Sam Hunt - Breaking Up Was Easy In The 90's (Official Music Video)

The official music video for Sam Hunt's "Breaking Up Was Easy In The 90's."
Listen to Sam Hunt’s latest music:
Man, oh man, oh man
Bartender looked at me like, ""Pony up man, we're closing down""
I paid the tab and I turned around
Got on that phone on the way home
Ended up down the rabbit hole again
Funny how you haven't changed a bit but you're twice as pretty
I'm glad you finally got to see New York City
And I know it's not a race
But it looks like you're gettin' over me faster than I'm gettin' over you
But hey, what you gon' do?
I'm sick of sittin' at the house, dyin' on my phone
Wishin' I was somewhere I can be alone
Try to let you go but somethin' always reminds me
I bet breakin' up was easy in the '90s
I'm tired of gettin' drunk, tired of bein' free
Tired of seein' pictures I don't wanna see
Girl you're everywhere, everywhere but behind me
I bet breakin' up was easy in the '90s
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  1. Chrissy Shields

    Chrissy Shields2 hours ago

    Love this music listen to it all the time

  2. Sam Anderson

    Sam Anderson3 hours ago

    You are my people, thank you for your music!

  3. NotJoe Biden

    NotJoe Biden7 hours ago

    Boycott country music until these self entitled children use their voice to speak up against gun control...

  4. Leonardo DaVinci

    Leonardo DaVinciDay ago

    I heard this at the barber shop and went home to find it, last night I didn't get 1 minute of sleep but this song got my feeling good today.

  5. Sammie Weddle

    Sammie WeddleDay ago

    whats up

  6. Leonardo DaVinci

    Leonardo DaVinci2 days ago

    I like it a lot.

  7. James Jameson

    James Jameson2 days ago

    Why does he talk like Boomhauer for half the song?

  8. OxGulli 1

    OxGulli 13 days ago

    Sam hunt always nail it

  9. OxGulli 1

    OxGulli 13 days ago

    This song give me chills

  10. noble2412

    noble24126 days ago

    I was hoping he'd get the girl 😭😭

  11. Jordan Tatum

    Jordan Tatum6 days ago

    I didn't need to feel like this this morning. I miss you

  12. ROSE LEE

    ROSE LEE7 days ago

    Bad ass song!

  13. KY Wildcat

    KY Wildcat8 days ago

    Stop claiming country. This song is embarrassing.

  14. blane austin

    blane austin9 days ago

    This video speaks to me so well. I did nearly 2 yrs in prison and left home thinking that she would be there at the end and she wasn’t. Seeing him walk out to his mom made me think about me walking out to my mom instead of the woman I wanted there. I learned to just do away with social media after a year of being home just to much hurt.

  15. Janelle Davis

    Janelle Davis10 days ago

    okay Sam come through

  16. Tim Ferrari

    Tim Ferrari10 days ago

    Where is he leaving from? Thats not prison for sure. Not even county lets you out like that lol! Love this dude and his music, but dont portray that shit.. especially if youve never done any time. Every person that has done time would call him out on that. Love the song 100%, but dont show jail or prison shit if youve never been there... A night or 2, or even a month in jail is not doing time either, but I understand where he was going with this video, and I truly love it. Thank you for all the videos and music you do for us, its a blessing for sure bubba! 6 out of 5 stars for sure!

  17. Tay Will

    Tay Will11 days ago

    That was cute song.

  18. Denise Giles

    Denise Giles11 days ago

    "I'm just a product of my generation".. For some reason that part really gets me. Idk why 😂

  19. P.O.P Records

    P.O.P Records10 days ago

    Cause it's true, and it's a great line.... ☮️

  20. Denise Giles

    Denise Giles11 days ago

    Gotta admit, I did NOT like this song when I first heard it. But its currently on repeat😂 Sam Hunt cannot put out a bad song

  21. Andrea Vaughn

    Andrea Vaughn13 days ago

    I can't stand this dude's music, but yeah, it was easier back then. You kids have know idea how easy it was to just walk away.

  22. Andrew Crain

    Andrew Crain14 days ago

    Why am I just now realizing this song is basically “break up in a small town” 2.0 🤔

  23. Hannah DeBruin

    Hannah DeBruin14 days ago

    this has the same rythym and beat as breakup in a small town just differet lyrics

  24. nevaeh swiggum

    nevaeh swiggum16 days ago

    I think I like this song I love it

  25. Aus Amzar

    Aus Amzar17 days ago

    masterpiece, love you Sam no homo. 🙌

  26. rusty Squeezbox

    rusty Squeezbox17 days ago

    This isnt country but sounds cool

  27. Lauren Marroquin

    Lauren Marroquin17 days ago

    The woman’s name is Lauren, how ironic. It’s because us Lauren’s are where it’s at and where it’s always going to be.

  28. terry dobbs

    terry dobbs18 days ago

    Sam hunt has great songs but his videos don’t make sense with the song

  29. Josh Courtois

    Josh Courtois18 days ago

    I thought this was going to be a nostalgia retro video. I don't think I fully understand it.

  30. Niki Parker

    Niki Parker18 days ago


  31. William Bowser

    William Bowser20 days ago

    Breaking up was easy in the 90s

  32. John Bradley

    John Bradley20 days ago

    Hmmmm oooooookay.

  33. Chelsea Budzileni

    Chelsea Budzileni21 day ago

    i miss you zach !!!!

  34. Brandon Pritt

    Brandon Pritt23 days ago

    This one hits home I only follow the realest

  35. Nick Nolan

    Nick Nolan23 days ago


  36. R G

    R G23 days ago

    Man I can relate to this so bad its annoying lol

  37. darrel 1776

    darrel 177624 days ago

    This made me cry 😭. Why a sad ending haha

  38. Walking in Truth

    Walking in Truth25 days ago

    When he asked who he’s supposed to talk to and there is a pic of Jesus. I FEEL THAT

  39. Brian Fleming

    Brian Fleming4 days ago

    Didn't catch that until I saw this comment. Sam doing a little seed planting. 🙂🙏

  40. banana 375

    banana 3758 days ago


  41. Maxime Roberge

    Maxime Roberge25 days ago

    Is it just me or Sam re-did the vocals of the first verse?

  42. Robert Williams

    Robert Williams26 days ago

    Why does he only have 1.5 million subscribers?

  43. DrStfuFool

    DrStfuFool26 days ago

    WTF even is this music video?! I’ve seen better fan made tribute videos that match better than this shit.

  44. Bendy And the ink mashine

    Bendy And the ink mashine26 days ago

    K this is good

  45. Jared Crimmins

    Jared Crimmins27 days ago

    The song straight up the truth

  46. marichu pulvera

    marichu pulvera27 days ago


  47. brandon livengood

    brandon livengood28 days ago

    Sam Hunt, I love this song because I remember what it was like "Breaking Up in the 90s." If you could find it in your heart to please contact me. I ain't no dang troll, but a real person with multiple platforms FB and a USlikes Channel (brandonlg) #helpbrandonlg

  48. Beboy Hardin

    Beboy Hardin26 days ago


  49. Paula Jane

    Paula Jane28 days ago

    I love everything about your voice ❣❤🎸

  50. Keana

    Keana28 days ago

    So was leaving single mothers

  51. hairdoez

    hairdoez28 days ago

    Damn this was good

  52. Jordan Nusbaum

    Jordan Nusbaum28 days ago

    I love the Death Stare at the end that he gave him and some what of her too he should if walk up and convince her 🙂

  53. Rebecca Lynn

    Rebecca Lynn28 days ago

    Wow this is a Great song.. got me actually thinking about the past. Made me tear up

  54. CM Araiza

    CM Araiza29 days ago

    Real ... Feel it

  55. Danny Simpson

    Danny Simpson29 days ago

    And how were they able follow a me around with a camera to film this

  56. The Lion & the Lamb

    The Lion & the Lamb29 days ago

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Sam Hunt ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  57. Jacob McCluskey

    Jacob McCluskeyMonth ago

    Amazing song rock 😎

  58. Daniel NAKAI Tsosie 38

    Daniel NAKAI Tsosie 38Month ago

    Really happen Sam got arrested for DUI shows how human he is

  59. Jennifer Dijames

    Jennifer DijamesMonth ago

    Sounds great Sam. You know what? I feel the same way brother. I was a young lady in the 90s. Now I'm 39.

  60. ZSTRODE.

    ZSTRODE.Month ago

    Dam the video is deep!! 😔😔 To all the men that have fallen keep ur head up man!!!! There is plenty out there dont settle for some that wouldnt settle for you! 💪💪💪💪

  61. black mamba

    black mambaMonth ago


  62. Kim Thompson

    Kim ThompsonMonth ago


  63. Tammy Gilpin

    Tammy GilpinMonth ago

    I CANNOT get this song out of my head. Anyone else?

  64. Kazım Kazım

    Kazım KazımMonth ago


  65. Mara Onfire

    Mara OnfireMonth ago

    Playing along with my this song! Break up wasn’t easy in the 90’s because my ex was in my class dating another classmate😂

  66. harvey williams

    harvey williamsMonth ago

    breaking up is never easy.

  67. mike s

    mike sMonth ago

    Someone’s getting spit in their food.

  68. Rom Torculas

    Rom TorculasMonth ago

    Who’s the actor?

  69. NICK Osmond

    NICK OsmondMonth ago

    As a child of the 90s. Breaking up was easier in the 90s.

  70. Katie Arbuckle

    Katie Arbuckle21 day ago

    Yeah it was easier to take "Sorry I can't play with you anymore cause I'm in 1st Grade." Than probably all the methods we have now.... heck it was easier to kinda get over in the 2000s. Cause some will be like "Sorry I'm Emo now." Now you don't know if you're permanently on Read. Or you seen do or say something toxic online. And it's more than just crushes like sometimes even getting fired or losing a friend feels like a breakup.

  71. ZSTRODE.

    ZSTRODE.Month ago

    Yes it was!!! I just ended a relationship with someone I loved but it wasnt mutual! It hurt but had to be done 😔

  72. Josh Disher

    Josh DisherMonth ago

    I can tell you with 100% certainty breaking up WAS NOT easy in the 90's!

  73. Tammy Gilpin

    Tammy Gilpin29 days ago

    Breaking up is NEVER easy. Doesnt matter what decade it is. But it is a great song.

  74. Brandon Wilson

    Brandon WilsonMonth ago

    he was born in the 90s im pretty sure its just another love song da

  75. Josh Disher

    Josh DisherMonth ago

    I came here expecting some ridiculous pop-country "broken heart video" and left genuinely moved. Great video "Sam Hunts Team"!

  76. PurnceNMe

    PurnceNMeMonth ago

    Who is that guy? I don’t care how long he was in prison.

  77. V- knights

    V- knightsMonth ago

    Assuming there was someone working the front line. Would you go out there and help or stay back? This same exact thing happened to my wife's ex-boyfriend. I had nothing against him so I let them have a few minute alone, wasn't a big deal to me.

  78. Danny Dean

    Danny DeanMonth ago

    This one made me breathe again

  79. Danny Dean

    Danny DeanMonth ago

    I love music but this is the one ! This is the one!

  80. chase kasko

    chase kaskoMonth ago

    The uptight truck hopefully collect because freeze complementarily stamp outside a succinct interest. obese, strong afternoon

  81. Allison Seaman

    Allison SeamanMonth ago

    Did I just have a stroke



    Thx I needed this bad 10yr BREAK up jus got outta jail he took EVERY thing n cut my brake lines!!!

  83. Josiah Heindl

    Josiah HeindlMonth ago

    Like can we just leave a like for. sam hunt making music videos that go pretty much no how with the song like if you agree!! But bro amazing song leave a like for sam hunt love you dude!!!!!!

  84. Thinblueline Pics

    Thinblueline PicsMonth ago

    iPhone 12 box, but he’s using an iPhone 7?

  85. Farolina

    FarolinaMonth ago

    Going through a heartbreak? Check out my new single “Blessing In Disguise” and let me know what you think!!!

  86. Ronny Giacoletti

    Ronny GiacolettiMonth ago

    RAE thinks of round 2 STILL! Puts a smile on my face

  87. Connie Ramos

    Connie RamosMonth ago

    Love this song 💞

  88. AxeFrontier

    AxeFrontierMonth ago

    2nd part to Break up in a small town?

  89. NICK Osmond

    NICK OsmondMonth ago

    I get the feeling this song's a sequel to that song. This song's about a break up of his

  90. TentacleBlast97

    TentacleBlast97Month ago

    Hi, big fan. Can you write a song about a girl breaking up with you though she doesn't want to and someone taking

  91. Frawlz

    FrawlzMonth ago

    Awesome song.... but his videos are straight-up trash. They make no sense and ruin the song.

  92. Luis Rodriguez

    Luis RodriguezMonth ago

    Good song love it

  93. Dallas Carter

    Dallas CarterMonth ago

    *Just heard this on the radio* #90sBaby

  94. Jaybo Fonseca

    Jaybo FonsecaMonth ago

    Great song and all, but wtf does it have to do with the video?? Lol

  95. Josh Golob

    Josh GolobMonth ago

    Every single song by Sam Hunt is amazing. ❤ Hopefully after Covid is done ruining all our lives I can see him live! ☺

  96. Michelle Chog-ap

    Michelle Chog-apMonth ago

    Probably. This will be my break up song. It's hitting me nostalgia...

  97. Mary Encarnacion

    Mary EncarnacionMonth ago

    Perfect 😊

  98. Delilah Delgado

    Delilah DelgadoMonth ago

    I'm cry

  99. Char Williams

    Char WilliamsMonth ago

    I love old country & this man songs & voice!

  100. joan Jett

    joan JettMonth ago

    Ok .. what a incredible job with the music and the videos.. it’s breathtaking to have such talent in life with the most beautiful things ever .. great music!!!

  101. Xian Love

    Xian LoveMonth ago

    LOVE THIS😍❤️💞😘😍


    MADELYN PAULMonth ago


  103. Bryson Wiley

    Bryson WileyMonth ago

    That’s a really new iPhone for a guy whose been in prison for any amount of time

  104. Danny Dean

    Danny DeanMonth ago

    Something a grandma would do for a grandson wanting to make his life turn around

  105. Heather Dewitt

    Heather DewittMonth ago

    Best thing in 2020 🥰🥰🥰

  106. Jaz

    JazMonth ago

    Is he ok he makes a lot of break up songs :(

  107. Ryan Kim

    Ryan KimMonth ago

    Can someone please let me know who is that actor?

  108. honeybeeish1

    honeybeeish1Month ago

    Sam Hunt: Break up in a small town Life: Nope! Sam Hunt: Let's try breaking up in the 90s, that should have been more easy

  109. zous Sam

    zous SamMonth ago

    *This song is* 🔥🔥💜

  110. Katie Sawyer

    Katie SawyerMonth ago

    Love this song but 'beside me' would've been a better choice in my opinion. Jo dee Messina said it best herself. 😉 Sam Hunt was the first concert I went to with the man who is now my fiancé and I reminisce on that night all the time. A night I'll never forget for as long as I live. 🥰

  111. Chrissy Hammond

    Chrissy HammondMonth ago

    God dam it I'm in love 😍😍😍