This Among Us mod makes the map upside down... (Among Us Mod Funny Moments)

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In today's video, we play Among Us, but the maps are upside down!
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  1. Strike One

    Strike OneMonth ago

    _Alright hear me out:_ 1- Invisible Imposter mod 2- Imposter Conversion mod 3- Proximity chat 4- Upside down mod 5- a bunch of idiots

  2. VexLegend 313

    VexLegend 31316 days ago

    Do it no balls

  3. Remy Willard

    Remy Willard23 days ago

    I was the 666th "like" on @Daithi De Nogla's reply. Sorry, world. We are all doomed (pronounced "doom Ed", as the great David Ogden Stiers did in the practical joke episode of "Lilo and Stitch: The Series").

  4. Bimmy Beutron

    Bimmy BeutronMonth ago

    not enough chaos but too much for the game to handle. the game would crash *way* too much

  5. Bimmy Beutron

    Bimmy BeutronMonth ago

    @Brawl LEON fake nogla lmao

  6. purginking :2

    purginking :2Month ago


  7. Blue Tree

    Blue Tree12 days ago

    I had to flip my screen so that I wouldn’t get a headache

  8. Remy Willard

    Remy Willard23 days ago

    26:12 "I voted off Nogla!" Not a valid defense when the only one who *didn't* vote off Nogla was Nogla himself.

  9. Rhiannon

    Rhiannon24 days ago

    I have to admit at one point in the video i flipped my screen upside down so the map was normal

  10. Steven LDOE

    Steven LDOE26 days ago

    Try making a rotating map mod.. every emergency rotates it

  11. Ivy Monique

    Ivy MoniqueMonth ago

    Marcel is soo funny. “You got a murderous baby! Babylirious is a murderer!”

  12. Eddie Ramos

    Eddie RamosMonth ago

    O2 isn't just upside down. It's flipped!! I turned my phone around and the numbers were backwards!

  13. HorakhtytheCreator

    HorakhtytheCreatorMonth ago

    “Wheeeee! Trash” that should not be as cute as it is

  14. ham

    hamMonth ago

    He could of said theres a wall giltch

  15. luised77

    luised77Month ago

    Am I the only one but when he downloads I think my phone is upside down for a second

  16. Name

    NameMonth ago


  17. Cam

    CamMonth ago

    Totally didnt just try to turn my phone around in the middle of the video because I thought it was upside down😅

  18. Eddie Rivera

    Eddie RiveraMonth ago

    G Melnt

  19. Kamen 23

    Kamen 23Month ago

    This brings back memories, but I kinda want prop hunt and G mod and sandbox back

  20. Melissa Metivier

    Melissa MetivierMonth ago

    Ow, my semicircular canals!

  21. Trevor Waite

    Trevor WaiteMonth ago

    Who else tried to flip their phone thinking your screen flipped😂😂

  22. Random Being

    Random BeingMonth ago

    26:46 wtf

  23. Chipper

    ChipperMonth ago

    I just watched the video with my monitor flipped upside down on its stand lmao

  24. RoshiMas

    RoshiMasMonth ago

    Its nice to see who's talking at the meetings now

  25. Wolf XciTe

    Wolf XciTeMonth ago

    wait am i slow?? when tf did catz start playing with them again

  26. Anime And Weeb Outkast

    Anime And Weeb OutkastMonth ago

    Song at the end of video? Song at 27:17

  27. lil m

    lil mMonth ago

    15:35 seananner

  28. peep

    peepMonth ago

    I was so confused I tried to flip my phone upside down to fix it 😂😂

  29. Mr Taco Wolf

    Mr Taco WolfMonth ago

    Rule number 1 of content always follow nogla for content

  30. bob awesome

    bob awesomeMonth ago

    That "uhhhsixxxx" lol

  31. Godzilla 60073

    Godzilla 60073Month ago

    I think people keep moving their screen thinking it's upside down. so they keep moving their phone or ipad the opposite of their screen and it keeps being upside down.

  32. ツraczrobert09

    ツraczrobert09Month ago

    HOLD THE PHONE did you seriously use Dr. Robotnic's Mean Beam Machine music?!

  33. Mythical Assassin

    Mythical AssassinMonth ago

    I hate this game tired of among us uploads

  34. Nathan Mendoza

    Nathan MendozaMonth ago

    "We're both dads" I know what 1 video will be in the next couple of months (unless Nogla was joking)

  35. Bopino

    BopinoMonth ago

    i gotta give nogla credit, he used the ace attorney cornered theme

  36. Popcorn

    PopcornMonth ago

    Damn the mario party ds music brings back some memories

  37. The Gaming guy

    The Gaming guyMonth ago

    did anyone ever play mario party on the DS, that one song that was playing gave me nostalgia

  38. TheGalaxy _YT

    TheGalaxy _YTMonth ago

    If the game was upside down and the video is upside down all of us need to upside down the laptop, phone, pc, EVERYTHING!!

  39. The Horny

    The HornyMonth ago

    What about a mod that you can play as the kid too like "lil chucky"

  40. YRG_Esteban

    YRG_EstebanMonth ago


  41. YRG_Esteban

    YRG_EstebanMonth ago


  42. heather michelle

    heather michelleMonth ago

    am i the only one who turned their phone outside down?

  43. Quiet Blake

    Quiet BlakeMonth ago

    What's the music that started at 4:04

  44. Ricky Trader

    Ricky TraderMonth ago

    When froozer said "I cant even do card swipe normal" i almost choked on me lemonade lmao

  45. random dude

    random dudeMonth ago

    Its been a while sence i've seen racingcatz

  46. Michael Mcclanahan

    Michael McclanahanMonth ago

    Same as others video..thumbs down

  47. Ralf Soriano

    Ralf SorianoMonth ago

    My head most of the video 🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂

  48. Soy Traveler

    Soy TravelerMonth ago

    Ayyye that robotnik mean bean machine track though🔥

  49. Max Miller

    Max MillerMonth ago

    Watched this with my phone upside down

  50. TheUnDeadToonZ

    TheUnDeadToonZMonth ago

    Stranger thing be like

  51. best chicken

    best chickenMonth ago

    For a second I thought my phone was upside-down😂🙃

  52. Shuhana Rahman

    Shuhana RahmanMonth ago

    The capricious speedboat tinctorially punish because diamond supposedly avoid near a wakeful base. capricious, sick liquor

  53. Stop Breathing.

    Stop Breathing.Month ago

    Watching the video upside down is even weirder.

  54. Nathaniel Malcolm

    Nathaniel MalcolmMonth ago

    These last few Among Us vids has got poor ol Nogla running around the Internet at full sprint to find *the dumbest yet most sophisticated mods* to add to and further enhance the game. It works beyond wonders when you're playing with the likes of Nogla and co too. 😝😏

  55. SketchXero

    SketchXeroMonth ago

    Marcel with the big brain play to win it! LMAOO

  56. Planet Barret / Poison

    Planet Barret / PoisonMonth ago

    Looking at the thumbnail, reminds me of Journey's Debut Album. Compare the two.

  57. The Partisan13

    The Partisan13Month ago

    Notice how whenever Tyler loses he gets immensely mad, like a little bitch?

  58. Mophead

    MopheadMonth ago

    I like banana :)

  59. Lana Gomez

    Lana GomezMonth ago

    1:64 I recieve 161 per day Try this also right here *fu nd ai ly p ay*

  60. Weeble Flufflycakes

    Weeble FlufflycakesMonth ago

    I love that there's a color coded box around the people who are talking, it's really helped me learn new people's voices. So to whoever thought to do that, you are perfection and I love you 😘

  61. Mykle

    MykleMonth ago

    I like how every thumbnail has Evan in it but half actually have him in the videos

  62. Josh Foreman

    Josh ForemanMonth ago

    Lol y'all are hilarious

  63. king

    kingMonth ago


  64. Project Phantom

    Project PhantomMonth ago

    you said in Minecraft potato mod blows Irish mens minds... if you get 100k likes you will make a potato surver

  65. 1K Subscriber No Video

    1K Subscriber No VideoMonth ago

    he is making four everyone s lif a better😀.

  66. Guillermo Garza

    Guillermo GarzaMonth ago

    Even if u turn ur phone upside down it’s still wired lmao i

  67. Hornets dojo

    Hornets dojoMonth ago

    Nogla I should stop playing with them man they just bully you in any game it's so fucking annoying

  68. Hornets dojo

    Hornets dojoMonth ago

    Wildcats a dick

  69. First Hassan

    First HassanMonth ago

    I like the Ace Attorney reference

  70. Mcdonalds food

    Mcdonalds foodMonth ago

    Yall should make a morph mod where the impostor can morph into a prop and there would also be props everywhere around the map

  71. Exo

    ExoMonth ago

    its good to see racingcatz in a video again, cant remember the last time i saw him in one.

  72. The Cheese

    The CheeseMonth ago

    I feel bad 02 is flipper but the numbers are mirrored

  73. Love Trolling

    Love TrollingMonth ago


  74. Love Trolling

    Love TrollingMonth ago

    17:52 😂😂😂

  75. SnipingSkulls

    SnipingSkullsMonth ago

    Fun fact: you can hold your phone upside down and it looks like normal Among Us with upside down characters lol

  76. Its Roadknee

    Its RoadkneeMonth ago

    20:20 Scotty girly scream had me dying lmao XDDD

  77. Ben Lucas

    Ben LucasMonth ago

    Petition for nogla to post his songs on Spotify yes the ones from 5 years ago?

  78. Popcorn

    PopcornMonth ago

    I should do a mod so the imposter can switch to it pet or child and kill

  79. Milkykozie

    MilkykozieMonth ago

    the amonut of times i tried to flip my screen is astonishing

  80. TankBossKiller

    TankBossKillerMonth ago

    I kept flipping my phone this is so trippy

  81. jackowacko121

    jackowacko121Month ago

    why did i think this was marcels video?

  82. Cheney Theron

    Cheney TheronMonth ago

    14:28 Moo's kid doing the running man on the table, this was cute af lol

  83. Nick _

    Nick _Month ago

    Nogla you guys should play the doctor mod, one of you guys will be able to revive dead players

  84. Melody Arreola

    Melody ArreolaMonth ago

    I love your mods

  85. CJ Thomson

    CJ ThomsonMonth ago

    I can't express how many times I thought my phones orientation was upside down this video.

  86. timothyA summoner

    timothyA summonerMonth ago

    Ooooooh, 28 minutes. Made my lonely dinner happy

  87. Jacque A

    Jacque AMonth ago

    I’ve been waiting for Marcel to come back

  88. s02 Pzychotik

    s02 PzychotikMonth ago


  89. Sylvia Barboza

    Sylvia BarbozaMonth ago

    I love the coloring lighting up around the people who talk It's vvv helpful during heated times

  90. Sylvia Barboza

    Sylvia BarbozaMonth ago

    A 28min among us vid from nogla??? It may be 4am but it's time to get the snacks

  91. LeQQiE Gaming

    LeQQiE GamingMonth ago

    You dont cuss enymore

  92. Only Jesus Can Save Us

    Only Jesus Can Save UsMonth ago

    John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. Romans 6:23 For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Romans 10:9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. Amen.. Repent and turn from sin! Obey God's sacred 10 Commandments! Time is running out!

  93. Katie B

    Katie BMonth ago

    So trippy to watch but hilarious all the same

  94. Dublin Akhtar

    Dublin AkhtarMonth ago

    That last round actually made me bite my nails.

  95. Kidusrox

    KidusroxMonth ago

    the end fucking killed me

  96. troy judd

    troy juddMonth ago

    Watching this video made my head hurt as i kept thinking i had my phone the wrong way round 😂

  97. troy judd

    troy juddMonth ago

    Watching this video made my head hurt as i kept thinking i had my phone the wrong way round 😂

  98. jonny aeternum

    jonny aeternumMonth ago

    14:27 damn that kirby triple deluxe music caught me off guard, but it’s definitely fitting lol

  99. milsnha gonzales errera

    milsnha gonzales erreraMonth ago

    Cori Bush

  100. Aglow 370

    Aglow 370Month ago

    Is this the lobby where nogla invited 10 people but didn't count himself? Lol

  101. Condor Crow

    Condor CrowMonth ago

    @Crow The Wicked aw man :(

  102. Crow The Wicked

    Crow The WickedMonth ago

    Yeah, Bryan had to leave

  103. DarthDuck666

    DarthDuck666Month ago

    14:36 moo's kid is running

  104. MrSaladGuy

    MrSaladGuyMonth ago

    last round was pog lmfao

  105. Fan Fabulous

    Fan FabulousMonth ago

    So it’s ppl from everywhere in the world ( except for aussies ) going to Australia Sorry I don’t like the upside down Australia jokes (I am an Aussie) but I saw no one say the joke so I kinda just had to...

  106. Yayo Björnson

    Yayo BjörnsonMonth ago

    I love how he puts Ace Attorney’s music when he founds a clue or a suspicious person

  107. Jay Sam

    Jay SamMonth ago

    Now change the date on the computer. To April the first, to play it mirrored with the upside down mod