Azula's R

TW: implications of suicide
Vocals by Lollia:
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Arrangement by Sleeping Forest
Original by Kurage-P
English lyrics by Rachie
(turn on closed captions if you'd like to read the lyrics!)
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  1. Emirichu

    EmirichuMonth ago

    YES I KNOW IT'S ANOTHER AVATAR ANIMATIC DON'T FLAME ME PLEASE QwQ;;;; This was one of those video ideas that just wouldn't leave my head. Listening to the song over and over again, I was honestly shocked to find that nobody had drawn Azula to this song because I thought it fit her so well! This was so so so much fun to work on and I genuinely have not had this much fun drawing for a video in a WHILE, so thank you to Lollia and Sleeping Forest for making a cover for me to use so I could finally scratch the idea itch in my brain! (Their links are in the description!) Their cover is available for purchase via these links!: Spotify Apple Music Amazon USlikes Music I'll be posting a room tour in a couple days and after that we'll return to the usual storytime/conversation stuff. Thanks for all the support! ^^ AH, BY THE WAY!! I came out with a bunch of new merch the other day! Take a look!:

  2. Satori Simms

    Satori Simms4 days ago

    lovely, beautiful, amazing, talented did i say beautiful looks like your getting along with avatar nicely

  3. AnAyAh Lizza .-.

    AnAyAh Lizza .-.7 days ago

    Hey I’m waiting for more avatar content-


    TAPASI BASKEY7 days ago

    It's almost sounds the same as the real one XD

  5. ZeBRUH

    ZeBRUH7 days ago

    Also, can I mention how much I appreciate you for putting the cabbage man here?! And then Azula's face when he explains his feelings!! 😂😭

  6. ZeBRUH

    ZeBRUH7 days ago

    This was AMAZING!!!

  7. Yan

    Yan2 hours ago

    I love this! Youre so talented

  8. Galaxy gacha195 123

    Galaxy gacha195 1232 hours ago

    Azula wasn't evil ,she was just broken........

  9. Olcia PSujka

    Olcia PSujka4 hours ago

    You have so Beautiful art style! I love it!

  10. Gloria N.

    Gloria N.7 hours ago


  11. Rekki Noon

    Rekki Noon7 hours ago


  12. Amélia Evans Potter

    Amélia Evans Potter8 hours ago

    Z-Zuzu? Tf this is so frickin' good

  13. Ambar Rossainz

    Ambar Rossainz8 hours ago

    Poor cabbage boy, I really felt it ;-;

  14. DanIsParanoid !

    DanIsParanoid !10 hours ago

    stop it you're gonna make me cry

  15. Q Lukassen

    Q Lukassen11 hours ago

    I love this!!!

  16. Itz Undead_Wolfie Gacha

    Itz Undead_Wolfie Gacha17 hours ago

    Lateeee! I love this! Avatar for the win!

  17. Rai’s channel

    Rai’s channel21 hour ago

    THIS ACTUALLY IS SO GOOD... it made me cry😭😭😭

  18. C Hberger

    C Hberger22 hours ago

    Worst part is azula would be the one either pushing or encouraging then to jump

  19. nost0lgia

    nost0lgia22 hours ago

    TW! Not hating on anybody at all, but I find it sorta odd that when in any animatics and stuff, the lyrics say "and then she disappeared" for all of the people except for the last, they think of it as they decided to not end it and go somewhere else. But if you look at the official video of My R, it's the exact opposite. The lyrics imply that they did end it, plus the lyrics for the last person is "Ah what to do? I can stop this girl, oh this is new" so again, that implies that all the other people did end it.

  20. #BabyYodaforlife Mamma Mia

    #BabyYodaforlife Mamma Mia22 hours ago

    It took my small sized brain two times listening to this song to figure out what happen 0-0 i think i get it now...

  21. Juno Vibbert

    Juno Vibbert22 hours ago

    Deep down Azula cares

  22. Azaleya Reid

    Azaleya ReidDay ago

    lowkey the bass line playing octaves

  23. TazeBrickway 13

    TazeBrickway 13Day ago

    Personally I hate anime but this vid is heckin awesome. Idk why it popped up on my youtube but im glad it did.

  24. Shelyna Wang

    Shelyna WangDay ago

    cabbage man

  25. Poseidon

    PoseidonDay ago

    This is just amazing, the art, the voice, literally everything is just soo good and amazing!

  26. Dude Girl

    Dude GirlDay ago

    I've watched this at least 25 times now. Every time I am close to tearing up and I also have it singing in my head for at least 3 hours after I watch it again. I love the meaning, the tune, the drawings, the words, and the Avatar theme. Truely the best video I have watched.

  27. Christina Singleton

    Christina SingletonDay ago

    Azula: What’s up with you?... Cabbage guy: You probably heard it all before...The Avatar keeps destroying my fucking Cabbages...

  28. Nutsy_ Puff

    Nutsy_ PuffDay ago

    Why do I suddenly feel bad for Azula?

  29. ITZ_ KOOKIEZ_1864

    ITZ_ KOOKIEZ_1864Day ago

    I got an ad and it said go daddy-😭😭

  30. Ella Vaknin

    Ella VakninDay ago

    i feel like this could work with aangs inner stress too

  31. Lunar Sakura

    Lunar SakuraDay ago

    I couldn't watch it because..... I... I.. I. Started crying!!!...... 😭

  32. Ronald Haobam

    Ronald HaobamDay ago

    Azula's life is a true tragedy. She was the one not loved enough by her mother to save her, manipulated by her father whom she worshipped and didn't have the uncle iroh that zuko had.

  33. M A N G O B O B A

    M A N G O B O B ADay ago

    really, youtube? The advertisment loads but the video doesnt T^T

  34. Emanul Choudhury

    Emanul ChoudhuryDay ago

    I hope I'm not the only one who cried

  35. AllGoodNamesRGoneTho

    AllGoodNamesRGoneThoDay ago


  36. Ivan Cano

    Ivan CanoDay ago

    Azula was crazy and toph don’t get me started with toph her parents thought she was useless and she ran away and lied the funniest guy was that guy who always said my cabbages when something happened to his cabbages it was funny to me and zuko was not as bad as azula zuko was a good kid

  37. mὺϝϝίᾑ!

    mὺϝϝίᾑ!Day ago

    I LOVED TOPH'S DESIGN maybe I liked everyone's design, you'll never know because a certain girl jumped off a roof after writing this.

  38. Typical Introvert

    Typical IntrovertDay ago

    I thought this vid was made for Azula’s disturbing breakdown

  39. snake toes

    snake toesDay ago

    This made me cry wow, incredible job

  40. Emily Randen

    Emily RandenDay ago

    I love this so much

  41. Sophie Scribbles

    Sophie Scribbles2 days ago

    I saw this before and after watching avatar and things finally make sense

  42. B u t t e r f l i e s

    B u t t e r f l i e s2 days ago

    This is a masterpiece but I've already subbed so WHAT ELSE CAN I DO TO THANK YOU?!

  43. Velg

    Velg2 days ago

    I love that you became an Avatar fan

  44. CosmiNinja

    CosmiNinja2 days ago

    People on the Balcony + Timestamps 0:05 Ty Lee 1:12 Toph 1:49 Mai, frogot, Jet, i forgot this one too, I think her name was Yue?, Cabbage Merchant (MY CABBAGES) 2:16 Mother 3:12 Azula jumps and Zuko is STAHPIT

  45. Just Vanilla

    Just Vanilla2 days ago

    I think k the second one was Judee from ba sing sa

  46. Dylan Walton

    Dylan Walton2 days ago

    When cabbage guy arrived I felt that.

  47. venchenzio orconloni

    venchenzio orconloni2 days ago

    Trully heartfelt the characters of avatar fit along soo well

  48. Morgana Ramos

    Morgana Ramos2 days ago

    My heart*grabs it and sniffles*

  49. Elian lopez barragan

    Elian lopez barragan2 days ago

    Hermoso video 💖 Que lindo detalle poner al señor de las coles

  50. Sakashi Hatake

    Sakashi Hatake2 days ago


  51. D.A.R.N

    D.A.R.N2 days ago

    This is beautiful honestly. I absolutely love this video and the voice of the singer is also amazing. Also Zuko appearing in the end, showing that he is there for her was beautiful

  52. Jhosseline Calderon

    Jhosseline Calderon2 days ago

    I love it

  53. WinterSeelie

    WinterSeelie2 days ago

    Thank you so much for the tears 😭😭😭😭

  54. Kari Kyatto

    Kari Kyatto2 days ago

    Idk why but i love the guitar in the background

  55. Joel Neely

    Joel Neely2 days ago

    The end gave me goosebumps

  56. KingOfSpadez

    KingOfSpadez2 days ago

    I still can't understand the video Maybe I haven't watch Avatar because i don't have time

  57. coochie horse

    coochie horse2 days ago

    That ending hit me so fcking hard

  58. Blue Deer

    Blue Deer2 days ago

    Боже мой, это так круто. Так красиво сделано! Спасибо за такую крутую анимацию

  59. Gacha Night

    Gacha Night2 days ago

    (Guys don’t do sucide.....) *I’ll do it for you*

  60. Pokemon Junior

    Pokemon Junior2 days ago

    The cabbage man tho

  61. Santana Potifara

    Santana Potifara2 days ago

    why did i think zuko was todoroki

  62. Simmy the Smurf

    Simmy the Smurf2 days ago

    H-how did she manage to make sokka look cute

  63. Xavier Brown

    Xavier Brown2 days ago

    Oh dear I've heard this song before and knew the ending before watched it

  64. catiflix ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    catiflix ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ2 days ago

    q anime perfeito

  65. iiCloudy_Moonii

    iiCloudy_Moonii2 days ago


  66. Julian Matteo A.Ordanza

    Julian Matteo A.Ordanza2 days ago

    Poor cabbage man everybody just had to ruin his stall

  67. Karma Jackson164

    Karma Jackson1642 days ago

    I kin Azula and Zuko. They’re such amazing characters 😩😩

  68. Tenzii

    Tenzii2 days ago

    no matter what Zuko would forgive Azula even though she made him suffer he didnt want to see Azula suffer like he did

  69. Finn Aberjanski

    Finn Aberjanski2 days ago

    Emily made this just so she could do a bunch of drawings of Ty Lee

  70. edward timothy

    edward timothy3 days ago


  71. Mabel Pines

    Mabel Pines3 days ago

    Avatar is the best UWU

  72. アシュリーの恐れ

    アシュリーの恐れ3 days ago

    i really hate how good this is because that makes me wanna upvote this (like) ;v;..

  73. Ana Morgan-Bronec

    Ana Morgan-Bronec3 days ago

    i also love how theres no color except the cabbage man! lol

  74. Ana Morgan-Bronec

    Ana Morgan-Bronec3 days ago

    zuko at the end was going to jump but then saw azula. Zuko really cares about her

  75. Games but mostly Pokémon

    Games but mostly Pokémon3 days ago

    proud of u emily U READ THE COMICS NOREN AND KIYI 2:28

  76. Shinae-yoo -

    Shinae-yoo -3 days ago

    the reason why she didn’t jump after one of them left is because it wasn’t her time just yet, then when she finally lost it zuko was there to help her

  77. Annika

    Annika3 days ago

    when Zuko appeared all I saw was todoroki

  78. Charlotte Shi

    Charlotte Shi3 days ago


  79. EZO1988

    EZO19883 days ago

    AZULA: "My own mother thought I was a monster" Me: BUT YOU WERE B*, YOU TOTALLY WERE!!

  80. EZO1988

    EZO19883 days ago

    I never related to Azula, mostly because since childhood there is deep psychopathy written in her. Unlike Zuko who was kind of normal for a child. Azula was never nice. There is not a single episode where she shows humanity. Not even the beach. So yeah, it's almost impossible to relate to her

  81. Cubik's Playz

    Cubik's Playz3 days ago

    1:55 MY CABBAGES 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  82. Rabbito

    Rabbito3 days ago


  83. Kyōhana

    Kyōhana3 days ago

    omg you are my favorite animator/artist i didn’t expect you to create an atla animatic! atla is my favorite show

  84. Damill Damill

    Damill Damill3 days ago

    Poor Azula, She need some hug

  85. Sarn Just Sarn

    Sarn Just Sarn3 days ago

    1:56 love this scene

  86. Gamer Man

    Gamer Man3 days ago


  87. Ravioli Ravioli

    Ravioli Ravioli3 days ago


  88. Cinnamøn_ Tøast

    Cinnamøn_ Tøast3 days ago

    I almost screamed at the end but I can’t because everyone in my house hold is asleep :P

  89. Vellweb

    Vellweb3 days ago

    At least we can be sure that Emirichu actually watched Avatar finally xD

  90. Joshua Nichols

    Joshua Nichols3 days ago

    Literally anyone: Shares their heartbreaking and depressing stories. Azula: *ARE U KIDDING ME?!*

  91. Fre Leaf

    Fre Leaf3 days ago

    My sister said this was so sad and I agree after watching...:(

  92. Brooklynn Northern

    Brooklynn Northern4 days ago

    omg the avitar

  93. Cipher

    Cipher4 days ago

    Nice upload! Keep them coming!

  94. Toni Kobayashi

    Toni Kobayashi4 days ago

    In The original, she's talking to herself. She talks to herself In a very harsh manner, and I think it suites Azulas “vibe” and “energy”. Despite Azula not being the kindest person out there, she still is capable of caring for others.

  95. Gacha_ForestFox

    Gacha_ForestFox4 days ago


  96. Siddharth M

    Siddharth M4 days ago

    I wish that there was a forth season where Azula got a redemption arc and then in Korra, she would be with old man Zuko, Tonraq, and Eska and Desna trying to defend the prison at the north pole to stop P'li from escaping

  97. Susanne Castillo

    Susanne Castillo4 days ago

    i want to be an artist just like you

  98. Susanne Castillo

    Susanne Castillo4 days ago

    and this relates so much

  99. Just Vanilla

    Just Vanilla4 days ago


  100. Ana Laura Vargas

    Ana Laura Vargas4 days ago

    Amazing!! Can’t wait to see more avatar animatics!!

  101. Yiping Wang

    Yiping Wang4 days ago

    Omg Emily it's sad but everything u drew is so true about Azula. Your drawing skillz are awesome!

  102. Susanne Castillo

    Susanne Castillo4 days ago

    i love your drawings👌👌

  103. Masked Cuber

    Masked Cuber4 days ago

    Ur fucking voice... omg

  104. Brittany Bell

    Brittany Bell4 days ago

    Peeps really make you feel sad for azula

  105. Kagamine

    Kagamine4 days ago


  106. Demønic Isâac

    Demønic Isâac4 days ago

    Me seeing Toph: *simping mode activated*