I Completely Broke Minecraft's 1.17 Snapshot

I test out the latest 1.17 snapshot and it was HILARIOUS
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  1. Benjamin Santerre

    Benjamin Santerre42 minutes ago

    the bender T-shirt POGGGG

  2. William Johnson

    William JohnsonHour ago

    17:03 the zenith in terraria be like

  3. Dragonefire1897 Gaming

    Dragonefire1897 GamingHour ago

    14:07 poisonous potatoes does that

  4. William Johnson

    William JohnsonHour ago

    i cant wait for the spawn glitches like the deep dark or something spawning in the middle of the ocean then there's just a warden at sea

  5. Game geek YT

    Game geek YT2 hours ago


  6. Joshua Hadfield

    Joshua Hadfield3 hours ago

    16:46 toy car mod

  7. Superior Aether

    Superior Aether9 hours ago

    stalagmites and slalagtites

  8. Ayla Van Broekhoven

    Ayla Van Broekhoven11 hours ago

    the axolotls are crackpots

  9. Hii I'm Adi

    Hii I'm Adi13 hours ago

    2:45 OMG😂😂😂 That voice😂😂

  10. Isaac Whitaker

    Isaac Whitaker17 hours ago

    Phil: prepares to spawn glow squid me: _drumroll please_ my adverts: "RuStLeRs BuRgErS aRe MaDe WiTh 100% BrItIsH aNd IrIsH bEeF"

  11. Someone in the game

    Someone in the game18 hours ago

    I think theres now a new way to make a auto farm

  12. arithebest

    arithebest21 hour ago

    My mom: what's that sound? Me laughing so hard to Phi1zA putting speed potions on axolotls:

  13. RavenR3X

    RavenR3X23 hours ago

    The enderman was just looking like wtf dude

  14. Nxstify.

    Nxstify.Day ago

    7:41 i really thought this were tridents bcs of the thumbnail but nah lmao

  15. SaVion Austin

    SaVion AustinDay ago

    How minecrath changes

  16. SaVion Austin

    SaVion AustinDay ago

    That snow bucket REAL??????

  17. Hannah Deleuran

    Hannah DeleuranDay ago

    (Hé so cute!)

  18. Piper Mahon

    Piper MahonDay ago

    blue vines,: am i a joke to you?



    1:30 is perfect timing

  20. alexandranica bolante

    alexandranica bolanteDay ago

    10:03 U look like an evil villain plotting XD

  21. ThatOneGuy 56723

    ThatOneGuy 56723Day ago

    2:55 the real chilza Minecraft I can’t believe it

  22. lucasjammin

    lucasjammin2 days ago

    Philza u can mlg with a haybail

  23. Jekatarina Schüssler

    Jekatarina Schüssler2 days ago

    normal Axolotl: Henlo, am cute

  24. FOOTN1TE

    FOOTN1TE2 days ago

    Keep in mind that the higher AND bigger the stalactites and stalagmites get then the more damage

  25. Triple 1

    Triple 12 days ago

    Stop calling them glitches and and start saying happy accidents

  26. SomeoneDoesYoutube69

    SomeoneDoesYoutube692 days ago

    The Glow squid is cute but I prefer the moobloom

  27. papahostile

    papahostile2 days ago

    9:04 keeves

  28. But I forgot

    But I forgot2 days ago

    Why do I see Phil or Ranboo just going to this Minecraft dog park or something and just having a punch of axolotls surrounding them, running, maybe even with a speed potion- they are just smiling in the middle and everyone looks so concerned to why there are about a million axolotls on leads in a dog park.

  29. Soh Ke Xin

    Soh Ke Xin3 days ago

    Yoooooo, Philza got that driiiiipppp.

  30. LIM YI KAI Moe

    LIM YI KAI Moe3 days ago

    I feel like Philza is still child :))

  31. Mjed Aldan

    Mjed Aldan3 days ago

    Weeee neeeedddddd a new hard core video plzzzzzz

  32. Left Hand Man

    Left Hand Man3 days ago

    4:01 cobwebs: am i a joke to you

  33. Lightning n4r4njit4

    Lightning n4r4njit43 days ago

    14:54 they really said only the strong will survive

  34. Madden Gilbee

    Madden Gilbee3 days ago

    i mean you could always mlg with haybales

  35. Emily Farrell

    Emily Farrell3 days ago

    The new title: I toured animals for 18 minutes and 45 seconds

  36. Sus Doctor

    Sus Doctor3 days ago

    No you

  37. Randomnessis

    Randomnessis3 days ago


  38. Kartof4o_BG_pro

    Kartof4o_BG_pro3 days ago

    phil...tommy is.......dead by dream

  39. calvin

    calvin3 days ago

    11:51 "how'd i make an advancme- oh they, fucked"

  40. calvin

    calvin3 days ago

    o 9:09

  41. VitroDremmur

    VitroDremmur3 days ago

    philza + freezing snow = frieza (from dragon ball)

  42. the king squid

    the king squid3 days ago


  43. The Promised Nobody

    The Promised Nobody3 days ago

    You didn’t break it you just teleported into Promare 💃🕺💃

  44. Potato Shiro

    Potato Shiro3 days ago

    Sparkly boi swims away while a grown man praises it

  45. Kristel Ava

    Kristel Ava3 days ago


  46. Ryhan matyuf

    Ryhan matyuf3 days ago

    Lucky I'm a console player I have to wait until summer for the update

  47. Sean Walker

    Sean Walker3 days ago

    MY mom walked in on me watching this and she said, "Who is that." Then I said, "No one I am just watching a middle aged man play minecraft."

  48. greener channel

    greener channel3 days ago

    No it's not glice

  49. Angel and Coco Gacha Channel

    Angel and Coco Gacha Channel4 days ago

    I just hear in the background “My sleep paralysis demon is on vacation right now” HE IS AT MY HOUSE COME GET HIM

  50. Nameless Capy

    Nameless Capy4 days ago

    I had the exact same reaction as Phil with the baby axolotls, i legit went "OOOOOOWWWNNNNN" lol

  51. Keely Byars-Nichols

    Keely Byars-Nichols4 days ago

    i love his little happy claps

  52. Taxfoo

    Taxfoo4 days ago


  53. Jesus Perez

    Jesus Perez4 days ago

    10:02 happy philza

  54. ExMacc

    ExMacc4 days ago

    all that's left is for mojang to add monkeys to the game.

  55. I'm lazy

    I'm lazy4 days ago

    "oh they fucked"

  56. Yui Chu

    Yui Chu4 days ago

    6:07 - WTF



    Dont say "Shit"

  58. Brownie the Boba :3

    Brownie the Boba :34 days ago

    No one: The axolotls: *summoning circles time, boys*

  59. Brownie the Boba :3

    Brownie the Boba :34 days ago

    No one: Phil: *acting like a small child whenever something cool happens*

  60. Among sus Playz

    Among sus Playz4 days ago

    The title:Making slime traps out of sqids

  61. Wai gyi Wai

    Wai gyi Wai4 days ago


  62. fivehoney

    fivehoney4 days ago


  63. fivehoney

    fivehoney4 days ago


  64. fivehoney

    fivehoney4 days ago

    rest in peace squid

  65. fivehoney

    fivehoney4 days ago

    Phi:l can do mlg in the nether with the powder snow Minecraft : yes

  66. Jlvg Garcia

    Jlvg Garcia5 days ago

    I couldn't breathe here 16:30

  67. Jlvg Garcia

    Jlvg Garcia5 days ago

    Thank you for changing my veiw on glow squid

  68. Yankee Ram

    Yankee Ram5 days ago

    Thumbnail:broken Me:how the f u c k

  69. raemurxd

    raemurxd5 days ago

    phil: *sees that hearts are frozen* oo that's actually *cool* !

  70. Animal Crossing

    Animal Crossing5 days ago

    15:54: Ranboo don't care lol

  71. Alu IV

    Alu IV5 days ago

    axelot's formula 1:exists guardians: ight imma get out

  72. Kim Son Luu GS åk 7 Varagårdsskolan

    Kim Son Luu GS åk 7 Varagårdsskolan5 days ago

    9:15 turn gamma to 1000 problem fixed no torches

  73. Dustin Blue Pineda

    Dustin Blue Pineda5 days ago

    Petision to make minecraft make husks drop an item that preserve mobs age

  74. Who damn Cares

    Who damn Cares5 days ago

    “They added” Philza you need to stop talking in third person dude.

  75. ジItzAngelSaulo

    ジItzAngelSaulo5 days ago

    Me: being jealous bc I don't have mc

  76. Ahmad Adzman

    Ahmad Adzman5 days ago

    17:13 you have a ring today :)

  77. no name

    no name5 days ago

    8:04 thats awsome

  78. nickolas vander

    nickolas vander5 days ago

    phil is like that lady "thats the cutest thing

  79. Nuez Орех [раньше было GD]

    Nuez Орех [раньше было GD]5 days ago

    15:39 top 10 sad anime death

  80. Nuez Орех [раньше было GD]

    Nuez Орех [раньше было GD]5 days ago

    14:54 wow

  81. Avery Auger

    Avery Auger5 days ago

    Grian would definitely do that intro lmao

  82. slow time

    slow time5 days ago


  83. JohnCarlPlayz Gaming

    JohnCarlPlayz Gaming6 days ago

    philza viewers:wutt,ehatttWhat..

  84. bowesr koopa

    bowesr koopa6 days ago

    the dog of the water is out

  85. Nø Silxnce

    Nø Silxnce6 days ago

    "How'd I make an advancement?" "Oh they fucked" That quote earned my like (Edit) And my Sub for that matter although Idk why I wasn't already

  86. Jurassic jurassic

    Jurassic jurassic6 days ago

    Cries in bedrock 😫

  87. Skylar Monahan

    Skylar Monahan6 days ago

    Philza: Kills the axolotls Enderman: *looking at him* Enderman: .... Philza: I DIDNT MEAN TO

  88. Kendyll Torres

    Kendyll Torres6 days ago


  89. Grape Girl

    Grape Girl6 days ago

    Get a baby yellow one and name it lemon drop 👁👄👁

  90. [S][O][P][H][I][E] ]

    [S][O][P][H][I][E] ]6 days ago

    Axolotl with speed potion:Spain without an a

  91. V-Playz

    V-Playz6 days ago

    Axolotl be bae bladein tho

  92. Jan 2004

    Jan 20046 days ago

    Feminist: Boys want only one thing and thats fucking disgusting What boys really want: 13:54

  93. Zarkio

    Zarkio6 days ago

    with the axolotls in circle going SPEED he looks like he have an aura because hes STRONK

  94. ob1fun

    ob1fun6 days ago

    14:45 dream or the hunters are going to use that in a man hunt

  95. Silox Tilleyzep

    Silox Tilleyzep6 days ago

    phill i moved from console and now im on pc how do you get these snapshots

  96. Myne33

    Myne336 days ago

    Please do more regular snapshot videos.

  97. Mychal Wyson

    Mychal Wyson6 days ago

    Actually u could use slime blocks and honey blocks and mlg in the nether

  98. Fun maths

    Fun maths6 days ago

    I think you already could MLG clutch in the nether with scaffolding

  99. Wilson Roo

    Wilson Roo6 days ago

    "Mumbo, or Grian-" *e x c u s e m e ? w h a t d o y o u m e a n, G r i a n ?*

  100. Pokahoma

    Pokahoma6 days ago

    The glow lichen put water in 3 by 3 lava, also the water can go in the nether