The Miami Dolphins: The Art of the Rebuild

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And now for complete heresy: I don't outright shit on a team. I don't know how this is going to go, but perhaps it will not result in outright shaming/jinxing/whatever.
One year ago, the Dolphins were considered to be an incredible tank that had been ruined by the horrible art of winning. Ryan Fitzpatrick leading a final drive against the Patriots, making a statement in more ways than one. I was worried that such winning would go against what Miami was trying to go for in the early part of the season, but has it?
That answer has been no.
How did it happen? This video will try to assess that. Key word on try.


  1. Makeshift Swahili

    Makeshift Swahili15 hours ago

    Hell yeah, Hotline Miami music, good choice

  2. Davey

    DaveyDay ago

    I’m here because Kyle Van Noy got released today by them lol

  3. Zach Haugen

    Zach Haugen2 days ago

    Arizona is pulling black magic shenanigans here How tf did we get JJ Watt!?

  4. Millner Marrys

    Millner Marrys3 days ago

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  5. jay minto

    jay minto3 days ago

    all the dolphins need to do is just stick with Tua and develop him, the idea a rookie should be capable of turning around the worst team in modern nfl history in his rookie year is laughable. He has the potential, the doofins just can't figure it out

  6. Dukas

    Dukas3 days ago

    Hey a lot of historically bad teams are having great turn arounds! maybe its the lions turn.....hopefully by 2029

  7. Rob Man

    Rob Man4 days ago

    As a dolphins fan, tua is the only thing that worries me. Is he the future. Or should the dolphins sign a QB or draft another with the 3rd pick.

  8. Jack Humm91

    Jack Humm914 days ago

    I’ve been a Miami fan since 2007 so phins up no matter what

  9. rockmann83

    rockmann835 days ago

    Hotline Miami music, nice touch

  10. Patrick Mahomes 19

    Patrick Mahomes 195 days ago

    I absolutely love his voice 😂😂😂😂

  11. Joe Pickle

    Joe Pickle5 days ago

    Brian Flores imo has been snubbed 2 years in a row for coach of the year, people forget they were seen as one of the worst teams in history last year to being 1 game from the playoffs

  12. MalRulesAll

    MalRulesAll5 days ago


  13. Bubble Gaming

    Bubble Gaming6 days ago

    The Miami Dolphins: Professional Football’s False Hope

  14. Charlie Konzel

    Charlie Konzel6 days ago

    I’m just gonna say that the browns are better than the Steelers we saw it and you can not doubt it

  15. The Wasteland Brony

    The Wasteland Brony6 days ago

    "Those empty Sundays" Me, a NASCAR fan: Boy, whatchu talking 'bout? 😂

  16. Derek Bollum

    Derek Bollum6 days ago

    Dolphins going 11-5 playoffs

  17. Scotty Mi- Edelman

    Scotty Mi- Edelman6 days ago

    I knew Howard was gonna be a great CB when he picked off Brady twice in his 2nd year.

  18. Pug Life 4 life

    Pug Life 4 life6 days ago


  19. Horizon95

    Horizon957 days ago

    Coming soon: Congratulations, Big Ben!

  20. Daniel Rauenhorst

    Daniel Rauenhorst7 days ago

    Where's my NHL video ???

  21. Mitchell McDonald

    Mitchell McDonald7 days ago

    Please talk about Ben staying in Pittsburgh

  22. Tommy Flynn

    Tommy Flynn8 days ago

    Atlanta braves legacy of failure pls

  23. Mike S

    Mike S8 days ago

    nah glad the National Freemason League is over.

  24. SonicSpeed0705

    SonicSpeed07058 days ago

    Fun-fact: The stats for Tua Tagovailoas rookie year are actually very similar to Deshuan-Watsons rookie year.

  25. MortalZMan132

    MortalZMan1328 days ago

    You should do a fan controlled football vid

  26. Ashanti Anisha

    Ashanti Anisha8 days ago

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  27. Carter Peterson

    Carter Peterson8 days ago

    tuas a bust

  28. Samniss Arandeen

    Samniss Arandeen8 days ago

    Hype for 2022, the Dolphins 50th anniversary of their perfect season

  29. Lisää Nimi

    Lisää Nimi8 days ago

    I don't even watch NFL but I find the ending wholesome

  30. Ricky Foxx

    Ricky Foxx9 days ago

    This is just me, but I’d like to see the Tree do a whole video on the Shameless family... seems like they deserve it

  31. Pancorania

    Pancorania9 days ago

    Nothing against Tua, but the dolphins with Watson as qb and a couple more receivers is a damn scary thought....

  32. Adrian Pickel

    Adrian Pickel9 days ago

    Gotta love the music from the Hotline Miami soundtrack

  33. RealRuler2112

    RealRuler21129 days ago

    If they would've stayed the course with Fitzmagic, the Dolphins would've been in the playoffs.

  34. ryan bower

    ryan bower9 days ago

    Hotline Miami sountrack?

  35. American Kulak

    American Kulak9 days ago

    Is it just me or is it kind of funny to see UT to make Fat F*** jokes at the expense of Big Ben considering those pushups he's trying to do? I mean, UT, I love you, but eat a salad, chubs.

  36. Jaybee

    Jaybee9 days ago

    In case anyone is wondering... the BGM is M.O.O.N. - Hydrogen, from the Hotline Miami soundtrack.

  37. Kevin Thomas

    Kevin Thomas9 days ago

    Love to see them get J.J. Watt and DeShawn

  38. Charles Shaw

    Charles Shaw9 days ago


  39. B Cor

    B Cor9 days ago

    If only the jets could build a proper tank, the AFC east would be a formidable division .

  40. Dirty Randy

    Dirty Randy9 days ago

    I wonder how Tua will play, knowing Miami wanted to replace him with Watson after one year?

  41. Adam Johnson

    Adam Johnson9 days ago

    Please ass blast the Minnesota Timberwolf for how much they suck at doing everything.

  42. Michael Kavanagh

    Michael Kavanagh9 days ago

    Props for the hotline miami soundtrack

  43. RestauradorOlex

    RestauradorOlex9 days ago

    IMO, next season won't be as good, because their defense will take a step back

  44. VelvetCurry

    VelvetCurry10 days ago

    We are very happy now 😆

  45. Deadly Sensation

    Deadly Sensation10 days ago

    Step one to the rebuild was getting rid of Adam Gase

  46. KKPaul

    KKPaul10 days ago

    I remember watching the “Art of the Tank” video like it was only yesterday and laughing so much to hide the pain... it’s crazy how fast the rebuild has gone by. Getting double digit wins a year after what happened in 2019 is almost unheard of, it’s nice to have a good team once again. Can’t wait until next year!

  47. Trippa Snippa

    Trippa Snippa10 days ago

    I said before the start of the season that Flores was a brilliant coach, dude is perfect for the job, tough but also can relate to his players and not to mention very smart on gameday

  48. Cameron Burris

    Cameron Burris10 days ago

    Maybe they shouldn't have lost to us and they would have gone...

  49. Jack Duff

    Jack Duff10 days ago

    Hey Tree, could you do a Ravens video? I'd love to hear your take on the team, their history, their rivalry with the Steelers, and how our future looks. It would be a fun video. Thanks!

  50. Florida Gator1

    Florida Gator110 days ago

    They still messed up picking Tua AND they had a chance to get Herbert. The Fins won by getting Flores AND they didn't have to tank for THAT! He is a major upgrade and one of the best young NFL Head coaches.

  51. New Gamer

    New Gamer10 days ago

    I would keep Tua. His young let him grow!

  52. Logan Sloan

    Logan Sloan10 days ago

    hmmm...a positive video...can't say that it's my favorite, but a nice add to the mix of UT videos

  53. Tanner Thomas

    Tanner Thomas10 days ago

    Loving the Hotline Miami soundtrack

  54. Robert Chavez

    Robert Chavez10 days ago

    Hotline Miami soundtrack. Nice.

  55. Alex Burky

    Alex Burky10 days ago

    as a bills fan i have to say im a fan of how the dolphins have done everything. shifty moves to free cap, shifty moves to accumulate picks and prove people wrong like the tunsil deal. its just poetic that this story started with everyone thinking they were tanking for Tua...and now Tua is the biggest question mark they have. i wish them luck and years of rivalry icing the Patriots out of the playoffs.

  56. Bellcity

    Bellcity10 days ago

    Tua is the 2021 version of David Woodley.

  57. James Savik

    James Savik10 days ago

    Brian Flores and the Dolphins have come a long way. Next year will be a dog fight between the Bills and the Fish for that division.

  58. the man

    the man10 days ago

    5:53, Whoops

  59. Aiden Kennedy

    Aiden Kennedy10 days ago

    The Buffalo Sabres: A team of Disappointment

  60. Marcos Torralba

    Marcos Torralba10 days ago

    Tree can you do a legacy of failure on the Vancouver Canucks

  61. 8bit_games

    8bit_games10 days ago

    As a browns fan, it's nice to see these bottom-feeder teams like the browns, dolphins, and bills take big jumps and add some parody to the league.

  62. Politics with Frenchy

    Politics with Frenchy10 days ago

    Hotline Miami soundtrack: well done. Colts love preeze?

  63. Wait For You

    Wait For You10 days ago

    the dolphins purely lucked out, the ball is in their court to fuck it up and when it is they do as they done many times before

  64. Vapor Gaming

    Vapor Gaming10 days ago

    The jets could do this next

  65. dnasty312

    dnasty31210 days ago

    3:12 Took me a sec to realize who that ghost was 👀 OK, no more 😑

  66. Jeremy Davila

    Jeremy Davila10 days ago

    I love the Hotline Miami soundtrack in the background.

  67. thatguyukno41

    thatguyukno4110 days ago

    i hope he does one for the Bills, its been 20 plus years since we had any respect. Beane and McDermont are the future

  68. YIKES on BIKES

    YIKES on BIKES10 days ago

    The Hotline Miami music is a very nice touch

  69. TheBabylonian 109

    TheBabylonian 10910 days ago

    You have just been Blooped -Miami Dolphins, 2020

  70. Tresdon Harris

    Tresdon Harris10 days ago

    IMO, one of the best storylines to watch in 2020 was Brian Flores and the dolphins culture shift. awesome to see not just a Black coach find success on his own, but a Belichek discipline being his own coach and not trying to copy bill.

  71. blazekaizer9000

    blazekaizer900010 days ago

    Is he meaning the coach in 3:10? I am not too familiar with dolphins history

  72. The Notorious KID

    The Notorious KID10 days ago

    @blazekaizer9000 obviously you don’t know about his O line coach doing coke doing a selfie video saying how he loves some Vegas stripper... and that’s just to whet your appetite for gase’s trash as a HC in Miami. And to be fair his predecessor Philbin was trash with way more talented teams.

  73. blazekaizer9000

    blazekaizer900010 days ago

    @The Notorious KID was he that bad?

  74. The Notorious KID

    The Notorious KID10 days ago

    It’s gase

  75. Caleb Pickering

    Caleb Pickering10 days ago

    I’m honesty gonna say it: what if the AFC championship we get this year is browns and dolphins?(prob not but imagine)

  76. Interjectional Ice

    Interjectional Ice10 days ago

    Learn the Alphabet with Tree (help me fill this in) A: B: Buttfumble C: CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS! D: E: F: G: H: Hail to the Washington Football Team I: Injury Bowl J: Jacksonville is still, sadly, a professional football team. K: L: Lolcow of the Week M: Moneybadger N: O: Only a brick wall could stop you. It's name is the Eagles. P: Pass is the opposition. Q: R: S: T: Tank Bowl U: V: W: What is your major malfunction, marine?! X: Y: You blew it! Z:

  77. Brendon Le

    Brendon Le5 days ago

    A: Atlanta choking

  78. RenaldoSeguin

    RenaldoSeguin8 days ago

    C: Corvette Corvette (or alternatively CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS!)

  79. kevinsb70

    kevinsb7010 days ago

    Some rebuilds take time. As I chiefs fan I watched a 50 year rebuild.

  80. RageDMX47

    RageDMX4710 days ago

    Washington Redskins. A sign of simpler times

  81. SteelyJedi10Productions

    SteelyJedi10Productions10 days ago

    Any day without NFL football feels empty

  82. Buffalo Ny Born & Raised 1979

    Buffalo Ny Born & Raised 197910 days ago

    if my bills get j.j from Houston and he plays the entire year my Bills can go all the way

  83. Void Mystic

    Void Mystic10 days ago

    As a 30+ miami inhabitant I've see the absolute gamut of dolphins teams. I dont care if they will never be as good as the '72 team ever again. Watching Marino and the art of the choke evolve over decades... this is the most hyped I've been for the dolphins in a long long time. Next year is dolphins vs browns. Said it now, gonna say it in a year as well.

  84. Douple o Nature

    Douple o Nature10 days ago


  85. xyzvp

    xyzvp10 days ago

    The hotline Miami ost is perfect for rebuild of Miami dolphins

  86. Dirk Edmiston

    Dirk Edmiston10 days ago

    Please do video on the cluster fuck that is the Houston Texans.

  87. 17 XV

    17 XV10 days ago

    2020= Fitzmagic & the Dolphins the most exciting team to watch. Weird.

  88. Juicy Boy

    Juicy Boy10 days ago

    Let’s be honest that sponsor transition was smooth af

  89. Jerry

    Jerry10 days ago

    hes not a bust, hes not the man in MIami where they're ready to win now! trade for Lawerence or Watson

  90. ItsCodyKay

    ItsCodyKay11 days ago

    Dad Bod Jesse Eisenberg

  91. Stormus E. Normous

    Stormus E. Normous11 days ago

    Authenticity.... that’s exactly what we get in your videos, Tree! 👍 Keep up the good work, man ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  92. Tipzyyy

    Tipzyyy11 days ago

    should the vikings fire zimmer?

  93. Luminious Beings NYC

    Luminious Beings NYC11 days ago

    Brian Flores from Brownsville, Brooklyn. Put respect on that name.

  94. Michael Lucas

    Michael Lucas11 days ago

    Brian Flores is our savior but I think he missed with Tua. I really wanted Herbert in the draft and so far I was proven right. Hopefully for my teams sake I’m wrong long term

  95. Tony Zuniga

    Tony Zuniga11 days ago

    I appreciate the Hotline Miami track inclusion in this video.

  96. Logan

    Logan11 days ago

    Fitz throwing a dime as his face is grabbed is a modern renaissance painting

  97. Alex Gawronski

    Alex Gawronski11 days ago

    The dolphins don’t even have a franchise qb the bills are the real art of the rebuild

  98. Ethan T

    Ethan T11 days ago

    Please make one about the browns

  99. soliduswolf 215

    soliduswolf 21511 days ago

    Gotta love the Hotline Miami music playing in the background

  100. Hugh Manatee

    Hugh Manatee11 days ago

    Damn I forgot Miami is rising.

  101. Jimmy Raynor

    Jimmy Raynor11 days ago

    Do you enjoy hurting people?

  102. Martavious Tisby

    Martavious Tisby11 days ago

    As a dolphins fan man

  103. David Linehat

    David Linehat11 days ago

    Haskins isnt an after thought! He's the best QB on the Steelers

  104. trentbateman

    trentbateman11 days ago

    Lol the fins benefited from the pats taking the year off after Brady . While that high pick will help, I don’t think tua will pan out. Will have a top 10-15 D and a bottom 1/3 offense . 6-10 See you in 10 months

  105. Jerry From Accounting

    Jerry From Accounting11 days ago

    Gotta say it's been interesting watching the Dolphins so far succeed in turning things around. I hope they keep it up.