Drill Testing and Review (PROFESSIONAL)

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This episode is not sponsored by Ryobi, I just wanted to make the tool snobs mad!!!!!!
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  1. Doug Clapsaddle

    Doug Clapsaddle28 minutes ago

    Milwaukee is also the only one not made of plastic. Use a pair of channels to get the chuck unstuck

  2. NiceRage2009

    NiceRage20095 hours ago

    Matt hoping the guy that works at the Home Depot returns counter doesn’t see this video. “ ummm....they were like this out of the box”. Depot dude...”yeah I saw the video Matt”🤨

  3. Toran Fuglseth

    Toran Fuglseth9 hours ago

    That so wasn't biased at all... HAHAHA

  4. Cryticfoxfan

    Cryticfoxfan11 hours ago

    0:08 when you think everything is a gun

  5. Tasha Murray

    Tasha Murray12 hours ago


  6. Ultimate 17

    Ultimate 1713 hours ago

    11:39 when john wick runs out of ammo get it, cause of that one scene... Right!

  7. S.p Bean

    S.p Bean14 hours ago

    I cant wait see WD "Test" the raptor.

  8. S.p Bean

    S.p Bean14 hours ago

    Throw ryobi in trash first test

  9. Augustas Makauskas

    Augustas Makauskas17 hours ago

    Drill is drill no matter if you pay 10 or 10000 dollars...... But the best is Ryobi

  10. Gaming with Fire

    Gaming with Fire20 hours ago

    Craftsman where its at because if it breaks i can get a new one free sooo.. jus saying

  11. Ben Nielsen

    Ben Nielsen20 hours ago

    Anyone know the name of his lever action shotgun?

  12. Channing Donnell

    Channing Donnell20 hours ago

    Umm toilet paper

  13. Blake Lundy

    Blake Lundy22 hours ago

    Matt: lets shoot some drills with some guns Me and my dad: *goes and buys a random drill* alright lets fix the table *me thinks why would a drill need to be shot to see witch one is better* *also me thinks why would a drill be shot with different guns*

  14. DVG

    DVGDay ago

    6:49 😂🤣

  15. Try not to get angry

    Try not to get angryDay ago

    Milwaukee is the best idc what anyone says

  16. Henry Wiebe

    Henry WiebeDay ago

    Matt should get a custom demolition ranch drill that looks like a pistol

  17. Hayden Phillips

    Hayden PhillipsDay ago

    Do ratchets Snap on Matco Harbor freight ect

  18. stonerboy

    stonerboyDay ago

    I work construction and Ryobi sucks

  19. Michael Ralph

    Michael RalphDay ago

    why did this just get recommended i was subsrcibed an now it says im not what????

  20. sam gannon

    sam gannonDay ago

    Who makes that lever action shotgun ?

  21. Absullot Darkheart

    Absullot Darkheart2 days ago

    Lol the way he kicked the ryobe drill evidence cause it didnt survive the last shot

  22. Absullot Darkheart

    Absullot Darkheart2 days ago

    The ryobe he had last was a new ryobe

  23. Cooper R

    Cooper R2 days ago

    Your totally right about old people using makita cause my grandfather only uses makita

  24. Audra Jensen

    Audra Jensen2 days ago


  25. Haswanth Thetraingod

    Haswanth Thetraingod2 days ago

    Feel both attacked and proud of the makita stereotype, I'm 20

  26. juicyNathan

    juicyNathan2 days ago

    Спасибо за видео, коммент для продвижения канала

  27. ceerw buty

    ceerw butyDay ago

    can i buy that riobi off of you?

  28. MKN81

    MKN812 days ago

    My dad has the same model Makita on this video and my boss has the same model Milwaukee too.

  29. ceerw buty

    ceerw butyDay ago

    Uhhh where's the Craftsman drills??

  30. theRIPwagon

    theRIPwagon2 days ago

    Always makita

  31. theRIPwagon

    theRIPwagon2 days ago

    My mark 4 is like a lazer

  32. W Brown

    W Brown2 days ago

    Matt, always entertaining.


    GAMER NURD2 days ago

    What about Craftsmen

  34. DaOneJoel

    DaOneJoel2 days ago

    I sell these for a living, Ryobi is no joke, and they have have the best warranty hands down, at least here in Sweden. 3 years, no questions asked.

  35. DaOneJoel

    DaOneJoel2 days ago

    I sell these for a living, Ryobi is no joke, and they have have the best warranty hands down, at least here in Sweden. 3 years, no questions asked.

  36. Gabe Hayes

    Gabe Hayes2 days ago

    I have a 1911 just like that and it hurt my soul to watch u throw it

  37. Luke Andrew

    Luke Andrew3 days ago

    Milwaukee is king how dare you orchestrate such travesties

  38. David Zullo

    David Zullo3 days ago

    Raptor is say god no pls no

  39. B Lt

    B Lt3 days ago

    Yep he didnt shoot the Ryobi with 45 acp and pulled a new one out at the end lmao😂😂😂😂😂

  40. KillnDeath43

    KillnDeath433 days ago

    I like black and decker, with dewalt being second

  41. Game Bangers

    Game Bangers3 days ago

    Matt: I did technically hit all three with the 1911 Me: Well yes, but actually no

  42. bouytt guyt

    bouytt guyt3 days ago

    Ryobi is one step of from fisher price

  43. Andy Possum

    Andy Possum3 days ago

    he’s probably more accurate just throwing the guns the he’s is shooting them😂

  44. bouytt guyt

    bouytt guyt3 days ago

    what about bosch and black and decker

  45. Rude Gaming

    Rude Gaming3 days ago

    Uhhh where's the Craftsman drills??

  46. Deathclaw 69

    Deathclaw 693 days ago

    can i buy that riobi off of you?

  47. Sarah Bulson

    Sarah Bulson3 days ago

    milwaukee and makita are the best

  48. Joe Sosnowski

    Joe Sosnowski3 days ago

    I want my money back. This piece of junk cant even withstand a .22, a .25acp, and a 12 gauge in the same day, let alone at the same time.

  49. Random Person

    Random Person3 days ago

    My dad's had the same dewalt for 15 years and it works fine. Why am I fighting over which drill brand is superior... The fact that he switched the ryobi was pretty funny though. Because we all know that's what happened

  50. Levi Lynch

    Levi Lynch3 days ago

    How many wish stink face plates can stop a tank

  51. Milo Corner

    Milo Corner3 days ago

    ryiobi is the new hi point

  52. Neal Carr

    Neal Carr3 days ago

    Where does my Kobalt fit in tho?

  53. Eric Ruhlmann

    Eric Ruhlmann3 days ago

    Let's go, Ryobi!

  54. Tanner Clinton

    Tanner Clinton3 days ago

    Dewalt isnt used by rich people idiot. I know alot about construction and I use milwaukee.

  55. monkchips

    monkchips3 days ago

    Is Wranglerstar going to do a gun test?

  56. Ahmd Ahmd

    Ahmd Ahmd3 days ago

    definitely a very fair test 👀

  57. Ahmd Ahmd

    Ahmd Ahmd3 days ago

    what about bosch and black and decker

  58. big bogus 474

    big bogus 4743 days ago

    Ryobi is one step of from fisher price

  59. the_danish_dude fukudaugter

    the_danish_dude fukudaugter3 days ago

    i love how he pissing off milwaukee fans whilst am sitting here hoping he dosent go for the DeWalt dissing XD

  60. the_danish_dude fukudaugter

    the_danish_dude fukudaugter3 days ago

    @Gundam Barbatos dude i just love it because, my dad is a carpenter so i grew up with DeWalt man nothing else matters i think deep down all tools are the same but tools are special to us men

  61. Gundam Barbatos

    Gundam Barbatos3 days ago

    Same, I’m kinda biased towards Dewalt cause that’s what we use at my workplace. 😅😅

  62. Willie Carroll

    Willie Carroll3 days ago

    Stick to just the gunz

  63. Roman Novikov

    Roman Novikov3 days ago


  64. Евгений Андреевич

    Евгений Андреевич4 days ago

    Привет! Dude!! What's up? Nice to not see Hitachi in this test) I have one and I don't want to shoot them!

  65. Stacy Reid

    Stacy Reid4 days ago

    Funny tool shoot out especially when you swapped out the Ryobi, drill at the end Yes I noticed that it wasn’t shot up at the end.

  66. P Remlap

    P Remlap4 days ago

    "Hey guys that was me the whole time" Hillarious! This has to be getting close to my favourite channel! Always get a smile out of your vids! And the cotentnt is just crazy! So unpredictable! Love it, would say keep it up but you know this already know this 😂

  67. Alan Last

    Alan Last4 days ago

    Which drill had the most recoil? And which drill is best for hunting four by two's ? Also which drill can handle the longest extension and drill though 300 inches of wood without burning out!??

  68. bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyui3 days ago

    Tip to tip. 😂😂

  69. Tomcat 420

    Tomcat 4204 days ago

    Rigid is a very good tool imo

  70. bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyui3 days ago

    everyone knows if he had actually shot the ryobi it would be gone

  71. AUSTIN

    AUSTIN4 days ago

    dude you must be desperate for content if you are copying concepts that have already done by other smaller channels

  72. cOUCHpot8o 721

    cOUCHpot8o 7214 days ago

    This was too funny I loved the dual wield moment

  73. NRZ Beowulf

    NRZ Beowulf4 days ago

    As a dewalt guy, I’m a little pissed with the cheating that took place in the 1911 round. And that he replaced the ryobi in the last round

  74. orchidaceae orchidaceae

    orchidaceae orchidaceae4 days ago

    Ive been using my drill all types of wrong smh😂

  75. The Quad Squad

    The Quad Squad4 days ago

    not to be a hatr but you didnt shoot the ryobi with the 45 acp

  76. Trevor Blais

    Trevor Blais4 days ago

    You idiot Milwaukee is best it’s it not like I’m going to shoot the chuck of the drill

  77. Dakota Lowery

    Dakota Lowery4 days ago

    Wish I had watched this video before I bought my dewalt combo set literally 2 hours ago 😂

  78. Riggs Kephart

    Riggs Kephart15 hours ago

    Well I don't think you will be shooting guns at it lol

  79. Cooper Genz

    Cooper Genz4 days ago

    It's a different ryobi

  80. Jonah Melkowski

    Jonah Melkowski4 days ago

    Whenever one of these videos is terribly boring (like when the kevlar gloves can't even stop a .22) the one high light is the little skit at the beginning of the video. He needs to put together a collection of all his video intros and put it on USlikes for us to enjoy.

  81. A Kid Playing Games

    A Kid Playing Games4 days ago

    2:36 man you got me good didnt even know it was you

  82. Dave Hayward

    Dave Hayward4 days ago

    New challenge. If you sell 50000 you have to pay for me to fly to texas and engrave my name on the gold plated Barrett

  83. Scotty

    Scotty4 days ago

    Ryobi’s stocks after this📈📈📈

  84. Mark Jones

    Mark Jones4 days ago

    OK but what about firing a Nokia at it and see who wins lol 👌

  85. Jackson A

    Jackson A4 days ago

    everyone knows if he had actually shot the ryobi it would be gone

  86. Ryon Martynuik

    Ryon Martynuik5 days ago

    Tip to tip. 😂😂

  87. Cazzy miko 2249

    Cazzy miko 22495 days ago

    You did it wrong you are supposed to change guns not swap magazines my god how long have you been doing this for?

  88. Invicta51

    Invicta515 days ago

    should've added Hitachi. I let the smoke out of mine and it still works

  89. Liam Engström 7C

    Liam Engström 7C5 days ago

    get a new barral for the 22 long rifal or get new rifeling

  90. - Tzadakim -

    - Tzadakim -5 days ago

    Not gonna lie, I thought this whole video was gonna be different tests with the tools and I wasn’t thinking you were going to shoot them 😂 I was confused

  91. Braden Rawls

    Braden Rawls5 days ago

    My dad uses makita never had 1 break and he drills holes in steel beams

  92. Josiahtaking

    Josiahtaking5 days ago

    riobi is goob because its a person from money hiset

  93. Jay_bush10

    Jay_bush105 days ago

    Don’t give him the raptor

  94. BigFoote Outdoors

    BigFoote Outdoors5 days ago

    You should’ve said u just gave the drills warning shots and u didn’t “miss”!!!!😳😳

  95. steve o

    steve o5 days ago

    hahahah he blew off the roybi so bad that he had a brand new one on his hand XD

  96. Bryan Schneider

    Bryan Schneider5 days ago

    I like how that was a different Ryobi at the end

  97. Channel Zero One

    Channel Zero One5 days ago

    Surprised you didn't get a harbor junk Hercules or Bauer. Either way the bottom end of all of em are junk. Like you I got one brand and stuck with it. I just happened to have started with Dewalt. I hate Dewalt because their batteries can't be rebuilt if the charge chip fails. So I have a huge pile of batteries that are nearly new and wont change. How ever I have a plan with all those cells. The 3 year warranty is bull shit.

  98. Kris Schlaht

    Kris Schlaht5 days ago


  99. Ross Cheetham

    Ross Cheetham5 days ago

    The Milwaukee definitely failed early, but it stopped a .45 dead.

  100. Trevaughn Taylor

    Trevaughn Taylor5 days ago

    Me seeing the intro like how the fuck

  101. tripalong

    tripalong5 days ago

    Milwaukee will warranty that for up to 5 years.

  102. RobertF64

    RobertF645 days ago

    3 of the worst things milwaukee, high points and Honda Ridgeline

  103. TheTyreGuy

    TheTyreGuy5 days ago

    Takes a tool to test a tool. ;-)

  104. cmm07r

    cmm07r5 days ago

    Youre missing my kind of power tools. Black & Decker: the Highpoint of power tools.

  105. Brenden Hardaway

    Brenden Hardaway5 days ago

    What about Kobalt

  106. Luke Bamford

    Luke Bamford5 days ago

    Stop dissing Ryobi there great tools and very reliable I have been using for years for heavy home improvement with no issues

  107. Reegan games r

    Reegan games r5 days ago

    Ryobi duz smoke wen you do heve jote

  108. Reegan games r

    Reegan games r5 days ago

    If you shot them in the same place at the different

  109. Reegan games r

    Reegan games r5 days ago

    Boat is good but milwaukee's even better Milwaukee

  110. Reegan games r

    Reegan games r5 days ago

    Because you don't treat them like that the made for f****** metal and all sorts a Walkie is really good that's why everyone buys them for metal tough metal and all that crap but it goes Milwaukee DeWalt and Makita

  111. xxOshadowmanOxx

    xxOshadowmanOxx5 days ago

    What about my boy rigid