Panton Squad Official Music Video "We Go Hard"

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Panton Squad Official Music Video "We Go Hard"
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  1. BrayBray TheBeast

    BrayBray TheBeastMinute ago

    Had to watch again this song is the meaning of true love

  2. Mario Glover

    Mario Glover7 minutes ago


  3. Sa'Nyah O'Neal

    Sa'Nyah O'Neal8 minutes ago

    paton Sq

  4. Kim Dycus

    Kim Dycus11 minutes ago

    I'm Writing your tic toc

  5. Jayden Foster

    Jayden Foster15 minutes ago

    It was. Lit

  6. Lady Westside

    Lady Westside15 minutes ago

    Panton squad is a beautiful family 💕💕💕 love y’all forever 💕💕 good job guys 😍💕

  7. Tracey Brown

    Tracey Brown16 minutes ago

    o my god 💕💕💕💕💕

  8. Ashley Simmons

    Ashley Simmons17 minutes ago

    Y’all no how to song

  9. Killua Zoldyck

    Killua Zoldyck28 minutes ago

    You guys are bestttttttt you litttt😁

  10. Eliya Major

    Eliya Major30 minutes ago

    but ok

  11. Juju Hall

    Juju Hall36 minutes ago

    This song was 🔥


    JUSTBEING_NIY BLESS36 minutes ago

    yeah we go hard

  13. Faith freeman

    Faith freeman42 minutes ago

    I love you yeah yeah

  14. kia allbright

    kia allbright49 minutes ago

    team panton squad

  15. Hiliana Outlaw

    Hiliana Outlaw58 minutes ago


  16. Kool Kid Jasmine

    Kool Kid JasmineHour ago

    You guys are Lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥 D M Y D❤️

  17. Kenlei Monk

    Kenlei MonkHour ago

    Love your song By the way I’m your biggest fan and Kenlei monk 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕😂💕🥰🥰💕🥰🥰😘🥰😘

  18. Michael Ray

    Michael RayHour ago

    I like this song

  19. Niere Marie

    Niere MarieHour ago

    Where my Panton squad family at hit the like botton if you Go hard for them

  20. Niere Marie

    Niere MarieHour ago

    I got my whole block playing y’all song when I say it’s HARD it’s HARD I love y’all gang panton squad forever love y’all fam ❤️😍🔥💯 I gotta my favorite family love y’all family

  21. Brooklyn B

    Brooklyn BHour ago

    Have you seen Beam. Squad music video billy you should watch it

  22. Shakilia Alexander

    Shakilia AlexanderHour ago

    Peris louv

  23. Shakilia Alexander

    Shakilia AlexanderHour ago

    Peris louv you

  24. little sunflower gaming

    little sunflower gaming2 hours ago

    I love this music video yall all did so good I love it ❤️❤️❤️🥰💕🥰💕🥰🥰🥰🥰

  25. Aliviah Shropshire

    Aliviah Shropshire2 hours ago

    I love it

  26. Deangela Smith

    Deangela Smith2 hours ago

    I love dj part he’s so adorable 😍

  27. Miah Moore

    Miah Moore2 hours ago

    Song is so dope

  28. Demaryus Brown

    Demaryus Brown2 hours ago

    I like your Voice

  29. Tyler Hernandez

    Tyler Hernandez2 hours ago

    That’s fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 team all of u

  30. Zee crew Moore

    Zee crew Moore2 hours ago

    Holland loves yaya

  31. Alani Evans

    Alani Evans2 hours ago

    Yall are the best!!

  32. Savannah Miller

    Savannah Miller2 hours ago

    Dj so cute 😁😍😘 yo period sis ok 3:30 it's his part this hole song is lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥 lit period every part on this song😁

  33. Ashley Matthews

    Ashley Matthews2 hours ago

    I like Malinda and yaya part.

  34. Latoya Clark

    Latoya Clark2 hours ago

    This go so hard I listen to this in the morning and at night🥺😍

  35. Tanesa Boyd

    Tanesa Boyd2 hours ago


  36. Shaquocha Dorsey

    Shaquocha Dorsey2 hours ago

    oMGive this


    JOSHUA CLARK3 hours ago


  38. Gaming with kam 1k pls

    Gaming with kam 1k pls3 hours ago

    Good gob dj

  39. SAM McPherson

    SAM McPherson3 hours ago

    i love you gays

  40. Henrietta Sliver

    Henrietta Sliver3 hours ago

    Panton squatty are my favourite USlikes

  41. Lovee A

    Lovee A3 hours ago

    Good I keep picking this song

  42. sereke mebrahtu

    sereke mebrahtu3 hours ago

    Macha loves yaya so check out the fisher family because macha loves yaya soooooo much and I love you guys so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ and I love you guys Merch it is so so i love it so much

  43. Tita Ekaola

    Tita Ekaola3 hours ago


  44. Tavaris Edwards

    Tavaris Edwards3 hours ago

    They really go hard the rimes

  45. Barz Barb

    Barz Barb3 hours ago

    woah this is fire. i aint go cap

  46. Jemsidee Jentzen

    Jemsidee Jentzen3 hours ago

    Aye you guys are so lit I hope you have a blessed day bless y’all love y’all bye ❤️

  47. Cutegirl_ Gabby

    Cutegirl_ Gabby3 hours ago

    I love Malinda part:Its Malinda I'll be chilling January to december. love u pantaons squad and I'm just so addicted to Malinda's part

  48. makenzie cotton

    makenzie cotton3 hours ago

    This songl. Love

  49. Sabrina Horsford

    Sabrina Horsford3 hours ago

    this song lit u guys killed it cant stop watching it


    WWE HUB TOUR3 hours ago

    You gives our a master at making music that was amazing

  51. Emily Rose

    Emily Rose3 hours ago

    THIS SO LIT 😯😯😯😯😯😯😲😲😲

  52. Terrell Starks

    Terrell Starks3 hours ago

    It was 🔥

  53. Terrell Starks

    Terrell Starks3 hours ago

    It was lit

  54. Terrell Starks

    Terrell Starks3 hours ago

    I like yaya voice and malinda voice and dj and don

  55. Tomaseo Maxwell

    Tomaseo Maxwell3 hours ago

    I like don and dj

  56. Troubles101

    Troubles1014 hours ago

    I love it,keep making songs!

  57. Layloni Mosley

    Layloni Mosley4 hours ago

    omg yaya i love ur part

  58. Crystal Cook

    Crystal Cook4 hours ago

    Ayyy. I. Like. This. Song

  59. Rayna C

    Rayna C4 hours ago

    Yaya good job dj you to a fishing game fishing family whatever they did a video of this watching it doing a video

  60. Lena The youtuber

    Lena The youtuber4 hours ago

    I loved the song and yaya she was so cute I liked her ♡

  61. Kayden Cruse

    Kayden Cruse4 hours ago


  62. Khiley Carson

    Khiley Carson4 hours ago

    the song was good

  63. Simply Victoria

    Simply Victoria4 hours ago


  64. Coco

    Coco4 hours ago

    I be blasting this song while mother be driving lol

  65. Shekinah Coleman

    Shekinah Coleman4 hours ago

    I listened to this 30 time already and yall really be going hard❤❤❤❤❤

  66. Raylee Hunt

    Raylee Hunt4 hours ago

    He so cute did my favorite is malinda and ya

  67. gaming with no broken heart

    gaming with no broken heart4 hours ago

    RJ HAS A Crush on Yaya ❤

  68. Potatoz Dude

    Potatoz Dude4 hours ago

    "we in the studio droppin hits like its mozart" DABAYYYY Pantons squad aint the only thing goin hard cuz that bar went rock hard yall 🔥🔥

  69. gaming with no broken heart

    gaming with no broken heart4 hours ago

    I Love your vo

  70. gaming with no broken heart

    gaming with no broken heart4 hours ago

    I Love your Video's you work so hard to get all those followers

  71. Potatoz Dude

    Potatoz Dude4 hours ago

    Ok but imma need some more heat from mah boi Dbaby drippin on us and lookin immaculate as usual and thats on perodt

  72. Princess Tiffi

    Princess Tiffi4 hours ago

    Love you guys

  73. Mike Sylvain

    Mike Sylvain4 hours ago

    Go hard

  74. Donna Davis

    Donna Davis4 hours ago

    I love this song

  75. Adriana Reyes-Gutierrez

    Adriana Reyes-Gutierrez4 hours ago

    this is lit

  76. Olisia Mcintyre

    Olisia Mcintyre4 hours ago

    So beautiful

  77. Rosie Graham

    Rosie Graham4 hours ago

    This goes hard R.I.P GOOBA

  78. Coco AnGel X

    Coco AnGel X4 hours ago


  79. Nicole Barnes

    Nicole Barnes4 hours ago

    Yes my daughter whach ya you are cool dang

  80. Tamia Harvey

    Tamia Harvey4 hours ago

    i cant song watch this music video yall really go hard

  81. Estella Sample

    Estella Sample4 hours ago


  82. zanae clark

    zanae clark4 hours ago


  83. Wanda Rusher

    Wanda Rusher4 hours ago


  84. Zach Attack

    Zach Attack4 hours ago

    Bruh I never want Pantons squad to end bro❤️love y’all

  85. Zam Goni

    Zam Goni4 hours ago

    Team. Dj. And. Team. Melinda

  86. It’s Nakhiah

    It’s Nakhiah4 hours ago

    I love itttttttttt!!

  87. Sparkle Girl

    Sparkle Girl5 hours ago

    I love this song so much I love all of you guys and all of y’all sound very good

  88. Kyle Smith

    Kyle Smith5 hours ago


  89. Ausenda Gomes

    Ausenda Gomes5 hours ago

    god bless your family here since the begining love you guys

  90. Kennedy

    Kennedy5 hours ago

    Yaya and malinda are so pretty

  91. Sophia Estilus

    Sophia Estilus5 hours ago


  92. Zikora Goodness

    Zikora Goodness5 hours ago


  93. Zikora Goodness

    Zikora Goodness5 hours ago

    Hey ok dj

  94. Peter Encalada

    Peter Encalada5 hours ago

    This song is so GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 i love this family!@

  95. Zikora Goodness

    Zikora Goodness5 hours ago


  96. Rxyze

    Rxyze5 hours ago

    1v1 dj

  97. Jay Thomas

    Jay Thomas5 hours ago

    Did Dj say he gotta stay on what

  98. Mahalia Patterson

    Mahalia Patterson5 hours ago

    Team yaya

  99. Ayanna Pleasant

    Ayanna Pleasant5 hours ago

    That music video was so lit

  100. Subrina Hudson

    Subrina Hudson5 hours ago

    yea I love this song so listen to it everyday y’all have an amazing voices love this song

  101. Levi's world

    Levi's world5 hours ago

    I gays did soooooo good

  102. lorenza banks

    lorenza banks5 hours ago

    You funny 😂