Top 10 Most Powerful Electric Motorcycles to Buy

Top 10 Best Electric Motorcycle, that you must keep in your Wishlist.
** Coolest Electric Motorcycles :
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  1. Top 10 Zone

    Top 10 Zone3 months ago

    Coolest Electric Motorcycles :

  2. Bobby Gurung

    Bobby Gurung19 hours ago

    2021 Nepal first 2 electric bike lunch Yatri motorcycle project zero project one, project zero one single charge 230km range top speed 140km/h speed, project one one single charge 110km range top speed 100km/h speed

  3. onebatch twobatch

    onebatch twobatch6 days ago

    Its all fun and games till the EMP Bomb gets dropped.

  4. Patrick Larsen

    Patrick Larsen15 days ago

    Probably the first video i disliked ever

  5. Petar Alimanovic

    Petar Alimanovic16 days ago

    Too bad they ain't gonna sell those at that price... Thou it sure looks like a good thing to have...

  6. BS Adventures!

    BS Adventures!20 days ago

    Prices are ridiculous. If they would make one with a range of 500 miles and have at least a top speed of 95 miles per hour for under 10k then I’ll be interested! Till then I’ll stick with my $3k to 4K gas motorcycles.

  7. FrEe Red Cold

    FrEe Red Cold23 days ago

  8. William Munny

    William Munny23 days ago

    The cake Kalk looks like it has a dishwasher included.


    KOREA POP29 days ago

    "28000$" Very cheap like you can buy a good car with this budget.

  10. ZemnodGaming

    ZemnodGamingMonth ago

    2nd isnt a gogoro s2 its a verge ts

  11. Sudip Pandey

    Sudip PandeyMonth ago

    Nepal made electric motorcycle!!!!! Crazy Specs Hi, USlikesr please review this motorcycle in your videos.

  12. Hitesh Chauhan

    Hitesh ChauhanMonth ago

    From where to buy the bike

  13. Speedcuber975

    Speedcuber975Month ago

    the only thing that gets me on all of these is that every single one only has 100 miles of range. I take 300 mile trips quite often so these just aren't practical enough yet compared to gas motorcycles.

  14. Jasur Abirov

    Jasur AbirovMonth ago

    Your #9 motorcycle is wrong it isn’t Gogoro S2 it’s Verge TS

  15. LJA

    LJAMonth ago

    "Zero SR" is number 1 most powerful electric motorcycle in your list with 52kW (70hp) motor while “The Lightning Ls-218” with 200hp motor comes number 6, is that make sense?

  16. xeniumoxidmovies

    xeniumoxidmoviesMonth ago

    bad research, the orange motorcycle is not from gogoro, but from verge. pls make your research the next time properly

  17. AOK2Blaze

    AOK2BlazeMonth ago

    this bike comes with a leather seat so you can keep having a safe experience

  18. mario cortes

    mario cortesMonth ago

    Still shit

  19. Ok

    OkMonth ago

    2:05 wrong name. Lack of preparation. Wrong content. Shallow script. Why subscribing him let alone giving a like


    VRS MOTORSMonth ago

    Nice video. Here is a video of Voge ER 10

  21. matt woods

    matt woodsMonth ago

    So robotic hahaha also some of these specs and video clips are all messed up. The 7.2kwh zero dsr doesnt go 200 miles and also you showed the blackforest edition lmao

  22. Jorge Tamacas

    Jorge TamacasMonth ago

    The # 10 in this list is good enough for me. It make it perfect for the round trip from home to work and viceversa (16km) the whole week without recharging

  23. Simple English

    Simple EnglishMonth ago

    Worst vid ever

  24. Daniel Hristov

    Daniel HristovMonth ago

    Who buys a motorcycle that goes slower than a bicycle... seriously

  25. the scratch artist

    the scratch artistMonth ago

    I'm surprised that the zero sr/f or zero sr/s aren't on here.

  26. Sarvesh Jayakanth

    Sarvesh Jayakanth2 months ago

    You missed 2 bikes:ultraviolette F77 and the Emflux one

  27. Tai Kai

    Tai Kai2 months ago

    quite annoying to see the measurments switch between imperial and metric back and forth along the Video length. Either offer both measurments from the start, or stick to one if you ask me

  28. KNOW IT

    KNOW IT2 months ago

    Brother from where does you take the videos

  29. Xray 21

    Xray 212 months ago

    Oh they're smooth and responsive? Ohhhh, i didn't know!!🤦‍♂️

  30. LinKongDa

    LinKongDa2 months ago

    everyone of them is way too expansive for the people who actually need them. delivery people and commute people

  31. Michael Howell

    Michael Howell2 months ago

    Number 9 is the best

  32. Gabriel Klein

    Gabriel Klein2 months ago

    Praise the Lord people he died for us so whoever believeth in him shall not perish but have eternal life

  33. werek77

    werek772 months ago

    Everything is nice and beautiful, but how much does it cost to dispose of the battery, but only in full, all costs, including storage.

  34. sheik aadhil

    sheik aadhil2 months ago

    Prana bike top126 and range 225 3000 $ only in India tamilnade coimbatore bike

  35. Christ Hamilton

    Christ Hamilton2 months ago

    I really wanted to hear what you had to say but I just couldn't stand the music crashing which was louder than your voice. Sorry but music is neither necessary or compulsory and at that volume it was too much like hard work. I just wanted to hear the bikes and what you knew about them.

  36. Top 10 Zone

    Top 10 Zone2 months ago

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  37. Jamie Cleeves

    Jamie Cleeves2 months ago

    Drop the dreaded music

  38. Brutus Maximus

    Brutus Maximus2 months ago

    That's great but what about a hybrid that uses both gasoline and an electric motor?

  39. Top 10 Zone

    Top 10 Zone2 months ago

    Thanks for your comment. We will check them out next time.

  40. Read my ABOUT section PLEASE

    Read my ABOUT section PLEASE2 months ago

    Sorry for being here but I badly need your compassion. 💚 Do you have an extra $1? Saving to get a working laptop - to start a homebased job. No more opportunity outside. Swear, I am not a bad person. Lost so much since 2020.

  41. Ujwal Ghale

    Ujwal Ghale2 months ago

    Nice bike ❤☝️👌👌

  42. Orbital Weapon

    Orbital Weapon2 months ago

    80kw Motor? Don't u think it's not practical 🙄

  43. Random Reels

    Random Reels2 months ago

    There's India made PRANA E bike... have a look at it

  44. Man from Earth

    Man from Earth2 months ago

    I can already feel the electronic's people waiting to hack those bike all out. #future #goelectric

  45. Ted Logan

    Ted Logan3 months ago

    No. 9 is not the Gogoro S2 its the Verge TS.

  46. Porujon Nambesto

    Porujon Nambesto3 months ago

    I hoped they invent a automatic watch engine for vehicle 😂

  47. Autism With A Voice

    Autism With A Voice3 months ago

    I've always wondered what a electric Honda Grom would look like. Honestly I feel like that would be really possible and really cool to see happen and also a really good entry-level electric motorcycle

  48. Necromancer

    Necromancer3 months ago

    9 for sure...

  49. Jim Alden

    Jim Alden3 months ago

    Wow! If you think a Gogoro scooter is among the most powerful electric motorcycles, you're delusional. It's not a motorcycle and there are maybe 30 more powerful machines. I can't support a channel that is so far from factual..

  50. Márton Léránt

    Márton Léránt3 months ago

    DO NOT BUY BIKES WITHOUT SEEING BATTERY CAPACITY!!! That is what determines range - as range figures are insanely distorted by marketing teams, who give ranges when bike is driven at 30km/h. Frankly i wouldnt trust any producer that advertises buzzwords, and does its best to hide specs.

  51. Márton Léránt

    Márton Léránt3 months ago

    125cc bikes work their ass off and use max power to reach 130km/h (~80mph). Producing 11kW. So anything with less than 11kWh battery capacity will have less than 80 miles of highway range - even if driven conservatively.

  52. Jdawg

    Jdawg3 months ago

    The moment he said kmph and not mph I was outta there

  53. Guy Mullie

    Guy Mullie3 months ago

    Scooters are not motorcycles. They are scooters.

  54. Huzaifa Enterprize

    Huzaifa Enterprize3 months ago

    #Huzaifa_Enterprize_Office #Huzaifa_Enterprize_Address: Huzaifa Enterprize 55/A, Purana Palton, HM Siddique Mansion, 2nd Floor, Dhaka-1000. Bangladesh E-mail: Mob : +8801618450580 Call/ SMS between 10am -5pm. Bangladesh Standard Time

  55. Bad Vibes

    Bad Vibes3 months ago

    Wait bmw and honda they will make you cry to death

  56. Matt A

    Matt A3 months ago

    Some of these are kinda expensive lmfao makes no sense. 34k for something tht can't even go past 200mi 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 new car plz ty

  57. Invasion

    Invasion3 months ago

    Are zero motorcycles reliable?

  58. Vaughn v Dyk

    Vaughn v Dyk3 months ago

    Why dont u show the orange bike(second bike on the list) in action? Because it's a prototype. Showing clips of petrol fueled bikes is lame. Do your homework dude.lame

  59. Top 10 Zone

    Top 10 Zone3 months ago

    Thank you for your feedback. we'll keep that on mind. Thanks.

  60. Hoggar

    Hoggar3 months ago

    0:47 10 2:02 9 3:06 8 4:07 7 5:10 6 6:11 5 7:20 4 8:19 3 9:23 2 10:27 1

  61. SolgerLemp

    SolgerLemp3 months ago

    14k for a bicycle with a motor you kidding me? the cake bike is a joke

  62. Top 10 Zone

    Top 10 Zone3 months ago

    Thank you for your feedback. We will keep that on mind from next. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  63. Justin MacDonald

    Justin MacDonald3 months ago

    man the lightning one. Looks awesome, and sounds fast as heck.

  64. Top 10 Zone

    Top 10 Zone3 months ago

    New Tech Launched at CES 2021 :

  65. Ornn

    Ornn4 months ago

    if their above 10k their overpriced

  66. Ornn

    Ornn4 months ago

    harly davidson is a legend for being overpriced

  67. Shoaib shahid

    Shoaib shahid4 months ago

    Sir please mantion charge time

  68. Top 10 Zone

    Top 10 Zone4 months ago

    Thank you for your feedback, we will keep that on mind next. Thanks

  69. ༒𓅂RAJAT DANIッ

    ༒𓅂RAJAT DANIッ4 months ago

    2:03 wrong name!

  70. Top 10 Zone

    Top 10 Zone4 months ago

    Sorry for the inconvenience. We'll definitely work on our improvements.

  71. Sven Lima

    Sven Lima4 months ago

    100 miles is not a "long ride". It's 50 miles to go and 50 miles to return. I can do this on roller skates in 1 day.


    AUDAY ALKHAYAT4 months ago

    You could've turned the music down a little bit, great video though

  73. Luís E. P. Gomes

    Luís E. P. Gomes4 months ago

    2:00 That's a Verge TS...

  74. Compos Mentis

    Compos Mentis4 months ago

    I married my wife and I get a smooth and responsive ride every time.

  75. Top 10 Zone

    Top 10 Zone4 months ago

    Glad to here that. Stay tuned to our channel!

  76. mike grady

    mike grady4 months ago

    I gave up

  77. Mitchell Mills

    Mitchell Mills4 months ago

    I'm surprised you didn't feature the Brutus v9.

  78. Brown Bachay

    Brown Bachay4 months ago

    What's the name of bike at number 9

  79. KILLA iman

    KILLA iman4 months ago

    There are indian ebikes too .. why are they are not featured 🤔😢🥺

  80. Lazy Day

    Lazy Day4 months ago

    I love electric motorcycles, but I don't like the PRICE!

  81. Aussie Dogs Rule!

    Aussie Dogs Rule!4 months ago

    Lol. Electric bikes.

  82. aakasam

    aakasam4 months ago

    Seems like the Indian accent is coming through, bro....

  83. Rafael Fernandez

    Rafael Fernandez4 months ago

    Energies ego’s website says 250 range??

  84. strikezero01

    strikezero014 months ago

    8:25 that reminds me from Age of Ultron

  85. Top 10 Zone

    Top 10 Zone4 months ago

    Yeah, Thanks! :)

  86. Joevil Jocson

    Joevil Jocson4 months ago

    World is harsh dude,keep up. People will always have something to say. We dont use english everyday but we tried.

  87. Top 10 Zone

    Top 10 Zone4 months ago

    Thank you for your kind feedback!

  88. Mike Przlomski

    Mike Przlomski4 months ago

    What the fuck is a kilometer

  89. sananButt

    sananButt4 months ago

    I want S2 🤤🤤

  90. Top 10 Zone

    Top 10 Zone4 months ago


  91. Daniel Oltean

    Daniel Oltean4 months ago

    Take it slowly man, it's not a paid advertising

  92. Ealdor-Bana

    Ealdor-Bana4 months ago

    Fu@king overpriced, underpowered, but fear not they are all smooth to ride.

  93. Bradley

    Bradley4 months ago

    I appreciate this video, but holy crap stop saying the same thing lmao

  94. Ronak Chheda

    Ronak Chheda4 months ago

    Sarc ON Never knew motor HP and range was what made a ride smooth and safe. What the f*** are my suspensions for? Playing doctor ?

  95. Ca400427

    Ca4004274 months ago

    That number 9 is actually the verge not gogoro

  96. Jaiane Pereira Silva

    Jaiane Pereira Silva5 months ago


  97. moosian

    moosian5 months ago

    100 miles is not a long trip

  98. G harish

    G harish5 months ago

    What ..what type of English is this .we dont understand clearly

  99. Lion Killer

    Lion Killer5 months ago

    dude really tried his best to make it sound like English.

  100. Sven Lima

    Sven Lima4 months ago

    +Lion Killer Never make fun of people who don't speak English well. We speak at least 2 languages and perhaps we speak our own language better than you do yours. How many languages do you speak?

  101. P3chv0gel

    P3chv0gel5 months ago

    "with a battery and motor on board, you still have 25liter of capacity" Yeah, it wouldn't be worth mentioning, if i only had this area, if the Motor and battery were standing next to me

  102. vijay rp

    vijay rp5 months ago

    I would prefer Prana electric bike which is $3044

  103. Batman of Spokane

    Batman of Spokane5 months ago

    I'ᗰ ᔕᑌᗷᗷIᑎᘜ TO ᗴᐯᗴᖇYOᑎᗴ ᗯᕼO ᒪIKᗴᔕ mYᔕ ᑕONTENT👉❤️ I'ᗰ ᖴᗩᔕT 💯% batman of spokane

  104. TheMutanttomato

    TheMutanttomato5 months ago

    What was the best thing about this video? Being able to mute it so that I could look at the bikes and appreciate them without having to listen to your fucking annoying voice.

  105. kartikeyan kala

    kartikeyan kala5 months ago

    We dont need these super high end beasts that we just want a $2000-$2500 machine with range of 150 miles with speed of 60-65 miles per hour. No fancy. Just durable, reliable, commuter segment machine. Not everyone gonna afford these and we want high range and medium power.

  106. Johnny Green

    Johnny Green5 months ago

    These ev bikes have the weakest too speeds 80mph they have remote control cars. That gofasterthan that

  107. Hasan Genc

    Hasan Genc5 months ago

    Who considers an EV bike anyway lol.

  108. RCH Radiology

    RCH Radiology5 months ago


  109. eyonex

    eyonex5 months ago

    Where is that accent from🤔

  110. Dexgeta.

    Dexgeta.5 months ago

    Good for China's battery business.

  111. Hasan Genc

    Hasan Genc5 months ago

    @Dexgeta. great Reset and green Deal is responsible for this

  112. Dexgeta.

    Dexgeta.5 months ago

    @Hasan Genc ecoidiot sistem

  113. Hasan Genc

    Hasan Genc5 months ago

    Electric trend is the best thing that could ever happen to China. In the future, most people will work for the chinese.

  114. Angga Tirt

    Angga Tirt5 months ago

    I dont know if electric bike is damn expensive or its just a compensation for conventional regular fuel expenses. Is electric bills for charging these considered cheaper than fuel expense??

  115. Hasan Genc

    Hasan Genc5 months ago

    Not really cheaper, maybe by a bit. Ev bikes are useless tho for trips with friends.

  116. Dee Jay

    Dee Jay5 months ago

    number 4 is the biggest ripoff ive ever seen.

  117. Frank H

    Frank H5 months ago

    Max 200 mile so you can enjoy a long ride , a longer walk home lol