Honestly thought I was gonna win this challenge! What's your favourite prize? Link in down below for the cheap fun prizes! ⬇️⬇️⬇️ #shorts


  1. gokugameing

    gokugameing2 hours ago

    Why is the best prize for second place

  2. Susan Abrego

    Susan Abrego11 hours ago

    Lol i the have last prize

  3. NightFrostX

    NightFrostX13 hours ago

    Wait a minute was somebody watching TVD

  4. June Mosley

    June Mosley17 hours ago

    Why do I want the burrito blanket the most

  5. KingEphi

    KingEphi23 hours ago

    I have the burrito blanket

  6. Am�lia Rose Schatte

    Am�lia Rose SchatteDay ago

    Cool 😎

  7. · Noah ·

    · Noah ·Day ago

    That doesnt look like a 'muscle gun'... Girls might know what is looks like tho?

  8. hope9580 hope9580

    hope9580 hope9580Day ago

    Me who would only play the game to get the burrito blanket 😂

  9. Reina Whitlock

    Reina WhitlockDay ago

    If you look closely you can see a ball dissapear

  10. I Love Potatoes Not Gonna Lie

    I Love Potatoes Not Gonna LieDay ago

    That burrito blanket looks cool tho

  11. Zaya Oyun

    Zaya OyunDay ago

    Ngl, The burrito Blanket should have been 1st prize.

  12. Caleb Linderman

    Caleb Linderman2 days ago

    One of them probably gonna have a war over burrito blanket

  13. Purple Chicken

    Purple Chicken2 days ago

    That burrito blanket was the best prize out of all no cap

  14. Rango

    Rango2 days ago

    How original

  15. Latinfilmz

    Latinfilmz2 days ago

    I feel like the iphone cover looked more like a 1st place prize rather then the expensive vibrator

  16. Shawntae Barber

    Shawntae Barber2 days ago

    Lol I’m a burrito🌯🌯

  17. un7 rühün

    un7 rühün3 days ago

    İ have the video able fire its color black

  18. Niemand 525

    Niemand 5253 days ago

    Burrito blanket

  19. Evan the Crackpot

    Evan the Crackpot3 days ago

    Game boy iPhone case shiiiiii

  20. Ginger Lee

    Ginger Lee3 days ago

    The guy who got the taco think was like : omg this smells just like taco I could sleep all day with it ( *Starts eating taco* )

  21. Richard ist Ein Hurensohn

    Richard ist Ein Hurensohn3 days ago

    Didn't the burrito blanket dude get more money than that girl yet she gets a better price

  22. IlluminateFox

    IlluminateFox3 days ago

    I prefer the burrito blanket over the other rewards.

  23. Ashton Hamilton

    Ashton Hamilton3 days ago

    i want the mucle gun please 😚

  24. • lxster •

    • lxster •3 days ago

    “ don’t think this is just a muscle gun “ woah there Buddy

  25. Random:_ Gurl

    Random:_ Gurl3 days ago

    I am actually wrapped my my burrito blanket

  26. Bloody Marshal

    Bloody Marshal3 days ago

    A burrito with black beans 🗿

  27. fuzzytwingirl

    fuzzytwingirl3 days ago


  28. GilbertBoy

    GilbertBoy3 days ago

    Hmm that muscle thing do be kinda sus tho

  29. Davi Brito

    Davi Brito3 days ago

    The best prizes were the second and the fourth .chage my mind

  30. Alayna Lohr

    Alayna Lohr3 days ago

    Those are good prizes 😳

  31. zzz

    zzz3 days ago

    i want the burrito blanket 😭😭

  32. I’m a Anime_weeb

    I’m a Anime_weeb4 days ago

    Totally not me trying to count the points as I go

  33. •Xx rEd RiDinG hOoD• •Xx

    •Xx rEd RiDinG hOoD• •Xx4 days ago

    “ don’t think this is just a muscle gun” little do you know what you was gonna do with that

  34. Drip Knight

    Drip Knight4 days ago

    I would purposefully get the lowest points for that burrito blanket

  35. Shadow Enoch

    Shadow Enoch4 days ago

    Like it

  36. Ahmad Nimer

    Ahmad Nimer4 days ago

    He should do a duet with @amywoah on tiktok saying " IM A BORRITO"

  37. Ky

    Ky4 days ago

    I liked the playable phone case thing lol also the burrito

  38. ensu

    ensu4 days ago


  39. _-Yukkine -_

    _-Yukkine -_4 days ago

    Am i the only ona that thinks the burrito blanked and that something for the Phone is the Best prize?

  40. EXOfn

    EXOfn4 days ago


  41. Aaron Serrano

    Aaron Serrano4 days ago


  42. Aaron Serrano

    Aaron Serrano4 days ago

    Well this isint bad good job colty likef

  43. Vaughan Ledbetter

    Vaughan Ledbetter4 days ago

    The muscle gun looked like a fucking vibrator

  44. Norped Holland

    Norped Holland4 days ago

    As a proud owner of the burrito blanket, I say it should be first place prize.

  45. Tinglun Su

    Tinglun Su4 days ago

    I would of purposely lost for the burrito blanket

  46. Jolin Natasha Loretta

    Jolin Natasha Loretta4 days ago

    i need tha burito blanket

  47. Siblings Forever

    Siblings Forever4 days ago

    That’s cool 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  48. Iggially Twigally

    Iggially Twigally4 days ago

    Anyone else notice that on the phone they were watching the vampire diaries! No just me ok 💀

  49. 4th dimensional cheese

    4th dimensional cheese4 days ago

    The burrito blanket is objectively the best prize

  50. XxNuggieWolfxX

    XxNuggieWolfxX4 days ago

    the burrito blanket was the best

  51. Jornotslime8

    Jornotslime84 days ago

    I would rather get that blanket than anything else

  52. Shaquille Kot

    Shaquille Kot4 days ago

    I want the muscle massager

  53. Kay Calamity

    Kay Calamity4 days ago

    Oooh i wanna video amplifier

  54. Rosa Hernandez

    Rosa Hernandez4 days ago

    Where is the bio

  55. Dom Franco

    Dom Franco4 days ago


  56. Marcia Mcweeny

    Marcia Mcweeny4 days ago

    I got a burrito blanket and it's the absolute best

  57. Blue Vented

    Blue Vented4 days ago

    How did first place get the worst prize?

  58. RogueRebel 4651

    RogueRebel 46514 days ago


  59. CarliiDaSavage Rodriguez

    CarliiDaSavage Rodriguez4 days ago


  60. Alex - Unity

    Alex - Unity4 days ago

    1st place price looks worse than second and third lol

  61. Lone Wolf

    Lone Wolf5 days ago

    I don't care about the other gifts . . . But I want that borrito blanket

  62. FaZePrinceシ

    FaZePrinceシ5 days ago

    Sir.SIR. Um bring me that machine. but they need that machine. ...BRING ME THAT MACHINE

  63. Carese Lynn Alderman

    Carese Lynn Alderman5 days ago


  64. allison de soto

    allison de soto5 days ago

    isnt that a - never mind

  65. Kikiloves _heart

    Kikiloves _heart5 days ago

    Did anyone notice she was watching vampire diaries-

  66. Blubberface 23

    Blubberface 235 days ago

    No one talking about the phone case I want it

  67. ᒍᑌᑎ駿

    ᒍᑌᑎ駿5 days ago

    Ngl i want that burrito blanket the most

  68. Mr. Suspicious

    Mr. Suspicious5 days ago

    You know that last place prize seems way too undervalued, that should have been the first place item

  69. • C L A U •

    • C L A U •5 days ago

    The burrito blanket will be the best prize ever, ya can be a real burrito now 😭✨

  70. aidpackgaming YT

    aidpackgaming YT5 days ago

    I think that wasn't meant for a boy first place

  71. Deminations

    Deminations5 days ago

    ok but I would want the burito blanket that should have been first place prize lets be honestly here

  72. Wade Guensburg

    Wade Guensburg5 days ago

    I would want the phone case

  73. Michele Rosa

    Michele Rosa5 days ago

    I wish my mom wold let me buy an exotic animal

  74. Nicolas Perreault

    Nicolas Perreault5 days ago

    The prizes are probably affiliate links and by buying them you support these people instead of supporting any other creator

  75. Davie420

    Davie4205 days ago

    this muscle gun tho

  76. Aquasphere4

    Aquasphere45 days ago

    Every single one of you look like and sound like you have never had and actual job

  77. Ultimate._.Simpシ

    Ultimate._.Simpシ5 days ago

    Anyone got the link for the phone case

  78. D M

    D M5 days ago

    I have that phone case

  79. LAF_Cranked _

    LAF_Cranked _5 days ago

    I dont think that’s a muscle gun😬

  80. That _boyAnthony

    That _boyAnthony6 days ago

    How do I look at the bio😭I wanna be a burrito

  81. Lexi

    Lexi6 days ago

    woah the burrito blanket is better than the other prizes ✨

  82. Tavi

    Tavi6 days ago

    Man for last place I would 100000% take that burrito blanket I’ve been wanting one for like 2 years

  83. Logan20 ELG

    Logan20 ELG6 days ago

    How is the 1st one the worst one

  84. Fastjessejr

    Fastjessejr6 days ago

    I’ve got that same blanket it’s so warm

  85. Liam

    Liam6 days ago

    Get syndicate to 10 million subs!

  86. Vltx Dripz

    Vltx Dripz6 days ago


  87. Honey Bear

    Honey Bear6 days ago

    I want that blanket

  88. Judy Acabado

    Judy Acabado6 days ago

    i feel like a super nintendo case is better than a muscle gun

  89. Mr. LowSpec

    Mr. LowSpec6 days ago

    The guy who got 100+ points: why tf did I not get something like which is related to tech, I will rather go to sleep *goes to sleep angrily vwith the blanket he got*

  90. Sly Omnivorplayz

    Sly Omnivorplayz6 days ago

    I have the nintindo case in white lol

  91. Nikaia Ashby

    Nikaia Ashby6 days ago

    Where's the money ya dog

  92. GeoSmolBoi

    GeoSmolBoi6 days ago

    Lol that’ muscle gun ‘is sus

  93. Neo Jo

    Neo Jo6 days ago

    I need that blanket!!!

  94. Nathan T / Panda X

    Nathan T / Panda X6 days ago

    What is the song?

  95. i like turtles :D

    i like turtles :D6 days ago

    Guys i dont think thats a muscle gun-

  96. Misúkiie Stárz

    Misúkiie Stárz6 days ago

    Everybody : Muscle Gun or Something else? Burrito blanket is nice, Vampire diaries is on the phone! 2nd price : How about me ;-;

  97. XxHewwo_PandaxX

    XxHewwo_PandaxX6 days ago

    I would either want to win the game or blanket because I’m too young for the massage thing

  98. Michael Spencer

    Michael Spencer6 days ago

    What happened to the yellow ball

  99. * GachaAnarchy *

    * GachaAnarchy *6 days ago

    Everyone but the second person got 5 The second dude got 4

  100. Jojit Aaron Calatero

    Jojit Aaron Calatero6 days ago

    the taco blanket deserves to be the first place prize