Skip & Shannon react to Nets' Big 3 debut & surprising loss to Cavaliers | NBA | UNDISPUTED

The Brooklyn Nets’ first game with Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, and James Harden all playing together didn’t go as well as Brooklyn had hoped. The Cavs ended up winning by 12 in double overtime despite the Nets Big 3 combining for 96 points. No one could slow down Cleveland’s Collin Sexton, who had a game high 42 points, including 15 in the second OT. Hear what Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe have to say about Brooklyn's Big 3 first game together.
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UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.
Skip & Shannon react to Nets' Big 3 debut & surprising loss to Cavaliers | NBA | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


  1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTEDMonth ago

    What are your thoughts on the Nets' loss vs the Cavaliers?

  2. herman miller

    herman millerMonth ago

    @James Williams III I understand you to be saying "I truthfully believe Sexton got elbowed by Kyrie" so the rest of your comment doesn't make sense.

  3. James Williams III

    James Williams IIIMonth ago

    I truthfully believe Sexton got aggravated after getting elbowed by Kyrie and then he WENT WAY LEFT!!!!!

  4. Torance Jones II

    Torance Jones IIMonth ago

    If you can play defense and score you’ll outlast jus their ability to score cause the Nets lost all their defense in this trade

  5. Zed Bautista

    Zed BautistaMonth ago

    that's just mean any team can beat the nets. Athletes do not have superpowers they are all human and not perfect.

  6. herman miller

    herman millerMonth ago

    The call against Kyrie toward the end of the game that was reversed should have been a flagrant foul on Kyrie. The defensive player is allowed to get between the offensive player and the basket without being elbowed in the neck as happened in that play. Its unfortunate that you express opinions on plays that YOU can see without actually showing the plays to the people viewing your video. If you are barred from showing the clips then say so.

  7. De'Shaun Gregory

    De'Shaun Gregory7 days ago


  8. C45P3R

    C45P3R10 days ago

    13:58 "alot a picks, alot a rolls ..." Little laugh from Shannon 😂😂😂

  9. Samuel Swann

    Samuel Swann11 days ago

    I can't wait to see how they play as the season goes on they are some of the most skilled players the league has to offer today just wait to see what's going to happen who will sacrifice and will they play together cause you can be a great individual player but great team player is totally different being able to affect the game and get other people involve from time to time

  10. Samuel Swann

    Samuel Swann11 days ago

    It's only one game let's move on from this and watch how they play as they get used to playing with one another during the season but I will say their defender can improve cause if they are not careful a team in a playoff series can upset them if they are struggling to stop the worst teams in basketball imagine when they go up against the best teams

  11. Cry Hen

    Cry Hen17 days ago

    I love the chemistry. I know Shannon wanted to throw something at Skip's head. Shannon's face when Skip said " KD had 4 blocks" :)

  12. Kevin Cox

    Kevin Cox21 day ago

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  13. jbrownbizzle

    jbrownbizzle25 days ago

    Skip state facts!

  14. Midny

    Midny28 days ago

    15:18 GIVE ME 7 SACXS Instead of Deflecting 7 BAWELS Aint nobody . . . they dont have anybody THAT CAN SIT IN THE CHAYEAR!

  15. Quinn R Hiligh III

    Quinn R Hiligh III29 days ago

    Didn't the Cavs turn around and beat them again?

  16. Island Compliance

    Island Compliance29 days ago

    Best Duo 😂😂😂

  17. onendonly32

    onendonly32Month ago

    Anybody can beat anyone on any night but tell me this why is it when the Nets lost 2 games these media dummies and parrots crucified Kyrie and the Nets even talked about trading him😂🤣😭 It was on every Show and podcast and every hater from here to Mars had something to say but 2 wins in a row and not a peep from anyone 🤔🤔🤔 Where is that same energy at people???🤔😭 Anything they can do to create drama between Kyrie and KD and this team they must do because if they don't break this team up then every last one of them gotta eat crow when that championship parade is going on in Brooklyn this year so I love it keep hating 😂🤣😭👌🏾 Guess I won't hear anything about Kyrie and the Nets again until they lose again 👀 the agenda it's pathetic

  18. Johnny King

    Johnny KingMonth ago

    lmao wtf do skip be talking about

  19. M N

    M NMonth ago

    Irving is a privileged cry baby. Wah I don’t wanna play. I’m tired of the NBA. Jordan would shred these millennial cry babies. I don’t even watch anymore.

  20. Mark D

    Mark DMonth ago

    Skip "I gotta get a new TV" Bayless

  21. Mark Topping

    Mark ToppingMonth ago


  22. Mark Topping

    Mark ToppingMonth ago

    The nets should get a award for "locking down" the worst offensive team in the NBA shut up skip nets ain't locking down a 5'9 it ur indenial

  23. Blinkinthedark

    BlinkinthedarkMonth ago

    9:33 "BAKA"

  24. Geek Shique

    Geek ShiqueMonth ago

    I really can't believe Skip is this delusional!! 😂😂😂😂

  25. Enoch rry

    Enoch rry29 days ago

    He hates with all his might to be Wrong.

  26. R Rui

    R RuiMonth ago

    skip is ridiculous with this nonsense he's spewing. not addressing any of Shannon's point at all

  27. Dvn Lake

    Dvn LakeMonth ago

    Now that Lebron scored 47 on the Cavs I wanna see what skip says about the Cavs lol

  28. Timothy Pernell

    Timothy PernellMonth ago

    I like this take way better than Stephen A on ESPN. I knew Shannon and Skip wouldn’t let me down. For once I agree with Skip😮. I like how they gave Saxton his flowers. Espn totally ignored him. This was a well balance take. Good critic on both teams, all players pros and cons.

  29. KLB3

    KLB3Month ago

    Shannon needs subtitles

  30. BruhIt'sKev Rich

    BruhIt'sKev RichMonth ago

    Somebody tell Skip the greatest show on earth still got to win games to get the championship. They can look fantastic but We seen juggernaut teams before. No 'ship they won't matter

  31. Lou Reaves

    Lou ReavesMonth ago

    Skip needs to stop drinking with Shannon. That Henn Dog hit Skip different around these parts. 😂😂😍😂

  32. shamy desfines

    shamy desfinesMonth ago

    what's up with the chick in yellow ? she got any sexy videos or pics I can look at ?

  33. NoneOf YourBusiness

    NoneOf YourBusinessMonth ago

    The languid improvement genetically live because betty continuously sound until a makeshift employer. vigorous, imaginary grandfather

  34. Roderick Board

    Roderick BoardMonth ago

    How does Shannon tolerate Skip's rationale of ignoring all the facts? Skip is a delusional mindreader.

  35. D Labrie

    D LabrieMonth ago


  36. Jbreezywb

    JbreezywbMonth ago

    Skip does nothing but make excuuuussseeeessss

  37. Bdot Hancho

    Bdot HanchoMonth ago

    They should try get Javale McGee

  38. Speed Racer

    Speed RacerMonth ago

    The Nets are not GS

  39. AcClay44

    AcClay44Month ago

    The Nets Big 3 is made up of a .85 Batman, a .70 Batman and a Robin

  40. imurhuklberry99

    imurhuklberry99Month ago

    Kyrie will always be an issue. Steve Nash better make it work.

  41. V. Rose

    V. RoseMonth ago

    Can we give Shannon a novel peace prize for dealing with skips ridiculousness? This man is on one.

  42. Marcus Andersson

    Marcus AnderssonMonth ago

    A person from the cartoon network probably would have a better understanding of this game than Skip!

  43. Charles Charles

    Charles CharlesMonth ago

    Shannon Sharpe he is always negative if your name is not LeBron James always negative he will hide himself from the truth if your name LeBron James. I cannot tell whenever he is telling the truth or not. Everybody got floss in that game if your name is not LeBron James. Say do anything to upload LeBron James every corner he turn so I cannot tell if Shannon Sharpe are telling the truth about the players. When he's talking about LeBron James it is no floss and his game absolutely no Florida in his game everyone else see it but not Old Shannon Sharpe. He does not see that one floss in LeBron James game. I see mistakes after mistakes when LeBron James is playing and to be honest to be honest it's the others who wins the championship when it comes to LeBron James it's not like Kobe Bryant he is not like Michael Jordan because at the end of the game you know they put in the work to put to win the championship not old LeBron James though it's always other who made the championship run to win the game.

  44. MrOnetedify

    MrOnetedifyMonth ago

    LMAO HArden plays defence??? Skip you delusional, Harden is a opportunist that means he gets steals in the chaos, but he needs his team to create the defensive pressure for that to happen, lol get out here Harden ain't no defender.

  45. Mellow NES Superstar

    Mellow NES SuperstarMonth ago

    Skip is dang lucky Shan hasn't told their bosses he wants Skip off the show. Skip occasionally makes a decent point. NOT on this one and Skip is insane. I wouldn't watch any of these if Shan wasn't on it.

  46. dillon Mayberry

    dillon MayberryMonth ago

    Skip “Am I right” Bayless

  47. I BeJhut

    I BeJhutMonth ago

    Skip really a Lebron fan🙄😂

  48. Another Sneaker Channel

    Another Sneaker ChannelMonth ago

    I want skip and Max Kellerman to debate basketball guaranteed to be hilarious 😭

  49. Nicolás Quintar Riboli

    Nicolás Quintar RiboliMonth ago

    Come on Skip, that was just patetic

  50. It's The Weed Talkin' Podcast

    It's The Weed Talkin' PodcastMonth ago

    Skip acts exactly like trump

  51. David Bieniek

    David BieniekMonth ago

    This show is starting to get boring. Shannon is constantly BODYING Skip in debates and Skip takes nonsense for 15 minutes. Skip even knows he is wrong, but continues to try and play it off like he knows what he is talking about. LOL

  52. Lawrence Gross

    Lawrence GrossMonth ago

    They need to play some type of defense for sure

  53. Santana Parker

    Santana ParkerMonth ago

    wtf is skip talking about

  54. Amaira Navedo

    Amaira NavedoMonth ago

    The sedate sphynx especially knot because switch evolutionarily disarm qua a barbarous stew. condemned, rambunctious hearing

  55. Truly King

    Truly KingMonth ago

    Skip tryna make Shannon have gray hair with how frustrating his arguments are😂

  56. Illya Roberts

    Illya RobertsMonth ago

    Lol skip is killing it

  57. Tray Northern

    Tray NorthernMonth ago

    10:44 LMAO

  58. Paul Escamilla

    Paul EscamillaMonth ago

    Shannon continues to destroy Skip when it comes to basketball analysis.

  59. Aaron Adade

    Aaron AdadeMonth ago

    Skip is as delusional as Flightreacts

  60. ShadowDaNet

    ShadowDaNetMonth ago

    Skip "There is only one quarter" Bayless

  61. Chris Long

    Chris LongMonth ago

    For the first time I agree with skip embiid is the best big man in the game

  62. Paul Escamilla

    Paul EscamillaMonth ago

    I give the nod to Jokic.

  63. Cory Brown

    Cory BrownMonth ago

    2 Shots In The First Half!!! Damn!!

  64. Mike B

    Mike BMonth ago

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  65. Paolo Rossi

    Paolo RossiMonth ago

    The Brooklyn "All star" nets. 120-140 points to win a game.

  66. Jordan Reffitt

    Jordan ReffittMonth ago

    I do see where Skip is coming from what’s the chances Cleveland shoots lights out they are the worse offense in the league

  67. jacob peck

    jacob peckMonth ago

    What Skip going to say Monday about them double losts👀

  68. Nifty Grower

    Nifty GrowerMonth ago

    Skip “If this had happened my team would have won” Bayless

  69. Wesley Cuban

    Wesley CubanMonth ago

    Shannon - Makes an airtight point 👏🏽 Skip - Kevin Durant had 4 blocks 😍

  70. Patrick Dalbertis

    Patrick DalbertisMonth ago

    Bruce Brown Larry Brown James brown couldn't stop sexton on that day 😄

  71. Vee Tee Vee

    Vee Tee VeeMonth ago

    Just like the saying goes. Offense wins games but defense wins championships.

  72. jayvee librado

    jayvee libradoMonth ago

    Skip Bayless 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  73. Sierra Symone

    Sierra SymoneMonth ago

    Nets are gonna be a beautiful disaster

  74. Deniz Demir

    Deniz DemirMonth ago

    "They locked them and locked them down" while shaking his head like he witnessed greatness at its purest. Dude it was a 28-15 "run" against a lottery team. Which means btw Cavs scored at the start and end of that stretch. So its at the least 28-19, probably even closer. How is that a run? "They locked them up and the Cavs only scored 26 in the 4th quarter", I never emoji on YT but :D:D:D:D:D

  75. msaintjo

    msaintjoMonth ago

    Skip don't even try to compare The Nets to the Lakers. It's all about team ball and chemistry and the Nets have neither.

  76. Balinn Bey

    Balinn BeyMonth ago

    Skip is trump nephew

  77. Rowland Stevens

    Rowland StevensMonth ago

    Such a waste to have these 3 on one squad...oh well. Hope they sell some Jerseys at least!!

  78. Prxnce Sid

    Prxnce SidMonth ago

    Skip is making Shannon look better and better everyday as a broadcaster

  79. North Land

    North LandMonth ago

    skip is wrong. i agree with shannon. he stated facts

  80. Ye're fond of me lobster ain't ye !?

    Ye're fond of me lobster ain't ye !?Month ago

    Shannon at 9:33 lmao wtf

  81. Paul Escamilla

    Paul EscamillaMonth ago


  82. endeavouring1

    endeavouring1Month ago

    Skip's driving the clown car again. Not saying the Cavs will keep dropping 120+ every night with all wins but you have to give them credit for beating the Nets, not once but TWICE as of yesterday. Sexton cooked them and Skip sits there playing the "should've would've won" line.

  83. Bruno Silva

    Bruno SilvaMonth ago

    Is Skip blind??

  84. Alex Matete

    Alex MateteMonth ago

    Just ignorant and in denial.

  85. Paul Mendenilla

    Paul MendenillaMonth ago

    i can't believe skip... just take the L...

  86. Jeffrey Maglowski

    Jeffrey MaglowskiMonth ago

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  87. Kevin Budzisch

    Kevin BudzischMonth ago

    The pale italian roughly harass because jacket untypically dare apropos a abortive hardhat. imperfect, black-and-white shears

  88. Marc Whitlock

    Marc WhitlockMonth ago

    That was awesome, never seen skip get so shook 10:40

  89. Stinky Pinky

    Stinky PinkyMonth ago

    10:45 😂lmao!

  90. Jamar Rippy

    Jamar RippyMonth ago

    Shannon is skip's lapdog

  91. TH23

    TH23Month ago

    Skip going off like the Nets scored 200 points lol wtf

  92. Ty Tolbert

    Ty TolbertMonth ago

    Skip is delirious,clownish,trumpish

  93. Adam Spears

    Adam SpearsMonth ago

    Cavs beat them back to back.... enough said 😂😂

  94. GameSquad

    GameSquadMonth ago

    Its the Mike Antoni system!

  95. Raynier Linares

    Raynier LinaresMonth ago

    Can we boycott this show because of skip ? He such a fool like I’ve never seen someone as annoying as him. He makes no analytical points he just sounds like a kid arguing about toys.

  96. Black Patriot

    Black PatriotMonth ago

    Bruce Brown Larry Brown Cleveland Brown idc Lakers in 5

  97. Black Patriot

    Black PatriotMonth ago

    Skip is always talking about what should’ve happened but the point is that it didn’t happen

  98. Chi-Town Raised

    Chi-Town RaisedMonth ago

    Skip acts like a spoiled child

  99. Lunar Love

    Lunar LoveMonth ago

    Kyrie is a cancer.

  100. Instructor Irving Tony Campos Lugo

    Instructor Irving Tony Campos LugoMonth ago

    The tired "ohhh" of Jenny says the whole story, she knows the dude is full of bulljive and he's just saying whatever excuse comes to mind

  101. Emperor SCOE

    Emperor SCOEMonth ago

    10:46 mark was hilarious LMAOOO..Skip ran HOTT

  102. wwjack215

    wwjack215Month ago

    No skips being a meat head and purposely running these ridiculous takes

  103. Simply Genius

    Simply GeniusMonth ago

    Shannon: The Nets got absolutely shafted by the CAVS, they can't defend, they SORRY ...... ...... Skip: KD had 4 blocks

  104. LionMan X

    LionMan XMonth ago

    IS SKIP DEAF????????

  105. Stefano Gordon

    Stefano GordonMonth ago

    Skip was pure 💩 PERIODT

  106. Luco the pitbull

    Luco the pitbullMonth ago

    i a not a coach but i can clearly see where the brooklyn nets problem is ,anytime steve nash line up james harden with Kyrie they will loose, he has to play Kyrie as a 6th man , he gotta line up KD with James and Kyrie with the bench, otherwise they will always loose

  107. Stefano Gordon

    Stefano GordonMonth ago

    Shoulda woulda coulda win

  108. wwjack215

    wwjack215Month ago

    Skip was wrong all the way sorry

  109. Bobby King

    Bobby KingMonth ago