JJ Redick gets ejected for passing ball to the ref, a breakdown

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  1. John Snow

    John Snow2 minutes ago

    These refs, in all sports, need to be held accountable for their misconduct. This has gotten out of hand.

  2. Oakenshield 311

    Oakenshield 3119 minutes ago

    Whistle looked like a pacifier in his mouth.

  3. Michael Henkle

    Michael Henkle25 minutes ago

    Good thing they threw him out, you could see he nearly killed that ref.

  4. Paul Thomas

    Paul Thomas41 minute ago

    If he was black they would apologise profusely

  5. G R

    G R54 minutes ago

    Wow what a snowflake ref

  6. T-O- Double D!

    T-O- Double D!Hour ago

    Refs and umps should have to throw hands for shit calls like this.. if you make a call you should have to back it up... snowflakes

  7. Kinsey Ritterbush

    Kinsey RitterbushHour ago

    And he should reff less games due to being to emotionally attached to the game.

  8. dom lemon

    dom lemonHour ago

    That why I don't watch the NBA , SOFT. 1980 rule

  9. angel pals

    angel pals2 hours ago

    That's why I dont like watching NBA nomore couse even the ref are so soft.

  10. SandbagX

    SandbagX2 hours ago

    He forgot to sanitize the ball before giving it to the ref.

  11. gsdrummerlit

    gsdrummerlit2 hours ago

    jj deserved the tech

  12. Eric Draven

    Eric Draven2 hours ago

    NBA is a joke just like the NFL.

  13. James Kaffka

    James Kaffka3 hours ago

    They needed to upgrade their whistles because they're blowing them so much. Reinforced with all terrain rubber.

  14. L G

    L G4 hours ago

    You gotta listen to Redick explain this ejection on his pod. It makes it even funnier.

  15. Chicane

    Chicane4 hours ago

    Refs are horrible people that just abuse their power they have just because they got butthurt that some players don't like them.

  16. Chris T

    Chris T5 hours ago

    If the dude can't take a little heat, get out of ref'ing.

  17. magnuscamper

    magnuscamper5 hours ago

    I guess this ref came from the school of snowflakes.

  18. Terence Patrick Repelente

    Terence Patrick Repelente5 hours ago

    amogus whistle

  19. K Dill

    K Dill6 hours ago

    JJ is still in the league....New Orleans Jerseys had me fooled. Thought he was in a Euro league game.

  20. robertborak

    robertborak6 hours ago

    Loved the ending hahaha

  21. Jerry Tang

    Jerry Tang6 hours ago

    Ref acting like Antifa and the BLM loving players don't like it. Confusing.

  22. Indiee ASMR

    Indiee ASMR6 hours ago

    Wow I"m glad I watched this draft king video with a JJ Redick Ad.

  23. Bebegamer

    Bebegamer6 hours ago

    I keep forgetting JJ Reddick exists all I think about is Josh Reddick (because baseball is a superior sport)

  24. Robert Johnson

    Robert Johnson6 hours ago

    Wow! what a doof ass 😒🙄 I hope anyone he knows doesn't see this

  25. Parabola

    Parabola7 hours ago

    Can't believe people watch NBA china

  26. Eazzy

    Eazzy7 hours ago

    Im pretty sure there are electric whistles too to prevent the rona. Idk if thats just in football or not though

  27. Shawn Overgaard

    Shawn Overgaard7 hours ago



    ZOT HIPHOP7 hours ago

    The NBA refs are ruining the game!!!

  29. exsxpx1

    exsxpx17 hours ago

    It's to protect their teeth like a mouth guard.

  30. Li Delgado

    Li Delgado7 hours ago

    I was actually furious on the ref but this guy just roasting the hell out of him made my mood a little bit better

  31. Faptu Harrd

    Faptu Harrd8 hours ago

    Thats why no one is watching this sorry a** soft sport anymore. Victimhood is real on these courts.

  32. ColdWar

    ColdWar8 hours ago

    that is a big ass whistle

  33. some one

    some one9 hours ago

    Must of been a carolina fan

  34. Perry Angelone

    Perry Angelone9 hours ago

    Clearly the ref had it out for j.j is a complete joke and over use of power and nba agrees with the ref and another reason for me to say nba is a shit show and will never watch again

  35. Nathan Robert

    Nathan Robert9 hours ago

    Lol when Jomboy appears at the end 😲🤣

  36. J Lyons

    J Lyons9 hours ago

    God the NBA is trash these days. Defenders are like unicorns and the refs are always on MLB umpire power trips. Not to mention it’s 3s all day and fighting to the rim is a dying art.

  37. Teddymav

    Teddymav9 hours ago

    Ref is wrong. Ref is a tool. Ref has an inferiority complex and should be fired. Guys like him ruin the game. I can guarantee you he was a duck like this when he started his career calling kid games.

  38. Niek Galle

    Niek Galle9 hours ago

    Isn't that whistle a different build to prevent covid spread or something? 2:10

  39. mike camp

    mike camp10 hours ago

    I clicked bc I thought it was Paul Rudd.

  40. Daily Smiles

    Daily Smiles10 hours ago

    He should have overhand pitched it at him and made it worth it at least

  41. josh c

    josh c10 hours ago

    Refs should get post game interviews so they can explain all the dumb shit they do during the game

  42. Mark

    Mark11 hours ago

    The Chronicles of Redick

  43. Dallas Smith

    Dallas Smith11 hours ago

    I’m all for letting players express frustration and all. But both technicals are fine, first one looks like the ref gave him a hand to stop and he continued. Second one its been building up to it and the intention behind JJ Reddick spinning the ball at him isn’t to expedite the game, its to show the official up which is not why they’re on the court. It’s to play basketball. No problem with an ejection here imo

  44. Guis Larcia

    Guis Larcia12 hours ago

    Since when is basketball such a soft sport?

  45. Dug Nice

    Dug Nice12 hours ago

    This is why I haven't watched NBA in over a decade, ever since Tim Donaghy exposed the cheating and staging of game outcomes by officiating crews. He even went as far as to point out how it was still going on (apparently even to this day) even after he was released from prison for his own gambling corruption. If I wanna watch staged matchups, I'll tune in to WWE.

  46. evidence-based

    evidence-based12 hours ago

    Woke ref

  47. The Pink Lisa

    The Pink Lisa12 hours ago

    The referee's name is Joshua Tiven.

  48. Big Bird

    Big Bird12 hours ago

    I've seen worse officiating; still, weak as piss

  49. jnerdsblog

    jnerdsblog14 hours ago

    Dude didn't get ejected for passing the ball to the ref, he was ejected for being JJ Redick, and I think it was the right call. Why yes I did attend NCSU in the early 00s, why do you ask?

  50. Frosty Warrior

    Frosty Warrior14 hours ago

    Jomboy continues to show me why some Yankees fans should be respected...

  51. Nathan Spain

    Nathan Spain15 hours ago

    Glad I don't watch this shit sport anymore.

  52. Mike B

    Mike B15 hours ago

    Covid whistle

  53. LesClaypool OnBass

    LesClaypool OnBass16 hours ago

    is this that douche who used to play at Duke like15 year ago?

  54. Cason Wrightt

    Cason Wrightt17 hours ago


  55. abcd

    abcd17 hours ago

    Damn refs still aren't going to be held accountable for making terrible calls because they got their feelings hurt

  56. Bionic Knight

    Bionic Knight17 hours ago

    If u are black u are throwing the ball TO the ref. If u are white u are throwing the ball AT the ref. C'mon people, u know how this goes in America, the most racist country against white people in the world, where black people are considered more important than white people. See, we can blame all our problems on other races too instead of taking responsibility for our own actions.

  57. Hello World

    Hello World18 hours ago

    The NBA turns out to be softball

  58. Nico Navarro

    Nico Navarro18 hours ago

    The ref must’ve been Joe Crawford’s disciple.

  59. Kurgosh1

    Kurgosh119 hours ago

    The best part of this is the NBA making excuses for their ref even though everybody on the planet knows he fucked up.

  60. Gritty Guard

    Gritty Guard19 hours ago

    That devilish spin killed me

  61. HGCJ

    HGCJ19 hours ago

    NBA Refs suck!

  62. Michael Smith-Welch

    Michael Smith-Welch19 hours ago

    This is why I love Jomboy.

  63. Judson Duryea

    Judson Duryea20 hours ago

    Ass whistle.

  64. Saya Brian

    Saya Brian20 hours ago

    Today’s NBA is a joke

  65. Mark Heard

    Mark Heard20 hours ago

    I think JJ said “That’s not a technical” as in punishment didn’t fit the crime.

  66. Mayank Dabral

    Mayank Dabral20 hours ago

    NBA refs are total jackass 😑

  67. Bill Elston

    Bill Elston20 hours ago

    Aim in real hard at his whistle next time

  68. kidd dev

    kidd dev20 hours ago

    softer than huggies.

  69. Kevin

    Kevin20 hours ago

    This was the softest shit I ever watched live

  70. Woody

    Woody20 hours ago

    Your face on his whistle was a nice touch. HILARIOUS 😂

  71. Colin

    Colin20 hours ago

    Shadows of Joey Crawford

  72. Josh Balder

    Josh Balder21 hour ago

    The ref got embarassed by an amazing spinning pass. Plain and simple. Both technicals were soft af!

  73. Nathan Gittens

    Nathan Gittens21 hour ago

    He used the force ,,,, ref is a Sith Lord makes sense for ejection

  74. Rick Garcia

    Rick Garcia21 hour ago

    The NBA needs to do better w/ these refs

  75. Rufus Walker

    Rufus Walker21 hour ago

    That some petty ass shit. Next they will be giving T's for leaving the seat up!

  76. Michael Davies

    Michael Davies22 hours ago

    Imagine if that ball spun into a direct crotch shot... JJ would be spending the rest of his playing days in China.

  77. POL

    POL22 hours ago

    As far as I can see, he's playing basketball not fighting Sith lords or anything.

  78. Michael Thomas

    Michael Thomas22 hours ago

    this ref got a name? asking for a friend

  79. The Pink Lisa

    The Pink Lisa12 hours ago

    Joshua Tiven

  80. pjabrony

    pjabrony22 hours ago

    He should be a cricket bowler, hurling that kind of googly.

  81. Brian C

    Brian C22 hours ago

    Arrogant ref ruins the games, ruins the NBA, ruins the sport.

  82. Matt Simpson

    Matt Simpson22 hours ago

    Can’t wait until all refs are replaced with robots.

  83. Dev

    Dev22 hours ago

    Lmao the whistle bit got me

  84. VinnyI6420

    VinnyI642022 hours ago

    And we still won that game, love it

  85. Mike Hubbard

    Mike Hubbard23 hours ago

    That’s that old duke turd coming out.

  86. Spencer

    Spencer23 hours ago


  87. mitch fitzko

    mitch fitzko23 hours ago

    Can't watch sports anymore. The refs all suck now.

  88. Anthony 707

    Anthony 70723 hours ago


  89. Max Vitucci

    Max Vitucci23 hours ago

    please do a breakdown of Wayne Simmonds fight!!!!!!! it’s so good

  90. Willy Skallz

    Willy Skallz23 hours ago

    Lol who is this baby ref

  91. The Pink Lisa

    The Pink Lisa12 hours ago

    Joshua Tiven

  92. Tipzyyy

    Tipzyyy23 hours ago

    can you get a breakdown of bradley beal getting the ball from under the stands

  93. nate clips

    nate clips23 hours ago

    Good thing nobody watches the nba anymore, otherwise that could have been embarrassing...

  94. 14goldmedals

    14goldmedals23 hours ago

    That was a big, black, rubber thing in that refs lips. And he was gripping it like it owed him money!

  95. Jerry White

    Jerry WhiteDay ago

    NBA is dead!

  96. Sean Geran

    Sean GeranDay ago

    It's a whistle guard that directs spit down instead of outward

  97. Patrick Browne

    Patrick BrowneDay ago

    The NBA is softer than baby wipes. People give soccer a bad wrap then act like basketball is some game full of tough guys... shit’s more of a reality tv show than a professional sport.

  98. Charles Snyder

    Charles SnyderDay ago

    Makes up for the crap he did in college

  99. Finn Jones skates

    Finn Jones skatesDay ago


  100. AlexandreMus

    AlexandreMusDay ago

    Soft league

  101. Samanta Saita

    Samanta SaitaDay ago

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  102. GPin

    GPinDay ago

    Can you please make a video on Draymond Green vs the Hornets ? Thanks!!