, then what should he should do. “ It’s a back & forth from the commentary booth. 😂

  59. RodSterling’s Grandson

    RodSterling’s GrandsonMonth ago

    Robbery against my brotha Gabe once again.

  60. Randy White

    Randy WhiteMonth ago

    Jacobs acted like a boxer who is afraid of getting hit. Getting worse every fight. Won’t waste my time on another Jacobs fight.

  61. Woodyyy y

    Woodyyy yMonth ago

    Maybe the commentators should have their own boxing match

  62. YURRP

    YURRPMonth ago

    Lost all respect for Jacobs after saying take that L he lost bad

  63. J Santana

    J SantanaMonth ago

    Boxing has gotten so bad that Mike tyson has been the highlight so far. 😂😂. Rosado clearly won that fight even true boxing fans would agree.

  64. NN O Amed

    NN O AmedMonth ago

    I just seem to see full fight haha.

  65. звезда звезда

    звезда звездаMonth ago


  66. звезда звезда

    звезда звездаMonth ago


  67. KING TJ C

    KING TJ CMonth ago


  68. Ty Berry

    Ty BerryMonth ago

    Yeah seriously why is this 10 mins long?

  69. Marc Osmond

    Marc OsmondMonth ago

    How Jacobs won that fight I will never know......

  70. Jay Jay

    Jay JayMonth ago

    You guys acting surprised where you been the past 40 years? Boxing has been corrupt, the commission, promoters/promotions, fighters, judges, even the refs etc. are all corrupt. The guy with the bigger name and more money behind him is always going to get the decision. It’s why no one respects the sport and the popularity of it has dwindled, while other combat sports continue to grow. You need to clean house and take away all these fake belts, you got champs no ones never heard of lol None of that will ever happen though and it will float around in mediocrity forever

  71. Raw B

    Raw BMonth ago

    Rosados record should tell you how shady boxing judges are. Dudes been robbed more times than a bank.

  72. Rinzler

    RinzlerMonth ago

    Philadelphia Brooklyn New York? Lol

  73. yes4me

    yes4meMonth ago

    Fun fact: Gabriel Rosado acted in the movie Creed This sport needs a computer to be part of the judge

  74. Christopher Gyan

    Christopher GyanMonth ago

    Finally, Jamie Foxx is a boxer!

  75. C.Xavier Reyes

    C.Xavier ReyesMonth ago

    Commentaries are hilarious

  76. brianboru62

    brianboru62Month ago

    Referees borrowed a Dominion voting machine from Michigan.

  77. soiung toiue

    soiung toiueMonth ago

    Pure robbery! Disgusting boxing

  78. brianboru62

    brianboru62Month ago

    That there is absolutely everything wrong with BOXING that was shoddy,appalling and grubby.All i can say Gabe Rosado YOU WON WELL DONE!!!!

  79. soiung toiue

    soiung toiueMonth ago

    nah rosado should of won he landed more punches they robbed him

  80. Guillermo Moreno

    Guillermo MorenoMonth ago

    When there are millions at stake, Jacob was the clear favorite coming into the fight. I hate how money dictates fights, not true talent. Boxing as a whole needs to be regulated honestly.

  81. Raphael Joseph

    Raphael JosephMonth ago

    Worse commentators ever

  82. YG Ivy

    YG IvyMonth ago

    This fight so boring the Commentators arguing with each other 😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️

  83. bernardo loco

    bernardo locoMonth ago

    should call it the most boring moment of boxe ever

  84. Ride Nich

    Ride NichMonth ago

    where's the highlights?

  85. Viiral Hype

    Viiral HypeMonth ago

    what a joke

  86. Derrick williams

    Derrick williamsMonth ago

    It was a very boring fight!!!

  87. Dchz

    DchzMonth ago

    Jacob wanted to show his boxing skills but it didn’t work for him

  88. Bob Marley

    Bob MarleyMonth ago

    “Highlights”....really? 😴

  89. Atseridi Agbuke

    Atseridi AgbukeMonth ago

    but gabe won the fight like even a non boxing fan would notice that man

  90. W.M.L WILL

    W.M.L WILLMonth ago

    and the annoucer needs to go ASAP

  91. W.M.L WILL

    W.M.L WILLMonth ago

    nah rosado should of won he landed more punches they robbed him

  92. Yaniel Ramos

    Yaniel RamosMonth ago

    Wow Jacobs lost

  93. Sam Warrilow

    Sam WarrilowMonth ago

    It doesn’t bode well when the highlights jump immediately to Round 4....

  94. soiung toiue

    soiung toiueMonth ago

    LOLLLL thatS why, everyone jump to the octagon 🎤☑️

  95. Zechidvjchi

    ZechidvjchiMonth ago

    The commentator getting real heated at the end 😂😂

  96. odie Kaleka

    odie KalekaMonth ago

    It is like some body bought you a tv and there was nothing to channels to tune in to or nothing at all.

  97. odie Kaleka

    odie KalekaMonth ago

    I do not see anything happen but some people present on the ring. I would not show up to at the show eveb if it had been free and no covid.

  98. soiung toiue

    soiung toiueMonth ago

    This fight shows why boxings dieing ... Boring not much activity and then ends in a robbery

  99. Nuuts_Inmy _Buuts

    Nuuts_Inmy _BuutsMonth ago

    “Hamburger meat” Wow I’m speechless

  100. Jeff2theLeft

    Jeff2theLeftMonth ago

    Word right??? The commentators crossed the line in this fight multiple times

  101. Jose Alvarez

    Jose AlvarezMonth ago

    nomas subieron por la paga la pelea más aburrida de la década. Destrozan. A da zn nombres en la paga

  102. Ace Hernandez

    Ace HernandezMonth ago

    Fight of the year candidate ! :)

  103. KB

    KBMonth ago

    Martin Murray & Danny Jacobs fights were the biggest robberies for Rosado

  104. Chris Egitto

    Chris EgittoMonth ago

    BJS wud skool u on that performance