Daniel Negreanu's GREATEST POKER MOMENTS ♠️ PokerStars Global

As a celebration of Daniel Negreanu's time with PokerStars, we showcase 10 of the greatest poker hands he has played on PokerStars shows.
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  1. PokerStars

    PokerStars7 months ago

    What is your favorite Negreanu-moment?

  2. Maziwrath

    Maziwrath6 days ago

    When he does his best Edward Norton impersonation.

  3. Gary Oak

    Gary Oak9 days ago

    When he beat Ivy in front of him mamma, said: yaaaaaaay, then went and kissed two very attractive women.

  4. Gartacus The Bold

    Gartacus The Bold11 days ago

    Him holding AK vs McKeehen's AA and saying "most people would have paid you by now but I'm probably not, because I think you have a very very very good hand... like... the best possible hand" I mean there are sick reads and then there's whatever that is. Lol

  5. George Thinks

    George Thinks12 days ago

    The million was fixed be honest

  6. Bill Buttlicker

    Bill Buttlicker16 days ago

    When he lost $1.2M to Doug Polk

  7. Tony Nova

    Tony Nova17 minutes ago

    Did he die?

  8. Giovanni Pasini

    Giovanni Pasini13 hours ago

    Sorry but someone can explain to me why Mikes won? Thanks

  9. Red

    Red22 hours ago

    noice that ace hit the river.

  10. Sebastian Rodriguez

    Sebastian RodriguezDay ago

    It’s gotta suck losing against him jajaja

  11. Chelsea Xhamb

    Chelsea Xhamb2 days ago

    Here after pogchamps

  12. Are Ten

    Are Ten2 days ago

    The lucky carrot additionaly welcome because wolf functionally spill through a longing lentil. hypnotic, like graphic

  13. James S

    James S2 days ago

    Kevin hart was so happy, that would be awesome ngl, bluffing daniel

  14. Toaster.jpg

    Toaster.jpg3 days ago

    "isnt that right you little cutie pie?"

  15. Lawrence Shuda

    Lawrence Shuda3 days ago


  16. omgwerockhard

    omgwerockhard4 days ago

    bla bla bla. xD

  17. iPSiT

    iPSiT4 days ago

    Daniel Negreanu is the Goku of Poker

  18. treepizzle

    treepizzle5 days ago

    Such a positive guy

  19. Mus Elg

    Mus Elg5 days ago

    this for gave me an idea for a cool tv show where you take a gambling addict and teach them to play the game really well and make them compete against a good player for money to pay back their debt

  20. Mus Elg

    Mus Elg4 days ago

    @Jordan Barrett Is that actually what kakegurui is about I might just have to watch it now

  21. Jordan Barrett

    Jordan Barrett5 days ago

    There is one its called Kakegurui LMAO

  22. Stavros Antoniadis

    Stavros Antoniadis5 days ago

    mine best player

  23. Aaron Aamir

    Aaron Aamir5 days ago

    i love kevin hart but we all know daniel folded that hand to make kevin happy

  24. KosherWhiteWine

    KosherWhiteWine5 days ago

    Just started watching poker, this guy is really cool.

  25. Gavin Lee

    Gavin Lee6 days ago

    the way to beat daniel as kevin showed was to talk more than him lol

  26. Juan OrtiZ

    Juan OrtiZ6 days ago

    The kindhearted community partially guard because buffet curiosly warm athwart a well-off alcohol. far-flung, psychedelic sidecar

  27. Mariu Moretti

    Mariu Moretti7 days ago

    Para mí , el mejor del mundo csmr

  28. Andrew Lambert

    Andrew Lambert7 days ago

    great video

  29. Fabian Pohl

    Fabian Pohl7 days ago

    Daniel is amazing

  30. Dark Thought

    Dark Thought8 days ago

    wtf is that hair style...your not a lesbian daniel.

  31. Irishhaf

    Irishhaf8 days ago

    always enjoy watching him play, someone who loves what they do is always a joy.

  32. Phattyasmo

    Phattyasmo8 days ago

    IMO McDonald looks like a dumbass while glaring at Daniel and then slowly blinking.

  33. Chris R

    Chris R8 days ago

    People really genuinely believe Kevin hart is funny?

  34. Atty's Thoughts

    Atty's Thoughts9 days ago

    '' its a sith lord vs jar jar binks'' lol


    STR8 BLESSED TS9 days ago

    Blame the dealer lol

  36. J B

    J B9 days ago

    I love how every time negreanu loses like one or two MILLION DOLLARS he’s like oh yeah cool man I’m happy for you, well played

  37. Jacky Xie

    Jacky Xie9 days ago

    The mountainous quince intermittently rhyme because chair anecdotally trouble save a delirious tent. discreet, lying hat

  38. Vltra Violence

    Vltra Violence10 days ago

    Lookin like goutee homelander

  39. TCG Arsenal

    TCG Arsenal10 days ago

    23:08 who's the middle girl?

  40. xWender

    xWender10 days ago

    Best 🇹🇩 ❤️

  41. Timothy Doekhie

    Timothy Doekhie10 days ago

    Dammmnnnn that 400k bluff

  42. Out2 Lunch

    Out2 Lunch11 days ago

    Phil Hellmuth’s smile as he watches Tony G lose that Broadway v. Boat 😂 @16:05

  43. Someone Anonymous

    Someone Anonymous11 days ago

    Negreanu isn’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but compared to so many poker pros he’s such a class act. Imagine Hellmuth losing a tournament to pocket fours when he has pocket fives.

  44. Levven

    Levven11 days ago

    Imagine negraneu telling his children stories of playing the greats, like bonyadi and schlomi.

  45. Jesus 2030

    Jesus 203011 days ago

    Jesus still loves you...he invites you in his Kindgdom... repent from sin, alcohol, pornographie, adultery, lie, drogs, etc...Love your neighbour as yourself...Accept Jesus AS your only Lord...maybe Jesus is coming between 2028 and 2034 according to 2 Bibelverses...

  46. Бездельник

    Бездельник12 days ago

    Люблю этого чувака🔯👑👑👑🔯

  47. DeltaBlaZe77

    DeltaBlaZe7712 days ago

    Negreanu is just so entertaining to watch.

  48. George Thinks

    George Thinks12 days ago

    But did he beat doug polk

  49. Adejdasss

    Adejdasss12 days ago

    damn that tv show looks no staged at all :D

  50. vivek pal

    vivek pal13 days ago

    He looses or wins but he is our favourite

  51. ViralHeadcase

    ViralHeadcase14 days ago

    The fact that entire clip with Kevin Hart had like 20 full tables surrounding them was surprising and hilarious. The zoom out at 11:08 while he's proclaiming his victory is perfect lol!

  52. Lukas Mendevi

    Lukas Mendevi15 days ago

    This guy has a serious Wade Wilson personality

  53. Themad H8r

    Themad H8r15 days ago

    hes just not human

  54. Fishing W Cp!

    Fishing W Cp!16 days ago

    Rudy back there on the rail against Ivey

  55. Eglis Ymeri

    Eglis Ymeri17 days ago


  56. Costin Bratu

    Costin Bratu17 days ago

    Wait ain't he Romanian? The name is VEEEERY Romanian

  57. John Edvards

    John Edvards18 days ago

    Fuck I hate Kevin Heart, he is such an annoying character. How did he manage to stumble his way into fame and fortune as one of the least funny people walking the earth?

  58. WaldoIsahider

    WaldoIsahider18 days ago

    Daniel always reminds me of The Casino Kid on nintendo. Kid Poker is a very appropriate title.


    ΑΘΑΝΑΣΙΟΣ ΡΕΛΟΣ19 days ago

    tony g be like: every god f.. time with this guy

  60. Ethan Reed

    Ethan Reed19 days ago

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  61. Will Deeny

    Will Deeny20 days ago

    “Shlomi has a big one and he’s not playing around” 😂😂 24:25

  62. Will Deeny

    Will Deeny20 days ago

    Does Daniel have ADHD, because I feel his energy

  63. Levi

    Levi21 day ago


  64. chris johnson

    chris johnson22 days ago

    Such a great sport, awesome to see even with this amount of money involved

  65. Slaymyface135

    Slaymyface13522 days ago

    I love how tony G blames the dealer for a lucky unfortanate river XD

  66. Hunt Bones

    Hunt Bones22 days ago

    Phil also couldve won with an 8

  67. Jacob T

    Jacob T23 days ago

    Does Daniel have ADHD, because I feel his energy

  68. TinnieTa21

    TinnieTa2123 days ago

    LMFAO now it's the Sith lord vs. Jar-Jar Binks.

  69. Advaita Vedanta by Chris

    Advaita Vedanta by Chris24 days ago

    Amazing Video and now good luck on GGPoker KidPoker !!!

  70. Are Ten

    Are Ten24 days ago

    The brainy grandson habitually possess because share evolutionarily book but a medical sale. overjoyed, boiling hip

  71. xOlaf

    xOlaf24 days ago

    Greatest person alive! And he is Romanian!!! I'm proud man. :D

  72. Bill B

    Bill B24 days ago

    Daniel is the Luke Skywalker of poker the force is strong 🤣💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰🍷

  73. Queen-of- babygirl

    Queen-of- babygirl26 days ago

    Supportmy channel I love you

  74. Midnight Rambler

    Midnight Rambler26 days ago

    his politics are annoying. lefty rubbish but hey ho

  75. Eva Makarski

    Eva Makarski27 days ago

    The arrogant bengal normally ski because distance finally increase next a gigantic port. thirsty, far file

  76. MrSparkula

    MrSparkula28 days ago

    When your as good as Daniel you don’t need to be jerk.

  77. TheRelentless J

    TheRelentless J28 days ago

    When that former 9/11 first responder hit that 8 on the river...

  78. Tolga Tolga

    Tolga Tolga28 days ago

    Why 8 trio could not beat 7 trio if the river would be 8? 23.06

  79. Anthony Grillo

    Anthony GrilloMonth ago


  80. FuckClover

    FuckCloverMonth ago

    Why the they got the dude from Zoey 101 dealing

  81. Norith

    NorithMonth ago

    Hes such a wholesome guy. Truly a role model

  82. Daniel Rodrigues

    Daniel RodriguesMonth ago

    2021 😂😂😂

  83. emmanuel roux

    emmanuel rouxMonth ago

    Thé best

  84. Liberty Airbrushing

    Liberty AirbrushingMonth ago

    Imagine him being a cop...

  85. Eddie Bradshaw

    Eddie BradshawMonth ago

    He sounds like DAVID SPADE lol

  86. Ben Crowder

    Ben CrowderMonth ago

    Daniel is a class act. A great loser.

  87. Morgan Danchik

    Morgan DanchikMonth ago

    So this is what Andre Agassi is doing in his retirement?

  88. Michał

    MichałMonth ago

    What I always enjoyed about Daniel, unlike those players who talk constantly only to annoy other players and provoke while often being rude, is that it is always so entertaining to listen to him and he never crosses the line, is always respectful and friendly but when also has the ability to shut up when necessary (although it's quite a challenge for him :) )

  89. Paul Haiduc

    Paul HaiducMonth ago

    Negreanu great poker player and funny! Nice to watch bro wish you the best :)

  90. Lucie Pospichal

    Lucie PospichalMonth ago

    It's just a matter of time before somebody phisically attacks him during a game.

  91. Luis Henrique

    Luis HenriqueMonth ago

    What a great guy! He's even greater than his skills! That's awesome!

  92. Gavin Pan

    Gavin PanMonth ago

    this is the guy who u would love to chill wit but hate to play wit

  93. Nick Dawn

    Nick DawnMonth ago

    He's so likable. Quickly became my favorite player.

  94. Clone01

    Clone01Month ago

    se vede ca i roman , te ia cu vorba si uiti sa mai joci poker

  95. Футбол Футбол

    Футбол ФутболMonth ago

    Много ли русских?

  96. Niño Paulo Reblando

    Niño Paulo ReblandoMonth ago

    I dont even understand or play poler, yet here i am! 😅

  97. Ravangers

    RavangersMonth ago

    so fucking annoying

  98. Friet Speciaal

    Friet SpeciaalMonth ago

    yes, he is completely mental, but i love kevin hart haha

  99. Adam Behrendt

    Adam BehrendtMonth ago

    Who came here after he was announced for PogChamps???

  100. Riley T

    Riley TMonth ago

    No way that 8 was real, right?

  101. Yungfu

    YungfuMonth ago

    Who is here after Daniel is selected to play in Pogchamps 3?

  102. max anax

    max anaxMonth ago

    I feel so warm and happy for Kevin Har

  103. TAROTAI

    TAROTAIMonth ago

    The Romanian Pirate - Noroc!

  104. Baccarat Poker

    Baccarat PokerMonth ago

    I play poker at Commerce casino anyone else?


    RETALIATIONMonth ago

    Kevin hart is legit the most annoying person on earth

  106. Cowboy Dan

    Cowboy DanMonth ago

    I think I'm in love with the dealer at 7:59.. anyone know her name so I can creep her on instagram?

  107. Fruitstand

    FruitstandMonth ago

    Phil could’ve got an 8