LUCKI - Greed (Official Video) (feat. Lil Yachty)

Listen to the Single “Greed (feat. Lil Yachty)”. Out Now!
Official Video by LUCKI from the Single "Greed (feat. Lil Yachty)" © 2021 Lucki / EMPIRE


  1. Vlone Mica

    Vlone Mica22 minutes ago

    Lil Yachty Trash .. LUKI OK

  2. Lnskii

    Lnskii47 minutes ago

    Over a mill and only 175 disslikes sheeesh. Legend

  3. Kitty Lillian

    Kitty LillianHour ago

    Lucki go in soo hard on this right here, straight up BANGER! He aint like all them other goofies out there who just be usin that *Authenticviews* website to go viral.. SMH seems like anyone can go viral these days..

  4. KillaMill

    KillaMill2 hours ago

    we goin up fr

  5. rogue

    rogue2 hours ago


  6. Period Creative Arts

    Period Creative Arts9 hours ago

    1 mill views!! For an unofficial official video lol!

  7. Joseph Smith

    Joseph Smith12 hours ago

    This shit cold...

  8. BigBlueBro

    BigBlueBro14 hours ago

    I been putting niggas on left n right with this 🤧

  9. Chuckie Jay

    Chuckie Jay14 hours ago

    I got slight of hand 🤚 🔥 Call Of Duty shit

  10. Ace Boogie

    Ace BoogieDay ago

    we get high, we get fattt

  11. Cristian Diaz

    Cristian DiazDay ago

    I need me some niggas that’s bout that action yachty understand the process fr lmao this shit dope af luck

  12. Devin Smith

    Devin SmithDay ago

    That bih Lucki talk about high speeds every song lol

  13. DTY Rique

    DTY RiqueDay ago

    I was listening to faith then Prada tune played next swear to god my soul left my body.

  14. Jem Ryan

    Jem RyanDay ago

    luckii seems like he is in a good place

  15. Jem Ryan

    Jem RyanDay ago

    kings fuck with kings

  16. Ashley Cheyenne

    Ashley CheyenneDay ago

    My baby finally getting the recognition he should’ve had since Alternative Trap ♥️ I’m so sick of people saying they miss the old LUCKI or his sound when he first came out as if that nigga wasn’t 16 lmaoooo. Y’all some annoying ass Pitchfork Hipsters go find some watered down copycat biting his sound from a fuckin decade ago 👌🏾✨

  17. Bryan L

    Bryan LDay ago

    lil yacht Bringin baggy backkkk

  18. Mari prod.

    Mari prod.Day ago

    He my video guy right here lucki like 😣

  19. JacobDoes

    JacobDoesDay ago

    Hope i see him mainstream tired of the scene rn

  20. jaden Ban

    jaden Ban2 days ago

    Shit HARDD!🔥

  21. Gg

    Gg2 days ago

    Yachti sounds like he mixing his vocals himself 😂

  22. AtibaVV

    AtibaVV2 days ago

  23. Gosiame Olyn

    Gosiame Olyn2 days ago

    Every rapper rn needs a real one like yatchy... the type that's gon be like "fuck next bruh"

  24. Lil Inversity

    Lil Inversity2 days ago

    Boat juss pull up on him and really shot it inna parking lot 🐐👽

  25. Lil Inversity

    Lil Inversity2 days ago

    YATCHY went crazy on this one lol

  26. Akhisu Njeya

    Akhisu Njeya2 days ago


  27. Jason Deramus

    Jason Deramus2 days ago

    He better than carti....he one of the best kept secrets

  28. Leapold stoch

    Leapold stoch2 days ago

    Be been better, dont compare

  29. David Vieira

    David Vieira2 days ago

    Boat uhhhh goat dude a vibe video for no reason nunnnn newwwww

  30. dave hammond

    dave hammond2 days ago

    Lucki if you see this please put “Power Up / Leaving Me “ on FLM

  31. ty will

    ty will2 days ago

    Anyone know the name for that sound? I"m tryna find it HIGHKEY. 0:24-0:25 0:26-0:27 0:32-0:33

  32. SMOKE 烟

    SMOKE 烟2 days ago

    lucki finally getting the recognition he deserves

  33. Peter

    Peter2 days ago


  34. PROD.RooTrustNo1

    PROD.RooTrustNo12 days ago

    mil in 2 weeks 🙌🏽

  35. Flipgirl

    Flipgirl2 days ago

    1 mil! 2 mil is next 🤓

  36. Collin

    Collin3 days ago

    lonewolf needa be on the track😔

  37. BoomBang

    BoomBang3 days ago

    reminds me of carti

  38. Leapold stoch

    Leapold stoch2 days ago

    They way fucking different, dont compare

  39. Richie Rich

    Richie Rich3 days ago

    Don’t know why you holding this back

  40. Ojkills

    Ojkills3 days ago

    Nigga Yatchy said "Yo Luck" lol he must think "Lucki" is he's rapper name

  41. Leapold stoch

    Leapold stoch2 days ago

    Lucki is his real name nigga

  42. Blyss Steelix

    Blyss Steelix3 days ago

    1.2M one week

  43. Cristian Quijano

    Cristian Quijano3 days ago

    What camera they use for this doesn anyone know?

  44. Raysn

    Raysn3 days ago


  45. Raysn

    Raysn3 days ago


  46. ptacek2100

    ptacek21003 days ago

    can't even listen to yachty's verse it sounds like he has a lot of spit in his mouth

  47. pluto *

    pluto *2 days ago

    I don’t even listen to yachty no more fr & hs bodied his verse you gotta open your ears or sum & that’s literally his regular rap voice

  48. Tony Fc3c

    Tony Fc3c3 days ago


  49. Dominick Puleo

    Dominick Puleo3 days ago

    Yo I can’t believe this man finally making it, I’m so fucking happy to see this day

  50. Dominick Puleo

    Dominick Puleo3 days ago


  51. Tony Fc3c

    Tony Fc3c4 days ago

    Lcuki is Hard 😈💜


    DOUBLERRL4 days ago

    Everybody needs a friend like Yachty.

  53. why

    why4 days ago

    DAMN when i was here this was 30k i still have the unlisted audio version

  54. NoLimitLanez !

    NoLimitLanez !4 days ago

    First time ever listening to lucki bro tuff 💯

  55. Tsumi Aesthetic

    Tsumi Aesthetic2 days ago

    Welcome, I advise you to bump his past projects. Freewave 3 just to start you off

  56. Victor Cannon III

    Victor Cannon III4 days ago

    yo they dropped this on my bday :-)

  57. Red PILL Finance

    Red PILL Finance3 days ago

    Happy b day cuh


    WUBANOWSKI BABY4 days ago

    lucki yatchy the lab i din know i needed

  59. FALCONIA 7

    FALCONIA 74 days ago

    This is it chief

  60. G

    G4 days ago

    Who was here before 1 mil real talk

  61. Lovers Nightmare

    Lovers Nightmare4 days ago

    Lucki is the way *

  62. Lovers Nightmare

    Lovers Nightmare4 days ago


  63. Kay HBK

    Kay HBK4 days ago

    Yachty lowkey ruined the song , lucki carried

  64. Kay HBK

    Kay HBKDay ago

    @Just Arrow “Rockin big clothes like 2003” 💀💀 Cmon bro dat was ass I fw yachty energy doe.

  65. Just Arrow

    Just Arrow4 days ago

    highkey trippin

  66. ToxicWrld -

    ToxicWrld -4 days ago


  67. anthony

    anthony5 days ago

    "Turn him to a pack, leave him stuffed like a figurine Nigga think he fly? We gon' give that boy a set of wings" ??? FUCKING BARS


    FLAWLESS MISERY5 days ago


  69. tofamous13

    tofamous135 days ago

    Yachty really be fuckin wit everbody💯

  70. Marcel Wesolowski

    Marcel Wesolowski5 days ago

    I’ve been on lucki since 2016 crazy af, I stopped listening for a bit and I found out he has this banger gotta listen to his recent shit

  71. Red PILL Finance

    Red PILL Finance3 days ago

    Listen to role play


    PROVISION5 days ago

    Yachts saving the rap game low key with keeping the vibes organic

  73. Prvda Finesse

    Prvda Finesse5 days ago

    We flawless forever ever polo 👕 boys

  74. BVR

    BVR5 days ago


  75. Toxic League [X]

    Toxic League [X]5 days ago

    SONG FIRE🔥 But Lone wolf must feel betrayed on this one

  76. Tim Bingham

    Tim Bingham5 days ago

    I'm just in the city let's shoot that shit real quick he hard. Shit had me dying idk why haha

  77. Mike Petrie

    Mike Petrie5 days ago


  78. Damien kun

    Damien kun5 days ago

    Finally luckii gets noticed

  79. racklord

    racklord5 days ago

    remind me of sumn that would come out in 2017, which is why i like it

  80. anthony

    anthony5 days ago

    this beat is crazy

  81. joão Victor

    joão Victor5 days ago

    yatchy humilde

  82. Reginald Gabalebe

    Reginald Gabalebe5 days ago

    Juice wrld

  83. Reginald Gabalebe

    Reginald Gabalebe2 days ago

    @Leapold stoch he played as juice wrld

  84. Leapold stoch

    Leapold stoch2 days ago

    Nigga lucki been rapping before Juice even Released his first track


    VOID MISST5 days ago

    haha they got yatchy dude got his nails painted and thot no one finna see

  86. Retro Specto

    Retro Specto5 days ago

    Wth this shit blew up🔥

  87. Nahshon Alvoid-Henry

    Nahshon Alvoid-Henry5 days ago

    Yachty been blessing up making money Moves . Please don’t stop Boat

  88. Khazzy

    Khazzy6 days ago


  89. sauce daddy

    sauce daddy6 days ago


  90. Malcolm Bryant

    Malcolm Bryant6 days ago

    Song to short but still god like

  91. DOOBIEZ 187

    DOOBIEZ 1876 days ago

    Lucki eck$

  92. vihvex

    vihvex6 days ago


  93. Grow with Darkz

    Grow with Darkz6 days ago

    I mill in a week 🤓🔥🔥🔥

  94. Zé

    6 days ago

    Damn already at 1M views, Lucki winning

  95. Abel Miranda

    Abel Miranda6 days ago


  96. SuRuger

    SuRuger6 days ago

    This a snippet where the rest of the song?

  97. Zé

    6 days ago

    Nah bro this is the whole sonh, it’s just short 😹😹


    ISOXXII6 days ago

    This video fit the vibe of the song 🧘🏾‍♀️!

  99. hotpockets69

    hotpockets696 days ago

    This whole video is some major "no fucks given" energy.

  100. dijon brown

    dijon brown6 days ago

    The demonic grouse pharmacologically place because radar repressingly sail worth a anxious voyage. unused, orange tulip

  101. Leapold stoch

    Leapold stoch2 days ago


  102. Micai Harrison

    Micai Harrison6 days ago


  103. lui

    lui6 days ago

    How tf this go from 400k to 600k to 1.1 mil??

  104. Ian Dante

    Ian Dante6 days ago

    I had the same reaction too. Because at the time when I watched the video, shit had like 250k views. Lucki is finally getting the recognition he deserves. Even his widebody video is blowing up!

  105. Tigru

    Tigru6 days ago

    i dont know how but finally he getting the recognition he deserves

  106. otb debo

    otb debo6 days ago


  107. Javon Summerhill

    Javon Summerhill6 days ago

    Top 5 song all time for me💯💯

  108. Greatest Of Antonio Time Greatest Of Antonio Time

    Greatest Of Antonio Time Greatest Of Antonio Time6 days ago

    We “Lucki” to have as a Artist to have to listen to

  109. Blck Knight

    Blck Knight6 days ago

    Juice wrld still going hard💯

  110. Ass Ass

    Ass Ass6 days ago

    Fuuuck already 1 million??

  111. Fønhus

    Fønhus6 days ago

    what I swear this had 600k yesterday da fucc

  112. Tigru

    Tigru6 days ago

    @lui i swear it had like 300k 2 days ago

  113. lui

    lui6 days ago

    This shit had 400k for me yesterday 💀

  114. Joe Drought

    Joe Drought6 days ago

    Shout yatty man young nigga doing his thing

  115. turntsidewayz

    turntsidewayz6 days ago

    Lonewolf punching the air rn

  116. Marco Mendez

    Marco Mendez7 days ago

    This was just at a 900k a few mins ago. He's finally blowing up🥳

  117. Kindly

    Kindly7 days ago

    wow can't believe i watched this a million times already

  118. Mario

    Mario7 days ago

    Wake up niggas this is wack

  119. Keven Santi

    Keven Santi5 days ago

    why you in the comments hating