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  1. Paradise Yoshi

    Paradise Yoshi13 hours ago

    what happend to the case?

  2. Mags_Dies

    Mags_Dies18 hours ago

    everyone knows that there are mathematical equations for bending tubing right?

  3. Mike

    Mike23 hours ago

    eww Radeon

  4. Raffy

    RaffyDay ago

    So hot

  5. Kids Bahhur

    Kids BahhurDay ago

    cpu isnt plugged in

  6. ojirmr

    ojirmrDay ago

    Have you tried different pcie riser for that 6900xt with working psu?

  7. PilotPuffmen

    PilotPuffmenDay ago

    why is the starting video ad put in at 9 minutes? lol longest intro ever

  8. Chinstrap

    Chinstrap2 days ago

    Imagine been good at building PCs

  9. Joe Kesler

    Joe Kesler2 days ago

    i saw a leak , anyone else catch that

  10. Joseph Stradling

    Joseph Stradling2 days ago

    Excellent build! I'm sure you'll figure out the culprit soon with a little trouble shooting. Super clean!

  11. james alderson

    james alderson2 days ago

    pipes just sat there leaking through video lol

  12. Munchkin Matt

    Munchkin Matt2 days ago

    Riser cable maybe? I don't know. I'm a potato of a PC builder.

  13. Chris Divino

    Chris Divino2 days ago

    mans needs some flex tape at 4:45

  14. Nelson Deese

    Nelson Deese3 days ago

    Power supply blew the fuse on the GPU. I had an Antec PSU do that to me.

  15. Chosen

    Chosen3 days ago

    looks sexy

  16. Djangus Roundstone

    Djangus Roundstone3 days ago

    Your definition of finished is...interesting lol

  17. Ali Khadem

    Ali Khadem3 days ago

    Fair enough

  18. Carson Tuttle

    Carson Tuttle3 days ago

    if you cant get it to work you should just give it to me lol


    MIKEDAPTO4 days ago

    70s porn music 🎶

  20. tiimo

    tiimo4 days ago

    1:44 bah mon reuf c’est quoi cette pub ?

  21. RC from the NYC

    RC from the NYC4 days ago

    Ah, the eternal battle of style over substance. To choose to choose...

  22. Abdullah

    Abdullah4 days ago

    make it swim ~

  23. Graham Galloway

    Graham Galloway4 days ago

    What motherboard is that

  24. Fauzan TC

    Fauzan TC5 days ago

    that is so cool bro 🥺

  25. Fauzan TC

    Fauzan TC5 days ago

    i wish i have high end GPU 🥲

  26. Tao Technique

    Tao Technique5 days ago

    The CPU power is unplugged on the mobo. Im sure it does not have anything to do with the problem. Just an observation. Awesome build, i hope it works out in the end.

  27. RipDaPip

    RipDaPip5 days ago

    simplest solution would be to test the card directly connected to the mobo, instead of thru a riser, then see which part is failing, or if it is just the riser inbetween, saves you from tearing everything apart, just use flexible tubing to test it

  28. Paweł Dyjak

    Paweł Dyjak5 days ago

    Thats why I don't want to watercool my pc

  29. cookiez

    cookiez5 days ago

    stay single my friends until your 100% sure. so you don't look like the boss battle has just defeated you for the 100th time during the divorce. :)

  30. Harshvardhan Kulkarni

    Harshvardhan Kulkarni5 days ago

    Gorgeous.... The build.. not you.. but Yay! ... Kyle's back...

  31. Mat Zuydam

    Mat Zuydam5 days ago

    coming from a Miners experiance. you can blow the gpu if it recieves power from the PCIE slot but not the 8pin slots. so from what you have said. if your system gave everything power including the riser. but the 8pins didnt give power. the gpu is dead.

  32. Clau GM CMG AND PC STUF !!!

    Clau GM CMG AND PC STUF !!!5 days ago

    hrad kore 10 k pc tha shizel ... on tha weezel

  33. Mitchell Goldstein

    Mitchell Goldstein5 days ago

    Did i just see it fuckin leaking?

  34. Aiden Brisbane

    Aiden Brisbane5 days ago

    Use a 3090

  35. Nick Eggleton

    Nick Eggleton5 days ago

    4:44 did anyone else see the leak?

  36. Anthony Ortiz

    Anthony Ortiz6 days ago

    This is the definition build of *just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should do it*

  37. Ahmed Omar

    Ahmed Omar6 days ago

    U didn’t power the cpu 😤😤

  38. Ahmed Omar

    Ahmed Omar6 days ago

    That’s why it didn’t post 🙃

  39. Onyx RS

    Onyx RS6 days ago

    An AMD GPU randomly stopped working? Weird! That never happens! Oh wait...

  40. bens Abraham

    bens Abraham6 days ago

    riser cable !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  41. James Hill

    James Hill6 days ago

    ribbon cable! I had that happen on my Core 3

  42. houston dolezal

    houston dolezal6 days ago

    Love your builds I cant wait to see it post and hung on the wall. Iwant to say thank you for all your videos. you inspired me to build my own pc. I have all the parts bought except the gpu and cpu. The gpu I'm trying to find is a GIGABYTE AORUS GeForce RTX 3070 Master 8G Graphics Card. But as we all know it's a challenge to find. But it's ok I can wait. so thank you for all videos Keep up the work.

  43. Andrew Mitchell

    Andrew Mitchell6 days ago

    Have you tried forcing the PCIe slot to x3? I've seen some AMD cards that are unhappy on riser cables when set to auto PCIe gen.

  44. ŻÜÉ

    ŻÜÉ6 days ago

    Builds really big pc with water cooling: runs 100 frames (im not saying this pc but i see videos where its like a 3060 and its runs 100 frames)

  45. ricoblade1984

    ricoblade19846 days ago

    You need a Gen 4 Riser Cable my dude, had the same problem with my rx 6800. that fixed it:)

  46. toastynotes

    toastynotes6 days ago

    It looks excellent. Wall-mounted PCs are my favorite I think.

  47. Hobbes Caltous

    Hobbes Caltous6 days ago

    wtf are you using thermaltake for? do you WANT it to fail??

  48. Phatt Jay

    Phatt Jay6 days ago

    I saw that leak

  49. Ahnilated Ahnilated

    Ahnilated Ahnilated6 days ago

    Kyle, try the riser cable and plug in the PS to MB header in the top left that you have off in the video. If it isn't the riser cable then test the GPU on another MB outside the system or directly plugged in.

  50. Shado2us

    Shado2us6 days ago

    You do realize that you have OCD for your build, right Bitwit!!!

  51. DaveKerk

    DaveKerk6 days ago

    At the end there, when we finally saw his face. His tone of voice was still the same, but his eyes are hurting. Dude. You're awesome. Don't forget that.

  52. DimmosGeeknd

    DimmosGeeknd6 days ago

    Faulty riser cable and unplugged cpu psu on motherboard

  53. DexterIbanezctmlml

    DexterIbanezctmlml6 days ago

    is the CPU, is dead. i haved the same problem and i've been waiting 2 years with anxiety + depression because of that so finally i can replace it for a R5 2600 and it works. black screen. no signal. was all dead. the CPU replacement fixed all that. my 1600X has physical damage because the shop who build my PC so no warranty and no solution anywhere. i haved to buy it from a secondhand reseller who buy it to other guy who buy it from AliExpress to Chile. no problems from June 22 2020. :D debiste haber probado todas las piezas antes de montarlas, para asegurarse de que estaban funcionando correctamente. :'v

  54. Paul Ripper

    Paul Ripper6 days ago

    dust magnet case

  55. Orange de Orange

    Orange de Orange7 days ago

    He's complaining about his awesome pc and I'm comparing about barely getting 30 fps in Fortnite.

  56. Patrick Maleszewski

    Patrick Maleszewski7 days ago

    Kyle, I had the same issue. My riser cable was 3.0 and the gpu is 4.0 pcie. Use the other gpu, and go I. Bios and change the pcie to gen 3 only and it should post!

  57. DomDaBomb20

    DomDaBomb207 days ago

    My suggestions 1 just use air coolers But for real my other one is if the gpu is oriented this way there should be a pcie riser right? Maybe that’s broken

  58. Chin Foh Hee

    Chin Foh Hee7 days ago

    9:18 "But that's where we get in the bad stuff, so oh where do I begin" Corsair ad start.

  59. Nelson Piedade

    Nelson Piedade7 days ago

    hahahahahaha !R:M:A tath Brick hawfull GPU and get an decent RTX 2060Super from IGame Neptune.that one is already on water and is beautifull to the point tath you forget tah Hawfull amd gpu BRICK tingh!

  60. Adrian R

    Adrian R7 days ago

    That's a beautiful looking build. Pity about the posting issue.

  61. Jonathan Velasco

    Jonathan Velasco7 days ago

    Try using a different cable when I first hook up my 6800xt thought it want powering up but actually it was it is just not detecting my dp cable signal so tried hdmi and it worked. I don't know why.

  62. NYJoe123456

    NYJoe1234567 days ago

    Definitely the riser cable! There is exactly one option on Amazon for a gen 4 riser. Goodluck!

  63. freak777power

    freak777power7 days ago

    This build is stupid.

  64. Soniya Gupta

    Soniya Gupta7 days ago

    Gimme tha

  65. Relevant Bambi

    Relevant Bambi7 days ago

    can i have a pc

  66. master vex pc

    master vex pc7 days ago

    Also if bit of water ended up in PCIe on card side it might block of some recognition pons this thinking card is not installed ans since you didn't replace the raiser you didn't see it....or just raiser is dead and not the gpu

  67. master vex pc

    master vex pc7 days ago

    Does sistem has nvidia driver installed?

  68. Semipro Hey

    Semipro Hey7 days ago

    Typed in "ButtWit" and it still takes me here 😂

  69. Liam Quaile

    Liam Quaile7 days ago

    My personal personal computer.

  70. SamuraiXyuk

    SamuraiXyuk7 days ago

    Next build: underwater pc build

  71. Yug vardhan Rishi

    Yug vardhan Rishi7 days ago

    Nothing is working 😂😂 How it becomes complete build Its just home is made without power water supply 😂😂😂

  72. Ken Huffman

    Ken Huffman7 days ago

    Nice build! I think I would have re-thought the drain position though. Since It's going to be mounted to the wall, I'd figure out a place at the bottom.

  73. Jrod'sTech Irvan

    Jrod'sTech Irvan7 days ago

    No idea who's answered I didn't read comments. And, I didn't catch the whole video. When I installed my new 5800x with a new motherboard. MSI B550. I couldn't get anything to show just kept giving me a pci fault on the mobo. I had to flash the BIOS to a newer version. The board had a BIOS install button on the io. I turned everything off, made a usb BIOS flash thumb drive. With the power off I pushed the button. Waited for it to finish. Restarted everything was fine. The only reason I say this was because I also thought it was the video card because of the led troubleshooting led was pci fault.

  74. Rock&Roll

    Rock&Roll7 days ago

    In Texas they use fan instead of water cooler

  75. goswami

    goswami7 days ago

    Power supply could be a problem like Corsair HX1200 series being recalled recently due to compatibility with the motherboard (recently had mine replaced). It might be obvious and I'm sure you've done it already but when you changed motherboards did update the drivers also, long shot but hey, sometimes it's the simple things.

  76. Jeff Bankston

    Jeff Bankston7 days ago

    Is that gpu seated right? it looks crooked

  77. Bob Marston

    Bob Marston7 days ago

    Kyle, regarding your problem it seems to me you are on the right track. The next step is to remove the GPU. Cut a new piece of pipe to connect the water block directly to the reservoir/pump then take your Test GPU and plug it in to system the vertical GPU mount and test the system in that configuration. If you get video that points to GPU being inoperative. If you don't get video then there is wrong with the system. If the system produces video with the test card I would get final verification by testing the new GPU in a different test fixture.

  78. Edward Rosario

    Edward Rosario7 days ago

    Ohh this apparently has been a pretty big deal issue. PCI risers, for now, are all PCI-E Gen3. That being said something in the chain about having Gen4=>Gen3=>Gen4 created all kinds of problems. Use a Gen 3 AMD card with the riser and set the PCI-E slot to Gen3. After that, dont go back to your 6900 card yet. set up everything in windows including drivers and such and after all that is done and finalized, go back into bios and make sure the PCI-E is still set to Gen3 (for some reason some people have found that after finishing setting everything up it reverted back to Gen3). After all that is done go ahead and use your 6900 card. If it doesnt initially work u might have to unfortunately disconnect the riser and use the card directly on the slot (for this id just use soft tubing and might aswell use the 6900. by using the 6900 you might ultimately rule out the riser if it still doesnt work). I know this would be tedious but dont look at it that way. Its content we will all watch specially because im sure a lot of people could be having this problem and have no idea whats going on.

  79. JavonX2

    JavonX27 days ago

    I wish God would bless me with a gaming pc

  80. Coltin Laplante

    Coltin Laplante7 days ago

    I think its running fine and u wanna get 2 videos out of it 🤣

  81. patrice graham

    patrice graham7 days ago

    that doesn't look very portable.

  82. TLF

    TLF7 days ago

    you should have went for xpg d80 they are watercooled ( in name) but looks cool

  83. Domenic summy

    Domenic summy7 days ago

    Just got done building my first pc and had my friend help me because i have no clue what i was doing and when we got finished i downloaded discord and my voice is just all static i can hear my friend fine but when i went into discord settings to test it and see what i sounded like there is no words just pure static and idk what to do can anyone help me plz

  84. David Rabbit

    David Rabbit7 days ago

    100% PCI Riser issue. Had the same issue with my ITX B550 build using a 5700XT. Had to contact ASROCK support and get a 'custom' BIOS that has the PCI Express 3.0/4.0 switch. Unfortunately that means I'm orphaned on an old AGESA for now, but at least I can use the computer.

  85. JKicks Type1 Video Clips, Vlogs, Streaming soon!

    JKicks Type1 Video Clips, Vlogs, Streaming soon!7 days ago

    Hey kyle! Love the builds and your content as always as much as i wanna keep my personal pc too, i had a big emergency back in the Philippines with my grand parents and need to raise $8000 for the hospital bills, so i was thinking of selling my new custom built pc, and everythingelse! As much as it hurts! I need to help them coz their family! Do you have any suggestions on selling it online? I appreciate the help if ever! I talked to the tech that helped me with everything at micro center, their really awesome! I explained everything to him too coz its my first build ever! But that can wait i guess! Family is more important! Anyways, take care bro! Stay safe and godbless! 🙏🏻

  86. Marwan Ghazal

    Marwan Ghazal7 days ago

    My dream when i grow up is to build pc's. But it's challenging to make a cardboard boat that weights 5kg for my school project :(

  87. Alphahydro

    Alphahydro7 days ago

    Classy build

  88. Massimo T

    Massimo T7 days ago

    pretty sure the dye is cracked on the amd gpu

  89. Hellession

    Hellession7 days ago

    Wow, the PC builders are now even getting *two* sponsors per video... holy shit...

  90. Moys Edits

    Moys Edits7 days ago

    i will gladly take any pcs you have left lying around 😁❗️

  91. Absolute DeSi

    Absolute DeSi7 days ago

    Petetion for lyle to judge our pc builds

  92. PCDYYD

    PCDYYD7 days ago

    Not that many things to do, than go for another PSU, then another GPU.

  93. jakub L

    jakub L7 days ago

    when I put the waterblock on my 6800 it refused to put out video for a few hours gave me a heart attack and then all of a sudden started working for no reason other than I left alone for a few hours

  94. Matt Murphy

    Matt Murphy7 days ago

    Leak @4:45 com'on son

  95. Yeasin Arian

    Yeasin Arian7 days ago

    just happy that you finished the build. i'm watching this on my work laptop where you can barely play minecraft🙂💙

  96. damboy1965

    damboy19657 days ago

    water block on the gpu might be bad or too tight i think its a puzzle (updates too)

  97. John Dell

    John Dell7 days ago

    I like that 3 monitor setup.

  98. Arindam Halder

    Arindam Halder7 days ago

    Wifey Sauce took your mojo with her.

  99. Dennis Sorah

    Dennis Sorah8 days ago

    bad wires?

  100. josef steiner

    josef steiner8 days ago

    Haha my $1,500 system is better than Kyle's because it turns on and actually works LOL

  101. Guilherme Féria

    Guilherme Féria8 days ago

    10:10 am I the only one how notices the unplugged cpu psu