The Ultimate "Star Wars: A New Hope" Recap Cartoon

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....
THE ULTIMATE STAR WARS RECAP CARTOON! (Episode IV A New Hope)! Follow Luke Skywalker on his journey to become a jedi knight or whatever!
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twitter: kn0nker
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a Cartoon by Cas van de Pol & Junaid Chundrigar
Storyboard by Cas van de Pol & Junaid Chundrigar
Animation by Cas van de Pol & Junaid Chundrigar
Backgrounds by Cas van de Pol & Junaid Chundrigar
Catering by Cas van de Pol & Junaid Chundrigar
Music & sound by Robert Jung - dreikelvin


  1. imaJunation

    imaJunationMonth ago

    Thanks for the reactions everybody! We had a blast making this one :)

  2. LuixGaete7

    LuixGaete7Day ago

    @imaJunation Oh ok, it also hears interesting

  3. imaJunation

    imaJunationDay ago

    @LuixGaete7 Wish I could but I can't. Don't have the rights anymore. Cas and I are making some new Marvel stuff very soon though ;)

  4. Brian Shen

    Brian ShenDay ago

    @Cas van de Pol please make ultimate recap of the empire strikes bake

  5. LuixGaete7

    LuixGaete7Day ago

    Ok, also, make Bad Days Season 4, pls

  6. Jei Cruz

    Jei Cruz7 days ago


  7. Jay Wright

    Jay Wright17 minutes ago

    3:40 woah.... r2d2 I never knew you could....

  8. Cris Rivas

    Cris RivasHour ago

    Por favor no pongas tripas y sangre

  9. skrwYU

    skrwYUHour ago

    2:53 planet schllat

  10. Fluffle Truffle

    Fluffle TruffleHour ago

    Gotta get COPPA off your ass ya know?

  11. AmongUsFan1556 - Animal Crossing

    AmongUsFan1556 - Animal Crossing4 hours ago

    0:37 Astro Boy! A S T R O B O Y !

  12. AmongUsFan1556 - Animal Crossing

    AmongUsFan1556 - Animal Crossing4 hours ago

    I Also Caught Karen From Spongebob

  13. Steel Warrior

    Steel Warrior4 hours ago

    Lowkey ult Ron looked ripped

  14. guilherme cunha

    guilherme cunha5 hours ago

    3:43 Luke destroyed a Death Star Palpatine built a Death Star R2 :

  15. Monke Guy

    Monke Guy5 hours ago

    The fact that Luke got turned on by his sister screaming just kills me

  16. Pedro fs

    Pedro fs5 hours ago

    1:56 5:03 Dejavou

  17. jimpax

    jimpax6 hours ago

    people who dislike ave no heart

  18. Jesse Greist

    Jesse Greist7 hours ago

    3:38 so is no one gonna talk about this?

  19. Caleb The Awesome Gamer

    Caleb The Awesome Gamer8 hours ago

    6:23 Chewbacca: WHERE’S MY ******* MEDAL

  20. lean sanchez

    lean sanchez9 hours ago


  21. liber gonzalez

    liber gonzalez9 hours ago

    this is solid gold!!!!!!

  22. BL4Z3 TOAST

    BL4Z3 TOAST9 hours ago

    3:39 I am no longer comfortable

  23. Debbie-Lynn Hamm

    Debbie-Lynn Hamm10 hours ago


  24. Девочка с авы

    Девочка с авы10 hours ago

    3:44 OwO

  25. William O'Brien

    William O'Brien10 hours ago

    Thankyou for including the maclunki

  26. RaSLeR HeioS NaBRaDia

    RaSLeR HeioS NaBRaDia11 hours ago

    Hahahaha it was hilarious!!! Have a like and my subscription!

  27. Vitor The tank Engine

    Vitor The tank Engine11 hours ago

    USlikes : this is childish so u will take a strik .... 0:13

  28. [TB]CB Agent4 #TeamOrder

    [TB]CB Agent4 #TeamOrder12 hours ago

    Can we just talk about HOW FRICKIN’ CUTE THAT TURRET AND BMO ARE-

  29. JoãoP Pedro

    JoãoP Pedro12 hours ago

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkk muito bom

  30. DevilBlade 89

    DevilBlade 8913 hours ago

    Out of every hallway scene Iv e seen in Star Wars content, this is the best one by a long shot. 🔥

  31. Vitor21ckV

    Vitor21ckV15 hours ago

    3:40 '-'

  32. Садовник Огородников

    Садовник Огородников16 hours ago

    0:11 Happy Tree Friends: Remake

  33. DJFC's Cool Videos :D

    DJFC's Cool Videos :D16 hours ago


  34. Hunter Wulfstern

    Hunter Wulfstern17 hours ago

    0:35 East Eggs from left to right (the ones I known) • HK-47 from Star Wars the Knights of the Old Republic • Turret from Portal • Karen from SpongeBob • WALL-E from WALL-E • Bender from Futurama • IG-88 from Star Wars • Darlek from Doctor Who

  35. meme boi

    meme boi17 hours ago

    Underrated than the original movie

  36. Андрей Милошевич

    Андрей Милошевич17 hours ago

    3:40 WTF LOL 🤣🤣🤣

  37. Mason

    Mason18 hours ago

    The part that made me laugh is when old ben was sneakin' and tried to do a roll and hurt hisself

  38. IceTubeDoesStuff

    IceTubeDoesStuff18 hours ago


  39. adil bahs

    adil bahs18 hours ago


  40. Im Rowen

    Im Rowen19 hours ago

    He protec He atac But most importantly when he show emotion he get smac


    IT KSK ACCOUNT19 hours ago


  42. xxxLegendaryxxx

    xxxLegendaryxxx20 hours ago

    3:39 this is a good morning headstart

  43. Caleb Plays

    Caleb Plays20 hours ago


  44. Ian Bosso

    Ian Bosso21 hour ago

    I love the dewback

  45. Hannah Blue

    Hannah BlueDay ago

    What would Ahsoka think if she saw this part...... ._. 3:42

  46. ana paula das neves

    ana paula das nevesDay ago

    mais star Wars

  47. Emmanuel Reyes

    Emmanuel ReyesDay ago

    So is this kid friendly?

  48. ItzDaRealCheez

    ItzDaRealCheezDay ago

    So nobody is talking about RT D2 doing... well, ya know.

  49. Mykah Derbyshire

    Mykah Derbyshire7 hours ago


  50. CibbraltarSessit

    CibbraltarSessit15 hours ago

    Surprisingly... no one is...

  51. Vicente Moscardó Ribes

    Vicente Moscardó RibesDay ago

    0:37 Pls help me , name all the robots in this scene its for a work.

  52. Peelyfan Yt

    Peelyfan YtDay ago

    Why is everything so gruesome ur vids aren’t like this I like it

  53. Simon Gutierrez

    Simon GutierrezDay ago

    Low key star wars before disney censored and ruined it.

  54. Animated !

    Animated !Day ago

    3:39 dear god R2D2, i have never been so disgusted by what my eyes have seen

  55. Neet -Sama

    Neet -SamaDay ago

    03:43 Oh no...

  56. Riely Mock

    Riely MockDay ago

    Star war or something idk never watched it

  57. Alias Fakename

    Alias FakenameDay ago

    0:11 Elfen Lied anyone?

  58. Phil_siem

    Phil_siemDay ago

    R2D2 at the hole. I felt that

  59. James Landry

    James LandryDay ago

    5:56 “Please don’t shoot in here ty :)” 😌

  60. Илья Кондрат

    Илья КондратDay ago

    The BEST MOMENT 1:22.

  61. MR DOGGO

    MR DOGGODay ago

    Gotta love how gorge Lucas is the bar tender

  62. Mike Monstaa

    Mike MonstaaDay ago


  63. Kris the Ripper

    Kris the RipperDay ago

    Im waiting for the ultimate Star Wars The Phantom Menace recap animation :)

  64. Nobody

    NobodyDay ago

    3:45 Going in & out, in & out. Fun

  65. Joey Juarez

    Joey JuarezDay ago

    Why is C-3po thicc

  66. Maddyn Henry

    Maddyn HenryDay ago

    That robot sus

  67. Among Us Memes

    Among Us MemesDay ago

    2:21 See How The Man Behind The Strange Beast's Facial Expression Has Changed.

  68. Rafał Amarowicz

    Rafał AmarowiczDay ago

    f f f

  69. CoolGamerVR

    CoolGamerVRDay ago


  70. Jakub Ł.

    Jakub Ł.Day ago

    0:36 So many references :o

  71. GoldenHead 347

    GoldenHead 347Day ago

    The video when I'm alone: ​4:55 The video when my parents walk in: 0:10 1:10 1:47 1:51 2:13 2:20 2:36 3:40 3:58

  72. Mr WildCard

    Mr WildCardDay ago

    Starwars in a nutshell: Frog tells teen to kill his dad

  73. Gdmaster Le

    Gdmaster LeDay ago

    Leia is Luke’s sister

  74. - VIZER -

    - VIZER -Day ago

    Empire pleeease!!!!

  75. SFM MAN

    SFM MANDay ago

    My 5 year old son watched this.. I miss him.

  76. CLoneFan5555

    CLoneFan5555Day ago

    The note on the exaust port on the death star, "Please don't shoot in here, ty :)"

  77. Timurs Sņetkovs

    Timurs SņetkovsDay ago

    1:20 omgosh ahsoka so cute

  78. BenJoe72

    BenJoe72Day ago

    I don't even know why I'm watching movies anymore...

  79. Big Iron

    Big IronDay ago

    R2 is packing heat

  80. Dr R.M.

    Dr R.M.Day ago

    0:49 What is wrong with luke

  81. Gandhi the Great

    Gandhi the GreatDay ago

    Disney: We’ve never had strong female characters in Star Wars before Leia: 4:07

  82. Piret Iris

    Piret Iris14 hours ago

    Disney's bruh moment

  83. Andrés Delgado :v

    Andrés Delgado :vDay ago

    The fight is exactly like i remember

  84. John Francis

    John FrancisDay ago

    I think obi wan commit a war crime with getting those stormtroopers to shoot each other

  85. BlueFusionX 2006

    BlueFusionX 2006Day ago

    R 2 I am very disappointed

  86. Alex Alex

    Alex AlexDay ago

    its animation looks like a happy tree friends

  87. Strange Varieties

    Strange VarietiesDay ago

    I see.. every droid from pop culture.. in that line up.. BUT WHERE’S GIR FROM INVADER ZIM?!

  88. CactusCanadien

    CactusCanadien2 days ago

    Always finish with a scream. Beautiful art

  89. Davidcreeper_2020

    Davidcreeper_20202 days ago

    Altérnate title: What if Star Wars was animated and r rated

  90. Thomas Schoenbeck

    Thomas Schoenbeck2 days ago

    Crazy old man

  91. lil_flavor_packet 1118

    lil_flavor_packet 11182 days ago

    0:34 where's mark Zuckerberg

  92. Mossimo Reynolds

    Mossimo Reynolds2 days ago

    I don't remember star wars being rated r and being this gruesome.

  93. Skritt -The Deadbeat - Llama

    Skritt -The Deadbeat - Llama2 days ago

    Nice to see Bambi all grown up.

  94. Maria Corbisiero

    Maria Corbisiero2 days ago

    I want Star Wars 1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9!

  95. Mohammed

    Mohammed2 days ago

    pls Star wars V

  96. Imperator Palpatine

    Imperator Palpatine2 days ago

    4.42 - 4.58 XDD

  97. evolix

    evolix2 days ago

    3:41 ok I think that's enough youtube

  98. Thomas Armstrong

    Thomas Armstrong2 days ago

    0:53 sweet home alabama...

  99. Luis Miguel

    Luis Miguel2 days ago

    Han solo be like : *S N A P* ➡️⬅️⬆️➡️⬅️⬆️⬆️⬅️➡️

  100. Luis Miguel

    Luis Miguel2 days ago

    Han solo be like : *S N A P* ➡️⬅️⬆️➡️⬅️⬆️⬆️⬅️➡️

  101. Just_Evan

    Just_Evan3 days ago

    0:39 anyone else see data?

  102. Swivel Shivel

    Swivel Shivel3 days ago

    3:52 would be better if C-3PO was holding a camera



    Wtf 3:52

  104. Ethan Pendleton

    Ethan Pendleton3 days ago

    0:13 Elfen Lied in a nutshell

  105. Aaron Jung

    Aaron Jung3 days ago

    The first 2 minutes of this video had more blood then the whole StarWars series

  106. Corti Deco

    Corti Deco3 days ago

    Make 6 recaps ultimates of all the Predator movies.

  107. Azure Fiesta

    Azure Fiesta3 days ago

    i Know What's Gonna Happen And I Don't Like It: 3:41

  108. _ ШведМедвед _

    _ ШведМедвед _3 days ago

    1:49 Sans Reference

  109. José Arthur

    José Arthur3 days ago

    Faz o vídeo cara faz fazer história

  110. I am the SITH

    I am the SITH3 days ago

    I can’t believe there aren’t any jokes about how Mufasa and Darth Vader share a voice actor hahaaaa