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  1. Eliza Ramos

    Eliza RamosHour ago

    Happy birthday we All love you guys so much

  2. Priscilla Alaniz

    Priscilla Alaniz13 hours ago

    You should do “how did you guys meet “

  3. America Cera Bringas

    America Cera Bringas15 hours ago

    my sisters b-day is feduary 13 too

  4. Cali Rain

    Cali Rain19 hours ago


  5. Natalie Pisarski

    Natalie Pisarski20 hours ago

    12:12 look at the way he looked at her 🥺

  6. Kayleigh Rodriguez

    Kayleigh Rodriguez20 hours ago

    How did 7 minutes late turn into 3 minutes early Lol no hate I love u guys

  7. Daniela Quinones

    Daniela QuinonesDay ago

    Bro why is it akward between jacob and nats dad lol ots funny though he has to call her amiga

  8. Ana Guevara

    Ana GuevaraDay ago

    You can tell jacob is mad in love with nathaly

  9. ii_alohaxdino_ii

    ii_alohaxdino_iiDay ago

    “Your welcome Amiga” got me dead 🤣

  10. Izzy_Bella Brito

    Izzy_Bella Brito2 days ago

    Love bad bunny🥰🥰

  11. Ruby Barraza

    Ruby Barraza2 days ago

    My favsss🥺🥺

  12. Hayli Autele

    Hayli Autele2 days ago

    the way jacob looks at her in the car😫🥺

  13. Jxdnchasenickrylandlover Love you

    Jxdnchasenickrylandlover Love you3 days ago

    Love yallllllllll

  14. Jxdnchasenickrylandlover Love you

    Jxdnchasenickrylandlover Love you3 days ago

    What is the name of the song at 11:47?

  15. Cupcake Grill

    Cupcake Grill3 days ago


  16. sofia garza

    sofia garza4 days ago

    NOT ME CRYING WHEN HE started tearing up my gf texted me

  17. Gutierrez Nancy

    Gutierrez Nancy4 days ago


  18. Gutierrez Nancy

    Gutierrez Nancy4 days ago


  19. Mayrely Landin

    Mayrely Landin4 days ago

    I wish you the best 💕💓❤️

  20. Martin Saucedo Maciel

    Martin Saucedo Maciel5 days ago

    I love her vids 🥺

  21. nancy morocho

    nancy morocho5 days ago

    y’all are so cute omg 🥺

  22. eilen leblanc

    eilen leblanc5 days ago

    wait i’m so confused ! does your dad actually not know you guys are dating😂? love ya💞

  23. Jasmin Naranjo

    Jasmin Naranjo6 days ago

    my birthday is on February 14

  24. Rumaysa Amir

    Rumaysa Amir6 days ago

    omg what song is it thattt i need the name 11:55


    KATHERINE ORTIZ6 days ago

    stomp when its asleep

  26. Vanessa Arana

    Vanessa Arana6 days ago

    Nobody: Nat when she saw the Tahoe: 🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️

  27. jaylenee Rosario

    jaylenee Rosario6 days ago

    Jacob was crying when he said my girlfriend texted me

  28. Perla Ledon

    Perla Ledon6 days ago

    "Feeling like dracula RAWR" LMFAOOOOOO BRO WHAT

  29. Leslie Enriquez

    Leslie Enriquez6 days ago

    okay can i just ask a question why does nathaly have him as “ jacob macias” and he has her as babyyyyy like why can’t she just put a cute name on him😔

  30. Julisha Hernandez

    Julisha Hernandez6 days ago

    your guy are so cut

  31. Alana Mitchem

    Alana Mitchem6 days ago

    12:12 bro, the way he looks at her 🥺 if my future bf doesnt look at me like that then I dont want it

  32. mxr 0

    mxr 06 days ago

    that “JACOB- JACOB” 😂 IM DEAD

  33. poutasi fua

    poutasi fua6 days ago

    dammm....his laugh tho

  34. TrainH Ying

    TrainH Ying6 days ago

    Love how u day irs so cold its like 20 degrees while me in the UK be vibin in 2 degrees

  35. Erik Ledezma

    Erik Ledezma6 days ago

    Bruh where does jake get the flowers fuck

  36. Nadiah Santos

    Nadiah Santos6 days ago

    #Jathlay2happy #couplegoals y’all are the best couple

  37. Marie Gow

    Marie Gow6 days ago

    the why he looks at her is everything

  38. Catherine Wright

    Catherine Wright6 days ago


  39. victor flores

    victor flores6 days ago

    It Is right here somewhere

  40. Emelyn Aguilar

    Emelyn Aguilar6 days ago

    THE WAY HE LOOKS AT HER! they’re literally the best couple out there

  41. Nathaly T

    Nathaly T6 days ago

    It’s funny how jake said I am getting kidnapped 😂

  42. khyati

    khyati6 days ago


  43. Melissa Lopez-Herrera

    Melissa Lopez-Herrera6 days ago


  44. SherleyElise Klue

    SherleyElise Klue7 days ago

    The daffy experience unpredictably extend because park shortly choke unlike a ill tip. freezing, highfalutin aunt

  45. Gina Banana

    Gina Banana7 days ago

    feel kind of bad bc Nathaly call Jacob dump...

  46. Shantal Castillo

    Shantal Castillo7 days ago

    aww look at how he looks at her in 12:12

  47. Angelika Cifuentes

    Angelika Cifuentes7 days ago

    When he said “ is your hand okay”😦😧😮😟

  48. Daisy Martinez

    Daisy Martinez7 days ago

    the way jacob stares at nat so fuckin cute🥺

  49. Esther Toavalu

    Esther Toavalu7 days ago

    What’s the song called at 11:50 😚


    ANDIE AMAYA7 days ago

    I love how Jacob thanks us for everything like his gas and then in other videos he thanks us for his food😂😅

  51. Juan Guerrero G

    Juan Guerrero G7 days ago

    Ayooo she was murdering her whole leg 😭😭😭

  52. Emily Barboza Solis

    Emily Barboza Solis7 days ago

    JATHALY forever ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Love you guys.

  53. Jenna xx

    Jenna xx7 days ago

    pls the way he looks at her 💞

  54. Julissa Nafarrate

    Julissa Nafarrate7 days ago

    Aww Jake was crying when Nat texted him happy birthday 🥺 that's what I call true love 💖

  55. lil_bby_ren

    lil_bby_ren7 days ago

    So am I the only one thats mixed and only and only understand Spanish but bearly could talk it 🤣


    JAY ZENEY7 days ago

    Ur not alone cant speak it but I understand it 😭💀

  57. Makila Calfrobe

    Makila Calfrobe7 days ago

    Nat: hows it feeling 18? Jacob: bout to catch a case😉 😂

  58. Idiot

    Idiot7 days ago

    Nobody: Nat: *HEY PUPPY*

  59. Genesis Macias

    Genesis Macias7 days ago

    I know cute but why do they take so long to post

  60. jeysy castillo

    jeysy castillo7 days ago

    I LOVE YA :)

  61. Nayely Ortiz

    Nayely Ortiz7 days ago

    The brief idea literally race because mechanic osmotically head modulo a hateful twine. symptomatic, frightened frightening full fumbling functional animal

  62. Ayleen Juan

    Ayleen Juan7 days ago

    “I’m getting kidnapped” BITCH IM DEAD💀 😭

  63. tino_gotclout

    tino_gotclout7 days ago

    my bday was on the 13th too

  64. luvbarneyy

    luvbarneyy7 days ago

    me and jacob have the same birthday! 💖✨

  65. Jaynalyn Sotelo

    Jaynalyn Sotelo7 days ago

    Omg!! I wish I was then best couple ever!! You should get a nose piercing!! You will match so much!😊🥰

  66. no manches miraa

    no manches miraa7 days ago

    i got your starbucks order just now, it’s too good

  67. Safia Din

    Safia Din7 days ago

    Don't worry bout it sweetheart

  68. Maliah Talley

    Maliah Talley8 days ago

    My mama birthday is on v-day

  69. Ivon Interiano

    Ivon Interiano8 days ago

    MY BIRTHDAY IS FEB 13 OMG!!!!!!!

  70. Alondra Romero

    Alondra Romero8 days ago

    I’m here for y’all but the name gotta gooooo😂😂😂😂😂

  71. rionna sanders

    rionna sanders8 days ago

    We need a playlist from both of yall

  72. Graciela Diaz

    Graciela Diaz8 days ago

    "just papa cuevas doesnt know im dating his daughter'' 😭😭

  73. Beartrice Roytblat

    Beartrice Roytblat8 days ago

    800 roses, wow. i'd cry

  74. Beartrice Roytblat

    Beartrice Roytblat8 days ago

    nathaly always looses her memory cards HAHAH

  75. Maliyah Fernandez-Lafferty

    Maliyah Fernandez-Lafferty8 days ago

    can you guys do a Q&A video plss ly guys sooo much🥺❤️😌✨

  76. bri r

    bri r8 days ago

    if i couldn’t find my hotel room i would end up sleeping in my car cuz i’m to shy to ask for help💀✋🏼

  77. Jade Carbajal

    Jade Carbajal8 days ago

    OMG me and Jacob have the same birthday I'm so happy that I have the same birthday with my favorite you tuber ❤❤❤

  78. Mikaila Thi (Student)

    Mikaila Thi (Student)8 days ago

    yuh we got the same bday🤓🤗

  79. scarlet amezcua

    scarlet amezcua8 days ago

    But the way he looks at her when they are singing

  80. maryam salman

    maryam salman8 days ago

    both are so cute... god bless and hope uh both hold hands forever.... (jacob speaks really fast)

  81. Tays Roblox Place

    Tays Roblox Place8 days ago

    I love your videos so much whenever I watch videos videos like it’s so happy and I end up smiling at one point and I end up laughing at another part I love you guys

  82. Valeria Lopez

    Valeria Lopez8 days ago

    If my boyfriend doesn’t treat me like that then I don’t want him

  83. maricruz ramirez

    maricruz ramirez8 days ago

    No nat throwing away the whole Starbucks

  84. Jaslene Gauna

    Jaslene Gauna8 days ago

    Awww the way he teamed up when nat texted him on his birthday🥺💖

  85. Jaslene Gauna

    Jaslene Gauna8 days ago


  86. Greidys World

    Greidys World8 days ago

    Nat dammm where u get it Jake don’t worry bout it sweetheart

  87. Greidys World

    Greidys World8 days ago

    How she already got jacobs sweatshirt so cute🥺🥺

  88. ME Lol

    ME Lol8 days ago

    not nathaly laughing at malaika getting in trouble haha

  89. 956 chikas gone loco

    956 chikas gone loco8 days ago

    Omg we have the same birthdays!! TWINSIES!!!!!!

  90. lele

    lele8 days ago

    I'm like 3 days🙁 late but happy belated 18th birthday Jacob 🥳🥳🥳

  91. lele

    lele8 days ago

    I'm sorry but Jacob got that big dump truck 🙂

  92. Maribel’s Vidoes

    Maribel’s Vidoes8 days ago

    Y’all are so cute!!

  93. Lorali Jack

    Lorali Jack8 days ago

    If they EVER break up, I won't believe in love. They're so cute 🥺

  94. crystal crier

    crystal crier8 days ago

    i haven’t watched nats videos since the second time she did her room makeover and i gotta say i’m disappointed asf

  95. Peachy Jackson

    Peachy Jackson8 days ago


  96. Jasmin Ceron climaco

    Jasmin Ceron climaco8 days ago

    Happy bday jake2taken

  97. Giselle Garcia

    Giselle Garcia8 days ago

    Y’all not talking abt how nat was like haha u got in trouble to makayla 😭🤚🏼

  98. Kyiah Begay

    Kyiah Begay8 days ago

    OMG sorry I had she listened to BTS savage love but I love you guys and your videos is so cute and couple goals

  99. Emily Cogley

    Emily Cogley8 days ago

    I love your videos you an inspiration couple been here since day one.

  100. Mayrin Aguilar

    Mayrin Aguilar9 days ago

    Omg I loved parasailing I went in Tahoe it was beautiful

  101. 360kou Vlogs

    360kou Vlogs9 days ago

    Y’all repent from y’all sins before it’s too late

  102. Whisper Hebah

    Whisper Hebah9 days ago

    Jacob like "don't worry about it sweet heart" LMAOO

  103. D t

    D t9 days ago

    How come you two both dont ignore each other for days and weeks? I don't get it When u like someone you supposed to ignore them and not speak to them for two years