Eugenia Cooney is WRONG for This...

#EugeniaCooney had an interesting stream last night where the stood up for values that don't quite represent those of survivors. Hopefully she can understand the damage this does..
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  1. Esther Savard

    Esther SavardDay ago

    I understand why people cant be mad towards her and don’t stand her youtube channel. I understand i see and I DO TOO. but yall are so mean and cruel towards her and her body’s i hope no ones with ED come in those comment sections cause right now non of these coment are better than her . Im not saying its NOT okay to stand that she have an audience for young children its mad messed up, but yall gone too far, we know better than that, ill ask everyone to be careful with your words. People are so quick to judge, i cant imagine how it must be hard being her and deal w all of that no matter what we see we CANT never really know whats going on in her shoes and here we are doing God’s job. seeing all those coments i would collaps ! I’m not down with what shes doing theres sum messed up shit BUT putting someone down will never be the justice , and to see all that were not better than her ! We can expose her but yall dont have to be fk rude and saying shit like yio shes gonna die yall better be carefull w your words its messeup im mad and im sad,

  2. Gigi88

    Gigi88Day ago

    As a survivor I'm really offended by her reaction. The sad part is I strongly suspect she may have dealt with sexual abuse in her past as well. I'm not basing that on any actual evidence or facts, just something I picked up on from things I've seen her say/do & just a gut feeling really. But either way, she really should be more sensitive to victims, esp since she is so visible to young girls and is influencing them.

  3. Christina

    Christina3 days ago

    Okay off topic but does she still have a Christmas tree up in her room??

  4. Fred Allan

    Fred Allan3 days ago

    She’s projecting her own issue, and not having an opinion on the actual matter. Hard, frustrating and sad to hear :/

  5. I'm Feminem

    I'm Feminem3 days ago

    If she says "like" one more time, I'm like gonna like lose my shit!

  6. luin istari

    luin istari3 days ago

    everyones been wanting eugenia to get better for how many years, youtube needs to DEplatform her regardless. Disgusting and harmful. I understand anorexia is a illness and a disease but at this point this is just the internet gawking at a sick girl pretending to care.

  7. Art Sleep

    Art Sleep4 days ago

    Seeing eungue would- if i were a kid- have made me think I could eat less and survive - have no health repocusion-that I just won't go as far as her, but that's how it starts! I've had a little struggle with bulimia and I now have intergestion, acid reflux, ibs, and the enmal on some of my teath is eroded from the stomach acid. It's not worth it. Also over eating isn't spoken about much, I think it's like a basic instinct to eat all you can cause you don't know where that next meal is coming from, but just in the wild we need to remind our self's that our food isn't going anywhere and to just enjoy looking forward to our next meal! My mum's experiences: I was told my average weight should be between 8 stone and 8 1/2, but at that weight you could see my ribs and my hip bones were sticking out. I am naturally busty and big bottomed. Weight watches would congratulate me for losing more weight! At least culture today is more body positive, as I was bombarded with images of flat tummies and hip bones. I used to take laxatives and would be all morning on the loo in school, later in life I really needed latexies proberly because of that and I've had hernias and gall stones, got my gall bladder removed. Not to meantion problems due to weight gain! My advice is to have a healthy diet, and if your a little more than you want be just as long as your healthy you are beautiful. My tips or oppions: Eating together is great way to help any eating disorder I think (even though it can be difficult to when you have an eating disorder - I get that) eeking out a meal with chatting helps the digestion and to not over whelm your stomach. Sharing food, like pizza or nacos, can be helpful as you don't have a plate of food to yourself and its meant to be a fun activity.

  8. Jessi Fields

    Jessi Fields4 days ago

    Jeffrey Star is also not playing in this home. I'm still sad that I bought and tried his makeup. I threw it all in the trash when he started his little tangent.

  9. Bella Wells

    Bella Wells4 days ago

    Hey comment section, what's going on with david? I havent seen anything about it yet so I'm curious

  10. Mo 2k

    Mo 2k5 days ago

    Every year I hear from her and others that she's recovering, gaining weight and getting healthier. Lmao. It's just not gonna happen

  11. HoneyBunny Bunny

    HoneyBunny Bunny5 days ago

    Love you man thank you for your content

  12. Mortalia Addams

    Mortalia Addams5 days ago

    It's obvious she doesn't know what she's talking about. With all the ums, likes and you knows, she's grasping for what to say. At least get all the information before deciding who's side you're on

  13. RyeRegular

    RyeRegular5 days ago

    she's not a commentary channel so she's bound to say something that doesn't get her message across she's human we all do that

  14. Candace Rose

    Candace Rose5 days ago

    Topic idea💡 Would you cover Demi Lovatos career. Ive been just recently getting into all the controversial stories.

  15. ASOT Forever

    ASOT Forever5 days ago

    Curiosity-2mill subs for anorexic, 1k subs for normal people with cool content

  16. ASOT Forever

    ASOT Forever5 days ago

    Ok I can tell Jefree can be bad in many ways but Drake.. Even if i see proof I wont believe

  17. ASOT Forever

    ASOT Forever5 days ago

    03:58 "You know" until the end of the video

  18. Marta Behr

    Marta Behr5 days ago

    God I thought she waa dead..shes old..go away

  19. nessa ghouliful

    nessa ghouliful5 days ago

    I can't help but laugh at the people asking her "Have you heard of so-&-so and what they did?! Give us your opinions!!" ... Really? You're asking someone who's obviously stuck in their literal bedroom about the events of the outside World? As if she's an authority LMFAO Might as well ask a rock their opinion on bread LMFAO

  20. Selena monrow

    Selena monrow6 days ago

    Why is the word Victims but but blurred out wtf USlikes.

  21. Amy Pember

    Amy Pember6 days ago

    The whole 'give them the benefit of the doubt' sentiment definitely falls short when you consider that she's basically saying she's giving the culprits that benefit, and not the victims. Imagine someone comes up to you and says they've been stabbed, and your instinct was to say "no you weren't!" There's nothing but victim blame in that concept. Really, really gross.

  22. Joy -

    Joy -6 days ago

    I don’t think she can even think to speak

  23. Jax Maberry

    Jax Maberry6 days ago

    This is just a PSA to all victims out there: you are valid, you deserve healing and safety and happiness moving forward. Do not let someone like Eugenia damage that progress. She thinks like a child and her rhetoric has no merit because she is so deeply emotionally stunted.

  24. Autumn Barlow

    Autumn Barlow6 days ago

    I appreciate these insights but clearly Sloan, you're obsessed. You're right. But you should expand beyond eugenia

  25. Mack Gunn

    Mack Gunn6 days ago

    how many times did she say like someone pls count

  26. stormi nite

    stormi nite6 days ago

    Anyone see the cart in front of her day bed? Thats the spot she makes such a big deal about when its the makeup bin and starts the "oh my makeup bin, I forgot to move it!" Crap?? The tray bin doesnt seem to bother her at all. Not even a second glance and its just as big...hmmm

  27. vDown_Fall

    vDown_Fall7 days ago

    what she said was disgusting but damn so are these comments. the community you’ve built with these exploitative videos is awful. your hurtful comments help as much as your concerned comments. this is nothing but spectacle to you and your audience

  28. Mix & Match

    Mix & Match7 days ago

    Im happy to see someone covering this. I got so sock to see that on twitter. She is literally v shaming🤬

  29. Rebecca Bragg

    Rebecca Bragg7 days ago

    I'm getting a little worried. I'm an adult content maker. The website I use is being blown up with her streams. Clothed of course. I remember here from when I was 14 on MySpace etc. Do you think people with a fetish of her ED are encouraging her to stay the way she is. Does she fear she won't be famous from the shock and aw factor? I miss the old her. 😪 I hope the best for her.

  30. SkylarSage16

    SkylarSage167 days ago

    Her skin honestly looks like mine back when I was in a coma... sad😢

  31. Foster Gets Fit

    Foster Gets Fit6 days ago


  32. Sarah Rose

    Sarah Rose7 days ago

    I feel like the right answer would have been "I don't feel I have the authority to comment".

  33. Malcolm Blacc

    Malcolm Blacc7 days ago

    I wish I could move my hands like you when you talk

  34. Heather Owen

    Heather Owen7 days ago

    Can we all count how many times she says "like" in her video.

  35. Catherine Iannucci

    Catherine Iannucci7 days ago

    the way you look like you’re on the verge of tears breaks my heart. I used to be a huge fan of EC, for so many years. im a military sexual assault survivor and im also fully recovered for my ED. i can’t support her in any way anymore. she’s triggering me so badly and i don’t feel the love anymore. ty for your content love. x.

  36. Cheshire Queen

    Cheshire Queen8 days ago

    "De-Platforming her would harm her mental and emotional health" ......r u fucking kidding me? What about the thousands of kids SHE is harming?!?!? Ughhh

  37. Leorio Is Adorable

    Leorio Is Adorable8 days ago

    Is so sad that she’s refusing to make a change with herself.

  38. Caz Smith

    Caz Smith8 days ago

    I wonder if she could say a sentence without the word ‘like’ in 🤔🤔

  39. Ren Ray

    Ren Ray8 days ago

    She's triggered me before with my ed, she did so again with my ptsd lmfao sorry to sound so "omg i'm so quirky look at me get triggered" its more of like, i used to watch her content when i was at my sickest in my ed to further my ed. and with this victim blaming situation, it really makes me feel so invalid for my multiple assaults. because there isn't any proof anymore. thanks Eugenia

  40. Caz Smith

    Caz Smith8 days ago

    There’s so many bleeped out words in this, I don’t know what’s being talked about... can anyone shed light?

  41. Maria Buck

    Maria Buck8 days ago

    I feel like she’s covering up Jeffery because she’s gotten close to Shane, who is close to Jeffery.

  42. 88Jasminee

    88Jasminee8 days ago

    Watching Sloan open his PR packages at the end of his videos is always my favorite part ❤️🥺 you have such an amazing soul Sloan and you make the world a better place for spreading positivity and joy on your channel. The effort you put into your videos doesn’t go unnoticed and I love how you educate us on every single video. You continue to use your voice for good. God bless you always Sloan

  43. Justme Nahsahhae

    Justme Nahsahhae9 days ago

    I have a theory that she’s probably a victim of SA and she’s repeating what people said to her because her strange family hid and suppressed her trauma, which is a separate abuse. She shouldn’t be repeating her abuse on her audience. Another reason she’s dangerous to the mental health of others with such a huge platform.

  44. Vitaluv

    Vitaluv9 days ago

    Some of you have no clue what free speech is and when it applies. Please get an education.

  45. Lovely Angelic slime

    Lovely Angelic slime9 days ago

    I don’t encourage EDs or defend Eugenia but listen here guys, for you who necer had eating disorders i notice really wrong judgement of Eugenia. She’s had this ED for a whole decade, of course it has damaged her cognitive skills, of course she has brain fog and has a hard time finding the words she wants to say BECAUSE of her limited vocabulary and the reason to that, is literally her ED. Its not Eugenia herself, and the fact that you guys think she should be fully functioning really shocks me. And the fact that you think eating is so easy for someone who’s went years with an ED is also really shocking to me. Eating is so hard for her, even taking some bites of an apple could take her 3 whole hours. It’s exhausting for her at this point, and recovery is probably impossible if she has no patience, cause how far she is rn in this ED, would mean recovery would be needed the rest of her life. It’s a very bad circle... i had an ED in lockdown and i only starved for 3 months, i still ate a bit everyday but oh boy was it hard to recover, YES! I can’t imagine what recovery must be like for someone who’s been doing this for years. Have some empathy

  46. Amy Jo Michael

    Amy Jo Michael9 days ago

    I think that most people follow the crowd without even knowing anything on what is going on in fear of looking bad or uncool and that is the saddest thing to me! DO NOT BE A SHEEP and Go along with the majority, do what most others are doing. For example, Make your own decision-don't just follow the crowd. and I gotta say this FORGIVENESS is a beautiful thing and Try to talk to one another and teach them so that change can happen. Help them to learn DO NOT try TO RUIN THEM for things that were not looked at as a bad thing TEACH THEM and understand that the person that might have done that stupid thing back in the day may have grown and changed too and If you want LOve you have to give love as well So Forgiveness and KINDNESS MATTERS and understand by cancelling someone is not helping them to learn but talking to them and understanding that times are different and people do grow up and change too and If you want change it is going to have to start with you

  47. Xanthe

    Xanthe9 days ago

    I really struggle listening to her saying "I'm sorry", "you know", "whatever" and "like" so much - it's 90% of her content. :/ I've also never understood how so many people love watching her, I can't find any substance or authenticity in her content or personality, it's all so repetitive and bland - almost like watching someone dress up a china doll over and over. Totally not aiming to be mean, just my honest opinion of her and her channel.

  48. Larissa Pasieta

    Larissa Pasieta9 days ago

    I love you unwrapping the boxes or whatever. You're so so adorable! Awwwe!!😎😎💋💋💋💌💌💌💞💞💞💯

  49. Larissa Pasieta

    Larissa Pasieta9 days ago

    Like ya know. HAAAAAA how many times does she say this? Lol

  50. Katy Hood

    Katy Hood9 days ago

    Saying “like” every second shows how much she is trying to throw her audience off. It’s a filler word.

  51. mudpuppyforlife56

    mudpuppyforlife569 days ago

    She was finally a healthy weight but now she’s struggling again. I don’t understand??? Once I got out of the deep spiral I liked my body.. maybe she’s doing it for attention?

  52. Mariat 15

    Mariat 159 days ago

    These comments making more and more sense

  53. babe !

    babe !9 days ago

    she looks even skinnier than before :( it’s sad to see but you can only do so much.

  54. Lzzy Anderson

    Lzzy Anderson9 days ago

    My sister is 14. She watches her channel and she started to starve herself so she could be as skinny as the USlikesr she's watching. She's been in and out of the hospital due to it and she's finally on the road to recovery. I personally blocked her on my sister's USlikes.

  55. Tara

    Tara9 days ago

    “Like.. I don’t feel like Jefree is like.. like.. like”. Goodness girl, pick up a vocabulary book. 🙄

  56. Sue Moore

    Sue Moore9 days ago

    Do not give him back the money. Honey, I'm old. She is a little girl who has been abused. You asked why she says I'm sorry so much. It comes from childhood abuse. Be it sexual, emotional, or physically. I'm a retired nurse. She is anorexic because it's all she can control. Over eating is the other end of the spectrum.

  57. Loopy

    Loopy9 days ago

    Okay, so you have to add as well that Eugenia graduated high school and since has sat in her room doing makeup because she's too weak to go out. She lost any friends she had due to her disorder as well. I think because of these factors and the mental torment due to people actually being mean to her and because of her struggles its hard for her to decipher what is real and what is not including paranoia (i'm speaking from personal experience here). She has not experienced the outside world, culture or complex thinking. You see this in her speech she will say, "I don't know, I just really like this and yeah" and that resembles most of her speaking. Its very simple she's not really explaining anything or expanding on previous comments because she's lacking the vocabulary. She probably spends all day in her room she never goes outside or talks about places she goes. It's very sad. So, i'd like to add to that and say that she is not capable of the thinking involved with understanding how something like rape and abuse operate and how they work in society. To her things are as simple as "good" or "bad" or "mean" or "nice"

  58. Annovie noah Clark

    Annovie noah Clark9 days ago

    Okay but did anyone notice her shirt? She’s still playin with us 😑

  59. Caroline Koenig

    Caroline Koenig9 days ago

    Omg she’s sick leave her alone

  60. sofia miranda

    sofia miranda9 days ago

    I don't agree with supporting people even if you don't know they are telling the truth. I've seen people losing everything and when I say EVERYTHING I mean it. I believe that no one is a victim until it can be proved to be one, first, you should protect, if something bad is happening, protect the person who is accusing the other one and investigate impartially. I hate that people don't think that women can lie, they can, and if they want they can ruin anyone's life. I'm a woman myself, and have seen this actitude everywhere. Do you want to have money monthly and still live with your kids while you feed them with garbage and you dye your hair and do your nails every weekend? Yes, you can, if you are a woman you will always be in a power position against men. Don't say otherwise.

  61. Hudson Destroyer

    Hudson Destroyer9 days ago

    I think she just meant I'd rather not comment on it, but she just got lost in what she was saying 🤷

  62. James James

    James James9 days ago

    You need to seek parental guidance before you talk any more nonsense in public.

  63. Isa Miguelina

    Isa Miguelina9 days ago

    As a victim of SA, this really makes me upset. She doesn’t know what she’s saying. My proof was it was put on the perpetrators Snapchat story. Eugenia is disgusting for this.

  64. Amelia Natalie

    Amelia Natalie9 days ago

    Eugenia is that little boy who’s like “did you ever Umm ever did you umm” that viral video that went round ages ago

  65. Jaime B.

    Jaime B.10 days ago

    She needs help.

  66. WakeUpDead1200

    WakeUpDead120010 days ago

    I think it’s disgusting that we have to censor these words. It completely diminishes the things that ‘vics’ go through and feels grossly shaming. How is someone supposed to tell their story if they can’t even use the words that describe it. USlikes should be held accountable.

  67. Louisiana Bred

    Louisiana Bred10 days ago

    I never heard of her. I literally thought the thumbnail was photoshopped 🧟‍♀️ that poor child is sick. OMG!!!

  68. Bread Dog

    Bread Dog10 days ago

    so if i say anything about the guy who literally ruined my life while he's thriving and doing far better than me i'm the piece of sh*t? cool, Eugenia.

  69. Stephanie Leblanc

    Stephanie Leblanc10 days ago

    Take shot every time she says, "ya know"

  70. Cookie Suicide

    Cookie Suicide10 days ago know.... like. "Like" don't say something if you don't know what you're talking about. Omfg. I can't standdddd her. Just say you don't know the situation and move on

  71. Aruki Miko

    Aruki Miko10 days ago

    She sounds like a broken record... like, on the internet, like, you know, like, I don't think like, you know, like, like

  72. Grace Christoph

    Grace Christoph10 days ago

    "I'm not victim blaming" *continues to victim blame*

  73. Grace Christoph

    Grace Christoph10 days ago

    Do you know how hard it is to "prove"a SA?

  74. s.brown

    s.brown10 days ago

    Lol that little girl clearly has issues

  75. Lauren James

    Lauren James10 days ago

    I didn’t know about this Jeffree stuff but her discrediting victims and their stories disgusts me.

  76. Dawn Han

    Dawn Han10 days ago

    If you're triggered by anyone, it's your job to yourself to change the channel. Your all coming after her for the way she looks. During a black lives matter movement where black people are still fighting to not be judged for how they look. It's the same glass of hate Sloan. Horrible lies are said about Eugenia all thru utube. Excuse her for not wanting to destroy someone character without proof..just because it's done to her again and again.

  77. olivia

    olivia10 days ago

    eugenia isnt victim blaming, that would be if she said the victim asked for it/deserved it. what shes doing is actually worse because she isnt even willing to acknowlede that it could have potentially happened, which is why SA victims (myself included) don't ever speak out. i dont think she grasps the severity of the allegations either though, i think in her mind people calling her anorexic and people accusing him of committing acts of SA is the same thing or on the same level. she sees it as "bullying" or "hate" when in reality its someone's genuine experience that they had to go through. im NOT at all defending her, i just find it helps to understand how shes able to say such horrible things. im a LMHC and have struggled with EDs most of my life and i can recognize that this is a classic presentation of cognitive distortions. meaning, she genuinely has absolutely no idea that accusing someone of being anorexic is not the same as accusing someone of SA. thats why she gets so defensive when people are upset (rightfully so) by what she says, it confuses her so first the anxiety spikes, then the voice gets higher, and then she panics and talks in circles. All of that being said, at this point she has been made WELL aware of her problematic comments and i stopped being able to give her the benefit of the doubt years ago because it gets to a point where she cant say "oh i didnt know/understand" because it happens ALLLLLLLL THE TIIIIIME and she does NOTHING to even slightly try to understand why she gets "hate" for what she says when shes constantly saying incredibly detrimental things, and that pattern of behavior with her level of influence has the potential to do some real harm.

  78. olivia

    olivia10 days ago

    thank u for coming to my ted talk

  79. Covids Fake

    Covids Fake10 days ago

    How much does she weigh im afraid for her health n her complexion isnt right

  80. Delave Noir

    Delave Noir10 days ago

    How come you didnt censor everytime you said victim

  81. swedish house mafia

    swedish house mafia10 days ago

    so on youtube, creators are censored from saying words that describe certain problems or negative behaviours. yet the youtube channels of the actual problems and negative behaviours get to say and do whatever they want? the worst people get to use the platform freely? makes fcking sense

  82. princessbubblegum

    princessbubblegum10 days ago

    Honestly, at this point it doesn’t matter if deplatforming Eugenia would be “detrimental” to herself. She’s a grown, 26 y/o woman who DOES NOT CARE who she hurts and we all know that by now. She DOESN’T CARE that there are children who are being preyed upon by others in her community. She DOESN’T CARE if others are triggered or negatively influenced by her presence on social media. And here she is yet again showing who she truly is: someone who tells survivors that their stories need proof to be valid, which is vile and disgusting. At what point will people (esp. USlikes) stop making excuses for her and shut her social media down? If she gets deplatformed and spirals because of it, it’s no one’s fault but her own. I hate saying it that way, but she’s constantly being encouraged to do what’s best for her health by seeking recovery, told that she will have countless people supporting her online (and offline if she were to humble herself and seek it out) even when her family doesn’t, and told that she’s incredibly ill and people are worried about her. She uses all of those things to ACTIVELY VALIDATE her ED instead of fight it, and I’m over it. She needs to take responsibility, even if it means she gets hurt because of her own poor actions.

  83. kelly mcphaul

    kelly mcphaul10 days ago

    I’m just gonna go ahead and say what pops into my head anytime I see her. She looks like a Tim Burton character. But she is sick and needs help. I hope she can bounce back, but I don’t think that’s going to happen.

  84. Kahzella B

    Kahzella B10 days ago

    shes making no sense, i don’t even understand what shes talking about.

  85. Jauna Finley

    Jauna Finley10 days ago

    Sorry... Gonna have to unsub. Not that it matters to you or anyone. But your stance is hypocritic. Own a stance and be with it, or say your stance has changed. You can't play both sides in the way you do.

  86. Jenna Garrison

    Jenna Garrison10 days ago

    idk how she still streams, she obviously can not put thoughts together and form a solid sentence

  87. Laura

    Laura10 days ago

    She's so toxic

  88. AJ

    AJ10 days ago

    You're so adorable Sloan. 🖤🖤

  89. Baby Yoda

    Baby Yoda10 days ago

    Whenever I watch a video that includes her, I can’t take my eyes off her body because it’s super skinny. We all know being that skinny is not healthy at all. Yes there are people who are naturally skinny and they can’t gain weight whatsoever, my brother is one of those people. But with Eugenia years back, she was still skinny but it was the “healthy skinny” but now she’s super skinny that barely anyone can look at anything else but her body. She needs help, who tf knows what’s gonna happen if she doesn’t get the help she needs

  90. KTM x2

    KTM x210 days ago

    Eugenia was waffling through that whole stream. Like I don't think she understood what she was trying to get across to the audience.

  91. Native Nfree

    Native Nfree10 days ago

    ***Also I think the media would listen to someone like you who's respected & has a platform. I know you'd feel bad doing that but you'd be saving young people .

  92. Native Nfree

    Native Nfree10 days ago

    I think if someone would contact media stations (Like Dr Phil)someone would pick up this story. There's a woman literally on the brink of death who is 100% influencing young girls with ED's & feeding sick Pedo's who love girls with ED's because their underdeveloped bodies resemble children( I'm sorry for being so blunt) & YT is doing nothing to stop it. Although I think some station might pick up the story for sensationalism & drama the end result would most likely be a positive one. Without the income she'd be forced to get help if she wanted to return. I don't dislike Eugenia but I do dislike what she's doing. There has to be someone out there willing to try to contact the media??

  93. Sara L

    Sara L10 days ago

    Her face when she gets called out gives me life also 😂

  94. Sara L

    Sara L10 days ago

    I'm sorry but I hate her. Absolutely can't stand her at all. She's fake af and I can see right through it.

  95. isiac hacker

    isiac hacker10 days ago

    At 3:14 he said I'm not that Know that information if you don't know the information while you talking about it you just now making expect relation

  96. Chayle McFaull

    Chayle McFaull10 days ago

    Love you content. Usually have a very non biased opinion. hard to find!!

  97. Emile Gore

    Emile Gore11 days ago

    It can be a cycle with victims becoming predators. It is not inherently a cycle. And yes. We've all done things in the past that we aren't proud of. But r@pe/SA is not included in that. Sorry. But if you are a r@pist you didn't make a silly little mistake. You chose to torture someone and you deserve hell.

  98. Jen

    Jen11 days ago

    I had an eating disorder before I watched Eugenia, I was suffering from Bulimia I didn't have a drive for thinness until I started to watch her videos. They triggered me so much specially because she said she was fine and I thought she was fine if she's saying she's fine then I just believed her and thought maybe she doesn't have an eating disorder because people can be naturally thin and at this point she wasn't that ill looking and her ED wasn't confirmed just speculation. 2 years later I now suffer from sereve anorexia and I say that because my weight dropped to 32kg from 75kg and I'm 25 5ft 5 so I'm not much younger then her and I have to go to a unit to get better. The sad thing Is when people ask me if im okay and how I'm doing I always say "I'm fine" but I've now recognised that she's very dangerous to her audience and she shouldn't be allowed on USlikes while she's continuing to body check and show her body off her eating disorder is thriving off of it and I genuinely believe if USlikes took her off it would and could have a positive impact on her and if they can't or won't they should atleast put restrictions on her channel.

  99. Patricia Smith

    Patricia Smith11 days ago

    How has Trisha Paytas not responded to this?

  100. Flacko Kay

    Flacko Kay11 days ago

    Okay but guys... do, you know?

  101. Stoner Moon

    Stoner Moon11 days ago

    I’m quickly losing sympathy for her. She is a grown women who is in a position to educate herself before speaking on serious topics. This is so ignorant and gross of her.

  102. April Rogers

    April Rogers11 days ago

    Awww I love that you open gifts on camera! That is so cute and thoughtful.