Smart Rocket League Players vs Mechanical Players (who's better?)

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Rocket League is all about your rank... but you also have to worry about 2 main playing characteristics; Game sense and mechanics. Most players have a mix of both but there are some people who are more of only one those types. I wanted to find out which is more important and what better way than forcing players to 1v1. So we will see platinums, diamonds, grand champs and even supersonic legends face off against their opposite. Will Mechanics or Game Sense prove to be more important?
0:00 Intro
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1:40 Platinum Match
4:46 Diamond Match
7:35 Grand Champ Match
10:57 Supersonic Legend Match
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  1. CBell

    CBell12 days ago

    I thought the smarter players would've won all of these games. Hope you enjoyed the video and thanks again for today's sponsor! Check them out below: 🎯Download or Play FRAG PRO Shooter for free: Get $6 worth of free rewards! X1 gold chest 🎉 + 500 coins 💰 + 50 diamonds 💎 + 1 special offer 🎁 only for you!

  2. grappler 770

    grappler 770Day ago

    @CBell you know its not true to call someone "smart" or "mechanical" just because of a small explanation. they might be lying, you should watch one of their replays to make true choices. (and also i think the "smart" plat player is lied)

  3. grappler 770

    grappler 770Day ago

    @CBell ok

  4. CBell

    CBellDay ago

    @grappler 770 well it’s not fake or anything, these players define themselves as either smart or mechanical and so I chose them based off of a short explanation of that. There was pressure of the money and the fact that they are in a video so I’m sure that has to do with performance as well and was part of the experiment. I wish I had this many friends to help on videos lol

  5. grappler 770

    grappler 770Day ago

    Yo nice clickbait bro. Smart person dont even know where to double jump? Lmao these are his friends and this is a clickbait video.


    TAWHEED CR72 days ago

    You are liar

  7. RETNO 3003

    RETNO 30036 hours ago

    u cappin about that mobile game :P

  8. SweetBabySteph

    SweetBabySteph8 hours ago

    im plat and have no clue how those guys are diamond😂 i would win 1v1 no question

  9. Maxwell Perez

    Maxwell Perez10 hours ago

    I think that the plats are good, but I am gold and think that I’m better

  10. Your Dad

    Your Dad11 hours ago

    I think being mechanical is better at lower ranks and being smart is better at higher ranks

  11. KermisTheRetard

    KermisTheRetard12 hours ago

    I'm pretty much both but a bronze stuck in d1.

  12. Thure Kek

    Thure Kek13 hours ago

    I mean frag is better than fortnite.

  13. Maven Vigilante

    Maven Vigilante13 hours ago

    I’ve played call of duty wagers for a while so money doesn’t really change the way I play but idk rockets league is intense 😂🤷🏻‍♂️

  14. Team Tactical02

    Team Tactical0214 hours ago

    These vids are so scripted

  15. Clofreeze

    Clofreeze14 hours ago

    The mechanical plat was trash at mechanics

  16. Danny Mac

    Danny Mac15 hours ago

    If you ever do another 1v1 for mechanics vs smart I’d love to represent smart players. I’m c1 in 1’s and c2 in 2’s reaching as high as c3 div 4 solo queuing. I only recently started using ball cam but still don’t really use it in game.

  17. Nosity

    Nosity16 hours ago

    Felix: yea I’m smart Also Felix: BOOST > BALLLL


    NOLSFTW17 hours ago

    If there was money involved i feel like I would be able to do this so sign me up

  19. Hunter Pearson

    Hunter Pearson18 hours ago

    The way I've seen it is that smart players are more consistent than mechanical players but if they lack mechanics, their smarts are worthless

  20. Cailean Lavery

    Cailean Lavery22 hours ago

    I think I'm a bit better then the plats in this video as I don't make as much mistakes and I play a wee bit smarter

  21. Finster 609

    Finster 60923 hours ago

    Man if I was in these videos it would make my day

  22. BlazeBusterLP

    BlazeBusterLPDay ago

    I am a mechanical player too. I am diamond 2 and I would love to play in one of this viedeos

  23. Magic Pringles

    Magic PringlesDay ago

    I am diamond 2 in ones and my mecanics are so bad its hard to comprehend how i have this rank. I cant airdribbel i cant areal fast i cant halfflip and i cant dribble at all. Open net misses are completely normal and my recoveries are the worst you will ever see. On top of that my kickoffs are more or less driving to the ball and flipping. But i play smart and even if my mecanics suck as hell i win 50% of the games. Ps. I play on nintendo switch, maybe that has to do with my mecanical dissablity

  24. Paul Raducu

    Paul RaducuDay ago

    the mom in the background gives me so much anxiety of getting yelled at daily for 27 years straight and yes I moved out and still heard her in the distance..

  25. Brayden Black

    Brayden BlackDay ago

    I’m a smart player and I could beat the plat’s

  26. Nicolas Brotherton

    Nicolas BrothertonDay ago

    Yeah none of those plays play good at all.

  27. Kristen McNamara

    Kristen McNamaraDay ago

    I would love to be in one of these videos! My username is ConnieMackVlogs on Xbox

  28. ari barclay

    ari barclayDay ago

    lol love how scripted it feels

  29. Madd Maxon

    Madd MaxonDay ago

    yo i am ore on the mechanical side i silver but goated set me up please im 9 and never get a chance in a vid even with my best friends

  30. Eduardo Aguilera

    Eduardo AguileraDay ago

    Hey can I join I am plat 1 so if I can join in any video then just reply to my comment

  31. Niko Giannoulias

    Niko GiannouliasDay ago

    im a plat and better than most ppl in my rank, quote that

  32. mo saj

    mo sajDay ago

    Who else thinks that the gcs car was ugly

  33. Amber Mulcahy

    Amber MulcahyDay ago

    I downloaded it thx Cbell :)

  34. jimmy kman

    jimmy kmanDay ago

    I am gold 3s and I deserve c2 at least.

  35. Just Wxntedツ

    Just WxntedツDay ago

    I could do pretty good

  36. darknight brother

    darknight brotherDay ago

    S6 stingray

  37. charlie ferguson

    charlie fergusonDay ago

    Video idea goalkeepers vs defender

  38. Oliver Martin

    Oliver MartinDay ago

    How am I stuck in plat smh

  39. Yvng_ sav13

    Yvng_ sav13Day ago

    imma d3 i could do better than the d3s:)

  40. Yvng_ sav13

    Yvng_ sav13Day ago

    also im more mechanical

  41. Reborn RL

    Reborn RLDay ago

    Looking into how you get into these match ups, they sounds

  42. Jarrett Gadziemski

    Jarrett GadziemskiDay ago

    Yo I am a plat 3 and would love to be in a video. I'm pretty good at ones and am a game-sense guy over mechanics.

  43. grappler 770

    grappler 770Day ago

    Yo nice clickbait bro. Smart person dont even know where to double jump? Lmao these are his friends and this is a clickbait video.

  44. erravii

    erraviiDay ago

    8:26 I was really expecting a follow-up, "Do you like pancakes?" "Do you like french toast? Doo doo doo doo can't wait to get a mouthful, waffles!"

  45. SonnyBoBunny _

    SonnyBoBunny _Day ago

    Boy that statement about at higher ranks you always feel like you are trash. No matter how good you actually are. Really hit home

  46. Felipe Sousa

    Felipe SousaDay ago

    i wanna to be part of it (im around d3 and c1)

  47. Dragos G. Ilie

    Dragos G. IlieDay ago

    I’m diamon 3 and I could beat those grand champions

  48. Leandro T

    Leandro TDay ago

    This just shows that u don’t need mechanics to get in high ranks but it would help if u had both skills on hand

  49. Yohans Cold

    Yohans ColdDay ago

    Boltin comin back for the reverse-uno clip shot was fire 😂😂

  50. Patrick Jørgensen

    Patrick Jørgensen2 days ago

    that Gc has shit mechanics tbh

  51. Manuel Martinez

    Manuel Martinez2 days ago

    I would like be in one those vids, their hella cool, but idk If can win or loose tbh

  52. James Walsh

    James Walsh2 days ago

    I am a plat who plays smart the one in this video mada some silly mistakes so I think I could bring it back for us

  53. HeeiHaaiHoi

    HeeiHaaiHoi2 days ago

    The ssl guy isnt smart cuz statistics indicate that dominus players cant be smart

  54. Nathaniel Wright

    Nathaniel Wright2 days ago

    The GC’s looked like platinums

  55. Dante Pasta

    Dante Pasta2 days ago

    I mean I would be more than happy to be in one of these videos. I'm gold 3 and mainly practice mechanics.

  56. Rattlesnake

    Rattlesnake2 days ago

    Im a gold and better then the plats

  57. zGDarkness - Brawl Stars

    zGDarkness - Brawl Stars2 days ago

    I mean I’m plat and I think I’m way beyond better than those plats

  58. Osmal F Lopez

    Osmal F Lopez2 days ago

    I’d love to be in one of your videos bro! I’m Plat 3 in 1v1 , 2v2 and 3v3. I’d say I’m a smart player... just terrible when it comes to mechanics 😅

  59. Maddax Cavanaugh

    Maddax Cavanaugh2 days ago

    Can I be in a video I’m gold 3 in 2s plat in ones and 3s

  60. rez s

    rez s2 days ago

    I'm such a mechanically good plat but my team is holding me back :(

  61. andrew moreno

    andrew moreno20 hours ago


  62. Caleb Sookhoor

    Caleb Sookhoor2 days ago

    I’m in champ 3 playing against people who score flip resets and air dribbles constantly but then I see this video and the gameplay is slower

  63. allen juma

    allen juma2 days ago

    Can we get the camera setting for the 2 diamonds?

  64. Bolgybear

    Bolgybear2 days ago


  65. Spicy Meatball

    Spicy Meatball2 days ago

    Champ players rn😔

  66. Alexander Georgiev

    Alexander Georgiev2 days ago

    The "mechanical" plat didn't even flip off of kickoff or hit an air roll shot. No difference in mechanics for that match tbh.

  67. ya boy lewis

    ya boy lewis2 days ago

    i’m plat 1 and in a meachanicakr player i would love to be in one of these vids

  68. reed2000

    reed20002 days ago

    Can I 1v1 those plans I'm a plat 1 in 1s and I'm wayyyy better plz I'm a mechanical player and smart

  69. Damian Stefaniuk

    Damian Stefaniuk2 days ago

    Im a silver if needed

  70. BoJaC Goated

    BoJaC Goated2 days ago

    i’m plat, buh i’ll beat any diamond you put across from me

  71. Cooper Potato

    Cooper Potato2 days ago

    The first Match sucked I could easily beat both of them

  72. Daniel Voyles

    Daniel Voyles2 days ago

    The downfall of 'smart' players is that they think too much, which makes them often stop/slow down and/or second guess what they are doing. The SSL did much better because he is stronger mechanically from having more hours. Smart or mechanical? Experience is what wins.

  73. saif mohamed 7D

    saif mohamed 7D2 days ago

    Damn I wanna be in his videos when he does the silver vs Inverness gold vs gold platinum vs platinum and winner gets a shout out or smoething

  74. Breccan Donlon

    Breccan Donlon2 days ago

    I think me and my 2s partner would be perfect for the diamond 2v2. We have really good chemistry and we’re very smart when it comes to rotation and game sense

  75. Ransom Melettole

    Ransom Melettole2 days ago

    on no funny stuff, the plats were kinda making us look bad (as a fellow plat). Most of us are more mechanical and smarter than what was showcased and i could proudly defend that statement in a 2v2 match if needed ;-)

  76. Leks_Gaming

    Leks_Gaming2 days ago

    I would love to be in one of these videos

  77. Callum Newns

    Callum Newns2 days ago

    How is it the d3 be looking better then the gc’s 🤣🤣I’m d3 myself

  78. Arian Dovald

    Arian Dovald2 days ago

    i consider myself smarter and less mechanical but i don’t hesitate to go off the wall every chance i get lol

  79. Brayden Crook

    Brayden Crook2 days ago

    im a gold tho

  80. Idk Idk

    Idk Idk2 days ago

    I’m pretty good I’m plat 1 but play like a diamond 3 I’m too good my epic is Vizion_Sped

  81. ed south

    ed south2 days ago

    Love the content. I would be so down to play in a game. Long shot but it would be fun - EU player but will play any server Irathear LFT on steam- I am C1 in 1v1 but I don't put much time in... I'd consider myself somewhat mechanical but generally I try to reduce mistakes more than anything

  82. Cloud 1

    Cloud 12 days ago

    I’m gold but even with the pressure I could play better than those plats

  83. Tom Hall

    Tom Hall2 days ago

    He’s copied musty with the frag

  84. Rael xD7219

    Rael xD72192 days ago

    Choose me for the next video! =D champ1 mechanical. discord rael#4522

  85. Epic Eddie

    Epic Eddie2 days ago

    can i be pls be in the next vid with plats???

  86. slick man

    slick man3 days ago

    This is the Best chancel I've watched I would love to be in a video

  87. Sven Eijman

    Sven Eijman3 days ago

    im plat 1 and i know im gonna be so better than the plats in this vid

  88. LiterallyMyst

    LiterallyMyst3 days ago

    I'm just waiting for all the comments that read: "Bro those GCs are so bad omg I'm plat and I could beat them smh."

  89. Jackson Marchant

    Jackson MarchantDay ago

    They did not seem what I expected thats for sure. I suppose from the pressure

  90. Casimir Arntz

    Casimir Arntz3 days ago

    How could I be the best smart player? I want to work smarter not harder. Just some starter advice would work

  91. Circus

    Circus3 days ago

    For all the mid/low rank players: Just work on the basics. No amount of double flip resets or air dribbles is worth the embarrassment of missing open nets in GC2

  92. Joey Carey

    Joey Carey3 days ago

    Azzabirb doesn’t really play games: is a ttv

  93. Alimu Miah

    Alimu Miah3 days ago

    Bigpapi honestly had some really smart plays, his mechanics just werent good enough yet to aerial for alot of easy hits

  94. Kill Taser

    Kill Taser3 days ago

    The Felix guy sounds and acts like Wilbur but higher pitched

  95. Talann

    Talann3 days ago

    I’m plat 1 in almost everything and I feel like I could have done so much better but I’m not sure because I would be very nervous

  96. Mortal

    Mortal3 days ago

    No way those kids were plat and I'm still in plat lol they both have no mechanics

  97. Anthony cerda

    Anthony cerda3 days ago

    Im sorry but those gcs where shit like frfr

  98. Cameron Chandler

    Cameron Chandler3 days ago

    I’m more of a smart player in 1s I use my mechanics to help with recovery Dropped back down to D3 in 1s🤣

  99. Jose Portillo

    Jose Portillo3 days ago

    I am a plat 1 so I hope I am in one video

  100. skitzytv

    skitzytv3 days ago

    can i be in one of these vids i’m a diamond 1?

  101. NXS-joto5243

    NXS-joto52433 days ago

    Bruh the smart guy in plat, I swear he was purposely trying to go for things at the wrong time

  102. Flix_ 7

    Flix_ 73 days ago

    I am diamond 3 and could beat waffle

  103. Flix_ 7

    Flix_ 73 days ago

    Waffle is not gc

  104. Ezequiel Torres

    Ezequiel Torres3 days ago

    Me plz

  105. Viggo van Malsen

    Viggo van Malsen3 days ago

    Can i be in one of ur videos too? Im plat 1/2

  106. Bryce Heller

    Bryce Heller3 days ago

    i can't be the only one who genuinely hates watching plats on youtube. I don't understand how bad they are, meanwhile i get smacked down by the ones i play

  107. Luke Belanger

    Luke Belanger3 days ago

    I am definitely a smart player. I really suck at mechanics and I feel aweful about it. But I know my positioning skills are top notch, and overall good game sense. I am diamond 1, but teeter between that and d2, with no chance of getting d3 unless I carry somehow because I solo queue. ...maybe solo queuing isn't... being smart.

  108. Jordan Larson

    Jordan Larson3 days ago

    I’m a champ 3 feeestyler and it would be so fun to show off in a vid, I just never get a response from the submissions 😔