Annoying Other School Bus Drivers



  1. Memasys

    Memasys9 hours ago

    Xbox here I come

  2. n o

    n o9 hours ago

    I like Neil :)

  3. dominater327

    dominater32714 hours ago

    I would’ve loved to have him as my bus driver in highschool 😂

  4. Alejandro T

    Alejandro T17 hours ago

    Mr Niel be like: "Im on a smoko, so leave me alone"

  5. youngvaper

    youngvaperDay ago

    She's very moody

  6. Quintin Brunning

    Quintin BrunningDay ago

    Aint she a normal cup of sunshine hahaha

  7. Maggot brain Bop gun

    Maggot brain Bop gunDay ago

    The bus driver, man you are the BBBBBBUUUUUUSSSSSS what are you eating the bus and the kids !

  8. Yuta Wibowo

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  9. Shashank NSN

    Shashank NSN2 days ago

    Nice I am your fan

  10. asher Johnston

    asher Johnston2 days ago

    I want to have breakfast with Mr neil

  11. YoThiccPapiGerardo

    YoThiccPapiGerardo2 days ago

    Goddamn. Neils voice is so solid he should become a voice actor or something

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  16. Ryan Monahan

    Ryan Monahan2 days ago

    Not joking iv watched every single one of your videos. The only thing I don’t qualify for is the commenting one but I’m going to go back so every single one of ur videos and comment this message. I’m also am here for the Xbox series x. If I don’t Winn that sucks good luck to everyone else entering. Epic video to To claw boss him self Not a bot claw boss I had to do this manually

  17. Ray N

    Ray N2 days ago

    Christmas music in the background

  18. FBI

    FBI2 days ago

    Pretty cool how your colleagues are your friends too

  19. evergreen2y

    evergreen2y2 days ago

    Kneel for neil

  20. Jessie Took

    Jessie Took2 days ago

    Xbox please and I'll try to get Insta

  21. jev

    jev2 days ago

    Your cool and all but you should give your channel to mr.Neil

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    The woman's just like okay hi now bye😂

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    Yo what's up bro

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    I wish i could have it i don't have anything to Play ono

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    Lol who that

  28. Head Hunter

    Head Hunter2 days ago

    Good ol niel

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    MEME TIME3 days ago

    Neil: 'I was alright and then I got better'

  31. Drek Eater of worlds

    Drek Eater of worlds3 days ago

    Hi love all your videos it looks like you have fun witch it great I’m so happy for you and want to thank you for entertaining me and all of us cause your grate at it :) your the best

  32. Wout Selleslagh

    Wout Selleslagh3 days ago

    Hi everyone

  33. Retard Mate

    Retard Mate3 days ago

    Mr Neil is the only person who looks good in a Beanie

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    Mr neil is awesome

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    Love Neil

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    Xboxer here. "This guy" seems nice

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    Good Luck

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    Done it.

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    do a donut

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    Come here often 🤨

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    c c3 days ago

    We need more Mr.Neill!!! ~also thanks for posting on USlikes and not just tik tok!

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    @mr watermelon you don't care

  50. yeetme666yeet

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    Whats up

  51. Angela Catron

    Angela Catron3 days ago

    I love you

  52. Wildcat 4444

    Wildcat 44443 days ago

    Lol the last one looked like a robber or something

  53. Tuala Fam

    Tuala Fam4 days ago

    Hahahaha I like MR Neil!

  54. The Diligent Gamer

    The Diligent Gamer4 days ago

    That better be a Newport

  55. Paul Johnson

    Paul Johnson4 days ago

    Can u use anthoer bus if u don’t wanna use yours

  56. Ttl Keat

    Ttl Keat5 days ago

    I like mr Neal. He is funny. Reminds me of my buddy

  57. Baby yoda

    Baby yoda5 days ago

    I thought it was elegle to be a bus driver and smoke or is it allowed because they are not around children

  58. Eric Stewart

    Eric Stewart5 days ago

    What schools does he go to cuz i am at CCJHS

  59. John Lopez

    John Lopez5 days ago

    I’m convinced this is swaggersouls father

  60. Nagesh Sonawane

    Nagesh Sonawane5 days ago

    Chubby butt try losing weight otherwise it will be hard for you

  61. I Roblox lover 77

    I Roblox lover 775 days ago

    The 2 one is ummmmmm idk she 😡

  62. average italian

    average italian6 days ago

    Bus drivers seem to hate themselves. I can’t imagine why.

  63. Ray Smith

    Ray Smith6 days ago

    Can he even fit in the bus

  64. SomeWack AssShit

    SomeWack AssShit6 days ago

    Bro Neil sounds like Bill from Left 4 Dead

  65. Ez Dubz

    Ez Dubz6 days ago

    that’s a retired capt price

  66. Mister moss man

    Mister moss man6 days ago

    Hi Neil!

  67. The Black Hand

    The Black Hand6 days ago

    I'm not gay, but neil

  68. Absolute Abby

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  69. Alex U.

    Alex U.6 days ago

    Neil is a delight.

  70. Jeremy Zigler

    Jeremy Zigler7 days ago

    Mans needs to grow up

  71. TrIpPyTiMeS BTD

    TrIpPyTiMeS BTD7 days ago

    This dude looks like great value Gabriel Iglesias

  72. chaz igo

    chaz igo7 days ago

    I don’t think he knows her name.


    EXTREME-_-SHOTZ7 days ago

    Best part of the video was the ens when he said “O and then we got this guy” And that laugh got me laughing and busted for watching youtube when supposed to be sleeping🤦‍♂️

  74. Mac Collins

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  75. Lahela Silva

    Lahela Silva7 days ago

    Tell her we say hi do

  76. Creamy Green Trees

    Creamy Green Trees7 days ago

    Neils voice is stellar for smoking cigs

  77. Papillon

    Papillon7 days ago

    They look like the type drive buses hahaha.

  78. Mad Man

    Mad Man7 days ago

    Niel reminds me of the bald hitman from breaking bad

  79. Anna Riojas

    Anna Riojas7 days ago

    Thank you very much for doing a job I never could! 😂 id be pulling my hair out and driving over curbs! Lmbo I’m retired from having my own child care, but that was never over 5 or 6 kids at a time and they were mostly my best friends children so they were more like family and I know that I have a bond with them that’s different then strangers children screaming, fighting, being disrespectful and trying to keep bullies in line when some of them are bigger than you! God Bless You All!

  80. Stephen Hunt

    Stephen Hunt7 days ago

    Awesome to have fun at work.

  81. Rxleee :P

    Rxleee :P7 days ago

    Yup I’m just smokin my cigarette! 😂😩

  82. eating cheese

    eating cheese7 days ago

    omg Neal is so wholesome

  83. cod gamer And other games

    cod gamer And other games7 days ago

    I was good and then I got better😅😅😅

  84. Ryan L

    Ryan L7 days ago

    When you realize ClawBoss works at the same bus company that you used for your whole childhood WHAT IF I HAD CLAWBOSS AS A BUS DRIVER AND I DON'T REMEMBER IT

  85. HTX_ Carlos

    HTX_ Carlos7 days ago

    Do a neck reveal

  86. Anime drawings 17

    Anime drawings 177 days ago

    The guy that was last was probably the guy that would take the children to the wrong place or just not take them to school and take them to like an amusement park and just leave them there

  87. Redkitty116

    Redkitty1168 days ago

    Mr Neil looks real cool

  88. Slight Overdoze

    Slight Overdoze8 days ago

    Wat was the bus driver woman's name in south park?

  89. Are You Really Correct?

    Are You Really Correct?8 days ago

    Neil is fresh as it gets. Probably has the best trimmed beard I’ve seen in awhile too

  90. IFHT fan

    IFHT fan8 days ago


  91. Shane H

    Shane H8 days ago

    Mr. Neil has a voice of gold

  92. Emily Deinlein

    Emily Deinlein8 days ago

    I love these guys

  93. Angel Perez

    Angel Perez8 days ago

    Da homie niel

  94. Pedro Cervantes

    Pedro Cervantes8 days ago

    Love how his buddy was there for him. That was comedy

  95. Alan Laclair

    Alan Laclair8 days ago

    Need to lose some weight and fix those teeth you going to scare the kids

  96. Random Stuff Man

    Random Stuff Man8 days ago

    Bill from Left 4 Dead

  97. it's just Princess my guy

    it's just Princess my guy8 days ago

    Neil seems like the coolest busdriver

  98. KreeperKing 484

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  99. Chris

    Chris8 days ago

    The only people that could survive this job

  100. Cliff P73

    Cliff P738 days ago

    Durn Neil! Please consider to try and quit! We need great people like you driving our kids around! Unlike you friend over here.... jk