I Missed This Entirely and I Can’t Unsee It...

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In order to take a break and step back from everything that they found in the last episode, the team dives head-first into the Reddit again to see what the fans have found, both in the way of new discoveries and hilarious distracting memes. However, relating to the former, the team makes an interesting new connection when it comes to the Syntec logo, and the speculation on what that might mean as a whole becomes front and center.
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The following story was created for entertainment purposes only and may not be suitable for all audiences. Viewer discretion is advised. This story and it's characters are fictitious. Certain long-standing institutions, agencies, and public offices are mentioned, but the characters involved are wholly imaginary. Do not contact, engage with, or approach anyone or any company not directly linked in the description or confirmed to be a part of the story.
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  1. hamood gamer

    hamood gamer4 hours ago


  2. Kat Tillian

    Kat TillianDay ago

    dang. I wish finding out this wasn't real was left for the end. I don't really feel like watching it anymore. I DID enjoy it up to this point a LOT, but a lot of it was because of not knowing if it was real or not and wanting to find out at the end what happens. well, i found out. too early imo. that mystery and suspense isn't there anymore to get me engaged. Amazing series though, wonderful job. I want to see a series afterwards about how you guys did this all.

  3. Quarantine Ninja

    Quarantine NinjaDay ago

    Because you shouldn’t going on for so long and it’s been like so many days for you what happened on day 863??

  4. Sarah Cook

    Sarah CookDay ago


  5. Kayla Mason2.0

    Kayla Mason2.0Day ago

    I figured last video I was like the papers are way to fresh to be from 97 😂

  6. Dani Smith

    Dani SmithDay ago

    I’m so conflicted 😭 I’m super happy that none of them are in any actual danger, but I’m kinda sad this wasn’t real I was so invested 😭 I’ll still be invested but I doesn’t feel the same 🥲

  7. Jeany

    JeanyDay ago

    I've waited for more ep to come out, and now imma binge watch ,,>v

  8. Seanghay Lao

    Seanghay Lao2 days ago

    Matt, we all NEED bloopers, like, you actually made some of us think that this whole thjng was real... Like fr, u guys should become actors no joke 😶. But one question I have is, was the first key and the box of keys part of this story?

  9. dr pickle

    dr pickle2 days ago

    is it real or not?

  10. Bridgey Boo

    Bridgey BooDay ago


  11. Lucy louise

    Lucy louise2 days ago

    Search nelsom syphus on youtube he has his own account and videos

  12. Lucy louise

    Lucy louise2 days ago

    I was ment to write nelson

  13. halo 86

    halo 863 days ago

    I was honestly doubting this was real form the begging. Then in the middle (or currently) thought it was more believable. Now I feel like this is a good thing because, what if this were real? A random serum that could burn through almost ANYTHING, there was a stalker threatening their entire business, random hidden stashes inside their studios with EVEN MORE random serums, and a lot of potentially dangerous or life threatening problems. Just for some money, I don't feel like that would be a fair trade. Enough of me rambling, I wanted to just get the point across that if this was real this would have been an AMAZING story but just be glad that they are safe.

  14. Cara Daly

    Cara Daly3 days ago

    There was a key that had the number "863" on it.

  15. Zach Enriquez

    Zach Enriquez3 days ago

    And the reason sams date of berth was on the fille is because she was one of the patience and was a successful one

  16. Zach Enriquez

    Zach Enriquez3 days ago

    What if all the keys went to different rooms and all the room had the patience and the number on the keys were the patience number

  17. Marcia Ramos

    Marcia Ramos3 days ago

    Try a uv light on all the papers

  18. Ian Pierce

    Ian Pierce3 days ago

    I think that maybe syphus is forcing them to tell us it is a story for some reason

  19. Liliana Rodriguez

    Liliana Rodriguez3 days ago

    Theory : what if someone knew the mother of sam and was stalking her for her baby thinking he would be a perfect subject

  20. Dax Hyena

    Dax Hyena3 days ago

    If this was real it would have been a forensic investigation by proper people

  21. jade Marieee

    jade Marieee3 days ago

    The fact that Matt made this whole amazing story line with the amount of effort and precision that is included makes me really look forward to his book!!!

  22. Gavin Parker

    Gavin Parker3 days ago

    What do you mean time line later 33:9

  23. The Murph77

    The Murph774 days ago

    Like for Sam!!

  24. Kirby With a knife

    Kirby With a knife4 days ago

    I think that syphuse made syntech be acause syntech can stand for syphuse’s technologie

  25. glace zx

    glace zx4 days ago

    Hey matt i thik you should collab with game theory with the inves

  26. kia471

    kia4714 days ago

    It reminds me of umbrella.corp from resident evil

  27. Esma Winter

    Esma Winter4 days ago

    The snake logo is a easier way to know who and what belongs to the bio tech Lab for easier capture off breached test subjects and then also see who the employes at the lab are and also the items they made and to indicate the research lab wing of the specific research erea of syntec also pls answer matt (my moms account btw im honestly 9 years old)

  28. Francis Kamakawiwo'ole

    Francis Kamakawiwo'ole4 days ago

    I get what matt said but hitting Nelson with the van so many things could of happened cause 1. It would've finally be done 2. They could have gotten banned from USlikes and possibly be arrested for active murder on camera and 3. They wanted answers to why this was happening so hitting nelson with the van not a very good idea and if you were in their position you might think why you didn't run him over but as sam said if you were in the position they were in you would not know what to do

  29. Fresh Froot

    Fresh Froot5 days ago

    Samantha is genetically modified to look good

  30. Fresh Froot

    Fresh Froot5 days ago

    "Similar too me" lol

  31. Gamer Juji

    Gamer Juji5 days ago

    I just want to say that you can search up someone’s life even though they might not be famous, So maybe put NS or SN. And see which one works.

  32. Audrey Kalkbrenner

    Audrey Kalkbrenner5 days ago

    I have a theory what if the keys with the numbers the numbers were patients or participants but the keys could’ve unlocked rooms which were the participants room in the lab 🧪

  33. Nathaniel Maldonado

    Nathaniel Maldonado5 days ago

    Yo Nelson's son is syphus 590 and I have father ran trails on him?

  34. Tugge Thurgren

    Tugge Thurgren5 days ago

    In the question if Sam looks edited....YES!! Because NOONE can look that good and come from just "parents"...

  35. Tugge Thurgren

    Tugge Thurgren5 days ago

    Take a GOOD look at the "Date of birth *" and "Date *"...now look at the "Y"....do you REALLY say that they look similar??....

  36. Tugge Thurgren

    Tugge Thurgren5 days ago

    ...logo: The are three snakes...there are three hearts. And snakes in the japanes history where a symbol for keeping evil away and was connected then whit hears, Ivy leaves and pears....so...hearts + snakes = love....medicin is ALSO about spread love; Save a life and keep life and then make love to be for living creatures...... =O)

  37. John _GCT

    John _GCT5 days ago

    what if the kid that they mentiond was sam.If you remember they seed she was the chosen and at the time 2000 sam was a kid

  38. Freddy Fazboi

    Freddy Fazboi5 days ago

    I haven’t been watching the videos so I could have a marathon and I just saw that it was fiction. Now I can’t see this series the same.

  39. Juan Josef

    Juan Josef5 days ago

    This where I say I don’t think this real now 🧍🏽‍♂️

  40. MogarTheMa1

    MogarTheMa15 days ago

    I knew it... there’s NO WAY that Woods guy is real.

  41. Keegan Woolverton

    Keegan Woolverton5 days ago

    They said it was real numerous times, looks like they lied. But, were the original keys real, same with the car????????

  42. Madison Murphy

    Madison Murphy5 days ago

    Everyone nelson syphus has a youtube channel, i don't know if it is real but search nelson syphus on youtube.


    SHERRY COSKEY5 days ago

    I feel really disengaged now Sorry


    SHERRY COSKEY5 days ago

    I also need a video of the bloopers and how they did this!!!!!!!!!! ALSO can we go back to regular videos

  45. CoolKid Grace

    CoolKid Grace5 days ago

    Wow it's all Matt's imagination well what do I do now with the 12 pages of notes I've taken over the years🥺 I still love it! It's so intriguing and makes me just forget about everything❤

  46. Sam S

    Sam S6 days ago

    i was just watching a random video and someone used this emoji in there title 🥴

  47. DollieBird

    DollieBird6 days ago

    I’m kinda happy that it isn’t real. You know why? It’s because now I can guarantee their safety and not keep watching and stressing out because I don’t want them to get hurt.

  48. Fuzzy •

    Fuzzy •6 days ago

    Woods is designer baby, he has no genetic imperfections

  49. Thy Vindicator

    Thy Vindicator6 days ago

    We have been tricked, backstabbed, and possibly bamboozled

  50. FrostPhoenixYT

    FrostPhoenixYT6 days ago

    WAIT A MINUTE i think all the numbers don't mean patients but instead those are phone numbers. If they all have 863 that must mean it's all connected to the SAME LINE. Like so Matt can see :)

  51. zayne deadpool

    zayne deadpool6 days ago

    The pc is on carpet and not spots to be so it does not brake

  52. FrostPhoenixYT

    FrostPhoenixYT6 days ago

    I- I use L- light mode

  53. Just._.Bella21

    Just._.Bella216 days ago

    Matt: this isn’t real Me: Dang I really thought this was real, I really got bamboozled

  54. Appleajaa

    Appleajaa6 days ago

    1:40 sams to predictable her birthday was even predicted

  55. Samuel Bronsink

    Samuel Bronsink7 days ago

    aw dang it i kinda thought this was real :( but good job on the acting

  56. Papaya TV

    Papaya TV5 days ago

    Good job on the acting? They were so corny it was so easy to tell that they were lying well mostly Mathias but woods and Sam were kinda convincing

  57. Samuel Bronsink

    Samuel Bronsink7 days ago

    wait but from the start like when u broke the wall with the keys ever since u have been acting? for a year

  58. Laila Frank-Gore Year 8

    Laila Frank-Gore Year 87 days ago

    yo i was test tube or ivf lol

  59. Laila Frank-Gore Year 8

    Laila Frank-Gore Year 87 days ago

    how did they know you three would be discovering this tho

  60. Happy

    Happy7 days ago

    My whole life I thought this was real

  61. ella emons

    ella emons7 days ago

    Wait so when he went to the sheriffs he just -

  62. bigmo44030o

    bigmo44030o7 days ago

    Topiramate is 863

  63. Noah Chapman

    Noah Chapman7 days ago

    Wait wait wait where did pat go why’d he leave

  64. Stephanie Joey's Girl Jiles

    Stephanie Joey's Girl Jiles8 days ago

    I'm medicating right now when I heard 5159. I looked up and said how did they get the last 4 9f my phone number.? I am so done.

  65. The la Champ

    The la Champ8 days ago

    Sam he doesn’t just look good then he always looks amazing

  66. Jessica Miller

    Jessica Miller8 days ago

    Search Nelson Syphus and go to hos videos and look at the thumbnail from the bottom up. 😳

  67. Ebony Durrant

    Ebony Durrant8 days ago

    Why on the thumbnails your eyes look bright blue but in the videos your eyes look gray

  68. Aidan Lyons

    Aidan Lyons8 days ago

    If you search up nelson syphus it talks about nuclear medicine

  69. Samuel

    Samuel8 days ago

    Have anyone notised that there are the same coluor in syntech logo and The colurs on the three difftrent bases

  70. Marie Pilant

    Marie Pilant8 days ago

    Syntec's showing its true colors with the snake label.

  71. Darryl Jones

    Darryl Jones8 days ago

    Most older newspapers aren't uploaded to the internet..... BUT, if you go to your local courthouse or library most of them have an old roller reel that they should have most if not all local newspapers in. That was how I found records of a death in my family before the internet was off dial up

  72. Timothy Mallon

    Timothy Mallon8 days ago

    Nelson has a USlikes channel and he is talking about you and his video says he took it all what did you take that he needed

  73. Game Son

    Game Son8 days ago

    I really wanted to hear what matt said about sleep.

  74. ana beltran

    ana beltran8 days ago

    bild sam a snack room

  75. MultiMotionz

    MultiMotionz8 days ago

    D is syphus parnter i know this because when you where texting him he told you

  76. Lucky CEO

    Lucky CEO8 days ago

    Me when I watch a trailer 👁👄👁 This is dramatic, I Love it!

  77. Randiel Colon

    Randiel Colon8 days ago

    Is nobody else going to talk about how woods just showed his Hershey bar to us

  78. Goldgod

    Goldgod8 days ago

    Bring time travel to the mix

  79. Goldgod

    Goldgod8 days ago

    I want to see woods be syphus who went back in time and became syphus

  80. Arianna Mae

    Arianna Mae8 days ago

    That civil war meme just feels real now, since the tape video

  81. Goldgod

    Goldgod8 days ago

    863 is the number of pages Matt's book will have

  82. MR. RED

    MR. RED8 days ago

    My theory is that in the end woods is going back in time and will be cyphus

  83. MR. RED

    MR. RED8 days ago

    I kinda feel relieved that it's not real hehe

  84. NexusSin

    NexusSin8 days ago

    Matt does have those cheeks though, his head is just bigger. Huehuehue

  85. F W

    F W8 days ago

    No one: Me: (watching this after I saw the newest one) D doesn't seem to care about the subjects as much as she does her self. so she doesn't sound trust worthy. I don't think anyone who has contacted you is trust worthy

  86. jwilshh

    jwilshh8 days ago


  87. SoccerRoo103

    SoccerRoo1038 days ago

    My theory is that 863 was the person who broken and injected the serum

  88. Twiztid King 420

    Twiztid King 4208 days ago

    This feels like the matrix pick your own destiny the red pill or the blue pill

  89. M&M 100

    M&M 1008 days ago

    You said you recognized the shape So maybe it was snakes But we don’t know cause we didn’t see it Edit: I just looked back at the logo, it’s a 3 leaf clover ☘️ or 3 heart ♥️ what ever it’s is lol

  90. Avery Birtman

    Avery Birtman8 days ago

    I don't have data and my Wi-Fi has been out for 13 days so I have a quite a lot to catch up on.

  91. truetype80

    truetype809 days ago

    FINALLY they admit it's all been bullshit

  92. Joy Mackay

    Joy Mackay9 days ago

    Wait what if the 3 digit codes on the keys are the keys to the rooms of patients 🤔 or keys to the surum to the Patient

  93. Jaq Newell

    Jaq Newell9 days ago

    I found current day syntec it's a gaming channel called syntac

  94. Julian Weaver

    Julian Weaver9 days ago

    In time stamp 14:48 y'are talking about the keys the numbers on them could be to a specific room that was labeled as the patients name too like patient 863 was in room or whatever they were in 863

  95. Rowan Lasher

    Rowan Lasher9 days ago

    how about you ask talk to your parents samantha

  96. ShadowMaze Gaming

    ShadowMaze Gaming9 days ago

    5:08 who knows more about sam matt or syhpus lol

  97. Onikia Herme

    Onikia Herme9 days ago

    The logo that was on the document is the same logo on the cup, because like everyone said it looked like a red heart it’s actually just their logo

  98. George Martinez

    George Martinez9 days ago

    21:52 Sing it, sister, when Matthias and Sam ran 4 mph.❤️

  99. Mythic SHADOW

    Mythic SHADOW9 days ago

    28:25 OHHHHHH It's a green screen!? I thought it was a built set!

  100. Osiris

    Osiris9 days ago

    I got a unknown call while watching this and it scared me

  101. jordi Greenan

    jordi Greenan9 days ago

    and also what was the warning at the beggining

  102. jordi Greenan

    jordi Greenan9 days ago

    this is just one key

  103. Stephanie Pierce

    Stephanie Pierce9 days ago

    Does anyone else notice that the symbol of syntech is 3 infinite signs with with 3 snake heads pointing to each other? Comment or like if you agree or tell if you dont

  104. Single Bullet

    Single Bullet9 days ago

    What if nelson is d.s best friend but then nelson betrayed d