Rod Wave - Shooting Star (Official Video)

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  1. Hits Deep

    Hits Deep44 minutes ago

    Best music ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. nebula vibin

    nebula vibinHour ago

    when rod said ' sorry i broke your heart baby, but what's a life without scars baby?' i felt that..

  3. StoloSurfer

    StoloSurfer54 minutes ago

  4. Kaitlain Lott

    Kaitlain LottHour ago

    He has been the only reason I've survived 2020 🥺😭🙏🏼❤️

  5. StoloSurfer

    StoloSurfer54 minutes ago

  6. chamxd

    chamxd2 hours ago

    Rod remake gambling like the way you freestyled it bro that shit would be fire 🔥

  7. StoloSurfer

    StoloSurfer54 minutes ago

  8. Amari Covington

    Amari Covington2 hours ago

    dis shit sum pressure 😼🔥🔥🔥🔥

  9. StoloSurfer

    StoloSurfer54 minutes ago

  10. Christian Hill

    Christian Hill2 hours ago


    ALLOFASUTTON3 hours ago

    All his song so real and a lot of em you can relate to


    ALLOFASUTTON3 hours ago

  13. Lugo •

    Lugo •3 hours ago

    only rapper that speaks facts

  14. StoloSurfer

    StoloSurfer54 minutes ago

  15. Precious Kaylan

    Precious Kaylan4 hours ago


  16. RAW & UNCUT

    RAW & UNCUT5 hours ago

    My role model

  17. StoloSurfer

    StoloSurfer54 minutes ago

  18. Official .wintrr

    Official .wintrr6 hours ago

    Dis is hard

  19. StoloSurfer

    StoloSurfer54 minutes ago

  20. clue less

    clue less7 hours ago

    I remember when rod was in highschool we all knew he would blow

  21. Profit OSOS

    Profit OSOS7 hours ago

    🔥 🔥

  22. 999 JUDAH

    999 JUDAH7 hours ago

    If anyone wants to collaborate with a fire 4 year old rapper his name is @boogiekyle

  23. StoloSurfer

    StoloSurfer53 minutes ago

  24. Javon The Lord

    Javon The Lord8 hours ago


  25. Bryant Pierre

    Bryant Pierre7 hours ago

  26. 2k God

    2k God8 hours ago


  27. Mike Larry

    Mike Larry8 hours ago

    Sorry I broke your heart baby but what’s a life with my scars baby ?


    ROXANNE ROGERS9 hours ago

    Idc this his best song he getting Better🔥💯

  29. Bryant Pierre

    Bryant Pierre7 hours ago

  30. xClipz TV

    xClipz TV9 hours ago

    Hair after 5 million

  31. SergOnDaBeat *

    SergOnDaBeat *9 hours ago

    I attempted a rod wave type beat lmk what u think! Bless

  32. Autumn Sloan

    Autumn Sloan9 hours ago

    this shit fye

  33. Bryant Pierre

    Bryant Pierre7 hours ago

  34. Eli Wave

    Eli Wave10 hours ago

    That raw

  35. Bryant Pierre

    Bryant Pierre7 hours ago

  36. Frost

    Frost10 hours ago

    Rod wave such a great voice

  37. GamerBoy play

    GamerBoy play10 hours ago

    Oh he made it. So its time to eat lets go man keep rolling you gon get there no matter what dont let nun bring u down not even the devil keep it up. 💪💪💪👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪👍👍👍👍

  38. Lx2 square gamin

    Lx2 square gamin10 hours ago

    Back at it again yall 🔥

  39. Bryant Pierre

    Bryant Pierre7 hours ago

  40. greg sanders

    greg sanders10 hours ago

    ARE YOU KIDDING?? everybody is gona ignore the fact that he makes music videos while hes on tour??do you know how hard working this man is???

  41. ABCGANG !!!!!!!!!

    ABCGANG !!!!!!!!!11 hours ago

    Yes sir

  42. Tyriq The Pharaoh

    Tyriq The Pharaoh12 hours ago

    My Shit Right Here Feel Good Music...


    LABRON JAMES13 hours ago

    Next Album finna be🔥

  44. Bryant Pierre

    Bryant Pierre7 hours ago

  45. Malaysia George

    Malaysia George13 hours ago

    I love that song

  46. Sxpreme Bj

    Sxpreme Bj13 hours ago

    Bro rod music da shit bro he talk bout real shit and shit that’s just hit da soul🦋

  47. Bryant Pierre

    Bryant Pierre7 hours ago

  48. Grind Mode Cypher

    Grind Mode Cypher13 hours ago

    dope melodies

  49. Aliyah flores

    Aliyah flores14 hours ago

    I wanted love but wasn't ready for it😴🤧💤

  50. bilinas mini

    bilinas mini14 hours ago

    The random people who will like this will become millionaires in the future

  51. Brooklynn Ephriam

    Brooklynn Ephriam18 hours ago

    gahdamn rod 😭🔥🔥🔥

  52. Bryant Pierre

    Bryant Pierre7 hours ago

  53. Branislav Šarčević

    Branislav Šarčević18 hours ago

    damn it would be better if it was a meme

  54. Unknown Unknown

    Unknown Unknown22 hours ago

  55. Exotic Taco

    Exotic Taco23 hours ago

  56. bilinas mini

    bilinas mini14 hours ago

    Aunty black spoke dat rl shit n da begining

  57. Infamous Chris

    Infamous Chris23 hours ago

  58. Wiseman Jiyane

    Wiseman Jiyane23 hours ago

    Rod Wav makes amazing music...i cant get enough!!!

  59. BC Stargazer

    BC Stargazer23 hours ago

    I wanted love but wasn't ready for it"

  60. Toxicsiah23

    Toxicsiah23Day ago

    No homo

  61. Toxicsiah23

    Toxicsiah23Day ago

    Love this man bro kant help it

  62. Harmoni Harris

    Harmoni HarrisDay ago

    I love him mannnnnn

  63. shirl mcbride

    shirl mcbrideDay ago


  64. Mystyk 🎵

    Mystyk 🎵Day ago

    Wtf 😮 Omg pray for Nigeria

  65. `destiny nae'quaisa

    `destiny nae'quaisaDay ago

    🥰🥰🥰ate up !

  66. LxgendFN

    LxgendFNDay ago

    “call me whenever” that hit so hard

  67. sandro cardoso

    sandro cardosoDay ago

    everytime i listen to rodwave voice i cry, dont know why

  68. Emiliano Adilamir Alcaraz Salas

    Emiliano Adilamir Alcaraz SalasDay ago

    Ete sech

  69. Brittney Brix

    Brittney BrixDay ago

    He never fail me 🔥🔥🔥

  70. Quentin burney

    Quentin burneyDay ago

    Aunty black spoke dat rl shit n da begining

  71. Thabo Njabulo

    Thabo NjabuloDay ago

    Daily Motivation 🔥Bottom boy survivor

  72. Its_mora_boo Periodtt

    Its_mora_boo PeriodttDay ago

    And I also have a rod wave shirt Bc my birthday is one day before rod wave and I had a rod wave themed party🦄🥳💜also add me on tiktok @kigslove

  73. Its_mora_boo Periodtt

    Its_mora_boo PeriodttDay ago

    Biggest fan right here luv ur mama voice rod and love u pls come to Charleston plsssssss I wanna come to your concert 🥺🦄💜🥳🥰

  74. Brayan Ancapi

    Brayan AncapiDay ago

    Ete' Sech

  75. Believe in Baltimore Productions

    Believe in Baltimore ProductionsDay ago

    Crazy Baltimore Fight During Pandemic!!! --------->

  76. 3A3YJ Prodigy

    3A3YJ ProdigyDay ago

    Itz crazy ha wave cold hearted but jit hot at da same time dam dawg🥶💔

  77. elixclaps

    elixclapsDay ago

    claim your 5 million tickets here” leave ah sub

  78. Relly P4⃣4⃣0⃣0⃣

    Relly P4⃣4⃣0⃣0⃣Day ago

    🔥🔥🔥🔥✅check my music out

  79. Kaleb_goat

    Kaleb_goatDay ago


  80. Team TooSticky

    Team TooStickyDay ago


  81. Dominic Lipscomb

    Dominic LipscombDay ago

    Maaannn saw him live about a year ago before Covid man I’m ready for him to come back!! VIBE! 🔥

  82. BIG3 OSAMA

    BIG3 OSAMADay ago

    Hey if anyone in here rap or produce check at my channel I got some 🔥🔥 and we collaborate if interested

  83. Luis Renato Moscoso Barrios

    Luis Renato Moscoso BarriosDay ago

    Ete sech

  84. Noah Rhymes

    Noah RhymesDay ago

    lowkey trash.

  85. 727madeJay

    727madeJayDay ago


  86. tu mama En tanga

    tu mama En tangaDay ago

    Ete sechh

  87. celloutfye

    celloutfyeDay ago

    It got 4.8M views imagine how many replays it got

  88. Jyotishman Bordoloi

    Jyotishman BordoloiDay ago

  89. Saul Pineda

    Saul PinedaDay ago

    Ete Sech.

  90. Theresa Allen

    Theresa AllenDay ago

    I like this song of Rods. It does not sound like the other rappers songs lately. I have been not listening to lately on main stream. It seems alot of these rappers sound the same. In one way or another. Just bored of alot of the same vibes. Like new vibes with my tunes. Thank you.

  91. Lili Light

    Lili LightDay ago

    Go watch "me gusta" by Cardi B Mike Towers and Anitta

  92. Help Me Reach 100000 subscribers with no videos

    Help Me Reach 100000 subscribers with no videosDay ago

    Who every likes this hope you become a billionaire

  93. torrey martin

    torrey martinDay ago

    My B-DAY was on the 13

  94. diyan ru

    diyan ruDay ago

    No abs but still can fly!!

  95. diyan ru

    diyan ruDay ago

    He's a legend. AGREE?

  96. Yara Vallecilla

    Yara VallecillaDay ago

    I'm yo #1 fan we 💖you Rod!Wave

  97. S M

    S MDay ago

    How can one be so talented 🌟 him and lil baby best in the game 🤝

  98. Lil BOY6X

    Lil BOY6XDay ago


  99. Licole G

    Licole GDay ago

    Stg Rodwave the only one have me in my feelins but be turned up at the same time ❤🧸

  100. Isa Var

    Isa VarDay ago



    I admit i wanted i wanted live but wasnt ready for it srry i broke your heart baby whats a life without scars baby

  102. Talia Rios

    Talia RiosDay ago

    Please God protect 🙏 him at all cost. He is 👏 a blessing to my soul and many of us.

  103. David Kleiman

    David KleimanDay ago

    Ete Sech

  104. Rhulani Shirinda

    Rhulani ShirindaDay ago

    "What is a life without scars baby" I felt that line

  105. Sky T

    Sky TDay ago Rod feature November 1st

  106. kingF Gaming

    kingF GamingDay ago

  107. Adrien JP

    Adrien JPDay ago

  108. Adrien JP

    Adrien JPDay ago

  109. Adrien JP

    Adrien JPDay ago

  110. John williams

    John williamsDay ago

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  111. Marc coiloin

    Marc coiloinDay ago

    Need more bangers like this on god 🥶

  112. Jayskii 130

    Jayskii 130Day ago

    Hey y’all just got home 🏡 oh hey y’all got a shot for a little while you got home and then I gotta get to the rest the putrefy I’ll take care tee time and then I gotta

  113. Off x White Tjayy

    Off x White TjayyDay ago

    God Bless everybody reading this Jesus is Lord Jesus is our Savior and King Jesus Christ died On The Cross for our Sins God wants a Relationship with y’all God Wants y’all in Heaven and always remember “I Can do all things through Christ who Strengthens Me” Ask God for a Relationship and ask For Forgiveness God Loves Y’all pray for your Friends and Family and Spread The Gospel and the word of God. God Bless 🙏🏽 Philippians 4:13✝️Thank God for everything and every day and every second because he didn’t have to wake you up but all he wants is for you to live his way and spread his word he Loves Y’all and Always will

  114. Mis Saint

    Mis SaintDay ago

    He wearing baby hats. . .Tight lol

  115. Vega

    Vega2 days ago

    Ete sech

  116. Top Million Hits

    Top Million Hits2 days ago

    Ticket before 1 Trillion here.🔥

  117. Lord Escanor

    Lord Escanor2 days ago

    Rod wave G

  118. Joe Blo

    Joe Blo2 days ago

    4.7 Million views in one week. F.L.A. baby