TMG feat. Quinn XCII - Daddy (Official Video)

Listen to Daddy:
Prod. Diamond Pistols
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  1. Evelina Z

    Evelina Z3 hours ago

    the ending with the grill burning is very reminiscent of my Sims game a few weeks ago

  2. Zane Colin

    Zane Colin3 hours ago

    The song even slaps at .75x speed.

  3. Silas Reimer

    Silas Reimer3 hours ago

    unironically such a good song

  4. Infinite Niko

    Infinite Niko5 hours ago

    i love to play p o k e r 😎

  5. clementine

    clementine5 hours ago

    this video just confirms the fact that i would absolutely continue losing my mind over these two when they’re 50 year old dilfs

  6. Eric Shepperd

    Eric Shepperd6 hours ago

    Incredible!!! Keeps getting better!

  7. valerie boudreau

    valerie boudreau7 hours ago

    What did they use to make those wrinkles?

  8. wnnalis cioov

    wnnalis cioov7 hours ago

    Just became a dad. I needed this song. I feel much better

  9. Lord Tachocolate

    Lord Tachocolate8 hours ago

    So close to 1,000,000 subs!!!!

  10. Pigs And bacon

    Pigs And bacon10 hours ago

    Pls make a song with nakey jakey, I beg, like fr, pls

  11. L W

    L W12 hours ago

    And i looove Quinn

  12. L W

    L W12 hours ago

    Yall sleepin on Noel too 😂😂😂 his rap voice is the shit

  13. wnnalis cioov

    wnnalis cioov7 hours ago


  14. L W

    L W12 hours ago

    Looove lol

  15. Gavin Petrucci

    Gavin Petrucci12 hours ago

    they only forgot one line, "im hungry, im coming for you all. Hey hungry, im paul"

  16. JakeyWakey

    JakeyWakey13 hours ago

    When your own song gets you copyright striked

  17. Vahva Cheddar

    Vahva Cheddar14 hours ago

    Codys adlibs are always the funniest shit

  18. Mike Hunt

    Mike Hunt17 hours ago

    why are most dads better renovators than qualified professionals

  19. Omega Paradox

    Omega Paradox17 hours ago

    Still trying to figure out if they made them look old for the video or if 2020 really was that rough lol

  20. dolita windo

    dolita windo23 hours ago

    Just became a dad. I needed this song. I feel much better

  21. Da Panda

    Da PandaDay ago

    No one talking about the name implying it would be the dad jokes song

  22. Jenna Keegan

    Jenna KeeganDay ago

    The length of Cody's hair really makes this video

  23. firm ape

    firm apeDay ago

    noel: director, aleena: executive mv producer, diamond pistols: producer love to see it

  24. dolita windo

    dolita windo23 hours ago

    done with bigger names than theirs

  25. facade

    facadeDay ago

    *where can i get a jesus noel candle?*


    LIPSKOTVDay ago


  27. soiung toiue

    soiung toiueDay ago


  28. WHEEET

    WHEEETDay ago

    The color grading on this video is *chef kiss* perfect

  29. Olivia C.S.

    Olivia C.S.Day ago

    The way Cody hit his chest while laughing because he started coughing instead made me die 💀👏🏽

  30. Joey Van Logan

    Joey Van LoganDay ago

    imagine kelsey is pregnant and this is how they decided to do a pregnancy reveal lol

  31. Andreas channel

    Andreas channelDay ago

    Cody`s quads are massive, strangleeee uhm, yesssss, no how much u squat tho? Step back

  32. soiung toiue

    soiung toiueDay ago

    This ain’t it chief

  33. Lindsay M

    Lindsay MDay ago

    Wow these "younger self" filters have gotten so advanced! Cody looks like he's actually 30

  34. Joanna Beer

    Joanna BeerDay ago

    I would pay real money for that candle with noel's face photoshopped on Jesus

  35. Michael Lewis

    Michael LewisDay ago

    Damn. Cody didn't skip leg day.

  36. Mason Stevens

    Mason StevensDay ago

    As a friend I will be honest with you, Cody's parts kinda suck.

  37. Mandy Meadows

    Mandy MeadowsDay ago

    Reminds me a lot of Danny Gonzalez's song, Daddy.

  38. Jadon Schwartz

    Jadon SchwartzDay ago

    I'm so glad they were able to make a song with Quinn. He's been my favorite for a few years. Even though he's not he biggest name, I'm glad Cody and Noel are getting songs done with bigger names than theirs

  39. Renegade the Rapper

    Renegade the RapperDay ago

    Cody and Noel could make non parody rap and still kill the game fr

  40. Paige Blanchard

    Paige BlanchardDay ago


  41. Dreams Games

    Dreams GamesDay ago

    Saw the ad now I’m listening to this on replay bro

  42. Lil Rabbit

    Lil RabbitDay ago

    Dr. Phil bumping this rn

  43. dcoog anml

    dcoog anmlDay ago

    spend dollars Whenever I go to Home Depot

  44. say hi to papi

    say hi to papiDay ago

    Only clicked cause the thumbnail made noel look like 50 i needed to calm down

  45. Saiyan XVII

    Saiyan XVIIDay ago

    I became a father on saint Patrick’s day this year. I’m down to try to fix anything my to be fiancé ( proposing on mother day) need but I ain’t painting shiiiiit. My uncle got me into my chosen career. I’ll ask my father for tips on building a deck. Cooking or grilling is all on my soon to be wife though. Gonna play her this song after I get some proposal sex though. Edit: how tf they make Cody and Noel look so old. And power tools are the shit fuck manual work.

  46. SoggyBreadSt1cks

    SoggyBreadSt1cksDay ago

    This ain’t it chief

  47. dcoog anml

    dcoog anmlDay ago


  48. Pandulse123

    Pandulse1232 days ago

    I love that their skin looks sooo dry lmao


    TANTILIST2 days ago

    Bruh wtf is noel expressing: 2:10

  50. JGB 18

    JGB 182 days ago

    This won’t get out of my head

  51. Rae

    Rae2 days ago

    The way i know that entire bucket of props at the end is from exactly 3 aisles in the seasonal/sporting goods section of target.

  52. Megan Wilson

    Megan Wilson2 days ago

    Finally Cody acting his age

  53. Random Videos and Music

    Random Videos and Music2 days ago

    Yes Daddy

  54. pawsandbreathe

    pawsandbreathe2 days ago

    cute song

  55. sage

    sage2 days ago

    i love how Aleena is the executive producer LMAO

  56. Lovie Love

    Lovie Love2 days ago

    Are you gonna drop Mommy two weeks before Fathers Day too

  57. tinetakaya

    tinetakaya2 days ago

    My boys are getting old

  58. AP

    AP2 days ago

    That’s a lot of dad energy

  59. Cynick72

    Cynick722 days ago

    Daddy Noel wow.

  60. ayywolf

    ayywolf2 days ago

    it's so cool that they got Quinn on as a collab

  61. Frank Varella

    Frank Varella2 days ago

    I like how they didn’t have to make kody look older

  62. bouytt guyt

    bouytt guyt2 days ago


  63. Teddy W Gardner

    Teddy W Gardner2 days ago

    wow Grandpa learned how to sing! So amazing

  64. Lee Collins

    Lee Collins2 days ago

    The whole joke abut Cody being old was funny, but now he's embraced it, it's made everything weird. Dad stop please

  65. Janessa Spencer

    Janessa Spencer2 days ago

    What a summer bop

  66. DudeMan 3

    DudeMan 32 days ago

    That subtle makeup work really makes Noel look like a 40 year old man.

  67. bouytt guyt

    bouytt guyt2 days ago

    This song sounds very edm ish

  68. Seppa

    Seppa2 days ago

    1:35 that flow was acctually so clean tf

  69. The Three musketeers

    The Three musketeers2 days ago

    Love the song👍

  70. The Three musketeers

    The Three musketeers2 days ago

    Yo no hate but Cody need a hair cut you got Jesus hair😅

  71. SharKIng

    SharKIng2 days ago

    cody looks so young!

  72. goob

    goob2 days ago

    Honestly? bruh snapped.

  73. Bearcarbs 999

    Bearcarbs 9992 days ago

    It’s kind of funny this is probably the least dirty song and it’s called DADDY but seriously good song

  74. kgamesallday

    kgamesallday2 days ago

    1:47 has some real adam sanlar vibes

  75. Dean America

    Dean America2 days ago


  76. Ava Klepner

    Ava Klepner2 days ago

    tmg is the only acceptable youtube music

  77. C3_KiLE

    C3_KiLE2 days ago

    Cody's adlibs are TMG for me. That ahoy gets me every time

  78. emily evans

    emily evans2 days ago

    Cody looks like the lesbian of all of our dreams.

  79. genericfirstname

    genericfirstname2 days ago


  80. Boomer Brian

    Boomer Brian2 days ago

    So cool to hear “We packing up and pissin’ “ before every tmg music video. PS: I know that’s not what it says. I don’t know what they’re actually saying.

  81. Lena Driedger

    Lena Driedger6 hours ago

    saying “we packing diamond pistols”

  82. Alana Tolliver

    Alana Tolliver2 days ago

    Stop I did not get a BITCOIN ad on this video, lmfao it fits them tho they talk abt it all the time L m A o

  83. rowen shanski

    rowen shanski2 days ago

    This song sounds very edm ish

  84. Angela Selina

    Angela Selina3 days ago

    aah i love that cody has found his style, he sounds so good without autotune

  85. Angela Selina

    Angela Selina2 days ago

    @Dean America ye obv but i think it's much less prominent now

  86. Dean America

    Dean America2 days ago

    They all have autotune on them

  87. FLAshley W

    FLAshley W3 days ago

    They are both HOT DEPO DADDYS!!! Change my mind!

  88. LucyLucyfer

    LucyLucyfer3 days ago

    cody’s hair is getting longer and noels is getting shorter

  89. Nur Hamad

    Nur Hamad3 days ago

    Bro Noel could easily be a full time rapper his voice 🤌🏽

  90. Justin 3

    Justin 33 days ago

    daddy cody

  91. Max Bush

    Max Bush3 days ago



    SUCKEYSUCKEY _3 days ago


  93. Dylan Vaz

    Dylan Vaz3 days ago

    "I play with real guns no controller." Fire

  94. Paraducks

    Paraducks3 days ago

    Why is this actually so good wtf

  95. Claire Bosch

    Claire Bosch3 days ago


  96. Crusing and Brusing Tv

    Crusing and Brusing Tv3 days ago

    Damn i thought that was leon lush That would be a great collab.

  97. Jared Donais

    Jared Donais3 days ago

    Y does Noel look like a dad and Cody look like a club owner in Miami

  98. drew thomas

    drew thomas3 days ago

    Noel go solo

  99. Commander

    Commander3 days ago


  100. Blake Panda

    Blake Panda3 days ago

    Concept Definity was a little too gimmicky for me, Visuals were obviously amazing, the beat could have been something harder but it's different I see the idea. If there were to be a scale I would rate this a 6 out of 10 because we have to admit we've heard better from them, this is actually starting to grow on me

  101. Joey Bebop

    Joey Bebop3 days ago

    TMG getting it in with the most poppin artist out now. 💪That shit is tough.

  102. Harold Yaga

    Harold Yaga3 days ago

    Bro why does every song slap from them

  103. Jordan Richey

    Jordan Richey3 days ago


  104. Molly Harrison

    Molly Harrison3 days ago

    I clicked before reading the title and literally first line thought “..that sounds a lot like two 10s”

  105. livalil

    livalil3 days ago

    i watched this video hoping they would fall in the pool, i am so disappointed

  106. goldenberry

    goldenberry3 days ago


  107. Caustic Liberal

    Caustic Liberal3 days ago

    almost 1M subscribers!

  108. Cierra Downing

    Cierra Downing3 days ago

    Ugh wow them as dilfs is even BETTER