Catching *WILD HOGS* with DOGS off a GIANT SWAMP BUGGY (Catch & Cook Bluegabe Style)

What’s up everybody BlueGabe here!
We're in Clewiston Florida on a 3,000 acre ranch in search of GIANT WILD BOAR.
Thanks for following along on my crazy adventures.
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  1. Kelly Young

    Kelly Young17 days ago

    Legendary leap of faith 😂😂 one of your best videos to date!

  2. Danielle VanBeck

    Danielle VanBeckDay ago

    @Delty Cordova hh and jj to you as well.

  3. Delty Cordova

    Delty Cordova5 days ago

    @Danielle VanBeck hhhjj

  4. mark sgarlata

    mark sgarlata5 days ago

    @Vincent Amendola Corbett area

  5. shakeel malik vlogs

    shakeel malik vlogs10 days ago

    Love from Pakistan

  6. Ador Dizon

    Ador Dizon12 days ago

    @Danielle VanBeck &

  7. Michael Roberts

    Michael Roberts19 minutes ago

    When snip shot the hog off the buggy rail ?? Did he lead the shot ? Or did he aim directly at the hog ???

  8. Dũng Nguyễn

    Dũng NguyễnHour ago

    Quay con heo hong quay quay ong do lam gii

  9. Paul Visage

    Paul Visage7 hours ago

    I love the sound of the animal kingdom waking up in the morning

  10. Tiến Sang*Tây Bắc*

    Tiến Sang*Tây Bắc*10 hours ago

    Hello ! I from Vietnames .

  11. Naweh Bediler

    Naweh Bediler14 hours ago

    Mantap master.. Josss

  12. واثق العنجاص

    واثق العنجاص21 hour ago

    اشتراك في القناة

  13. Hunter Soderberg

    Hunter Soderberg23 hours ago

    Do they have a channel as well cause this was awesome to watch

  14. Ryan Richards

    Ryan RichardsDay ago

    That eel/salamander lookin thing is a mudpuppy. I used to have one as a pet I caught doing the same thing.

  15. Ryan Richards

    Ryan RichardsDay ago

    Also that 1st hog he hit high on the rear left leg.

  16. Tony Tony

    Tony TonyDay ago

    Wow fact his show his kinds how not to be afraid of animals and natural

  17. Brandon Atkinson

    Brandon AtkinsonDay ago

    What in the cousin loving hillbilly bullcrap is this?

  18. J A

    J ADay ago

    Those are good looking dogs and I don't care how much you feed them they will run it off.

  19. Jojo Saylor

    Jojo SaylorDay ago

    We need that swamp truck for the snow storm

  20. Jonas Schinkler

    Jonas SchinklerDay ago

    Good job, Snipe, not everyone has that talent. Hone it, it will serve you well.

  21. Vazeer Mohamed

    Vazeer MohamedDay ago

    Very painful to see this cruelty




  23. CSYNG1

    CSYNG12 days ago

    Little man is bare foot..He's already a grown man i would be in the buggy rubbing my feet

  24. Dobleh Bleh

    Dobleh Bleh2 days ago

    Ndongeng teros


    TAHANLAOBOY2 days ago

    The heaven will send the freezing cold to down south again

  26. amritpal singh

    amritpal singh2 days ago

    please speak less and work more

  27. Mara Lunn

    Mara Lunn2 days ago

    He hit him in the ham

  28. Talented Ten

    Talented Ten2 days ago

    This is a cool family...The dad reminds me of "dear meat guy...I wonder are they brothers? As for weather the hog was 🎯. I did see vapor's coming off of his backside...

  29. B G

    B G2 days ago

    That's his brother

  30. Tom Coffey

    Tom Coffey2 days ago

    tip for catching crawfish but the traps in muddy ponds thank me later

  31. Herlyn Moreno

    Herlyn Moreno2 days ago

    I like this watching vedio hi guys I'm watching from abu dhabi take care God bless

  32. Gaki Sabahan

    Gaki Sabahan3 days ago

    Wow nice😀👍

  33. Eleanor Tanutan

    Eleanor Tanutan3 days ago

    What happened to the car you found in the river while catching big lizards? What's the update why that car is down underwater?

  34. Floomhooder TribeZ

    Floomhooder TribeZ3 days ago


  35. sabana omdhel

    sabana omdhel3 days ago

    Banyak omong loe

  36. Demarcus Q

    Demarcus Q3 days ago

    He said “fucked em up!” 🤣🤙🏽

  37. Paul Tanner

    Paul Tanner3 days ago

    Just subscribed and awesome channel

  38. Mikco Your

    Mikco Your3 days ago

    I love how he out thr teaching his boys to be men that's tight

  39. Sir Burn

    Sir Burn3 days ago

    First watch, and I like your channel brother. SUBSCRIBED👌🏿

  40. Sir Burn

    Sir Burn3 days ago

    You cut the balls off of anyone or anything and it will feel it brother, you know that lol. But, they will survive. We just glad we are the superior manuals lol👌🏿😉😎

  41. Kroeurn Mouly

    Kroeurn Mouly3 days ago

    Take care your kids

  42. fourwheeler God

    fourwheeler God3 days ago

    That white dog looks familiar 😂

  43. Allan Lugo

    Allan Lugo3 days ago

    I m happy you teach your son respect calling you sir....tell home I'm proud of M him...teach them gun safety...hunting fishing. Lesson they will always be proud off...God bless

  44. Holly Burkins

    Holly Burkins3 days ago

    Let me come hunt with you I have never killed a hog and only two turkey or even deer I'll pay

  45. Xay'Vion White

    Xay'Vion White3 days ago

    did you know banana's have better nutrients so you can give it to them as a snack and its healthier than dog treats.

  46. John T Leyva

    John T Leyva3 days ago

    Pitbulls are family dogs thy was and should still be breed to be ppl friendly and as far as there size do your research on there size thy range from 45-75lb and 75 is big thy are not fat dogs

  47. Busingye Joseph

    Busingye Joseph3 days ago

    I love that machine it's beautiful

  48. Aiden Given

    Aiden Given3 days ago

    Yeah I think

  49. Tanner COLBERT

    Tanner COLBERT3 days ago

    Looks like he got it in the ham or in the guts maybe

  50. ابو محمد

    ابو محمد3 days ago


  51. Isaiah Wilson

    Isaiah Wilson3 days ago

    there was a stuffed wolf in the back

  52. Sp 11

    Sp 114 days ago

    Magnífico sou do Brasil 🇧🇷❤️


    NICKRS ART4 days ago

    that kids are lucky to have experience......

  54. will1372 will1372

    will1372 will13724 days ago


  55. Kelly Kagawa

    Kelly Kagawa4 days ago


  56. Trace Conn

    Trace Conn4 days ago

    He speaks the truth about the dogs we hunt coyotes

  57. Robin Mclaren

    Robin Mclaren4 days ago

    You need to come to Africa and catch a tiger fish in the Zambezi. .

  58. Jadon Allard

    Jadon Allard4 days ago

    yes ah 100% sure he hit him

  59. Michael Braswell

    Michael Braswell4 days ago

    Those are some fine looking dogs

  60. NyGere Blair

    NyGere Blair4 days ago

    Pretty Natural wit the barefoot I fw it💯🎱❣️✅pure Nature Spirituality

  61. Stefan Waardal

    Stefan Waardal4 days ago

    Like is it leagel like i just feel sad for it but i think its leagel and that its more than enough of them so yeah

  62. Dbtrd Cfghyhbrrrb

    Dbtrd Cfghyhbrrrb4 days ago

    Class - that’s on my bucket list 🐗

  63. martijn_GAMES

    martijn_GAMES4 days ago

    this is sad

  64. Patrick Briggs

    Patrick Briggs4 days ago

    I was hoping the hog would have given them all some woop ass. And I’ve seen deliverance.

  65. Brandy Foos

    Brandy Foos4 days ago

    Oh yeah it hit the HOG

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    Boom Queenby4 days ago

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    Buba Dan official_3575 days ago

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  68. Manoel Aparecido

    Manoel Aparecido5 days ago

    Adultos felizes porque uma criança usou uma arma de fogo contra um animal! Por tudo que se explique esse tipo de exposição é pra idiotas!

  69. Garmii Garmii

    Garmii Garmii5 days ago

    Helped me help my family we are poor and I want to change our life, fund my transport project in my country please😢😥 or give me alms😞

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    Travel Addict5 days ago

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    Bluegabe5 days ago

    If you watched much of Deer Meat , you’d probably better understand

  72. Diego Gutierrez

    Diego Gutierrez5 days ago

    La verdad no me gusta que un niño se ponga contento de salir a matar

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    Iwan Ten Napel5 days ago

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    JJM Jason TV wow Japs ganon kahirap Ang bohay5 days ago

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  75. El Nazgûl

    El Nazgûl5 days ago

    So what's the general consensus I've heard the wild hogs are good eating and I've heard they're only fit for the buzzards

  76. Laura Gowe

    Laura Gowe4 days ago

    Hogs in the wild are usually strong game tasting, however, still quite edible. If you catch them with dogs you can pin them up and faten them up. It takes the game taste out them. #PORKOTHERWHITEMEAT321

  77. Ben Benjie

    Ben Benjie5 days ago

    Hunters and killers

  78. Alvie bikolano ako TV

    Alvie bikolano ako TV5 days ago

    Wow very nice idol watching from the Philippines

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    Martin Punion jnr5 days ago

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  80. Ricky Bachman

    Ricky Bachman5 days ago

    I never once thought those dogs were skinny.

  81. Laura Gowe

    Laura Gowe4 days ago

    Hell no they ain't skinny. They hog hunting units

  82. Jhunieskie Avila

    Jhunieskie Avila5 days ago

    Generous boy 👍 Happy family sir👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

  83. Kristal Berg

    Kristal Berg5 days ago

    There just so skinny because they eat but with all the running they do they burn it off

  84. CarolinaChris 26

    CarolinaChris 265 days ago

    They also hunt hogs in South Carolina with pitbull‘s but they put Kevlar vest on the dogs so the hogs tusk won’t rip into the side of the dogs. Ive seen it. I kind of wonder why these dogs don’t have Kevlar vest on. A guy I bought my brindle pitbull from in South Carolina the father of my dog was a $5000 dog and that’s all they do is hunt hogs in South Carolina but they have a gigantic ranch and you could pay like $1500 to hunt hogs and the guy has plenty of hogs on his ranch.

  85. L.C.

    L.C.5 days ago

    them pigs are domesticated lol

  86. Gabriel Mendoza

    Gabriel Mendoza5 days ago

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    Dujon Simpson5 days ago

    Tuned in from Jamaica love the channel continues to put in the work

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    Brian Bennetzen5 days ago

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  93. Baasil Reynolds

    Baasil Reynolds5 days ago

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  94. Teddy Bear

    Teddy Bear5 days ago

    Boys will be boys! Lol

  95. Sara Clark

    Sara Clark5 days ago

    He did

  96. PokerLady houle

    PokerLady houle5 days ago

    ROTFLMFAO ! ONE DAY THOSE HOGS ....will grab ya and that's All FOLKS

  97. William Wise

    William Wise5 days ago

    All yeah let that dog get it

  98. Wooderd Saunders

    Wooderd Saunders5 days ago

    What breed of dog are they, bestdog for hunting wild hog,? Do they track other game? Do they vactionate these hogs, sre they safe to eat or is there a best time ,season to hunt wild hogs? GREAT SHOT SNIPE!

  99. Blaine Martin

    Blaine Martin5 days ago

    I nick name is snip snip

  100. Blaine Martin

    Blaine Martin5 days ago

    I shot a hog 200 yards I am 11

  101. Old Scout

    Old Scout5 days ago

    How long to you have to sit on a tadpole to hatch it out ? Asking for someone else !

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    Jeremy Chester5 days ago

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    Papo Flores5 days ago

    These are bullies 😪😔🤮


    SNIPER MARANHENSE 4.56 days ago

    Caçada muito top Pense num brasileiro que se podesse já tava morando nos Estados Unidos só falta grana e oportunidade 👏👏🙏

  106. 123412 09809464

    123412 098094646 days ago

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    Ajoy kaman6 days ago

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    Fair wind6 days ago

    'I am already a grown man," came from out of the blue.Haha.... That's from the build up of confidence

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    Iman Karsidi6 days ago


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    Joe Perry6 days ago

    No matter what you don't let a kid go in before the hog is scurried not smart I've seen what a hog did to a grown man not pretty a small child has no chance