Project Hazel | World's Smartest Mask

Introducing Project Hazel, the world's smartest mask. Designed to provide a safe, social, sustainable, comfortable, and personalized experience, this mask ensures the highest degree of safety with the best quality of life enhancements. Face the new normal with protection that’s far from average:
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  1. Xerantic

    Xerantic4 minutes ago

    i will buy it if it has a built in voice changer

  2. wallyalter

    wallyalter6 minutes ago

    finally i can not get covid with rgb

  3. Hollow World

    Hollow World7 minutes ago

    Welp now i need to worry about my mask being stolen

  4. Aqil Zuraidi

    Aqil Zuraidi9 minutes ago


  5. dhruv meena

    dhruv meena10 minutes ago

    damm it razer lmao

  6. ForceGod

    ForceGod12 minutes ago



    BRIOXI13 minutes ago

    Manooo a mascara tem luzinha +1000000 fps

  8. Treyden Newman

    Treyden Newman17 minutes ago

    Ok....... Still no RBG toaster. I'm disappointed razer

  9. Kostas Intros&Vlogs

    Kostas Intros&Vlogs17 minutes ago

    like all other masks it has 95% BACTERIAL filtration efficiency that means from each hole that the oxygen passes through 500 little viruses can pass through like it was nothing I wont buy the mask for protection only because it is a great project and I realy want to support it.

  10. Speedless

    Speedless19 minutes ago

    Razer after play Cyberpunk 2077 : make a face mask for armor

  11. teknoganza

    teknoganza21 minute ago

    Mask with Mesh for Airflow pls

  12. K Nice

    K Nice24 minutes ago

    He’s thing you know, there’s gonna be water cooled masks with built in speakers

  13. Pissed Cat

    Pissed Cat35 minutes ago

    Corona virus: im gonna end this mans whole career Mask: im gonna stop you right there *rgb on* Corona virus: huh how thats gonna defeat a viru-

  14. I love Haachama

    I love Haachama40 minutes ago

    Do we need it? No Do we want it? No Just No

  15. Magnet Cross

    Magnet Cross42 minutes ago

    *95%? So there’s a 5% chance of COVID-19 entering the mask*

  16. snake attack 100

    snake attack 10045 minutes ago


  17. snake attack 100

    snake attack 100Minute ago


  18. REG mations

    REG mations6 minutes ago

    @snake attack 100 nah i barely use razer products i only have one of theyre mouse and thats it but seeing people like you saying what other people is doing is useless while you are useless yourself is annoying

  19. snake attack 100

    snake attack 10010 minutes ago

    Whoa you offended

  20. REG mations

    REG mations15 minutes ago

    Like you

  21. Wheeliegod Drippy

    Wheeliegod Drippy45 minutes ago

    I don’t wanna even know the price

  22. SnowMan Executioner

    SnowMan Executioner50 minutes ago

    I can’t tell if this is real or not

  23. Lorem Free Fire - Ezequiel Busson

    Lorem Free Fire - Ezequiel Busson50 minutes ago


  24. Luke

    Luke57 minutes ago

    Can I have my $70 back?

  25. tyler 2005

    tyler 2005Hour ago


  26. Viral vlogs

    Viral vlogsHour ago

    Now I can’t wait for apple imask

  27. DerpyGotEm

    DerpyGotEmHour ago

    Imagine the rich kid coming to school with this mask

  28. FR3AKuency _

    FR3AKuency _Hour ago

    Ngl it looks cool.

  29. Benizok

    BenizokHour ago

    I don’t even care if the pandemic is over by it releases. I want it anyway

  30. Magicsword89

    Magicsword89Hour ago

    If you don't come out with a cat ear version, I ain't playin

  31. Lazy boi

    Lazy boiHour ago

    Finally, breathing in RTX.

  32. 010TheGlitch010

    010TheGlitch010Hour ago

    Looks like something from the future

  33. Goldencoyotepup

    GoldencoyotepupHour ago

    Bruh i have a gas mask

  34. Amer Nej

    Amer NejHour ago

    Is it April 1st already


    YY YELLOWHour ago

    I want one now

  36. Skye Tierney

    Skye TierneyHour ago


  37. REG mations

    REG mations14 minutes ago

    Like you

  38. Laila

    LailaHour ago

    I had to check if it’s April first already

  39. Laila

    LailaHour ago

    Is it?

  40. Christopher Morgan

    Christopher MorganHour ago

    Hopefully it will be under $500-300 dollars they will sell more if it’s affordable like $100

  41. zenzu bean

    zenzu beanHour ago

    Does anyone know when this is coming out

  42. Jonathan Pilaar

    Jonathan PilaarHour ago

    The music is too loud can’t hear easily his talking

  43. the real blaze

    the real blazeHour ago

    im sorry but i dont think your mask would work cuz of the breath holes

  44. REG mations

    REG mations13 minutes ago

    0:43 READ

  45. EggmasWasTaken

    EggmasWasTakenHour ago

    hey uh razar its not April first yet I think you uploaded this early

  46. Saya Mior

    Saya MiorHour ago

    Too many comment trying to be funny and im just want to know the price, date release and real or not

  47. Luca Sakai

    Luca Sakai2 hours ago

    Ok wut the fuk is this 🤷

  48. Steven

    Steven2 hours ago


  49. LEGO Travis Scott

    LEGO Travis Scott2 hours ago

    I need help does it have USB-C

  50. Foo Revellion

    Foo Revellion2 hours ago

    We did it guys, coronavirus is no more

  51. god gamer gowda

    god gamer gowda2 hours ago

    Me breathing at 4k

  52. Noah Gorman

    Noah Gorman2 hours ago

    is this early april fools?

  53. V TV

    V TV2 hours ago

    Nice product !! But your background music is higher than my life !! 😅😂

  54. Janfy

    Janfy2 hours ago

    this is how we are going into the tron era

  55. Dad VS Son Gaming

    Dad VS Son Gaming2 hours ago

    Finnaly I can breathe 360 FPS😧😌

  56. Aldorino

    Aldorino2 hours ago

    Breathe in 1ms latency

  57. Richard Mejia

    Richard Mejia2 hours ago

    Finally the rgb face mask

  58. ASDtronics

    ASDtronics2 hours ago

    how much I WANT IT!!!!!!

  59. X-Man 2.0

    X-Man 2.02 hours ago

    Getting Incredibox v8 vibes from this

  60. Grucifer

    Grucifer2 hours ago

    i almost thought it was april fools again

  61. willdude 2003

    willdude 20032 hours ago

    Bets it like £100

  62. REG mations

    REG mations12 minutes ago

    Cmon thats way to cheap for this thing


    AARON JOHN ABRAHAM2 hours ago

    Dude that product is GG .

  64. karim nawar

    karim nawar2 hours ago

    Does it come with rgb ?

  65. REG mations

    REG mations11 minutes ago

    Yes. They showed it.

  66. Eric Tran

    Eric Tran2 hours ago

    Bet its going to be $100-$250

  67. Grim CODM

    Grim CODM2 hours ago

    I guess this mask has better specs than my pc

  68. S Rated

    S Rated2 hours ago

    Omfg I’m so weak 😂

  69. ClickInto

    ClickInto3 hours ago

    I think the price would be 1 billion dollars

  70. XD_Bob

    XD_Bob3 hours ago

    gamer maskk

  71. CowBoah

    CowBoah3 hours ago

    Can kids in Africa afford this?

  72. Luv Xanax

    Luv Xanax3 hours ago

    So lit 🔥🔥🔥

  73. Theekshana naveen

    Theekshana naveen3 hours ago

    What happens to the water vapours that comes out when we're breathing? Does it cover up the transparent plastic area ?

  74. Anycyclopedia

    Anycyclopedia3 hours ago


  75. luca

    luca3 hours ago

    Protect from women and COVID at the same time, this is male birth control.

  76. Satisfy 3D Prints

    Satisfy 3D Prints3 hours ago

    Is this gonna be like the project McCoy or will it be released in less than a year

  77. Mr. Seagull

    Mr. Seagull3 hours ago

    Where do I get one?!

  78. Sohca

    Sohca3 hours ago

    This is one of the dumbest things I've ever seen in my entire life.

  79. Advait Dali

    Advait Dali3 hours ago

    It's not even April , Razor!

  80. Cabra

    Cabra3 hours ago

    amplified burps

  81. noodlewins

    noodlewins3 hours ago

    RGB gaming mask

  82. Syed Raza

    Syed Raza3 hours ago

    Introducing: The Gaming Mask

  83. Keshav Dutta

    Keshav Dutta3 hours ago

    In the era of everyone making vaccine and testing it, razor is coming up with mask

  84. A W

    A W3 hours ago

    How much will it cost

  85. Alex

    Alex3 hours ago

    Hazel mask, more like, bad mask

  86. Aethan Peralta

    Aethan Peralta4 hours ago

    Can the mask run DOOM?

  87. Bert439

    Bert4394 hours ago

    Give it a Bane voice changer and I'm sold

  88. Oasis

    Oasis4 hours ago

    I can now breathe in 240 fps

  89. Mantaj Aulakhh

    Mantaj Aulakhh4 hours ago

    Gamers : playing games at home Razer : launch a 120 fps devive gamers : it dont have 15 million colors not cool

  90. The Gaming Wolf

    The Gaming Wolf4 hours ago

    Is there an opaque version for people who want to be less social?

  91. Jumpmelo

    Jumpmelo4 hours ago

    Anyone know the cost of it

  92. Atharv Parlikar

    Atharv Parlikar4 hours ago

    so now i have to charge a f*cking mask

  93. Rubix Kyuub

    Rubix Kyuub4 hours ago

    Can’t wait to play Cyberpunk at 10 FPS on my mask

  94. the cyantist

    the cyantist4 hours ago

    Heavy mask with those tiny ear straps? Rip ears.

  95. butter mymuffin

    butter mymuffin4 hours ago

    Hold on I have to charge my mask

  96. Twin Fails

    Twin Fails4 hours ago

    are there versions that are not transparent?

  97. Melz Ur Chaos

    Melz Ur Chaos4 hours ago

    Bruh who ask for this?

  98. Ya Boi Aj

    Ya Boi Aj4 hours ago

    man cant wait to breath 240fps EDIT: this comment was from tiktok

  99. Plasma 123

    Plasma 1234 hours ago

    hmm should I bring out my true gamer and buy it because it's a little RGB?

  100. Zachary Ian Bautista M.D.

    Zachary Ian Bautista M.D.4 hours ago

    Me: “this seems cool” Razer: “our mask has a clear transparent design” Me: “nevermind”

  101. May of Astora

    May of Astora2 hours ago

    @PunisherGOKU agreed

  102. PunisherGOKU

    PunisherGOKU3 hours ago

    Right it would be cooler without the clear part

  103. Julio Briseno

    Julio Briseno4 hours ago

    But can it run Doom?

  104. noah bowes

    noah bowes4 hours ago

    I like how it says quickly responded and its been a year -_-

  105. Alex Banana

    Alex Banana4 hours ago

    add auto tune

  106. KoalaKode

    KoalaKode4 hours ago


  107. Homer62001

    Homer620014 hours ago

    Turn up background music a couple notches please, maybe to 150 db.

  108. Ricardinho0401

    Ricardinho04014 hours ago

    Razer is disgusting

  109. Tyler Bohon

    Tyler Bohon4 hours ago

    Bruh im gonna want to get this even when covid isnt a thing

  110. Matheus Moraes

    Matheus Moraes4 hours ago


  111. Diesel Maniac

    Diesel Maniac4 hours ago

    Does it have raytracing