Friday Night Funkin' - Vs Whitty Bonus Week (Back Alley Blitz) - Hard Difficulty + Dialogue

Made by Sock.clip (artist and song composer), Nate Anim8 (Note charter, secondary animator and play tester) and KadeDeveloper (coder)
Creator links:
Nate Anima8:
Sock.clip: sock.clip
Kade Dev:
Download the game and support the devs:
I love this mod. Can I even call it a mod? From the cool character design, to the inclusion of cutscenes and the boping soundtrack, especially the 3rd song, I love it, it's chaos in its purest form. It really feels like an official Friday Night Funkin' week.
Featured songs are Lo-Fight, Overhead and Ballistic (or how I like to call it, Arthritis with a Vengeance).
0:00 - Intro
0:33 - Lo-Fight w/ Cutscene
3:07 - Overhead w/ Cutscene
5:40 - Ballistic (aka Arthritis with a Vengeance)
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  1. El Godoto

    El Godoto4 days ago

    I know this game's an incredibly short passion project, but I'm enamored with how the music tells much about the character(s) without them needing to say much. Dad's songs are simple and sobering, littered with atonal 'spoken' syllables that add grit and stylize him as a no-nonsense type of guy. The Spookeez almost have nothing that sounds like music - they're having the time of their life slamming notes and progressions together and don't care if things get sloppy. Pico's strong with the drums and bass, interlaced with mellowed-out sections of smooth harmonic chords while he keeps the rhythm tight, perfectly semblant of his laid-back and thuggish demeanor. Mom's pop renditions have glitz written all over them - her tracks are technical and unpredictable. She lives fast and loose and mercilessly demands you keep up, but has a playful side. Lemon Demon's songs have lyrics, but even the carnival-ride-gone-wrong musicality gives you the idea that he's just having his own demented idea of fun. Then there's this guy. Lo-Fight starts off in a sad, yet focused D minor. Boyfriend takes the lead with notes on the upper end of the scale, almost like he's poking fun and trying to shake Whitty out of a slump. Whitty responds lethargically, but Boyfriend isn't in a listening mood. Whitty responds again, but takes the next measure right out under your feet at 1:32 in a long, melancholy progression; Whitty is exposing a tiny fraction of vulnerability to express his pain, and is upset that Boyfriend doesn't seem to get it. Boyfriend snaps right back with a poor attempt at motivation - he's seen worse, and the sun always shines, even when it's cloudy - what's to be sad about? The two stand at emotional and philosophical odds. Overhead steps things up - Whitty's trying to break it to Boyfriend by shouting rather than whispering. He's invigorated; a flame long since dead has been re-kindled, and he spits technical progressions at Boyfriend almost as if attempting to frighten him into listening. Unfortunately, this is where Boyfriend shines - the odds have only been made slightly more even. He's got no plans to back down and matches Whitty note for note, finally happy to have a serious competition. He's too busy having fun to notice Whitty's growing desperation. The chords at the end get slightly darker as the two sing in synchronicity, expressing a fervent refusal to come to an understanding. And then.. Chaos erupts. Ballistic is an apt title - Whitty's gone from shouting to screaming at the top of his lungs, like a demon throwing a tantrum. He tears into Boyfriend with breakneck technical sequences that leave most dizzy. Boyfriend retains a brave face, but he knows he's gone too far - he floats helplessly at the mercy of the rhythm and it's all he can do to keep up. The air of dominance he held the first two songs crumbles to dust as his position goes from giving a pep talk to squaring off against a deadly enemy. Whitty intrudes frequently during Boyfriend's segments, having heard more than enough. The fires die down at last as the hatred and sadness fueling Whitty's rage runs dry, and Boyfriend wraps up the tune at the end having had the last word - not exactly defeated, but not exactly the victor. It's remarkable stuff, really. (Edit) I saw a few responses asking for some exposition regarding Senpai - so here goes: 'Saccharine' is the best word to describe the highschooler's namesake track; a nice, bubbly C major with no instances of minor chord transitions or downtrodden harmonics to be found until most of the way through. It feels like you're up against someone being paid to sing an advertisement for a commercial rather than someone singing from the soul. Senpai lays it on thick with a 'ju' syllable pronunciation layered throughout - it's syrupy sweet, like a corny lovesong sloppily written in ten minutes before prom night. Roses is rife with romantic tension - the thin veil of arrogance has been smashed into microscopic pieces. Raw charm didn't cut it for Senpai and now he's out for blood - his molasses-consistency baritone voice has given way to a straining, nasally vocalization pattern, exemplifying an adverse fear only present in those that aren't used to challenges. The simplicity of the first song gives way to standoffish and showy sixteenth-note progressions in C minor that do little to surprise the blue-haired ball buster. Thorns jumps several hurdles and skips straight from uncomfortable to downright creepy. Nothing remains of the sticky-sweet senior sans his voice, an otherworldly shade which hurdles note sequences at you that don't seem to make any sense musically or rhythmically. The key jumps sporadically from place to place, inundated with a bloody essence of confusion that robs the listener of stability and forces you to run instead of walk, then abruptly returns back to the C key, almost as if to signify that the red, floating abomination attempting to skinwalk by proxy of Boyfriend is still Senpai, even if the only thing left is the way he sounds.

  2. tigrellonson -roblox

    tigrellonson -roblox20 minutes ago

    hola ._.

  3. Justcallmelab

    Justcallmelab37 minutes ago

    @Sergio Carrasco Turiégano oh yeah. I dont know why I didnt put that together

  4. Sergio Carrasco Turiégano

    Sergio Carrasco Turiégano45 minutes ago

    @Justcallmelab he says while talking to bf that some sort of thing that he lives like a fugitive that the police searchs for him etc

  5. Bryant

    BryantHour ago

    Holy shit dude

  6. vamp is dead

    vamp is dead2 hours ago

    Jesus christ i’m not reading all of that

  7. Mery Pardo

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  8. - timmy

    - timmy3 minutes ago

    When he said "beep boop bap skdoo bep" i really felt it

  9. FABRIPRO 590

    FABRIPRO 5904 minutes ago

    5:32 cuando yo me enojó XD

  10. Mr Fancy

    Mr Fancy7 minutes ago

    I just wanna ask a question is that bomb head (whitty I guess) a robot or something? Because he twiches and there was a grinding sound when he tries to move his arm and yeet the microphone , I think he is a robot or a life form formed in an bomb thing , or is it just some cartoony guy? Like everything can happen in virtual world.

  11. Brayden Higgins

    Brayden Higgins8 minutes ago

    gf: scared also her when you make a sound in the game: amazing!

  12. RiverGamerTV

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  13. Mr Pumpkin

    Mr Pumpkin11 minutes ago

    Bruh it's never gonna say perfect 🤣😂

  14. Kim Tran

    Kim Tran13 minutes ago

    Ye is god

  15. The PardoXD

    The PardoXD14 minutes ago

    5:43 When i have an ice cream on my hand but te cream falls

  16. Anca Szoke

    Anca Szoke15 minutes ago

    Bob is BOMB

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  18. I'm Tokyo

    I'm Tokyo16 minutes ago

    I can see that Julius from gumball grew up..

  19. Malia Vera

    Malia Vera29 minutes ago

    i like how all the weeks have cool names and then pico's is just *pico*

  20. DotwaaPlaysMC

    DotwaaPlaysMC31 minute ago

    Poor gf shaking so much but still supporting her bf

  21. uriel oña

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  22. Cooper Stidham

    Cooper Stidham45 minutes ago

    i like how the boyfreinds expression doesn't change as the fuse for a bomb lights, and the fictional world breaks into reality

  23. nai saelee

    nai saelee45 minutes ago

    :Whitty: PS4 VISION!!!!!!!

  24. Koffeest

    Koffeest45 minutes ago

    When Whitty said *¶`|π={7&(92+$(`¶^]]™[¥×|¶•√×* I felt that

  25. Juli Qatip

    Juli Qatip45 minutes ago

    1:10 3:24 6:10 without the dialogue and the cutscene,only the music, your welcome 👍

  26. Jack Smiles

    Jack Smiles45 minutes ago

    5:48 { when you step on a lego }

  27. Jack Smiles

    Jack Smiles48 minutes ago

    warning don't turn up your head phones when Whitty screams you will go deaf...

  28. ZA Blend-LIVE

    ZA Blend-LIVE51 minute ago

    Hey Hey hey !!! This is super mega cool !!! How could you learn to walk through the evil Whitty? Again, this is just super! I am Russian but I know a little English. I'm sorry if something is wrong

  29. Amario CommandoPea

    Amario CommandoPea53 minutes ago

    7:45 OVERDRIVE !!!

  30. ingypuff

    ingypuffHour ago

    The fact that you actually finished ballistic without losing is actually a Christmas miracle Like that's the most impressive thing I've seen all month How do you do that :O ✨Flawless✨

  31. GamerplayerXDXD

    GamerplayerXDXDHour ago

    Whitty made me remeber the bomb guy in serious sam 2. Boi such good times

  32. Wale Giwa

    Wale GiwaHour ago

    yo your unstopable you will never lose

  33. Blake Arsenault

    Blake ArsenaultHour ago

    I want Cory to try this

  34. Seboide Zomber

    Seboide ZomberHour ago

    Bep bop bip

  35. Leonardo Freeman

    Leonardo FreemanHour ago

    7:50 pause it during that its a bit cursed

  36. Leonardo Freeman

    Leonardo FreemanHour ago

    Everyone in commoents Whitty Me:Why does the little girl LOOK LIKE THAT THE LEGS ARE SO CURSEDDDDD

  37. xD

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  38. Roket

    RoketHour ago

    the wifi password is on the back of the router. Back of the router:7:43

  39. Arthur Maia De Freitas

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  40. vanina

    vanina2 hours ago

    Idk who is whitty can somebody tell me who is him?

  41. hoshi the froggo

    hoshi the froggo2 hours ago

    The -> pose looks like he a toddler and he screaming "I WANT IT!"

  42. clement lessard

    clement lessard2 hours ago

    you know there people that can do that full combo XD

  43. Quinten Nichols

    Quinten Nichols2 hours ago

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  44. Pinky Rat

    Pinky Rat2 hours ago

    Ee, ee ee ah ee ah ou, ee ee ee ah ee ah ou-

  45. xxcaroline2xx

    xxcaroline2xx2 hours ago

    Fun fact: girlfriend has a bacon mouth when she's scared

  46. Beata Kulesza

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    GENESYS VARGAS2 hours ago

    On the health bar- *wheeze* Whitty looks like a Spiderman Bomb- *wheeze*

  48. gamer world ツ

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  49. mouhammad13

    mouhammad132 hours ago


  50. GentlemenYT

    GentlemenYT2 hours ago

    Girlfriend: ⚫️🔻⚫️ Whitty: 👿 Boyfriend: *haha microphone and singing goes brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr*

  51. MiccTube YT

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  52. Badr Abdelmalki

    Badr Abdelmalki3 hours ago

    Gf(mind):WTF AM I DOING HERE?!?!?!?

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    Imagine having reaction like this

  55. ELJosi Xd

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    Scott Bissell3 hours ago

    Everyone in this world is having a seizure

  57. c r a z y roblox gamingZ

    c r a z y roblox gamingZ3 hours ago

    the lyrics are:welcome to the big battle are you ready face your fear. lets start this quickly let me out your cursed life is harmful go away. he ruined me your gonna be the next and im not letting that happen. please let me be the next rock king or i will let my family down. i wont let you youll never win or imma send few hitman to hunt you. do what you do just dont be the new rock idol or ill kill you. why do we become the monsters instead. we dont deserve this hell weve been brought into. welcome to the big battle are you ready to face your biggest fear. lets start this quickly let me out your cursed life is harmful. do you really want to test that out. are you aware of the consuquences. why dont i just end your life here. alright then lets just contiune.

  58. Newb Assassin

    Newb Assassin3 hours ago

    Whitty's animations is like a child throwing a fit.

  59. Addy Toothman

    Addy Toothman3 hours ago

    Ngl I forgot the bomb heads name but he sounds like sans theme a lil

  60. InkyArc

    InkyArc3 hours ago

    This Whinny's 3rd song kinda reminds me of Error!Sans.

  61. Spinel

    Spinel3 hours ago

    Teacher: the test won’t be hard *The test:*

  62. Nero Ruvalcaba

    Nero Ruvalcaba3 hours ago

    Whitty: Literally the best beatboxer here. Boyfriend: Skebap Beep Doop

  63. channel tale sans

    channel tale sans3 hours ago

    Bro this bomb CRAZY BRUH DANG SO HARD

  64. Whitty Overhead

    Whitty Overhead4 hours ago

    Hey it’s me

  65. Bonnie_fnaf740

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  66. Soggy Devolper

    Soggy Devolper4 hours ago

    ballistic is impossible omg

  67. Pilar Roman

    Pilar Roman4 hours ago

    The worst thing that can ever happen to a epic gamer is when you gotta use the bathroom but u cant pause the game

  68. Joe Bob Bannana Joe Snob

    Joe Bob Bannana Joe Snob4 hours ago

    Fun fact:At "Ballistic" song you can just spam the keys like , if you play before it's your turn (while whity is doing some shit) nothing happens just spam all keys in same time

  69. Pain

    Pain4 hours ago

    Guys this dude cheated He used sharingan

  70. Roy Dan

    Roy Dan4 hours ago

    The whitty voice sounds like a guitar

  71. Sergio Carrasco Turiégano

    Sergio Carrasco Turiégano4 hours ago

    the second and third stage reminds me to any kirby final boss battle ever

  72. etapa da França de noite 2000

    etapa da França de noite 20004 hours ago

    UwO|。・・)っ♡I like u♪

  73. Jax Schloffel

    Jax Schloffel4 hours ago

    ꅏꍩꁲꋖ ꂑꌚ ꁅꂦꂑꋊꁅ ꂦꋊ?

  74. Sergio Carrasco Turiégano

    Sergio Carrasco Turiégano4 hours ago

    i love how the song (atleast the first) is calmed, but the bomb is fucking crazy i mean, he fucking worses it up with his voice

  75. 사무엘 가쿠 산// サミュエル・ガクサン

    사무엘 가쿠 산// サミュエル・ガクサン4 hours ago

    This game is so too harder

  76. Jello's Channel

    Jello's Channel4 hours ago

    whitty is my new favorite character

  77. Надежда Головачёва

    Надежда Головачёва4 hours ago

    The fact what it doesn't have Sr Pello scream makes me sad

  78. Your Imaginary Friend

    Your Imaginary Friend4 hours ago

    Idk why I love this song i can't stop watching this video too-

  79. i am саша

    i am саша4 hours ago

    Baboop peebo

  80. FrikenSansGuy

    FrikenSansGuy4 hours ago

    i really dislike the girlfriend animation, other than that, 10/10 mod

  81. • _Kotichi ryu_ •

    • _Kotichi ryu_ •4 hours ago

    I love how the boyfriend is normal when the BOMB HUMAN LOOKIN THINGY goes crazy :>

  82. Dennis Lessing

    Dennis Lessing5 hours ago

    The plot is thickening omg

  83. i'm sangwoo

    i'm sangwoo5 hours ago

    блин музон качает

  84. BH Crxsh

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    5:40 When you have to go to Summer school

  85. Даня края

    Даня края5 hours ago

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  86. Blitzcrank

    Blitzcrank5 hours ago

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  87. Gacha_ Fri3nds

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  88. M S

    M S5 hours ago

    we're not gonna talk about how almost every note was hit

  89. Brecken Ruland

    Brecken Ruland5 hours ago

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  90. Brecken Ruland

    Brecken Ruland5 hours ago

    WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING beep boop bip

  91. Chara

    Chara5 hours ago

    Game name?

  92. Munir Mustafa

    Munir MustafaHour ago

    Friday night funkin'.

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    คนติดพี่zbing z. และFCzbing z.5 hours ago

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  94. Abonne - Toi

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    Whitty: wants to die Girlfriend: scared out of her mind Boyfriend: haha beep boop go *brrrrrrrr*

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  99. Hype Time

    Hype Time5 hours ago

    i litteraly hear you trying so hard on your keyboard

  100. Jevil

    Jevil5 hours ago

    ballistic sounds like hell at speed 1.5 and it sounds like some rockstar thing at 0.5 idk how to explain 0.75

  101. Bagus Irawan

    Bagus Irawan5 hours ago

    Whitty: *cosplays as lawnmower* Boyfriend:beep ba boo ha beatbox boom★ Girlfriend: triggered 👁️👄👁️🔫👈

  102. aledark

    aledark5 hours ago

    Lol you good playing this

  103. Lazaros usa2010

    Lazaros usa20106 hours ago

    Therapist: GF Standing doesn't exists, she can't hurt you. GF Standing:

  104. ッHin200

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  105. Brianna Herrera

    Brianna Herrera6 hours ago

    Whitty just went from:ayo I ain’t lookin for trouble just leave me alone to IMA RIP THIS WORLD IN HALF WIT DIS SIK BEAT *electric guitar noises*

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