Drunk Valentine's Makeover on Trixie Mattel | Brittany Broski

sorry for how much I scream in this, and a specific apology to Trixie's neighbors...WE'RE ALMOST AT A MILLION, TEAM!!! I COULD CRY AND SOB i love you guys so much!! thank you for watching and supporting me, pls sub if u havent 😎😎😎
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  1. Ethan Robbins

    Ethan RobbinsHour ago

    i love y’all but this is a tide pod look

  2. Sofia Stukalsky

    Sofia Stukalsky11 hours ago

    Brittany HAS to be either a Sagittarius or Gemini moon, she’s the CHAOTIC drunk 💀

  3. Raccoondogzz

    Raccoondogzz11 hours ago

    she gave Trixie the fucking Dreamworks eyebrows💀

  4. Rachael F

    Rachael F22 hours ago

    I'm about to make 100k new emails so Brittany gets to 1M faster 😩

  5. Brittanie Wilson

    Brittanie Wilson22 hours ago

    Take a shot everytime she mentions she’s drunk

  6. thank you have a nice day

    thank you have a nice day23 hours ago

    honestly touched how trixie talks about brittney, funny women and his female fans in this vid. she is a feminist i feel so loved and seen

  7. Emma Dudley

    Emma DudleyDay ago

    Bitch I would travel!

  8. CoffeeFox2K

    CoffeeFox2KDay ago

    I love how drunk Britney did better than sober 😂 or at the very least not this drunk

  9. Trauma Recovery Initiative

    Trauma Recovery InitiativeDay ago

    15:52 OMG I feel loved

  10. Adriana Voss

    Adriana VossDay ago

    I would fly in from Ohio to see that, I need to be there

  11. Adriene Kausner

    Adriene KausnerDay ago

    Trixie has not had enough alcohol.

  12. Samantha Ferguson

    Samantha FergusonDay ago

    i love you both so much i love this duo

  13. Rian Louzeiro

    Rian LouzeiroDay ago

    Trixie literally invited you to be her Michelle Visage.

  14. s ii

    s iiDay ago

    I can't be loud like this when I'm drunk..... People look at me like I need help. I swear I'm happy though 😂😂

  15. Evsdropr 2.0

    Evsdropr 2.02 days ago

    ROFLMFAO! Sarah is passed out on the couch during this video?

  16. abby r

    abby r2 days ago

    "i have a tension in my chest that is kind of medically alarming"

  17. Emily Blott

    Emily Blott2 days ago

    The silky flower contextually irritate because vacation roughly squash via a sick flock. itchy, needless wheel

  18. leighanna M

    leighanna M2 days ago

    Love that she overlined the upper lip but chose not to with the bottom lip 😆

  19. Rhi Ski

    Rhi Ski2 days ago

    14:38 “they will shoot us with a gun like Selena” BRITTANY OMFG

  20. Hazal Beytut

    Hazal Beytut2 days ago

    Can someone please put the time stamp when they sing "California dreaming (All the leaves are brown)"?

  21. Emily H

    Emily H2 days ago

    I love y'alls friendship so much !!! so wholesome and sweet and funny as fuck

  22. Kristen Werner

    Kristen Werner2 days ago

    I’ve simped for Brian forever 🥲💕

  23. Helena

    Helena2 days ago

    It really doesn't look that bad lmao

  24. Stephanie Stebel

    Stephanie Stebel3 days ago

    yes do a juno birch makeup video

  25. Lil Nastyy

    Lil Nastyy3 days ago

    This is like when an older person wants to be cool so they ask the kids if they wanna come back for an after party and instantly regret the neighbours complaints.

  26. Kate

    Kate3 days ago

    I love how patient and exasperated Trixie is in this

  27. Nikki Konstantinov

    Nikki Konstantinov3 days ago

    Brian is sexy. Don’t tell Trixie 🤫

  28. Devorah Morgan

    Devorah Morgan3 days ago

    I would 100% go tell me when and where and I will get a plane ticket somehow

  29. cici versace

    cici versace3 days ago

    trixie u lookin thin!!! skinny legend

  30. Chano

    Chano3 days ago

    if you guys do shows in LA....that would be so awesome

  31. Nora Little

    Nora Little3 days ago

    i love those brows tho... boutta go shave mine off to have those

  32. Eve h

    Eve h3 days ago

    17:08 I feel so seen because that's exactly where my brain went 😭❤️

  33. libby darlow

    libby darlow4 days ago

    My two biological eyes

  34. Chris Pratt

    Chris Pratt4 days ago

    “No, Sarah”

  35. Charlie Murder

    Charlie Murder4 days ago

    these always seem to become my comfort videos, i always come back-

  36. Benji

    Benji4 days ago

    I would def watch your stand up and go to y’all’s night at a club!!!!

  37. Joey Deleon

    Joey Deleon4 days ago

    I was loving you Brittany until you said stand up is a."lost form".

  38. Joseph Seger

    Joseph Seger4 days ago

    “I’m gunna die in Louisiana” Honestly I believe her. 🙈

  39. xMarti Michellex

    xMarti Michellex4 days ago

    the amount of times i’ve watched this video is unhealthy

  40. amanda ballard

    amanda ballard4 days ago

    Drinking white claw and watching this is glorious ❤🥰🤣😍

  41. Erin Bradley

    Erin Bradley4 days ago

    26:04 Derrick Barry??

  42. Bre Love

    Bre Love4 days ago

    I love these two together 💀

  43. Arielle Besler

    Arielle Besler4 days ago

    I seriously love you two so much 🤣❤

  44. Arielle Besler

    Arielle Besler4 days ago


  45. Courtney Reed

    Courtney Reed4 days ago

    This entire video reminds me of the "this is fine" meme. Except Trixie is the dog and Brittany is the house fire.

  46. Olegacy !

    Olegacy !4 days ago

    It’s strange to see trixie get interpreted

  47. ya boi

    ya boi4 days ago

    “I can’t see out of my biological eyes” girl what other eyes do u have I- 😭😭

  48. That thick Bitch

    That thick Bitch4 days ago

    "I have a tension in my chest its medically alarming" everybody: ignores ✌🏻

  49. El Wenderby

    El Wenderby4 days ago

    "you're gonna have 800k in six months" gets it in less than a month

  50. Jessica Schiano

    Jessica Schiano4 days ago

    “If we had a night in L.A. would you come?” Bitch, I’d fly from ATL so QUICK MAMA

  51. Victor Nazario

    Victor Nazario4 days ago

    Yes girl you famous! I would love a picture with you I love your content!

  52. Cullan Padroclum

    Cullan Padroclum4 days ago

    Ok so I'm a Trixie fan and have only been exposed to Brittany through Trixie and she is a disaster. An adorable, funny, witty disaster.

  53. Adam Aldrich

    Adam Aldrich4 days ago

    Trixie's Wendy Williams sounds like Bernie Sanders. lol

  54. drnkxylax

    drnkxylax4 days ago

    i just wanna be friends with them SO bad idk why

  55. Luis Simone

    Luis Simone5 days ago

    nothing compares to Trixie and Brittany they're the best duo

  56. Skylar State

    Skylar State5 days ago

    Rude! I don't live in california anymore. You should come to a dallas club together instead -_-

  57. Stephanie Schrenk

    Stephanie Schrenk5 days ago

    Trixie is giving very house mother/RA trying to keep the drunk underclassmen in line vibes.

  58. GoGirl311

    GoGirl3115 days ago

    This vid is sad

  59. Siren Sings

    Siren Sings5 days ago

    That moment when you wish all of these humans were your best friends 😭 BRITTANY, SARAH, I LOVE YOU PLZ BE MY FRENS

  60. Maze Runner

    Maze Runner5 days ago

    I feel like if i ever met a drag queen she would adopt me without even talking to me

  61. natalie santos

    natalie santos5 days ago


  62. jeezreadabook

    jeezreadabook5 days ago

    Cant wait for her to get her gold play button

  63. KaeK Sibayan

    KaeK Sibayan5 days ago

    the fact that for the first 15-20 minutes BEFORE Trixie started drinking, she was SO done with everything Brittany was doing lmaooooo

  64. DDUUBS

    DDUUBS5 days ago

    Omg I'm sorry I love your collabs but this gave me the worst pick me straight girl energy ahahah and the screaming noooo. Anyway dont stop I love you two together, just please be more natural and less screaming 😅💖 I'm probably gonna get hate if anyone sees this because I check and no one else thought this but hey not tryna be rude, it's just much better when they are chill and vibe without the exaggerated stuff but they're drinking so I get it aha

  65. katiejewel

    katiejewel6 days ago

    Lmfao! “This doesn’t look much different from what I would do” - Trixie fixes everything she does 😂😂😂

  66. oop

    oop6 days ago


  67. andrea

    andrea6 days ago

    shes fucking not having it lmfao

  68. Jessie Sebia

    Jessie Sebia6 days ago

    I just want her to do a series learning how to do drag makeup then on her journey doing different makeups and styles of different sizes and colors- Finally she makes it as one of the top drag makeup artists and Rupaul accepts her request.

  69. Nikko

    Nikko6 days ago

    I honestly hate the burping :( love the rest lol

  70. Charissa West

    Charissa West6 days ago

    Oh guyssss.

  71. Jennah Folse

    Jennah Folse6 days ago

    i love you so please never come to Louisiana anytime soon 😭

  72. Tima Glam

    Tima Glam6 days ago

    Trixie is def my type...actually I love him in two different ways...I wanna be friends with Trixie and I wanna sleep with Brian...I need to go to sleep

  73. Maggie Mae

    Maggie Mae6 days ago

    Real love is when Sarah gets a link even tho she sloshed on the couch the whole time lol

  74. Roger López

    Roger López6 days ago

    okay but I love every time trixie says "my boyfriend"

  75. Karina Lopez

    Karina Lopez6 days ago

    I live in Texas and I would BOOK A FLIGHT for a night out w ya’ll

  76. Lizette Hernandez

    Lizette Hernandez6 days ago

    *“I have a tension in my chest that is medically alarming”*

  77. ines

    ines6 days ago

    EVERY time brittany said: 'i cant see' i just laugh sooo fucking hard, i come back to this video JUST for that

  78. Gordi

    Gordi7 days ago

    0:22 who is Tracy?

  79. Lorenze Sparks

    Lorenze Sparks7 days ago

    REDBULL VODKA??? the FUCK is THAT? sounds like actual poison lmao

  80. Meghan Mckellar

    Meghan Mckellar7 days ago

    I would legit get on a plane to fly from Tennessee to LA to see y’all host a drag show .

  81. kaileyellow

    kaileyellow7 days ago

    14:35 MA’AM???? trix didn’t even hear her but i’m howling

  82. Niki Kosmatos

    Niki Kosmatos7 days ago

    Trixie has so much patience as a makeup artist I couldn't

  83. Robin Libby

    Robin Libby7 days ago

    I am also a member of the glorious five-head club. Bangs are life.

  84. Edie A

    Edie A7 days ago

    Brittany: "I have a tension in my chest that's like.. medically alarming" Me: HAHAHA--huh?

  85. Joshua Kipa

    Joshua Kipa7 days ago

    I feel like I've analyzed trixie's face sm that I could successfully do the make up

  86. bewildered jess

    bewildered jess7 days ago

    I've just realised that trixie low key looks like dewy from malcolm in the middle

  87. Maggie Jackson

    Maggie Jackson7 days ago

    Trixie just completely not reacting to y’all belching in her ear is true character growth and the best proof of real friendship.

  88. jillian ka

    jillian ka7 days ago

    19:06 B: why is outside so loud? T: this is a nice palette right? B: it REALLY is...

  89. yoshimionline

    yoshimionline7 days ago

    sarah at 10:30 lmaoo

  90. Lara Tedeschi

    Lara Tedeschi7 days ago

    Trixie didn’t enjoy this lol

  91. Alexis Hyatt

    Alexis Hyatt7 days ago

    How dare trixie say that her skin isn’t nice, ommgggg I wish I had such beautiful, glowing, and soft looking skin. A queeennnn

  92. Ashley Kizlyk

    Ashley Kizlyk7 days ago

    Trixie looks like me around 4:45 around drunk people but throw in some anxiety

  93. Dylan Zass

    Dylan Zass7 days ago

    midway I'm getting TrixieJo at the seaside. I dig it.

  94. Mia J

    Mia J7 days ago

    These Are the only videos I watch of them just when there together

  95. Kayla Porter

    Kayla Porter7 days ago

    On Tracy’s channel

  96. Kayla Flournoy

    Kayla Flournoy7 days ago

    Anyone else notice Trixie using a KVD mirror instead of a Jeffree Star mirror lol 😯

  97. Megan Manuszak

    Megan Manuszak7 days ago

    "mullet moment" doesn't have a mullet at all lmao

  98. Crying but Your tears are snowflakes

    Crying but Your tears are snowflakes7 days ago

    I've watched this and the date night video 8 times and I have it memorized. They have got to collaborate more. My only happiness comes from these videos so I have to watch them over and over 🤣

  99. kim hill

    kim hill7 days ago

    I have no money, but if I did have money I'd pay for a chance at a raffle to do Trixie's makeup. Just putting that out to the universe.

  100. lilacbombs _

    lilacbombs _7 days ago

    13:08 me at age 11 in the shower getting one drop of shampoo in my eye