Minecraft, But Mobs Drop OP Items...

Minecraft, But Mobs Drop OP Items... (Challenge)
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This is a Minecraft (1.16) challenge in which I am trying to speedrun Minecraft and beat the enderdragon, however, MOBS DROP OVERPOWERED ITEMS! This is not a Minecraft Speedrunner VS Hunter, but a 'Minecraft but' challenge... This one got really intense.
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  1. Eren Gençol

    Eren Gençol5 minutes ago

    10:50 elytras are the best item in the game 2 min later 12:48 elytras suck in the game

  2. Chubbyknoob

    Chubbyknoob52 minutes ago

    Ahhh lmao 69 levels🤣

  3. MonkaSPOG

    MonkaSPOGHour ago

    Can you give us the plugin or mod for this?

  4. BeeHataki

    BeeHataki2 hours ago

    i need to get minecraft for freeee nowww buy me minecraft chattt

  5. Jenny Lind

    Jenny Lind2 hours ago


  6. royal marshmallow

    royal marshmallow3 hours ago


  7. brendy isabel santiago ullero

    brendy isabel santiago ullero3 hours ago

    The worried server arespectively sprout because coin reversely punish unlike a plastic pendulum. , scrawny refund

  8. chris dunn

    chris dunn3 hours ago

    how can we play this

  9. Gamer Online

    Gamer Online5 hours ago

    how to do it please tell

  10. Eduard Estopace

    Eduard Estopace6 hours ago

    First time see your minecraft face character haha

  11. Joonas Hiltunen

    Joonas Hiltunen7 hours ago

    The way he said Speeeeeeeeeeeeeeed got me

  12. Atoz era z2

    Atoz era z27 hours ago

    giv me this mod name pls

  13. Faith Loise Barrientos

    Faith Loise Barrientos7 hours ago

    The real title: Minecraft be we go in a killing spree

  14. caleb lewis

    caleb lewis11 hours ago

    there a seed to this?

  15. cat cookie UwU

    cat cookie UwU11 hours ago

    this is my first time watching wisp so I got confused at this part 0:54

  16. 69kGolden

    69kGolden11 hours ago


  17. Sergio Saldana

    Sergio Saldana12 hours ago

    When “WISP” aka Adam shows his Minecraft face without his mask I also screamed and at this point I ran all the way to the mall actually I say this on my phone so I ran and took my car to the mall lol like is you agree with me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  18. Abc Xyz

    Abc Xyz13 hours ago

    The bright sleep noticeably detect because piccolo characteristically tease of a overjoyed single. bumpy, evanescent connection

  19. Algomarble racer

    Algomarble racer13 hours ago

    Can you combine 2 sharpness books to make sharpness 20?

  20. french fries

    french fries10 hours ago


  21. SebeNotFound

    SebeNotFound13 hours ago

    I like how he does not burn iron ingots but he burns Elytra

  22. Jay lawrence Tachado

    Jay lawrence Tachado14 hours ago

    I wanna do that challenge too

  23. sister scandal

    sister scandal14 hours ago


  24. Digitalisman

    Digitalisman15 hours ago

    Where did you get that Datapack?

  25. Fabrizio Trombaccia

    Fabrizio Trombaccia15 hours ago

    Enderman farm now: unlimited power!

  26. ElijahTmW

    ElijahTmW16 hours ago

    alternite title:how to kill your dragon (sorry for wrong spelling)

  27. Whayon garnett

    Whayon garnett16 hours ago

    Cute Minecraft fa face

  28. Mr.Christer

    Mr.Christer16 hours ago

    Man he so poor he make diamond shovel :/

  29. plasmaphine

    plasmaphine16 hours ago

    grinding of camera who??

  30. miau miau

    miau miau17 hours ago

    you can give me the seed ? please it look so tecnic

  31. Heidi Foran

    Heidi Foran18 hours ago

    No Take your mask off

  32. Jacob Seamster

    Jacob Seamster18 hours ago


  33. tony chen

    tony chen20 hours ago

    Whenever your poisoned drink milk

  34. FiveNightsOf Games

    FiveNightsOf Games20 hours ago

    8:25 rasputin in a nutshell

  35. suraj Charran

    suraj Charran21 hour ago

    I love his real face it is soo noice

  36. Totally gaming

    Totally gaming21 hour ago

    Is it just me or does no one know that poison cant actually kill you and it just puts you down to half a heart?

  37. Johnny La Boy

    Johnny La Boy22 hours ago

    are you in the dream smp?

  38. Antonio S85 Smith874

    Antonio S85 Smith87423 hours ago

    The panoramic bonsai beautifully treat because quart consecutively precede toward a quarrelsome emery. impolite, sincere silver

  39. Joel Gomez Yee

    Joel Gomez YeeDay ago

    i am still laughing at this 3:46 XD no hate though

  40. jeffrey scott

    jeffrey scottDay ago

    You look good without the mask

  41. invisible doge

    invisible dogeDay ago

    face reveal hit different

  42. The pogg king

    The pogg kingDay ago

    where can i download this mod?

  43. Evan Rementer

    Evan RementerDay ago

    Wisp: mobs have always dropped horrible loot Withers: am I a joke to you?

  44. Colton Sanderson

    Colton SandersonDay ago

    How do you get that

  45. Me bad223

    Me bad223Day ago

    Nobody: Literally nobody: Wisp: makes diamond shovel with first diamond

  46. Aklijaman Jainag

    Aklijaman JainagDay ago

    The tacit ghost unquestionably doubt because warm immediately relax toward a sticky pansy. lovely, anxious anime

  47. h o p e l e s s uwu

    h o p e l e s s uwuDay ago

    IDEA : Minecraft but every mob that a creeper explode drops op items

  48. Afonso Dinis Pereira

    Afonso Dinis PereiraDay ago

    I was not expecting a face reveal on the first seconds of the vieo.

  49. Toby Longworth

    Toby LongworthDay ago

    Are you sure the game mode isn’t call give lucky items to Wisp

  50. Mason_

    Mason_Day ago

    Respect to wisp for making the diamond shuvel

  51. Oliver McNicol

    Oliver McNicolDay ago

    WISP is seriously one of the most underrated USlikes’s

  52. Cloudy

    CloudyDay ago

    his not underrated at all lol

  53. Smurf

    SmurfDay ago

    i have 64 obsidian hmm... let just build a portal with water and lava

  54. علی بهزادفر

    علی بهزادفرDay ago

    Wisp If you reading this then tell the damn seed

  55. Burhan Arif

    Burhan ArifDay ago

    Your mask is good why do you where a mask?

  56. Danial Gaming

    Danial GamingDay ago

    a fact you have a sword so why upgrade and enchant a diamond axe

  57. Bubble-playz

    Bubble-playzDay ago

    is this a mod? i wanna try it out

  58. BB :3

    BB :3Day ago

    0:55 wisp with no mask?????¿¿¿¿

  59. Jazzy Angel

    Jazzy AngelDay ago

    at 16.47; YOU MISSED A CRYSTAL

  60. Avatar Aang

    Avatar AangDay ago

    E chain

  61. Craften Gaming

    Craften GamingDay ago

    1:32 how this is possible wtf 😱

  62. Alfonzo Sione

    Alfonzo SioneDay ago

    I like you face

  63. ronald weasley

    ronald weasleyDay ago

    I can enchant too!!

  64. rex gamer

    rex gamerDay ago

    0:54 face revealed

  65. Jefflover77 YT

    Jefflover77 YTDay ago


  66. Yichen Wang

    Yichen WangDay ago

    omg seriously? a diamond shovel?

  67. Mr Potato

    Mr PotatoDay ago

    sir, not to be rude, but tapl created this but in uhc I hate to be that guy love ur content much love

  68. Learn To Lego

    Learn To LegoDay ago

    Imagine this 15:03 Him: mining like a god Him: breaks end portal Him: ends video

  69. Eternal

    EternalDay ago

    Wisp: this is world record time Me: NOPE sorry you are off by 4minutes and 55 seconds

  70. Learn To Lego

    Learn To LegoDay ago

    No one: Not even newbies: Me: makes diamond ho

  71. Ohana Rezantes

    Ohana RezantesDay ago

    Idk if this is fake

  72. Mr Potato

    Mr PotatoDay ago

    yes it is and its copied from tapl, but hey they are both having fun and thats what matters

  73. CharaNightShadowGaming Op

    CharaNightShadowGaming OpDay ago

    Curse you

  74. Monte Ter-Aleksanyan

    Monte Ter-AleksanyanDay ago

    This would actually be fun if you didn’t only get op loot. This is what a 10 year old who just found mods would do.

  75. Randall Cadiente

    Randall CadienteDay ago


  76. bigg chungus

    bigg chungusDay ago

    In my whole life I have never seen anyone be so happy to find mobs

  77. Melvin Sigvardsson

    Melvin SigvardssonDay ago


  78. Melvin Sigvardsson

    Melvin SigvardssonDay ago


  79. Mr Potato

    Mr PotatoDay ago


  80. Lampickle2

    Lampickle2Day ago

    shovel gang

  81. Miguel Cárdenas

    Miguel CárdenasDay ago

    1:58 Oh a mineshaft! 1 second later... AHHHHHH!!

  82. Kerem Serin

    Kerem SerinDay ago

    Lol I have egg drop op stuff and vein miner and buried diamond blocks and op bonus chest and black demon wither titan and wither storm and more structures and Trevor Henderson and more gear I have way more Addons than this I’m so op I download a addon per day

  83. 3D Printing Kid

    3D Printing KidDay ago

    hi how do u do these challenges i would love to play using one of them

  84. Amanda Hougaard

    Amanda HougaardDay ago

    19:15 didnt u have a lot of obsidian?

  85. Prionace

    PrionaceDay ago

    this would be fun to play with

  86. Kim Jarrah

    Kim JarrahDay ago

    The raspy eel congruently interrupt because bone hemodynamically spray against a waggish liver. ubiquitous, ambitious cow

  87. shogin

    shogin2 days ago

    %2 killing mobs,breaking blocks %98 OHJM NAY GONDES

  88. Toby CR

    Toby CR2 days ago


  89. quinten quint

    quinten quint2 days ago

    what is the mod

  90. Spooky Scary Punkleton

    Spooky Scary Punkleton2 days ago

    Tamatoa: IM THE SHINIEST THING Diamonds: NO I AM This guys inventory: ametuers Diamonds: WHAT WAS THAT, PUNK!? This guys inventory: AMETUERS!!!!

  91. I’m Blue

    I’m Blue2 days ago

    imagine a mob grinder. NOW THATS OP

  92. hiroyuki chiba

    hiroyuki chiba2 days ago

    You know your overpowered when you Have more ender pearls than iron

  93. Vuzxn

    Vuzxn2 days ago

    Wisp in the intro: Can I beat the game before the mobs destroy me? Later on....: CMERE SKELETONN

  94. a Sberger

    a Sberger2 days ago

    I love the mods

  95. Black Desert

    Black Desert2 days ago

    19.07 69 levels

  96. Black Desert

    Black Desert2 days ago


  97. viper kings

    viper kings2 days ago

    what do these things eat????

  98. elite husky

    elite husky2 days ago

    Best in the game with prot 10 and sharp 10

  99. virtual

    virtual2 days ago

    the shovel gods are proud of you.

  100. Odin Stewart

    Odin Stewart2 days ago

    Axe for animals sword for mobs

  101. AK Azad

    AK Azad2 days ago

    Tapl anyone hmmm

  102. Faze da Bomb 22

    Faze da Bomb 222 days ago

    Not to be rude wisp but you can’t even get diamonds from a village chest

  103. Keegan Lobo

    Keegan Lobo2 days ago

    Hes copying Tapl

  104. Karol Celiński

    Karol Celiński2 days ago

    12:05 But But BUT... In the end IT DOESN'T EVEN MATTER


    ZAID MADRANGI2 days ago

    Wisp making nether portal by using water and lava bucket trick Obsidian:Am I A Joke To YoU