Why Are All School Buses Yellow?

Why Are All School Buses Yellow?


  1. Christian Ludes

    Christian Ludes58 seconds ago

    No he theirs mor colors than yelloe

  2. Zencsy

    Zencsy11 minutes ago

    Here in Malaysia Green means go, yellow means just go and red means go the fastest you can.

  3. Laugh Sandwich

    Laugh Sandwich34 minutes ago

    And bumblebee

  4. Keagan White

    Keagan White38 minutes ago

    Because they’d look weird if they were pink

  5. erick coronado

    erick coronado40 minutes ago


  6. Tony Reptarium

    Tony Reptarium44 minutes ago

    He's not lying I'm from NJ

  7. Banana Man

    Banana Man52 minutes ago

    I have been on a green school bus and a white bus in America

  8. Logan Bunnell

    Logan Bunnell53 minutes ago

    As a nj resident i csn confirm. We don't stop for yellow. Yellow lights are just a challenge

  9. Meat Strangler 9000

    Meat Strangler 900054 minutes ago

    Yellow means beat the red in Jersey. That is very true. Source: I live there

  10. Samuel Murray

    Samuel MurrayHour ago

    I think pink would be more reasonable it would stand out a

  11. Brabus 76

    Brabus 76Hour ago

    Cuz of the Simpsons??

  12. Zephra

    ZephraHour ago

    As a New Jersey citizen I can knowingly state that he is completely correct on how lights work while driving here, my parents being living proof of it lol.

  13. Charles DeLand

    Charles DeLandHour ago

    Here in NY everyone just drives right through yellow lights

  14. Lil Alex

    Lil AlexHour ago

    I say red is slam your fucking breaks so hard

  15. Juliana Pedro

    Juliana PedroHour ago

    Thats why when your battery is on low power mode its yellow to alert you that its about to die

  16. Toaster_Time

    Toaster_TimeHour ago

    It's so the kids can't spot the camouflaging pencils

  17. Izuku Midoria

    Izuku MidoriaHour ago

    When my dude said that you stop when you see yellow Me having a dad who is a pretty aggressive driver (and by aggressive I mean we counted how many days he could go without honking...his top is 3) SKIRT WE GONNA DO THIS

  18. cobobles

    coboblesHour ago

    "yellow means beat the red" litteraly every child killer: imma beat the yellow red comes out

  19. Rowan Lane

    Rowan LaneHour ago

    Everything is legal in Jersey...

  20. Christian Trent

    Christian TrentHour ago

    That’s just common sense, it’s the same reason warning signs are yellow on the road

  21. Rebekah R

    Rebekah RHour ago

    Wrong yellow means full speed ahead with caution to not stop at another damn red light for the hundredth time today.

  22. Savio Venkatsamy

    Savio VenkatsamyHour ago

    Aren't taxi cabs painted with the same yellow?

  23. Tabbs1

    Tabbs1Hour ago

    Do u have yellow Taxi cabs where u are ? I'm from 🇬🇧

  24. Ethan Webb

    Ethan WebbHour ago

    Not every school bus is yellow, my school had several white ones and it was a public school. There is a Mustang I've seen painted specifically school bus yellow.

  25. kiyoraka

    kiyoraka2 hours ago

    "only school buses can have this shade of yellow" uh huh say that to 1/4 of the trucks round here

  26. Shawn K

    Shawn K2 hours ago

    We have a few white school buses here. The MRDD buses.

  27. Alexx Casanova

    Alexx Casanova2 hours ago

    mine were white in high school :/

  28. Gaming workshop1

    Gaming workshop12 hours ago

    No, when I see a school bus, I think 7 hour prison

  29. Dijon Mustard

    Dijon Mustard2 hours ago

    So is it illegal to paint your car that color

  30. Ralof Of Riverwood

    Ralof Of Riverwood2 hours ago

    Slam on the breaks? i just think to myself "Wow another school bus wonder what school it is heading to."

  31. Memasys

    Memasys2 hours ago

    Xbox here I come

  32. Robo- Dale

    Robo- Dale2 hours ago

    Cheese wagon!!!

  33. Bernlack

    Bernlack2 hours ago

    I like this bus dude man, always coming in with something new

  34. TheghostxxRider

    TheghostxxRider2 hours ago

    When I see a yellow light I'm speeding the fuck up wdym

  35. Noah Marcus

    Noah Marcus2 hours ago

    Why do some busses have a white top?

  36. Mr. Fluffers

    Mr. Fluffers2 hours ago

    Bruh, Green means go, Yellow means Beat the Red, and Red means “Oh I’m sorry officer, I’m colorblind.” - California

  37. Savage Brothers

    Savage Brothers2 hours ago

    Yaaa beat the red

  38. Aiden slice

    Aiden slice2 hours ago

    My dads state truck is painted yellow is that why there all yellow

  39. Tachanka Main

    Tachanka Main2 hours ago

    When you can only see in black white and gray

  40. orgo onxbox

    orgo onxbox2 hours ago

    What about taxi are they painted that color

  41. Max Rodz

    Max Rodz2 hours ago

    How about taxis

  42. Naim Issoufou

    Naim Issoufou2 hours ago

    Aren't taxi's yellow tho!!

  43. Otis Flanary

    Otis Flanary2 hours ago

    What about mini Cooper some mini coopers have that type of shade yellow

  44. Madilyn Mercado

    Madilyn Mercado2 hours ago

    Haha yellow mean beets the red I think that’s everybody lol unless they want to wish there time by waiting at a light but eh Cary on lol

  45. AestheticChicken

    AestheticChicken2 hours ago

    so i was walking to my house from from and this school bus saw me and came to pick me up, i kindly declined, come to think of it, why was the school bus so small and colored white?

  46. HuskyWusky :3

    HuskyWusky :32 hours ago

    My mom used to live in New Jersey so instead of slamming the breaks she slams the gas. She also goes over the speed limit a lot

  47. hi.i'mnotafurry.

    hi.i'mnotafurry.2 hours ago

    umm... my school buss is orange.

  48. grandpa tiler

    grandpa tiler2 hours ago

    reminds me of the fake cop car colored vans and stuff ppl drive around

  49. pengngy Tang

    pengngy Tang2 hours ago

    My country : Green means go Yellow means FASTER Red means FRICK

  50. Hannah Joy

    Hannah Joy2 hours ago

    My old school bus was white

  51. Carolyn R

    Carolyn R2 hours ago

    We have a bus at my school that’s painted blue. Not a bright blue, a blue that can be associated with sad or dark things. We call it the prison bus because it’s a very worn down grayish royal blue. It is LEGENDARY and nobody knows if it’s a good thing or a bad thing to have that bus.

  52. em

    em2 hours ago

    me who's seen a pink school bus: 👀

  53. Chris Beall

    Chris Beall3 hours ago

    Beat the red😂 who tf don’t wanna beat the red

  54. Joel

    Joel3 hours ago

    A taxi?

  55. golden creeper rt

    golden creeper rt3 hours ago

    I saw white at my school

  56. A Stearn

    A Stearn3 hours ago

    Meanwhile that yellow is two different shades.

  57. MyNameMagikoopa On Instagram

    MyNameMagikoopa On Instagram3 hours ago

    In 2005 in the uk we had blue school busses for 5 years

  58. The Prince of the Scrubnation

    The Prince of the Scrubnation3 hours ago

    Him: unless your in jesery Me: looks at grandma Can confirm yellow means beat the red

  59. Hi Elf

    Hi Elf3 hours ago

    That be smart

  60. Kipix

    Kipix3 hours ago

    My busses were blue...

  61. Sharon Needles

    Sharon Needles3 hours ago

    Agree to disagree

  62. Clive Burnett

    Clive Burnett3 hours ago

    Everywhere in the world yellow means speed up

  63. BossMan 302

    BossMan 3023 hours ago

    2013 boss 302 has a few hundred school bus yellow cars.

  64. Ferdinand von Aegir

    Ferdinand von Aegir3 hours ago

    Where i come from, green means go, yellow means go faster, and red means stop

  65. Jaelen Couser

    Jaelen Couser3 hours ago

    Not even jersey philly too

  66. Chloe Fehlman

    Chloe Fehlman4 hours ago

    California if yellow is the light it means you need to go at the speed of light before red

  67. ProfessorByers YT

    ProfessorByers YT4 hours ago

    I thought I was supposed to look like a pencil lol

  68. Ace Morlock

    Ace Morlock4 hours ago

    "When you see yellow you think caution and slow down" Me: meh not in NJ "Unless your in New Jersey" Me: ... I mean your right but now i feel called out

  69. Dustin Krueger

    Dustin Krueger4 hours ago

    "You will never see another vehicle with this color yellow. EVER!" Every construction vehicle: You sure about that?!

  70. Max Rodz

    Max Rodz2 hours ago

    And taxis

  71. DirectBeam

    DirectBeam4 hours ago

    Me, aboutta find school bus yellow and get my car painted: (when I can get a car ofc)

  72. Slayerkid 7

    Slayerkid 74 hours ago

    Even more attractive than that hot pink Mazda? Hmm

  73. Gitfiddle 7766

    Gitfiddle 77664 hours ago

    The school bus encyclopedia

  74. Noah McKnight

    Noah McKnight5 hours ago

    He forgot about the battle bus

  75. huxley fortnite

    huxley fortnite5 hours ago

    I saw a car yellow idiot

  76. PessimisticDiabetic

    PessimisticDiabetic5 hours ago

    *Goes to Home Depot to find that color and then airbrushes car*

  77. tharednomad

    tharednomad5 hours ago

    Do do do do banana bus

  78. Dixie Whiskey

    Dixie Whiskey5 hours ago

    It was also the cheapest color

  79. Rogue R34P3R

    Rogue R34P3R5 hours ago

    "When you see a yellow light, you're automatically inclined to slow down." Me, who wants to speed up when I see a yellow light: 👀

  80. FnafGacha

    FnafGacha5 hours ago

    What about taxis

  81. Septic sorcerer

    Septic sorcerer6 hours ago

    ...."Me who has a neighbor that painted his car this exact same yellow because he thought it looked nice" sure there are no cars like this

  82. Bandit Gaming

    Bandit Gaming6 hours ago

    I’m pretty sure most people not all but most people say yellow means bet the red.

  83. Mitch S.

    Mitch S.6 hours ago

    Schwan trucks are yellow.

  84. sonew

    sonew6 hours ago

    About that new jersey comment... I'm angry how correct you are about this

  85. Mr T34-76

    Mr T34-766 hours ago

    Meanwhile in the UK public buses and minibuses

  86. goddy5890

    goddy58906 hours ago

    Yellow means go faster. You got it man lolol

  87. Trisha Hummer

    Trisha Hummer6 hours ago

    That’s cool

  88. The Impossible Cheese

    The Impossible Cheese6 hours ago

    As a fellow man from New Jersey I can confirm that yellow does mean beat the red

  89. Recardo M

    Recardo M6 hours ago

    LIRR trucks in new york. same color "school bus yellow"

  90. owen reilly

    owen reilly6 hours ago

    I've seen white busses tho :/

  91. TrxqicalxLxila

    TrxqicalxLxila6 hours ago

    So that’s why taxis are yellow too 🙊

  92. Cory Holdcraft

    Cory Holdcraft6 hours ago

    Lmfao yellow means beat the red almost everywhere 💀💀

  93. noobslayer10101

    noobslayer101016 hours ago

    Also yellow light almost everywhere I know of 50% of drivers at least think they means beat the red

  94. noobslayer10101

    noobslayer101016 hours ago

    I know a guy who has a Lambo coloured this exact yellow

  95. Michael Fritz

    Michael Fritz7 hours ago

    "CAT" Caterpillar construction vehicles look the pretty close to the same color yellow

  96. you arent very funny

    you arent very funny7 hours ago

    Because yellow is bright, making it easier for target practice

  97. Alex Arredondo

    Alex Arredondo7 hours ago

    Ahahahah fucking camero is yellow

  98. Eliczek

    Eliczek7 hours ago

    They feel like the blu ones

  99. devin mize

    devin mize7 hours ago

    My moms truck is yellow so explain how no car has yellow on it

  100. Reid Young

    Reid Young7 hours ago

    We had a school bus that was orange our football bus. I've seen red, green, blue, and purple

  101. Joe At 10 Health

    Joe At 10 Health7 hours ago

    I'm gonna get a car in this color now