'GMFB': This Is Why Tom Brady Came to Tampa

The "Good Morning Football" crew discusses what the Tampa Bay Buccaneers need to do to upset the Green Bay Packers.
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  1. Big Boss

    Big Boss2 days ago

    Good Morning Football is just a bad show. Baseless opinion like every other TV sports talk show.

  2. Jason Holman

    Jason Holman2 days ago

    God it never gets old watching this stuff in hindsight knowing what eventually happened lol.

  3. Rich Letram

    Rich Letram3 days ago

    Pats fan/Brady fan here. Brady played good in the first half but was horrible in the second half of this game. The Defense won the game and then went on to Dominate K.C. in the SuperBowl. So glad to see Brady and Gronk win another SuperBowl but have to give a lot of credit to the Tampa "D". 😁

  4. Roger Marrow

    Roger Marrow13 days ago

    I wish Demar Dotson wish you were to share this victory thank you for your service God bless you and your family

  5. Stephen Connolly

    Stephen Connolly17 days ago

    I picked the Bucs who’d you pic ?

  6. Oscar Portillo

    Oscar Portillo19 days ago

    He came for the weather lol

  7. Rhyno D

    Rhyno D20 days ago

    I know this is after the fact, but for the Bucks to upset the Packers!? I love how everybody sells Brady short simply because they don't like him.

  8. Tyrone Mogadishu

    Tyrone Mogadishu22 days ago

    unreal..the man is amazing.

  9. Buck Rogers

    Buck Rogers22 days ago

    These people really don't know squat when it comes to analyzing football teams.

  10. old lifter

    old lifter23 days ago

    Because the Tampa players wanted to play the game Tampa coaching wanted to play the game congratulations

  11. MichAlex

    MichAlex24 days ago

    Watched this after the SB and you folks nailed it. Much of what you said needed to happen, happened and Brady is MVP again.

  12. Con Mur

    Con Mur25 days ago

    He mainly came to Tampa because of the weather. He's sick of Boston weather thats why.

  13. John Ogo

    John Ogo26 days ago

    Tom Brady came to the Buccaneers because he’s trying to coach and ultimately own the team, after his post NFL career!

  14. TrewChino

    TrewChino29 days ago

    re-watching this AFTER THE BUCS WIN!! Gal & Guys were spot on!!

  15. Calo Q.

    Calo Q.Month ago

    Look at that O line. It should be called "the pit of doom" all defenders who enter here abandon all hope...

  16. Tommy Welch

    Tommy WelchMonth ago

    pats fan here,, I've watched Tom since his 1st play and I just wanted to let you know that Tom Brady in super bowl mode, he's a friggin monster and with his wide receivers he's got, Your all set, Just make sure the defense plays 2wice as awesome as they have been,, that way Brady won't have to score 60 points like he did like 10 yrs. ago. GO BUC'S !!!

  17. r m smith

    r m smithMonth ago

    Wow! these guys couldn't have been more wrong. "Brady will have to have a fourth quarter moment". Like throw three interceptions? How do guys like these have a job?

  18. memphisruss

    memphisrussMonth ago

    Everything did not go right. Should've mutted them by 20.

  19. sell god Xid

    sell god XidMonth ago

    Every time Aaron wins “let’s go he’s the ducking best” every time Aaron losses “its his team it’s this it’s his coach it’s the refs”

  20. LA Jaime

    LA JaimeMonth ago

    Brady has the same amount of NFC championship wins as Rodgers / Brees and it’s his first year in the NFC at 43.💀

  21. cp6027

    cp602714 days ago

    Brady might finish with more NFC championships than Aaron or Brees.

  22. Olds 68

    Olds 68Month ago

    nice predictions

  23. Yanick Kleyman

    Yanick KleymanMonth ago

    Here’s what I absolutely love... TB12 spent 20 years with the Pats and his career spoke for itself. He comes down to Tampa and instantly everyone starts to doubt his talent and writes him off as too old and a has been. Where’s the peanut gallery now? Year 21... TB12 joins the Buccaneers and OhMyLanta... we are going to the Super Bowl?! Hope they choked on that Glacier Ice Haterade. The GOAT is the GOAT.

  24. eutemio espina

    eutemio espinaMonth ago

    You were so right...the Brady moment...new Bucs fan.. old Brady fan.

  25. Ernie Enesi

    Ernie EnesiMonth ago

    With the game on the line I want AR, but with my life on the line I want TB. ......its the day after...lol

  26. Andy Phan

    Andy PhanMonth ago

    People called themselves a expert nobody give the buccaneers a change to proved this . As I told my friends when the season started . The buccaneers will go to supper bows with the Kansas City Chief . The buccaneers will win . As long as TB12 healthy . He the GOATS , The buccaneers and TB12 will collected 7 rings .

  27. Jordan Wilson

    Jordan WilsonMonth ago

    Does anybody not realize it's the defense who wins championships

  28. codename7000

    codename7000Month ago

    Brady has proven to be a legend by coming off the Patriots and going to buccs and still going to superbowl

  29. Nicki2112.

    Nicki2112.Month ago

    Brady wins again. Eat it.. Haters.

  30. quest 77051

    quest 77051Month ago


  31. jim ewok

    jim ewokMonth ago

    the nfc learns up close what the colts, steelers, broncos etc have been pulling their hair out over for 20 years … _TWENTY YEARS!_

  32. Patrick Fullan

    Patrick FullanMonth ago

    Note to Tom, the Lightning has Lord Stanley's cup. Now you need to add the Lombardy trophy. THAT would be one Serious party in the bay!!!!!!!! Just might give ya a boat parade ;) Just think, Stanley and Vince partying down at Chanel side.

  33. Simon Wang

    Simon WangMonth ago

    The uptight utensil disappointedly sack because shake coincidently reply next a secret centimeter. lying, left stool

  34. phil c

    phil cMonth ago

    Tom Brady chose the Bucs because he knew he wouldn't have to go through Kansas City to get to the Super Bowl.

  35. Inevitable Expertise

    Inevitable ExpertiseMonth ago

    He went to Tampa cause Brees came back to play....If Brees retired after last year, Brady would've been a Saint

  36. Jazari Starlight

    Jazari StarlightMonth ago

    Rogers is burning himself with lit cigarettes right now...

  37. Jay reed

    Jay reedMonth ago

    Is anybody ready to hear Stephen A max and nick goofy self lol and Shannon sharpe hating self lol

  38. William Gleaton

    William GleatonMonth ago

    I don't care what kind of bull they are trying to feed us but hear's the real reason Tom Brady came to Tampa 50 million dollars for 2 seasons and warm weather to retire in.

  39. Paul Nubreu

    Paul NubreuMonth ago

    The Green Bay REFS can be overcome and will need to be.

  40. Blue Line Tactical Solutions

    Blue Line Tactical SolutionsMonth ago

    So im supposed to believe that Tom Brady is going to be intimidated today? Ya ok.

  41. Chairman Meow

    Chairman MeowMonth ago

    I can tell you this - if Bridgewater or Jameis were the QB this season, there is a 0% chance TB would have made it this far.

  42. Jordan Wilson

    Jordan WilsonMonth ago

    Hit the nail on the head.

  43. Diandre Yarborough

    Diandre YarboroughMonth ago

    Overdoing the casual thing

  44. Barnaby Q

    Barnaby QMonth ago

    Um...cuz he was allowed to break all lock down and covid rules, along with bringing his n.e. patriots with him???

  45. nothing new

    nothing newMonth ago

    And here i thought he came for the sun shine.

  46. Bryan Tatem

    Bryan TatemMonth ago

    Umm hmm. I'm selling 38-10!

  47. Space Pioneer

    Space PioneerMonth ago

    How bizarre would it be if the Bills won on Sunday, and had to face Brady in the Super Bowl. It's like a team that has finally had successful with the absence of Brady being in their division, only to be tortured once again by their nemesis. If this does happen....I will finally understand the HATE for Tom Brady, and it'll be completely justified.

  48. matt bell

    matt bellMonth ago

    Dude exactly wat I've been saying they sold Brady on Tampa and got him for this game rn. In the road against Green Bay.

  49. Jerrod Tham

    Jerrod ThamMonth ago

    Brady is the come back kid, that why he is dangerous.

  50. Randy Schwing

    Randy SchwingMonth ago

    GO 12!!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

  51. Dr DisresFakeTaxi

    Dr DisresFakeTaxiMonth ago

    Devin White is like Zion Williamson of NFL

  52. Ronnie Farnsworth

    Ronnie FarnsworthMonth ago

    Always doubting fear from Trey !! Lol Run the Ball Tampa your O-line is huge and better than GD D-line and then Brady can do whatever he wants, you'll control the clock and keep the ball from Rogers !! And have the Defense play good and Tampa wins !!

  53. FBMG_IAm pooda

    FBMG_IAm poodaMonth ago

    Iight Nate burleson you my boy I f*** witcha but dont speak on my jags like dat dats home team talkin bout it ain't like brady went to tha jags Nawl we str8 wit what we got A young Bull we just waiting on its arrival

  54. Sawboss1

    Sawboss1Month ago

    That is the least pro football talk I've ever heard after the lady.

  55. code of silence

    code of silenceMonth ago

    19-3 bucs

  56. Toxix Bob

    Toxix BobMonth ago

    Why do people always forget that it's TOM BRADY the GOAT

  57. Linda Moore

    Linda MooreMonth ago

    Bucs Baby!

  58. NotEminemsBurnerAccount

    NotEminemsBurnerAccountMonth ago

    If only brady had a coach bruce inst no coach

  59. William James

    William JamesMonth ago

    Each team will need to more than just their quarterback to win this game.

  60. Jordan Wilson

    Jordan WilsonMonth ago

    Thank you.. Brady this Brady that. our defense alone will carry us to win the Superbowl in Tampa Boys fixing to be hyped

  61. Luis M

    Luis MMonth ago

    2:50 !!!!

  62. Jackson 5

    Jackson 5Month ago

    Gravedigga Lanes

  63. Frank Fleischhacker

    Frank FleischhackerMonth ago

    the vikings make the packers look bad at home with 15 rookies. and almost lost to the jags. anything is possible

  64. Angel Blaz

    Angel BlazMonth ago

    The tangible mistake geographically repeat because smile comparatively produce lest a wary ice. elfin, defective step

  65. Barry Oliver

    Barry OliverMonth ago

    Brady fan from New England. What a season! Go Brady! Go Gronk! Go Bucs! We can do this.

  66. Just Me2

    Just Me2Month ago

    Bucs Defence will decide if it's close or not..... G.B will shred them up.

  67. Haydon Mulroney

    Haydon MulroneyMonth ago

    So where can I get that shirt

  68. Johnny Garrett

    Johnny GarrettMonth ago

    Always and forever a Brady fan this man is the goat 🐐 check the stats...Bucs 34 14

  69. fat-racc_the_blacc big mac #123

    fat-racc_the_blacc big mac #123Month ago

    I hope the packers lose

  70. Scott Stewart

    Scott StewartMonth ago

    I almost don't want Tommy to go to his 10th, because if he loses, the idiots will say he tarnished his legacy by losing a 4th Super Bowl, and use it as a reason to keep thinking Montana is goat, because he "never lost a SB." Like 4-0 is better than 7-3 or 6-4.

  71. will be real

    will be realMonth ago

    It all comes down who has the most weapons and clearly the TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS do, TOM BRADY 10th superbowl not even close and on his way to capture #7

  72. Scott Stewart

    Scott StewartMonth ago

    that's a fashion don't

  73. D Burns

    D BurnsMonth ago

    Tampa Bay needs to add Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola to the roster next year.

  74. Michael Vuong

    Michael VuongMonth ago

    Remember all the people making fun of Brady anytime he lost a game? Where are they now?

  75. Miles Gentry

    Miles GentryMonth ago


  76. Matthew Garza

    Matthew GarzaMonth ago

    No he came to tampa cause no one else would offer him

  77. Josef Bauman

    Josef BaumanMonth ago

    I am really shocked of how blind you guys are. Buccaneers destroyed the Packers before, they are playing the best football in the league, they have the best player of all time, they have a way better defense and a way better offense. You guys are really blind

  78. Criscos Countrylife

    Criscos CountrylifeMonth ago

    Saints and LSU fan here,hurt to lose last week,pulling for Fournette and Devin White,and one thing I’ve learned never bet against Brady!👍💯

  79. 7XChamps

    7XChampsMonth ago

    Seem to remember Oakland”tuck rule” playing in heavy snow in NE and nearly winning. I don’t see weather as an issue except for Bucs receivers other than Gronk.

  80. Cornel sims

    Cornel simsMonth ago

    I actually like the style they let these guys wear on the show

  81. 7XChamps

    7XChampsMonth ago

    Lifelong Pats fan and TB12 now Bucs fan obviously. Brady will get his scores so it will come down to what Bucs D does to contain Rodgers and the GB offense. If they play like week 6 Bucs are in SB.

  82. Jerry Peach

    Jerry PeachMonth ago

    Tom went to TB because they paid him. He was underpaid for years with Pats. As for the game...Bucks are going to need luck...the Pack are going to have to turn ball over...interceptions and fumbles. How likely is that going to happen? ...Then again That’s why they don’t mail in the scores.

  83. Joshua Dolo

    Joshua DoloMonth ago

    Nate is too old to be wearing that Bandana

  84. Frank N

    Frank NMonth ago

    Tom Brady's work ethic is second to NONE, the experience he brings to this group is well respected by his teammates and it shows on the field of play. Going into the playoffs, they're unstoppable. BUCS 34 GB 17....maybe 20

  85. brian6speed

    brian6speedMonth ago

    The reason Aaron is so good at the flick is because he plays Disc Golf. That is secret son. It is all in the snap, the arm is your whip. On a side note, never bet against or doubt Brady.

  86. Piece Kontrol Kust

    Piece Kontrol KustMonth ago

    Nate Burleson really disrespected the jaguars

  87. Art Pennesi

    Art PennesiMonth ago

    Devin White , Levonte Daivd and Vita Vea ....the big three have a monster game and Suh and Pierre Paul each get 2 sacks and a couple of knock downs. As Brandy Clark said tell the grave digger you better dig two, as they will also crush the superbowl.

  88. Mattmattmattmatt

    MattmattmattmattMonth ago

    Only one person you don't bet against in sports: Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr.

  89. Evil Dax

    Evil DaxMonth ago


  90. Nick

    NickMonth ago

    Why is it the Bucs who have to turn around the odds? Didn't they already beat Green Bay in week 6? I think the Bucs got this. 1-4 for Rodgers in championship games. The Packers are going to choke

  91. JFairhart

    JFairhartMonth ago

    Tom called the Bucs and talked about why the Bucs should want him. They didn’t have to convince him to play there.

  92. L.L. Craft

    L.L. CraftMonth ago

    Tampa's defense is going to be able to limit Rodgers far more than GB's zone defense will limit Brady. Bucs will score in this game, so will GB, but they will get that turnover they need. If there is some snow and weather, Brady will simply stick to the short passing game that he excels that and avoid the deep ball. Rodgers can try and play his usual smug arrogantf, D-bag self, but in the big games he rattles easily, then the pouting and finger pointing starts. Rodgers many times has beaten himself because for all his talent, there is 0 mental toughness in the big moments.

  93. Q Man

    Q ManMonth ago

    The buccaneers have the offense to win... the defense will have to step up

  94. No Comment

    No CommentMonth ago

    Lol I feel like people forget how often Rodgers loses in the playoffs

  95. Print

    PrintMonth ago

    get both these guys off the show, need a change the one is a straight non factual. Zero facts all emotions biased on, nice T shirt clown

  96. EDP 554

    EDP 554Month ago

    Everyone picking Packers but they don’t have that Man TB12. Defense will have a big game and once again people will pay for counting Tom Brady out smhh

  97. Rick Lowery

    Rick LoweryMonth ago

    So glad ab not playing let's go scotty Miller

  98. Bebochek Channel

    Bebochek ChannelMonth ago

    Can someone please remind Tom Brady that he's too old?

  99. Henry

    HenryMonth ago

    I don't even care if Bucs win superbowl anymore. Tom Brady has already proven that he's the GOAT without Bill Belicheck. To me he already won the superbowl at Bucs.

  100. Music Lover

    Music LoverMonth ago

    Go Buccs

  101. christian C David

    christian C DavidMonth ago

    i love this dudes brady and rodgers shirt! I need one!!!

  102. James Sharp

    James SharpMonth ago

    Kyle does this A LOT I feel like. Just call your shot, my guy. 😂

  103. Doug Gasparutti

    Doug GasparuttiMonth ago

    TB busting that foot off

  104. David Kim

    David KimMonth ago

    That shirt is gold