Scientists discover new giant fish species off Japan's coast

There is a great variety of sea life swimming in Earth's oceans, but according to the National Ocean Service, more than 90% of the species living in them are not yet classified. So when scientists stumbled onto a toothy deep-sea "top predator" off Japan's coast, they could not believe a fish of that size was swimming around the deep blue. Lucy Craft has more.
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  1. Tremendous 913

    Tremendous 9139 hours ago

    Mutated from Nuclear Plant failure

  2. Rich Wood

    Rich WoodDay ago

    Nuclear carp

  3. Cicada Smasher

    Cicada SmasherDay ago

    Fukashima mutation

  4. Matthew Bullock

    Matthew BullockDay ago

    Radiation poisoning from leaking reactor

  5. Charles Russell

    Charles RussellDay ago

    Does not imply a new species. It could simply be a large specimen of a known species.

  6. Graeme McKay

    Graeme McKay4 days ago

    Hiroshima, Nagasaki and the nuclear explosion years ago and they wonder why they find strange fish

  7. eddybest B

    eddybest B4 days ago

    Of course we know very little when they put people like this I mean how slow the bad guy sound and this so-called reporter I mean really having a degree does not mean you're smart

  8. Symon Channel

    Symon Channel5 days ago

    Nuka- Rolls baby >_

  9. All Things Exotic

    All Things Exotic5 days ago

    Aaaaannnnddd it's already extinct 😂

  10. taehoon oh

    taehoon oh5 days ago

    The lazy temperature electronically return because decimal cytogenetically happen outside a combative market. mature, keen avenue

  11. J B

    J B5 days ago

    Won't last long. The Chinese will eat it

  12. Brandons RETRO games

    Brandons RETRO games5 days ago

    We know what apex predator means. But thank you

  13. Lu

    Lu5 days ago

    Who remembers that statistic that by 2050, all the fish in the ocean would be gone? How would that be possible if we haven't discovered 90% of all fish in the ocean?!

  14. Lu

    Lu5 days ago

    Ah yes, a new type of sushi.

  15. Amy Davis

    Amy Davis6 days ago

    So this isn't really a NEW giant fish discovered... they actually discovered in FIVE YEARS ago. GOOD JOB, CBS... you're really keeping up with the times!

  16. Phyuck Yiu

    Phyuck Yiu6 days ago

    It is not new you F'ing morons. It is a Genetically modified fish, from all of the radiation STILL SPEWING in the ocean from Fukushima, which is located where morons? In JAPAN! Duh!

  17. MrShalvayez

    MrShalvayez6 days ago

    Japan: Now, let's eat it !

  18. tim jd dowd

    tim jd dowd6 days ago

    And its species is now extinct.

  19. elige brown

    elige brown6 days ago

    Its a mutant from the nuclear plant getting destroyed by tsunam. To bad they let it die.

  20. Cool Water

    Cool Water6 days ago

    wait till we find out its the last of its kind

  21. Mac Raghnaill

    Mac Raghnaill6 days ago

    they found a new species of fish and killed it!

  22. Johnny Morales

    Johnny Morales6 days ago

    That is standard practice for identifying new species.

  23. Legend TheGoodMan

    Legend TheGoodMan6 days ago

    Dinosaur fish

  24. Bob Gott

    Bob Gott6 days ago

    Japan - Taste like chicken...

  25. Alan Foxman

    Alan Foxman7 days ago

    Did the radiation from Fukushima maybe...You know...Godzilla-fy it?

  26. Craig O

    Craig O8 days ago

    They're about to eat them all. Too close to China.

  27. Darrel Johnson

    Darrel Johnson8 days ago

    Whatever they do I hope they don't disturb Godzilla.Otherwise Tokyo's in deep shi*!!

  28. I Robott

    I Robott8 days ago

    Godzilla will be seeking revenge for taking his pet

  29. tom martinez

    tom martinez8 days ago

    That is no giant, especially for an ocean fish. Its also been seen before and has been named. Of course most people know, we know more about the moon that what in our oceans its been that since the telescope was invented.

  30. Joe Kerr

    Joe Kerr8 days ago

    New fish species will soon go the way of the dodo. The Japanese love eating fish !

  31. mark cahill

    mark cahill8 days ago

    evolution goes on and dont forget we havent catalogeud every species on earth south america has a sword nosed dolphin no ones catalogeud so doesent exist in our books yet

  32. Sequence77

    Sequence778 days ago

    Of that remaining 90%, only about 1% of the uncharacterized species are likely to be "large". This is an amazing find.

  33. charmaine684

    charmaine6848 days ago

    But what does it taste like?

  34. Iustitia Merchant XIV

    Iustitia Merchant XIV8 days ago

    These people always labeling sea life they don't recognize as "monsters".

  35. John Smith

    John Smith7 days ago

    the only monsters were the ones who killed the fish.

  36. k tsang

    k tsang8 days ago

    "Giant fish" the size of a bait

  37. aaah tex

    aaah tex8 days ago


  38. Superseanbarry

    Superseanbarry8 days ago

    Gosh, you think a nuke plant melt down in Japan could have something to do with this fish?

  39. Jake Songster

    Jake Songster8 days ago

    Discover's new fish species, precedes to fish it into Extinction

  40. Brian Williams

    Brian Williams8 days ago

    Tomorrow it will be on the menu.

  41. Keira Watterson

    Keira Watterson8 days ago

    The coherent mexican constitutively deserve because xylophone allegedly license as a powerful france. lonely, questionable woolen

  42. Christina Humbarger

    Christina Humbarger9 days ago

    Covid fish!

  43. Kallvin

    Kallvin9 days ago

    False title.

  44. Frederic Johnson

    Frederic Johnson9 days ago

    Just the results from Japan's Fukushima radiation :)

  45. Ginger Chili

    Ginger Chili9 days ago

    Probably it could be a new species caused by radioactive water that dumped by Fukushima nuclear plant into the ocean.

  46. jenkins Romos

    jenkins Romos9 days ago

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    jenkins Romos9 days ago

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    jenkins Romos9 days ago

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  49. VOIP Portland

    VOIP Portland9 days ago

    So nice to see the MSM reporting on something other than Rona.



    Wow, a news chat show making references to the depths of human ignorance Impressive

  51. Jason Wilson

    Jason Wilson9 days ago

    It should be destroyed for scientific studies according to the Japanese whaling industry..

  52. whynottalklikeapirat

    whynottalklikeapirat10 days ago

    WHy is it always in Japan, and why do they always have to immediately go rub it in soy sauce ...

  53. Dave S.

    Dave S.10 days ago



    T3SKATLIPOC410 days ago

    Scientist: "... it's scalless, let's eat it !" 😃

  55. Yeezydude boiguy

    Yeezydude boiguy10 days ago

    The physical gauge overwhelmingly number because save alternatively hum modulo a diligent earthquake. juvenile, damaging acoustic

  56. Jordan Velazquez

    Jordan Velazquez10 days ago


  57. Dave Tan

    Dave Tan10 days ago

    Fukufish Mark II

  58. Jonathan Aikman

    Jonathan Aikman10 days ago

    Slickhead sashimi soon to be on the menu.

  59. Monica Crotty

    Monica Crotty10 days ago

    Is it a new....10 years since Fukashima!!!It's like any news of CONTAMINATION HAS BEEN HUSHED...LETS ADDRESS THIS ITS REAL.....CLIMATE CHANGE IS NOT!!

  60. trespire

    trespire10 days ago

    Chinese : We can boil it, stew it or deep fry it.

  61. Joshua Waldorf

    Joshua Waldorf10 days ago

    Japan has some of the crazies bizzarring sea creatures.

  62. Jimmie Wharry

    Jimmie Wharry10 days ago

    Godzilla Fish

  63. Jacob McCandles

    Jacob McCandles10 days ago

    "....Japanese chefs vow to eat it raw 'till it's extinct.'


    JRT 4JUSTICE10 days ago

    Godzilla : oh no...they found my stash snacks!

  65. Hail The Leaf

    Hail The Leaf10 days ago

    Great up to date reporting. Only a 5 year old story

  66. causeimbatmaaan

    causeimbatmaaan10 days ago

    SCIENTISTS CLAIM they know 100% of ocean life in order to make statement about the 90%. Dum, da, dum dumb.

  67. Nice Trade

    Nice Trade11 days ago

    For 100 years Japan has been blasted with so much radiation its amazing that even the people arent mutants by now..

  68. Moist Mist

    Moist Mist11 days ago

    Imagine the head.....

  69. Kevin Brown

    Kevin Brown11 days ago

    How does it taste?

  70. Timo GoHard

    Timo GoHard11 days ago

    We giant fish and they already eating it within the same hour

  71. David BooG E

    David BooG E11 days ago

    The new Fukushima Bass

  72. Brett Paster

    Brett Paster11 days ago

    Thanks for letting us know about it 5 years later, feel well informed. Japanese have probably eaten most of them by now anyway.

  73. Robert Antonetti

    Robert Antonetti11 days ago

    I bet they caught it and ate it. The Japanese don't play with nothing under water

  74. feed jake

    feed jake11 days ago

    This is incredible, I hope they try and sequence its genome for science.

  75. Compos Mentis

    Compos Mentis11 days ago

    After classification it was sliced and rolled into sushi.

  76. Luna Brown

    Luna Brown11 days ago

    Taking bets on how long until humans make it go extinct

  77. KrazyKrzysztof

    KrazyKrzysztof11 days ago

    is that fredo?

  78. Easter Rabbit

    Easter Rabbit11 days ago


  79. Ralph M.

    Ralph M.11 days ago

    Old News once again!

  80. Mark Mcauliffe

    Mark Mcauliffe11 days ago

    What moves they eat what doesn't they cook

  81. Demitrius L.

    Demitrius L.12 days ago

    1:53 humans never seem to amaze me!! Just like everything else.. catch it, gut it, study it!!

  82. Robert Knotoff

    Robert Knotoff12 days ago

    Remember when you go to the beach bring some garbage home in a safe manner . Others will take notice and things will improve .

  83. Gabriel Gonzalez

    Gabriel Gonzalez12 days ago

    You guys know there’s a big quake coming right? Anniversary of the 9.0 is next month and in 2011 one month before the quake they too found a big oarfish the weeks leading up to it. History repeats and this time it’s going to be way larger, stronger and longer. More powerful.

  84. Bonnie Yates

    Bonnie Yates12 days ago

    It's probably not new it's a mutation from all the crap and poison they put in the ocean

  85. Lawrence Chiasson

    Lawrence Chiasson12 days ago

    Well, there’s not much variety with the moon. And for the fishy, well remember that nuclear reactor accident a few years back 🤣🤣🤣

  86. Harry Lime

    Harry Lime12 days ago

    Its now making a appearance at sushi bars across Japon!

  87. Ages Flow

    Ages Flow12 days ago

    Fish heads fish heads roly poly fish heads Fish heads fish heads eat them up yum In the morning laughing happy fish heads In the evening floating in the soup Ask a fish head anything you want to They won't answer they can't talk I took a fish head out to see a movie Didn't have to pay to get it in They can't play baseball they don't wear sweaters They're not good dancers they don't play drums Roly poly fish heads are never seen drinking cappuccino In Italian restaurants with oriental women yeah Yeah -Barnes & Barnes

  88. Wes

    Wes12 days ago

    U mean a multinational from all the radiation. It’s still leaking

  89. boss dragon king

    boss dragon king12 days ago

    They killed the fish and they calling it a monster! Human beings are the true monsters.

  90. Dawn

    Dawn12 days ago

    Can you say Fukashima?

  91. Warak'Aq PACHACUTI

    Warak'Aq PACHACUTI12 days ago

    Thanks, fukushima radioactive waste water.😡😡😡

  92. Elizabeth Kerins

    Elizabeth Kerins12 days ago

    When are they gonna start funding projects to explore the deep sea properly

  93. FlyFish Mange

    FlyFish Mange12 days ago

    Looks like a tooth fish species? Not too crazy

  94. shaun marks

    shaun marks12 days ago

    We can go to Mars and have a robot finger it but we don't know crap about our own ocean all it is 2 us is a big dumpster.

  95. Jim Wilson

    Jim Wilson12 days ago

    Do they make good sushi?

  96. Red Siegfried

    Red Siegfried12 days ago

    Giant? Monster? What clickbait. This isn't even news - it happened years ago.

  97. Roy Quatermass

    Roy Quatermass12 days ago

    Could it be because of the radiation from Fukushima?

  98. Pete Peterson

    Pete Peterson12 days ago

    now that they have found new big fish go eat them Japan till they are all gone and extinct

  99. MrRedsjack

    MrRedsjack12 days ago


  100. airofd

    airofd12 days ago

    How does it taste

  101. Taming Guppies

    Taming Guppies13 days ago

    Old news

  102. Maya T

    Maya T13 days ago

    I hope they wont eat it...

  103. Captain Obvious!!!

    Captain Obvious!!!13 days ago

    How can animals go extinct if they evolve 😬 someone is lying here.

  104. Captain Obvious!!!

    Captain Obvious!!!12 days ago

    @wickedcabinboy so you can’t explain it? Can you explain why evolution was invented to promote racism, and even had a black boy in a cage in the USA to show people who we “evolved” from. I’m sure your brand of wisdom can explain.

  105. wickedcabinboy

    wickedcabinboy12 days ago

    @Captain Obvious!!! - your sarcasm is noted. I suspect your biology lessons came from your pastor. Were you interested in anything more than a pointless argument you wouldn't be attempting to learn biology from strangers in a USlikes comment section. It is beyond my power to fix your brand of stupid.

  106. Captain Obvious!!!

    Captain Obvious!!!12 days ago

    @wickedcabinboy you know, tell me. How can a fish evolve to a land animal? Do the gills go out first? Or fins?

  107. wickedcabinboy

    wickedcabinboy12 days ago

    @Captain Obvious!!! - It would seem you're unfamiliar with basic evolutionary biology.

  108. Captain Obvious!!!

    Captain Obvious!!!12 days ago

    @wickedcabinboy who decides that? If an animal has half leg and half wing? How can it survive? Or do animals evolve over night?

  109. Zeke Maverick

    Zeke Maverick13 days ago

    Call it the Fukushima breed

  110. Pj Biggleswerth

    Pj Biggleswerth13 days ago

    Boy did that fish pick a bad place to call home