Goku Finally Meets Raditz 20 Years Later! Dragon Ball Super GR PART 1

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Throughout the story of Dragon Ball, we have only seen brief glimpses of Goku's family. At first we saw his grandpa Gohan, then saw his father Bardock only through short OVAs. And now only after the recent dragon ball super movie, have we seen his mother Gine. But one member of his family has been all but forgotten, and that was his older brother Raditz. In todays video, Goku will finally meet Raditz again all these year later in Hell, as well as Nappa.
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    This the equivalent of seeing your little brother coming back from college who's now taller than you 👀

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    20 years later: Raditz: look Goku, I have mastered UI, now let's go fight Goku: UI? I cannot even remember what it is anymore. Can you not turn Ultra Hyperbolic Multiversal Rainbow God?

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    That was awesome! Shows how pure of heart Goku really is and was a heartfelt moment when he shook Raditz hand and they both showed respect to each other. Nice touch having their parents watch from above but if I may critique that. 1. I don’t think Bardock and Gene would be in hell if they sacrificed their life to save their sons, instead I’d have King Yema there too allowing their parents to see this moment as a sign of respect and knowing that Goku visited hell, but he allowed it because Goku saved the universe from Buu. 2. They never raised them, they gave their lives so that their children could escape planet Vegeta, I’d just tweak the dialogue and have them reassure themselves that their sacrifice was worth it. It would be more impactful if Bardock had a tear in his eye because his son became a literal god because he saved his life as a baby and he took it upon himself to see his brother and show him how to achieve that same power. Other than that everything was incredible and the art was fantastic #Raditz

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    I love it wen the villain doesn't know the strength if the fighters then gets his ass completely kick, its so satisfying

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    Damn, that was awesome, I'm pretty sure everything there was on-point, buuuut.... (No offense to anyone but I'm just stating what God wants me to) I mean, Goku doesn't mind fighting evil like Broly was, even if it's an unfair advantage, he'd still kill 'em without a second thought if he needs to, but he doesn't let his emotions get the better of him when he' s fighting. Second, Raditz took his SON, part of he *FAMILY*. You need to know how protective he is to his family, hevs not overprotective, but if his family's in danger, if there's a person willingly at fault, then that guy's about to be trashed Third, if they want to blow up the Earth, Goku'll be there to stop 'em. And he'll be there with an objective to kill, don't get me wrong! Goku loves his family more than he loves (his own world), but he loves his friends just as much I think, so... That leads to the 4th point: friends. Basically the same thing as family but if his friends die. Then the guy will face unrelenting rage. Don't get me wrong this was *AWESOME TO WATCH* ! And everything Goku would say was on point. I just wanted tosay what God wanted me to say

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    #raditz as Goku's brother Raditz had so much potential as a character. It is a shame Toryama never used him again.

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    @XJSPlays02 I mean he was build up in the first two episodes and people thought he was going to be sorta like Vegeta was to Goku before Vegeta came. Raditz lost his parents too and it would've been interesting how he was affected. Toriyama just threw him away after the first 2 episodes of Z.

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    Ok So What Being Goku's Brother Doesn't Mean Anything

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    I really hope that Vegeta somehow has a Realization & finds out Dragon Balls to Restore Planeta Vegeta & its Inhabitants. Thus Vegeta going back to Planet Vegeta as the new Ruler & giving Order to Saiyan Race now as some Planet Hunting Monsters but Protectors of the Galaxy. Initially it will be difficult but with Vegeta's power & Capability + Support from the likes of Goku & Broly it can be achieved. Vegeta needs to structure Saiyans habit of Fighting & Competing in to more constructive ways such as:- (1) World Martial Arts Tournament with strict No-Killing Policy (2) Conventional Monarchy (3) Focus on Scientific & Commercial activities for Non-Warrior Saiyans Then Trunks can become the V Crowned-Prince & eventually Trunk & Gottens Children can get married. Though Goten should marry a very Noble Saiyan from Vegeta clan itself.

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